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 Seller Financing (aka Subject To Real Estate Investing)
 Closing Email Follow-up Series
that proven to get you real estate properties!

Unlock the hidden profits in your Real Estate Seller Financing Investment business in as little as seven days. Thanks to my simple system for generating one motivated  home seller after another,  24 hours a day, Seven days a week... no matter what the economic climate is.

This system (Seller Financing Email Autoresponder and Follow up closing series)  transforms people who are thinking about selling their home to people who only want YOU to buy their home.  

We aren’t talking just foreclosures here; we’re talking about a flood of qualified sellers who are looking for any and all offers (including discounted cash offers and creative finance solutions).  

The secret that makes all of this work is called the three pillars of doing deals.

Dear Friend,

The first Real Estate Seller Financing pillar is lead generation if you want to buy properties subject to investing.

That is, finding Motivated people who are selling their homes, the second pillar is seller financing conversion.  

Conversion is getting those people to sell you their homes at discounted rates… then finally the third pillar is the exit strategy, which is the delivery of the home to market and it’s sale.  

Seller Financing  Marketing and getting these motivated sellers is taught by "gurus" everywhere, and the delivery of the house to market and it’s eventual sale is also widely taught… however, the subject that most “gurus” stray away from is how to convert leads into motivated sellers. 


Well, some of these "experts" simply don’t know and don’t care to know. They're not interested. They make the majority of their income selling people on the idea of creating real wealth,,,. rather than using the methods.  

Perhaps you’ve wasted time and a significant amount of money dealing with these types. I know I did. However, it was the sifting, sorting, testing and improving all available strategies I could find over my 15+ year journey in business & real estate that allowed me to separate the “diamonds from the coal.”  

I discovered the “key ingredient” in the profit formula the hard way. Through hundreds of deals, through success and failure, I forged this system.  What I am about to reveal to you is my automated system for converting leads into motivated sellers. 

That’s why it’s the "key ingredient" because if you’re honest with yourself, you probably don’t have a step by step conversion system that’s been successfully “modeled” from other successful 6-7 figure earners. 

That system is critical because the new real estate market has lowered the spending power of the average buyer.  In other words, both buyers and sellers are consumed with fear, stress, and uncertainty.

Yesterday’s seller attraction methods just don’t work anymore.  The whole “we buy houses” approach to obtaining deals can be a total waste of time, money, and source of constant frustration. 

Competition to get sellers to sign a deal is getting tougher and tougher as home sellers get hit with 3743+ commercial messages every single day.  

Results from traditional seller conversion systems are in danger of disappearing or becoming irrelevant to prospects as this competition continues to grow. 

Here’s your opportunity to completely transform your conversion strategies… so you can generate 50% MORE DEALS… in days… not weeks or months… WITHOUT slaving away in front of the computer engineering sales systems… in fact, this entire system takes just 15 to 90 minutes of work to set up completely. 

My Proven Seller Financing  Generation Machine is a plug and play email marketing system that will allow you to rapidly customize and then deploy a conversion system that works for me, and the legion of “poolside” millionaires and multimillionaires who live lives of wealth, significance, and contribution because of this exact blueprint.

I will share the exact email marketing system I use to generate sellers with ease. Think about that for a second, how much more money would you create if you could automatically generate deals twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. 

Deals you could simply confirm and profit from over the phone.  Notice I didn’t say sell. That’s because the leads are already pre-sold before they are sent to you by the machine... so you can gain a tsunami of deals from a series of straightforward and short phone calls.  

Imagine building wealth without while resting peacefully on the couch, poolside, while you are watching your kids run around the park or while you’re at the beach.     

You're probably wondering how is this possible?

My Proven Seller Financing (Subject To Investing) Generation Machine positions you as an expert and authority in the eyes of your prospects while conditioning them to want to sell the house to you... and only you.   

This positioning makes closing deals as easy as rolling a barrel downhill.  

Within my machine, you will discover the exact hypnotic email marketing system I use to transform interested parties into highly motivated sellers.  

This system leverages multiple methods that blend the best of “old school” direct sales copy and “new school” email marketing systems… which is just the right formula to transform leads into ready-to-sign-on-the-dotted-line sellers...

Every single syllable of this email marketing system has been engineered resonate deeply with your target seller, so they’ll connect with you and want you to buy their home. That deep connection is the key to building your sellers loyalty and making them immune to your competitor's offers.  

Imagine effortlessly generating a constant flow ideal home sellers, so you’ll NEVER have to worry about the quality of the deals ever again...

...And then think about attracting only your perfect home sellers and not having just to accept everyone who shows interest in selling you their home.

This is your opportunity to stop wasting time and use a tested formula to get results so you can have a life of no financial worries 

For a system of this caliber, I could easily charge $997 all day long, and I would have no problem selling a boatload of these machines. 

But I'm not going to sell it at a price. 

At $597 these machines would fly off the shelf... but I'm not going to sell it at that price. 

At $497  I think my accountant would quit from the onslaught of orders he would have to account for... and I don't care I', not going to sell it at that price either. 

I'm selling this plug and play system for just $497. You read that correctly.


Because I want you to see that my systems work. Once you do, you'll be back for more. 

Click the button below right now to get your Ultimate Home Seller Generation Machine right Now. 

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Where Else Can you Make a $500 Investment and See a $9700 Return in Just 120 days?

The guarantee doesn't stop there. If you aren't absolutely THRILLED with the results your receiving... for any reason.... I will give you a complete refund with no questions asked. 

Here's the best part:

You only have to make this purchase once, quickly set up with 90 minutes of work,  and then sit back and profit as it produces one motivated seller after another, so you can build wealth without risk. 

The decision couldn't be more straightforward. Click the button below Invest in the Ultimate Home Seller Generation Machine Today!



Mike D. 


P.S. Bottom Line: My Seller Financing Sales Autoresponder Email Ads can 10x your profits.


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