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Mentoring Real Estate Investors | Seller Financing | Subject To Real Estate | Best Coaching

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How Often Do You Hear Yourself Saying: “No, I Haven’t Implemented Enough of What Mike D Teaches... But I’ve Been Meaning To!”

Good News:  1 Year of Coaching Included!

Good news
The Alchemy Stone Automation Funnels $9,000.00
Virtual Wholesaling: Closing The Deal Over The Phone $4,000.00
The Mother Course: Real Estate Investing = $3,500.00
The Alchemist Net = $2,000.00
Flipping Wednesday = $2,000.00
Subject To Contract = $1,300.00
The VA-Course: Virtual Assistant Profit Mastery $1,500.00
The No Fluff Negotiation Acquisition System = $1,000.00
Owner Financing Real Estate for Profits = $1,000.00
The New Flip = $1,000.00
The Heard Terminator Soft Offer letter  = $500.00
Ninja Seller Phone Script + Cold Calling & Role-Play Training = $500
Ultimate Free Facebook Marketing Strategy $500.00
Email Autoresponder Closing & Follow Up Series $500.00
Calling For Profits: Cold Calling Training Course $500.00
The Ultimate Postcard marketing Machine = $500.00
Samurai SMS Markting = $300.00

42 Proven Free Techniques To Get You Massive Floods Of Sellers Leads = $300

Good news
: if your application is accepted to my mentorship… I’m about to fix this problem that’s been holding your business back!!


Dear fellow entrepreneurs/investor,

If you have ever identified with the headline above, then what I am about to tell you will be of enormous benefit to your business… and ultimately to your ability to create wealth in abundance and with ease.  

Here are the simple facts, I hear the statement above OVER AND OVER AGAIN when I read the comments on my videos by fans of my YouTube channel, reply to emails sent from my newsletter subscribers, or meet my students in person. 

They always tell me that they would like to implement more of my strategies into their investments, but for one reason or another they just haven’t gotten around to it.

I must admit, it does kind of amaze me. After all, students who implement my Wealth Creation systems and investment blueprints typically receive extraordinary results again and again. 

In fact, I can prove it! With hundreds of real comments and testimonials. A collection I have grown over the past couple of years from Students who have reported the results they themselves achieved. 

If you read nothing else –read this!

So, after giving this a lot of thought, I am pleased to announce that I am going to offer my most extensive level of coaching.... My Diamond-Black-Belt Private Mentorship

Diamond-Black-Belt Private Mentorship is designed to take your business to the next level… more rapidly than you ever thought possible. 

In fact, I’m so excited about offering this to you and I’m so sure it will take your business to the next level that I am willing to provide this service for HALF PRICE and… I am even willing to stick my neck on the line and GUARANTEE your happiness with this program.  (but more about that later).

So, Let me tell you about what it’s like to be in my Diamond-Black-Belt training...

Here’s a few things to look forward to:

This program isn’t based on a time period, it’s based on results. That means I will literally take you by the hand and help you grow your investment portfolio… we’ll decide on a goal, and we will not stop until we get there. .  

This includes, helping with system engineering, decision making, education, and giving access to my private network. In other words, we are in this together, and I’m not going anywhere until you are a huge success.

Now forgive me for being a bit braggadocio, but I honestly don’t believe there is anyone else on the face of this Earth who understands Direct Marketing for Investors or Creative Finance quite as well as I do.


I started my moving company right out of college with only $100  in my pockets. And if that wasn’t bad enough, I was homeless!  I turned that $100 into a million dollar business which I owned for 14 years. 

At the same time, I was able to start a real estate brokerage firm which I owned about 10 years.  

Soon after, I began buying real estate and turning them into rental properties, which taught me the business of wholesaling, fix and flip, landlording and property management.   

But more importantly…. I learned how to use other people's money and owner financing to create solutions from buying houses for a single dollar to negotiating non-recourse loans where I did not have to risk my credit or even get a loan under my name.

Simply put, I'm a master when it comes to Subject To and Wrap Creative Financing Investing. 

It’s because plainly put… I know how to create Home Seller Generation SYSTEMS that achieve extraordinary results.

Within my mentorship program I’m not only going to show you how to dramatically increase the revenue your investments produce, but how to do it with a fraction of the effort. 

I’ll even break down the exact SYSTEMS I USE (funnels, copy, media lists, closing scripts, blueprints, etc. etc.) to make it brain dead easy for you rapidly build wealth without risk!

I hope now you can see why I am so excited about my mentorship program... in fact, I think it will be impossible to go through the entire program and not effortlessly put your investment portfolios growth on steroids. That’s why, I’m even willing to Guarantee your happiness as you will soon see.

By now you must be thinking... how much will this cost?

Well to be fair, there isn’t a cost… but there is an investment.

As you have already deduced, this is NOT  an ordinary IMPLEMENTATION Program. With this Implementation Program, I am literally holding your hand providing everything needed for you to successfully grow your investments. 

There are plenty of far less complete programs devoted to any one of the topics listed above costing $1,000 to $5,000 each! People come year after year to these programs.  See the problem? If the objective of the program is to cause permanent change in the lives of it’s participants… why do they need to come back?

You see I’ve engineered this program to be the last training you’ll ever need to reach your goals. I’m aware that’s a bold claim, and I feel more than comfortable making it. Why? Because I am going to literally show you how to fix your most pressing investment problems.

This is much more than just coaching and consulting….

I am coming to help you work through your toughest barriers… the “mental dams” that are holding back all of your potential. This program is going to show you how to rapidly, brutally, and unapologetically get done. Specifically the things you know you should be doing, but just haven’t found the opportunity to implement….  

When You Invest in This Program,
You're Not Investing In Improvement,
You're Investing In Transformation. 

….With that said, it is also worth noting that this IMPLEMENTATION PROGRAM does offer opportunity for very rapid recovery of the entire investment. After all, one of my more “routine” suggestions can yield you tens of thousands or more, of additional dollars of business to you.

I hope you will keep that in mind. 

Students routinely pay me tens of thousands of dollars, for a single day of consultation. For a week of consultation my fees can quickly exceed 30 to 50 thousand dollars. 

If you recall, before I mentioned I would give this at half price, well that was minor understatement. You see, I have calculated the total cost of this program at my hourly rate ($750) and I have determined that this program should cost about $75K. 

At that price I would even include my legendary 10x guarantee. Seriously, if I didn’t make you at least 750k by the time we were done everything would be on the house.  

At that price, all 9 slots in this program could be sold easily. However,  I’m not going to offer this program at 75k, not 60k, not 50k, no. You can finally get the life you always wanted… guaranteed… for just 10k. 

So for the same price you would pay get a modestly equipped toyota camry… you could have the life that 90% of the entire world could only dream about. If you are the kind of person who should be in this program…that decision couldn’t be any more simple.  

Which brings me to my 100+% Satisfaction Guarantee….

….This is completely risk-free.  When you invest in the Mentorship Program, you may, at any time during our time together, determine that this is not for you and if you choose to not complete the program; you may then receive a FULL REFUND no questions asked.

Plus, I’m so sure that this will be the best investment that you have ever made to take your business to the next level that should you decide to ask for a refund, I will also donate an additional $100.00 to the charity of your choice.

Obviously, I could not make such a claim if I wasn't absolutely certain that my Diamond coaching program delivers everything that I said it does. Either way, you will be the sole judge, jury and executioner.

What To Do Now?

Click the button below the form and submit your application. My staff and I will review it and then contact you to either book a telephone interview,  or to let you know your application wasn’t accepted.

Dedicated To Multiplying Your Income,

Mike D.

PS: The thought occurred to me that you might be asking yourself why I am limiting this to only 9 people this year when I have 12,900+ investors following who are  familiar with my systems and are interested in using my methods to grow?  Well, It’s because I know if I open up to too many people, I will not be able to give everyone the time and dedication they deserve in order to enjoy the full strength of my system.