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  • memorandum of agreement for real estate investors
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Memorandum of Agreement of Sale for Real Estate Investors

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Memorandum of Agreement of Sale

(The art of "Protecting Your Deal" so no other investor can STEAL it from you after you sign the contract.)


How To Protect Your Deal From A Shady Investor Or From A Shady Seller

Novice real estate investors think just because they have signed a "Real Estate Sale Contract" that now the deal is “Lock-Down" per say, and its 100% their deal now.  I WISH!  :)   A SHADY DISTRESS SELLER CAN EASILY SELL YOUR DEAL TO ANOTHER INVESTOR RIGHT BEHIND YOUR BACK, EVEN IF YOU HAVE A SIGNED CONTRACT.  

The best defense or insurance against a shady seller or a shady investor from stealing your deal is putting a cloud on the property’s Title, by recording the memorandum at the county clerk office.   With your interest recorded at the public records the seller can still sell the house, but the buyer would not be getting a clear title.  Watch the video for a full explanation.


1.) Memorandum of Agreement of Real Estate Sale 

2.)  Education Training Video

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