Mass PLM Conversion filtering system

Mass PLM Conversion Filtering System

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Learn How I Invest Less in My Marketing, Put in Less Time and Effort, and Create an Endless Flow of Phone Calls from Sellers Who Are Ready to Hand Me Their Keys

“Being busy never made anyone a success. Being productive is the key.”

Today’s the day that’s going to change the rest of your life. It’s the day that you’re going to invest in yourself, your business, and your future by gaining access to the only system out there that provides authentic results. It will save you time, money, and frustration as you learn how to narrow down the playing field and focus your marketing efforts so that the only option you have is to succeed. 

This is a secret I’ve kept closely guarded for years. I developed it over nearly two decades of experience and by learning from the same marketing sins you’re committing right now. This system is what will set you miles apart from your competition. You’ll leave them standing in the dust as they continue to waste their time and resources while they pray to have just a percentage of the success you have.

And here’s one of the best parts about this system. It works no matter where you live, what price range you work in, or how much experience you have. Maybe you’ve bought hundreds of homes or this is your first attempt at entering the market. Either way, you’ll learn EXACTLY what you need to do so that your phone rings more than an Uber driver’s on New Year’s Eve. 

Where Are You Throwing Your Energy?

Imagine for a second that you’re a farmer. You’re up before the sun, you put on your overalls and hat, and you hit the fields. It’s planting day. You grab some seeds from an unmarked bag, throw them out into the field, and head home. You come back two months later, expecting to harvest your crop, only to find weeds in the field. No wheat. No peppers. No nothing.

You don’t have to be a real farmer to see what went wrong in this scenario. There was no plan. There was little effort. And there was no nurturing. The energy spent heading to the field was a complete waste.

Are you wasting your energy? Are you blindly throwing out marketing campaigns without an idea of who you’re trying to reach? If your fields are barren, it’s time to take a new approach.

The Mass PLM Filtering Conversion System

My one-of-a-kind system helps new and financially limited real estate investors learn how to comb through their database so they can focus on the top tier of potential clients.

Here’s what your current method is costing you. There’s the price of your mailing list, the cost of postcard design, overpriced printing fees, label printing and processing, postage, and, most importantly, your TIME! You can make more money but your wasted time can never be recouped. 

My system will show you exactly how to combine traditional post card marketing with modern technology so that they work in tandem and produce you with real deals that make you real money.

I feel your pain. I understand your frustration. I know how confused and aggravated you are with your current marketing technique. Does this sound familiar?

  1. Get list of names.
  2. Make generic flyer.
  3. Send flyers to names on list.
  4. Hear crickets.
  5. Rinse and repeat.

This is what I did when I first started out. It’s what I was told to do. If you’ve been told that smart marketing has to cost thousands of dollars and hours of sweat equity, someone has done you a major disservice. 

Until you see everyone else throwing money up in the air as they celebrate their 100% conversion rates, there’s something wrong with this type of marketing. You need to get creative. You need to get brave. You need to break away from the herd and take an approach that gets you not only noticed but respected and appreciated.

You need to be fearlessly authentic!

The definition of insanity is repeating the same motions and expecting different results. If you’ve sent out a mass mailing before with pathetic results and you’re doing it again, I’ll go get your straight jacket and padded room ready.

Your post card needs to punch readers (not literally) with information instead of timidly waving at them. That’s where my system comes in. It will take your post card from fire kindling to firework.

If You’re Happy With a 2% Open Rate, You Can Stop Reading (But If You’re Not…)

I want to teach you how to do less work, keep more money in your bank account, and make more deals through my Mass PLM Conversion Filtering System.

If you’re tired of:

  • High printing costs
  • Little to no lead generation
  • Waiting for the phone to ring
  • Being broke
  • Feeling discouraged
  • Wondering if you’re in the wrong industry

…then it’s time to head down a new path, where you’ll discover how to:

  • Narrow down your name and address list the smart way
  • Zone in on those who can provide you with top tier deals
  • Gain back time to spend on other aspects of your business
  • Save money and other resources
  • Become the top real estate investor in your area, no matter your experience

Remember your day as a farmer? Imagine if instead of throwing out handfuls of random seeds, someone told you the exact type of seeds that you needed to plant. These seeds would thrive in the type of soil in your field and would grow larger and taller than any other plant. They would make the most of your time out in the field, leave you confident in your work, and provide you with the best harvest at the end of the growing season.

This is why you need my Mass PLM Conversion Filter System. It will tell you exactly what seeds (target clients) you should be using (contacting). You won’t waste any time, energy, or resources on seeds that don’t belong in your field.

Still Think Blind Mailers Work?

Real estate investing is work. There’s no doubt about that. I see you out there, marketing and hustling. But before you send out more yellow letters or post cards, I have an important question for you.

Would you rather work smarter or harder? 

Because the number of hours you put in doesn’t measure your success. Your RESULTS measure your success. And if your results aren’t matching up with your goals, it’s time to take action.

Workaholics aren’t heroes. You don’t get an award for putting in more hours than the other guy. Your reward is what’s in your bank account and the freedom a surplus of cash can provide you with. So many people make the mistake of planting as many seeds as possible. But you can’t keep up with them all and as the plants start to wilt, so does your reputation and confidence.

So sure, you can send out as many mailers as you like. I’m sure that once you send enough, you will get that deal you were hoping for. But at what cost?

Once my system shows you how to pick the right seeds for your growing zone, you can properly plan out your field for maximum growth and produce, without spending all day out in the hot sun.

All work and no play makes a real estate investor a dull boy. 

Let’s Sweeten the Deal

If my Mass PLM Conversion Filtering System teaches the real estate farmer in you how to pick out seeds and where to plant them, the other part of my offer will explain exactly how much sunlight, water, and love your little baby plants need to thrive. It’s the fertilizer for your business (without the stench). No hail storm, drought, or gang of hungry varmints will destroy your crop.

My Ultimate Post Card Marketing Machine provides you with over two dozen post card designs that actually freaking work. And trust me, I know the difference.

There’s three things your post card needs.

  1. Visuals that pop and speak. Like a Mexican tapeworm, your post card image needs to invade the reader’s brain, make a home there, and constantly whisper sweet nothing’s into their ear canal.
  2. More than just words. If your post card says, “I buy houses,” you’re not impressing anyone. Might as well replace it with “I can wipe my own ass.” You need to prove that you provide a better service than anyone else. Period.
  3. A targeted destination. Throwing your post cards at anyone is a waste of your energy and resources. When you learn how to filter and focus, you’ll have plenty of resources on reserve.

You’ve already got the targeted destination, thanks to my Mass PLM Conversion Filtering System. Check off items 1 and 2 with my Ultimate Post Card Marketing Machine.

Call me negative. Call me a bully. Call me a big, old jerk face. I don’t care. The truth is that your post cards stink. They stink more than Big Foot’s running shoes. If they didn’t, you wouldn’t be here, wondering what else you can do to get noticed other than running naked down the street with your phone number tattooed on your backside.

Your method isn’t terrible. It’s your execution.

I know what you’re going to say. “But WAIT! All I need is one little post card to convert and all my dreams will come true.”

Yeah, and the losing football team only needed one more touchdown. If you’re waiting for the universe to align the stars for you, you better learn how to accept defeat. Let the stars do their own thing while you order both my Mass PLM Conversion Filtering System and Ultimate Post Card Marketing Machine. This is how you tell the universe what’s up.

What’s Your Future Worth?

Home design has evolved. The process of selling a home has evolved. But it seems like marketing to home owners hasn’t changed. Potential real estate investors seem to all have the same marketing strategy. 

Here’s a fun riddle. If you’re sending out the same flyers and information as Sally down the street, who’s gets thrown in the trash first? If you can’t give your prospects something they need, something out of the ordinary, and information that makes you stick out, you’ll never see a return on your marketing investment. 

Be a smart farmer. Once you know what to plant, where to plant it, how to nurture it, and when to harvest, it becomes impossible to fail. My combination of strategies provides the exact plan of attack you need. 

Your future is worth the investment.

So What’s It Gonna Be?

With my Mass PLM Conversion Filtering System, I’ll show you how to take a list of potential leads and laser focus on the names that have the most potential for your business. 

Once you know how to filter through leads and weed out the bad seeds, you’ll know exactly what you’re planting out there. You’ll be able to customize your approach so that you’re able to grow a strong relationship with potential sellers, provide them with the information they didn’t know they needed, and stay present in their minds until they’re ready to make a deal with you.

Filtering might seem like an unnecessary step if you’ve never done it before. If you have a list of names, why not market to all of them? This is all a numbers game, right? WRONG! This is about smart marketing and making the most out of your resources.

So if you’re ready to:

  • Stop spending a small fortune on post cards and flyers that end up in the trash
  • Have more time to spend on other aspects of your business
  • Hear your phone ringing with deals on the other line
  • Take control of your financial future and happiness

…grab my Mass PLM Conversion Filtering System today. It’s only the difference between living paycheck to paycheck or having complete freedom. 

Stop thinking that the formula for success involves as much money and time as possible. Business just doesn’t work like this. You can have double the success with half the work (and virtually no expense) if you learn my secrets that have been proven to work time after time and for real estate investors around the world.

Are you really going to waste more time with a mass mailing or are you going to get your sh*t together and order my system? I can’t sell this to everyone and I can’t sell it forever, especially at its discounted price. But if you act now, you’ll be one of the select few to take control of your mailings and reserve resources while increasing results.

You’re one click away from changing your future. If you’ve let opportunities slip away in the past before, learn from your mistakes and GET ACCESS TO THIS SYSTEM!


P.S.-If nothing else, save yourself from the dangers of stamps. Every time you lick a stamp, you take in about six calories. Let me save your waistline and your business (and the rain forest while we’re at it) by showing you how you can make six figures while only sending out a handful of post cards. 

Once you invest in yourself and order, you get your materials instantly (NO DELAY!)

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