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Ninja Seller Financing Phone Script + Cold Calling & Role-Play Training | Subject To Real Estate Phone Script

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Go from Awkward to Awesome with my Fail Proof Phone Script That Will Have You Securing Deals Left and Right

Best Seller Financing Phone Script and Subject To Real Estate Investing Phone Script


Think of the worst date you’ve ever been on. Remember how you couldn’t wait for it to end? Remember how awkward it felt? Gross.

What really made it so terrible? Was it their looks? Their body language? I’m willing to bet that what made the date so terrible and awkward was the simple lack of connection and conversation. There were less words spoken than in a silent film and your brain was screaming at you to come up with something to talk about. The best you could do was a quick “I like cats.” Yeah, that went over well. Painful.

As humans, we love to communicate. Even the most introverted individuals crave the power of a sincere connection from time to time. Whether it’s a quick smile on the subway or a 4-hour conversation about the meaning of life over a crappy cup of coffee, we love it. And this isn’t just in the social world. It’s in the business world, too. So many investors focus on the “business” side of their business and ignore the personal aspect of it. Bad.

Let’s Talk About It Seller Financing Script and Real Estate Subject To Investing Phone Script 

Let’s go back to that worst date memory. Imagine that making a phone call to a potential seller is the business equivalent of a first date. And let’s be honest – you want to score, right? So you can’t be stumbling over your words or throwing out sentences that don’t reel them in. You need to make them feel comfortable. You need to make them feel interesting. You need to connect with them. 

Except this is really hard to do over the phone. There’s no fancy restaurant to impress them and you can’t excuse yourself for a moment to collect your thoughts and come up with a game plan. When you’re on the phone, it’s all happening, in the moment, right then, right now! So you need to be prepared for every single possible scenario.

Otherwise, you’re setting yourself up to leave your potential client with that terrible awkward date feeling. And they’re going to avoid you like the plague (I heard that’s coming back).

I get it. Maybe you’re not the best speaker. You get nervous. Your palms get sweaty. You feel like you’re going to throw up your tuna fish sandwich from lunch (sales call tip #1-don’t eat a tuna fish sandwich on call day). You want to do a better job during your calls but you just don’t know how.

Ugh. It’s so hard.

If only someone knew what to say.

If only someone had written it down.

If only this information was for sale.

Ummm…Just in case you’re not the sharpest tool in the shed, I’m going to spell this out for you. Everything you need, every word, every phrase, every expression, is available to you in my Ninja Seller Phone Script. With this script, you’ll score. Every. Single. Freaking. Time.

The Ninja Seller Financing Phone Script and Real Estate Subject To Investing Phone Script

Ninjas, man. They really know how to get sh*t done. Have you ever heard of a ninja whining to his friends about how he tried to assassinate some guy but just couldn’t figure out the right way to do it? Do you ever see a ninja sitting around, wondering what to do with his life? No! Ninjas have it figured out. That’s what my script promises – a way to figure it all out.

Have you ever bought a phone script before? Or maybe you tried to write one out yourself. Did it look something like this?

ring ring

“Hi. My name is Bob and I buy houses. Are you interested in selling yours?”
“Are you sure?”
“Yeah, Bob. I’m sure.”
“Oh. Okay. I like cats.”
Then you sit there and doubt the point of your existence.

I don’t even have a name for how awful and painful this dialogue is. If you’ve ever had a conversation like this, I wouldn’t judge you for crying yourself to sleep. But I will judge you if that’s how you’re STILL making your phone calls! Let’s put a little life into these conversations. A little jazz! Let’s make sure people know that you enjoy what you do, that you’re good at it, and most importantly that you can SOLVE THEIR PROBLEM. 

(We should also make sure you’re not coming off like such a creeper. Bob is really freaking creepy, isn’t he?)

But back to solving problems. That’s the message you need to get across. You might think you’re in the business of buying houses but you’re actually in the business of solving problems. No matter the problem a potential client has, if the solution to it involves selling their home, you need to be the one who comes through for them. And you need to TELL THEM in a way that makes you their hero, not some annoying person on the other end of the phone creeping them out.

My Real Estate Ninja Seller Financing Phone Script will help you:

  • Figure out what you need to know about the properties  seller without being super obvious (ya know, Ninja style)
  • Negotiate Seller Financing and Subject To Real Estate owner-financing deals and cash-deals (keeps the banks away from your profits)
  • Gauge a Real Estate seller’s motivation level (stop wasting time barking up the wrong tree)
  • Structure a deal that a seller can’t turn down (if you shoot, you’ll score!)
  • Track your progress and stay organized (know who and when to follow up with and market to)
  • Know exactly what to do with a home (to rent or sell, that is the question)
  • Begin and grow a relationship with the seller that will make them loyal (whether they sell tomorrow or a year from now, they’ll come to you) 

Did you think you were just getting a silly little script to follow? C’mon, you know I’m better than that. You’re getting a ton of amazing stuff. You’ll have more tools than a carpenter with a hoarding problem. Get your tool belt ready – this is what you’re getting!

Seller Financing Phone Script Package – It’s Kickass!

  • Training Videos
    You lucky bastard. You’ll get to experience my training in a brand-new way. You’ll be able to hear and see me as I explain exactly how you need to fill out the Seller Phone Script so that you can close deals. I’ll also teach you how to not only connect with potential sellers but build rapport with them so they don’t see you as a sleazy investor. I’ll show you how to turn your time into cash. This will allow you to start marketing and make a profit (that’s what you wanted, right?). Finally, I’ll show you how to sniff out motivated sellers for free. Keep more money in your pocket while the competition spends a fortune trying to find their next deal.
  • Seller Info Form
    If you want to connect with a potential seller, you have to know more than just their name. My Seller Info Form will help you ask the right kinds of questions so that you can learn everything you need to know about a person to see if they’re ready to sell. Just like you wouldn’t want to date someone who wasn’t looking for a relationship, there’s no point in speaking with someone who’s not ready to sell their home just yet.
  • Property Evaluation Form
    Have you ever come across a seller who’s a little too motivated to sell? Maybe you thought you were just the coolest investor ever or maybe you were smart enough to realize that they were selling you a piece of crap house before it was too late. My Property Evaluation Form will help you determine if a home is worth your time and money. Learn the difference between a diamond in the rough and a pile of dog poop.
  • Seller Database for Tracking Leads
    Never forget about potential sellers again! My Seller Database for Tracking Leads will help you figure out how and when to reach out to leads so that you can start building a relationship that leaves them practically begging to make a deal with you. I can guarantee that you’ll be the only investor showing so much interest in them. Flattery can get you anywhere.
  • Follow Up Form
    Are follow ups important? I don’t know, is air important? If you don’t follow up, you’re wasting everyone’s time. Honestly. Follow up, follow up, follow up! My Follow Up Form will show you exactly how and when.

  • Listen to 1 Hour of LIVE CALLS WITH SELLERS + Roll Playing Training

Stop Sounding Stupid…At Least on the Phone

Do you have a five-dollar bill in your pocket? Five singles? Twenty quarters (hope you have a strong pocket)? Then you have today’s portion for buying the Ninja Seller Phone Script. It only costs five smackaroo’s a day for a month to own this script that will have you sweet talking your way into plenty of deals. 

Tired of sounding like a dumbass on the phone? Stop embarrassing yourself and get my Ninja Seller Phone Script. You’ll learn how to be smoother than cream cheese on a bagel when talking on the phone and connect with sellers in a way that will have them like putty in your hands. Talk with them, mold them, make the deals and finally be seen as the expert you are (even if you’re not an expert-this script is THAT good!)

Don’t worry, I won’t keep you waiting. Once you finalize your order, you’ll get every tool right away, faster than a fat kid running after the ice cream truck. So quit stumbling over your words and start sweet talking your leads until they’re salivating over your offer. 

(ADD TO CART BUTTON) Instant Access!

P.S. If you have an awkward dating life, I can’t help you there. I’m sorry. But good luck.


This course includes (Seller Financing Script)

2  on-demand Training Videos

1 downloadable resources (PDF)

Full lifetime access

Access on mobile and TV

The 3 part Seller Financing Script Training Program Consists of:

Part 1 - How To Talk To Seller Phone Training for Subject To Real Estate Investing
VIDEO:  How to Talk to Sellers over the Phone Training
--> Time: 27:11

Part 2 -  LISTEN: LIVE CALLS WITH SELLERS Financing home owners 
VIDEO: Live Cold Callas with Real Home Seller and Role-play negotiating a deal to buy at deep discount or to buy with owner financing from home owner (Subject To Investing)  
--> Time:  1:11:01 

PART 3 - THE NINJA PHONE SCRIPT for Seller Financing and subject to investing aka "Taking over payments"

Downloadable resources: The Real Estate Seller Financing Ninja Phone Script in PDF File

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