I started with $100 bucks and turned it into multi-million dollar businesses without borrowing any money from any bankers, Credit Cards, Investors, or any friends or family.

If these lacks were not enough, I can read and spell maybe at a 9th grade level, and I am a refugee to America without any "connections", without any "hook-ups" or hand-ups.   

I closed my eyes, and dreamed of a dream, and worked the dream, without a plan B.  

I risked it all to get reach my dreams; from living in my car, to working 7 days week, to not watching TV, and not going to any Sport Games.

I did whatever it took, and I used my imagination, creativity and hard work!  

If I can do it, so can you!

My Success Proof

My original business #1

My love for real estate pushed me to my #2 business.  


My Coaching Proof (few of them)