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Therefore, I am spending ZERO time and ZERO resources on “Selling You"!!

That mean's, if you want to do business, you must be able to:

1.) You must have the intelligence to know what you want in life, which means, you must have the ability to "Sale-Yourself-On-Your-Own-Dreams".

That means we are not going to persuade or convince you why you should buy a product or service. You have to sell yourself.  (There is a reason why I am doing this...keep reading)

2.) You must have the ability, the confidence, and the computer skills to checkout from the online shop, as all my training are advance, therefore they use cutting edge technology.

If you cannot checkout an online order there is no way you will be able to use my systems.

I understand this model will not work for all people, as some customers' need to be “Sold-to” or worst be “Baby-sat-during-the-buying-process”. I am totally fine with losing these type's of customers.

The fact is: if you can not make up your own mind up by yourself, your chances of success as an entrepreneurs is slim to non, so let me do you a favor and not take your money.

I will respond to any of the follow maters in 24 hours of less.

1. Payed Customer Inquiries 
2. Refunds, please leave a message, and include your receipt

P.S. If you are messaging me to get a 2nd copy download of a past purchased products that is over 30 days old, please be advise you will have to buy the item again, as it take's too much resources to keep re-send past orders to so many students' because they lost it.  

For example, If you bought a book from the book store and you lost it 2 months later, the book store would not give you a free new one book.  Same with Digital Books or courses.

You have two options:
1. Buy the product again or
2. Join The Profit-Sharing Coaching and get a life time backup download. 
         See for more information. 

P.S.S. If your inquiry is about promotion that has ended, and you want to get the expired promo price, the answer is NO!  I run a fair business and when its over its over for all customers.  Therefore, it will not be fair to just give you a special deal.  

Have a question?
We're here for you!
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