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THE NEW FLIP: My Strategy To Turn $100 Bucks Into $697 In 4 Days

A Revolutionary
Where You Create Cash-Flow Today
With a Start-up Capital of $100 
To Be Your Own Boss,
While Learning Real Estate Investing,
Without Spending a Life-Time
Learning Without Earning,
 Without Getting into Debt, and
Without taking Huge Risk!

Plus Learn Real Estate Investing and Wholesaling at the same time with The New Flip while making Big-bucks without borrowing money and getting into debt, without taking big risk, and  without buying more education stuff to make it happen!!

So what is The New Flip?

Think of it as an entry game to Real Estate Investing and Entrepreneurship.   Discover a proven, easy-to-follow formula where you take something an “Idea” and make it profitable.


Perfect for New Real Estate Investors, Agents, or Anyone who wants to make  extra income with a side hustle!

When you learn, implement, and have success, your chances to win big in real estate investing  or business increase dramatically because of your understanding of these new “Skills Sets”.  


You don't need a lot of experience and you can easily make an extra $500-$6000 per month flipping. 


You don't need a lot of time investment, nor do you need a lot of money to begin, you can easily begin with $100. 


Anyone can do this with a POSITIVE mindset and ACTION!


Simple steps that anybody can follow, apply and make a profit.


Packed with case studies to show the formula absolutely works, time and time again!  


Also includes the exact scripts I used to get results so you don't need to recreate the wheel, it's all included. Simply COPY-&-PASTE and plug-and-play!


What does it have to do with Real Estate Investing?

It sets the foundation that when you APPLY AND TAKE ACTION (*yes it requires you to do something) will teach you the same skills you will need in Real Estate Investing and Wholesaling.

With This 25 chapter handbook you will:

      Learn Negotiation

      Learn Due diligence ,

      Learn what is a motivated seller, how to find them, how to filter the non-motive owners

      Learn how to sale and close deals

      Learn follow up to close

      Learn the importance of setting up system

     ….and so much more, which you will learn as you go.


I'll show you how I turned $100 into $697 in only 4 days. Once you do your first flip, you'll be hooked!


Here's What You're Getting With The Course

1.You The eBook: (23 Pages)  
     -The ebook is a Turn Key How To Manuel.  

2.  You Get Videos Training

3. You Get Systems (Mini Franchise in Box)



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