How I turned $100 into $400 in three days. Bicycles Flipping is the best six-figure best side hustle to make money in todays economy.

Yes, Flipping bikes get me ROI of 700% to 200% per bike I flip.

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I been real estate investor since 2006, and I have never had a job and own my own business since collage, can I can tell you I have never seen this type of Return on investment so FAST.

When I compare my own Personal investment in Bitcoin Or Gold Or Real Estate Investing NONE COMPARE to THE NEW FLIP ROI, if you compare the “speed” of the money made.

So what is “The New Flip’? THE NEW FLIP is business in a PDF where it show you how to Turn $100 into $700 in days! A Copy and Paste system.

Plus Over the Shoulder Coaching! In this video, I will show you 4 bike flips I have done that I have bought bicycles from motivated sellers at a deep discount and then re Markete the same bike for a discount and made massive profits.

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So why was I able to sell the same bike when the seller could not sell?
1. I washed the bike
2. I took amazing pictures
3. I wrote a amazing description.

That simple!

I never fixed the bike. I never did repairs.

I even sold bikes with rusted chains and flat tires. The secret is washing the bikes, and taking amazing pictures.

I have owned/invested in the following companies in my life:  Moving Companies, Real Estate Brokers Firm, Pizza , Car Wash, Computer business, Fitness business, flipping motorcycles, flipping cars, selling online, selling books, selling course, and I can tell you The New Flip is amazing business if you are looking to start a new business, if you are looking for side hustle, if you are looking to extra money, if you are looking to fire your boss, if you want to be real estate investor or real estate agent. The New Flip will help you make


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