now is worst time to invest in real estate

WORST time for real estate investing is NOW

WORST time for real estate investing is NOW

Hey gang, this is Mike with MyRealEstateDOJO and this is right now is the worst time to get into real estate. I just did a post on my facebook where it says everyone and their mama is getting into real estate and they’re doing deals, you have realtors doing multiple deals, you have rookie investors doing deals, you have investors that went out of business in the crash, they’re coming back your own deal, you have Realtors that were good, Realtors with the crash, the depression few years ago they went out of business they wouldn’t became mortgage brokers or insurance adjusters or whatever and now they’re coming back into the real estate so what am I trying to say, two things, anybody right now can do deals.

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You don’t have to be smart; you don’t have to be anything to do deal, okay. You just have to get into the fucking game, the banks are lending, people want to buy homes, people making money, the employment, unemployment is low, so it’s not hard to do fucking deals, right now, and it doesn’t matter if you’re a rookie investor, or pro investor, okay. But this is the worst time to get in to real estate investing,  if you want to be a buying hold guy or if you want to do like speculation like if you want to buy a property and then fix it up and say it’s going to you know I’m going to turn around and rehab it and I’m going to sell in six months and make this much money or I’m going to sell it in here because the reason is as the crash before we don’t know when the market is going to tank so if your speculating investor, buying a property and your thinking in six months I’m going to flip it, you don’t know if it’s going to crash. 


I don’t think it’s going to crash anytime immediately but its just like a hot seat the hot potato game we used to play in  elementary you never know when you’re going to get stuff and for the by-hold investor you know you’re not really getting properties at a deep discount right now because all these rookie whole sellers are offering, sellers like the whole world you know given them everything the realtor could fucking any fucking realtor any schmuck realtor I not can sell a home it’s not that hard dude you just put it in the MLS they come dude you got to be a fucking moron not to be able to do that if you’re a realtor. 


I’m not saying some Realtors can’t sell homes or if you over price your home extremely or put some really shitty situation you know and I’m not talking about there’s not motivated sellers out there it doesn’t matter if the market is good or the market is bad there’s always going to be motivated sellers out there so that pull upon is always there doesn’t matter what season it is but the problem I’m saying right now is those motivated sellers are always going to be there but right now these gurus, these seminars you know its HDTV Facebook YouTube everybody in their fucking mama is pumping all these people like a “you get into real estate to buy houses with real money, you can do deals with no money, you can do this, you can do that” and it’s true you can do these things but everybody’s now fucking dealing with this motivated sellers so the pawn is there but now there’s so many fishermen there. 


So what I’m saying is this is the worst not to get a real estate investing if you’re buying a whole guide or if you’re a speculator or if you’re a fix and flipper, now who is this good for? This market is good for wholesalers, if you’re a whole seller and you’re just running around putting deals on the contract you can pay the sellers a lot more money because there’s a bunch of investors they’re willing to buy it. Bunch of retail buyers, they’re willing to buy it, if you’re a whole seller; it’s a really good time to be in the real estate business. I mean like I said you don’t have to be a really smart, you know don’t need to know marketing, you don’t need to know that much listing presentations, your cousin’s going to sell a home, your boss going to sell your home, your co-worker’s going to be buying a home, so it’s not a big deal dude. 


I mean it’s not that hard to do, you have to be a fucking moron not to be able to do deals right now, if you’re a realtor. So, if you’re a whole seller, if you’re a realtor, the other good thing right now is if you’re a business owner so its forgivable if you’re in the business that’s related to the real estate industry for example if you’re in a moving company, if you are a home insurance provider, if your rehab or  construction, if you are anything you know that relates to like staging homes or you know anything that’s relates to the real estate industry then you’re going to definitely get that over flood, overspill of you know at the movement of people moving, right now. 


Okay so or if your just a regular business owner, let’s say you own a pizza place, now people are moving into your area, so you have a better chance of making money in your business right now than in the depression when everybody was trying to save money and not eat out. 


So what am I trying to say? What I’m saying is that there are always deals out there. Don’t get me wrong, stop being a negative motherfucker, but for a true investor, true motherfucker, they’re not looking right now for deals in this business, okay. If the deal comes in a great deal, we’ll jump on it, I’ll jump in and take it but I’m not out there looking for deals because this is the worst time to get in real estate investing the comps they’re just going to be inflated you know if you look like a year today and go back two years the same property is increased. I don’t know what state you’re in in Dallas Texas you know there’s almost increasing like eight to ten percent you know a year so i might be a little bit long but for my own houses you know the tax men just want to charge you more every fucking year you know so at the very least you can say properties’ going up. 


So coming back to the story, this is the worst time to get in real estate investing okay. If you’re a buyer whole guy if you want to buy properties at a deep discount, and right now the best thing to do is to in a business related to the real estate business, your own business which you get income produced. Why? Because what you need is to get cash, you’d have a business were getting cash, and saving your cash or you know maybe having that cash work for you but its very leasable liquid able okay. 


You don’t want to put it into stocks; you don’t want to put it into real estate, because these things are going to go down soon or in the near future. So you want to have your cash somehow liquid maybe work for you but somewhat liquid able. When the market crashes everybody’s going this way, I mean everybody he be saying no the realtors are running away to get new jobs because they can’t pay their bills, fucking all these motherfuckers are going this way, that’s the problem, you have to go this way. That’s the time you got to get your fucking cash, get a liquid and go buy fucking houses. 


Everyone’s going to tell you, dude this is the worst time to do it. Everyone, even your mama even your daddy, your realtor, your attorney, every motherfucker is going to tell you dude you got to go this way man and now that’s the time you got to go this way you got to put your earphones on so you don’t hear none of these fuckin haters and you just got to go into fucking hell because any of that smoke there’s going to be a lighted tunnel dude and you just going to buy property and you’re just going to hold on and right away the economy goes up like it is now and then you cash out or whatever your plan or exit strategy is, okay. 


If you’re going to hold it for your kids and give it to them and that’s what it is. So I’m not selling any kind of anything in this video, I never sell you shit guys, I just let you know what my life experience man. I’m a refugee to America, I came and didn’t speak the language, I didn’t have any connections, I didn’t have any of this shit right, and so I’ve learned to fucking trial and error. I read a lot of fucking books you know when I read 1662 plus books a year. So I’m giving you this information not because I’m trying to make money off of you, I’m just letting know what the fuck I’m doing okay. 


Right now if a great deal comes to my flat, Ill jump on it. It needs to be but you know a deep discount deal, it needs to be a great subject to building that produces me cash flow no matter what the market is like I’ll buy a house you know subject to. If I’m going to make four hundred dollars plus a month, good and I got to just put two, three thousand dollars down. I’ll do that all day every day, I don’t give a fuck if the property has equity or not because I’m going to be a buy-and-hold guy. I’ll hold on to it six, seven years you know and make money out of it but I prefer to get these subject to deals in the crash than I do now okay. But I’m you know because why do I not want it now? Because more than likely the seller may have just got you know alone and they just bought the house you know and they may have you know the inflated price but the good news is the interest rate is so low. 


So again guys I always say to people in your strength, there are a seed of weakness and in your weakness are the seed of greatness. Okay, so that’s what it is and the same thing with having was real estates, if you buy today there’s pros and cons if you buy back then there’s closing costs but for me and I think smart investors to investors this is not the time to be buying real estate guys. This is a good time to fix them, I mean a whole selling, it’s a good time to be a realtor, and this is a good time to get in business but to actually buy and hold property? I don’t think so man. 


Now there’s bills out there I’m not saying there’s no deals out there but I’m saying it’s kind of like going to the strip club guys there’s bunch of dicks and a few girls you know, i hate strip clubs so maybe this is why I don’t want to invest right now because I don’t want to go somewhere and a bunch of fucking dudes and just three girls I don’t want that. I want to go the other way where i go to a fucking ponds of fish of motivated sellers, there’s all these motivated sellers and there’s just me or three other fishermen, you know, that’s what I want because to me that’s easier. And there’s more deals like that I could get, I could get more home runs and then I can, in today’s market, so go hustle and bustle, if you like these videos guys, please like, please share, please comment, please tell your friends and family about me, that’s all I ask for you guys, see yah.

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