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Wholesaling: How To Avoid Competition as a Real Estate Investor

Wholesaling: How To Avoid Competition as a Real Estate Investor.  It's going to take my Cut and Focus strategy so that you can stand out from the crowd of competition.


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I’m thinking about to start in in Realestate business. I have no money so can I get homers to sign a contract to their home to get a buyer to buy it , what contract should I use? An assignment or should I stick to co-wholesaling & only buy from wholesalers by getting assignment signed & sell to cash buyers or can I do it both ways? Keep in mind I have no money! I want to start but I’m not sure if I can get homers to sign a contract then get cash buyer to buy it or the general public to buy it? How do I start? How do I analyze a deal to know if I should get a contact signed on it from a wholesaler? You said something about 60% does that mean to only get a house under my contract if it’s 60% under value? Using that method do I need to figure repair cost? I’m confused ? Can you help? Will you buy a deal from me in Louisiana? I live in Neworleans area! Thank you! I love your posts! Your great! Thank you!

Perry Haushalter

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