Wholesale Real Estate Investing with High Returns

Wholesale Real Estate Investing with High Returns

 Wholesale Real Estate Investing with High Returns

 Wholesale Real Estate Investing with High Returns. The goal is to invest a little amount of time or a small amount of money and get a big amount of output, whatever that is; if that’s a cash flow or a lump sum of money or if that’s having a big sum of equity.

In the next few minutes, I’m going to talk about what is very complex where you see people talking about in Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, real estate investment clubs, they make it subject real estate investing very complex and I’ve broken a very complex idea down into three ideas. I want to go ahead and show it to you right now so you can see that there are basically three stepping stones to real estate investing. The whole business is broken down to three stepping stones; the way I do it at the dojo at Mr. Investor.

The very first thing you need to do in this business is called lead generation. The second thing you need to do in this business is called conversion and the third thing you need to do in this business is called exit strategy.

Now I know a lot of you I’ve talked about how to setup your corporations; you got to get a logo, you got to get a website, you got to get this, this and this, you got to learn your exit strategies. If you do that stuff, that’s great but your odds of getting a deal is very slim because the whole formula, the blue print, the treasure map, I don’t know how to explain to you guys so you could understand. The very first step is lead generation, so if you are learning how to fill up a contract or you’re learning how to get offers, if you’re learning land lording or how to do repairs on the fix and flips or whatever your strategy is, and you’re not learning how to generate leads, then you’re not going to make money, you’re not going to have success you’ll be a highly educated investor without doing deals.

Today I want to show you how you can spend the least amount of time and the least amount of money and get the most conversions, but I wanted to show you the blue print. And today I’m going to be talking about step number one stepping stone with is lead generation and then the second one is called the conversion, so you can see it in action. Many new investors, beginner investors or even pro; when they market to motivated sellers, a lot of times they’re saying “hey the deal is not going through” the seller says they don’t want it they don’t want to sell their home at 60 cents or a dollar, they don’t want to do owner financing, they don’t want to do a subject to or they don’t want to do have a master lease, they don’t want to do a rent-to-own, etc. I want to kind of explain a diagram what’s happening, so this is you, and if you want to have any kind of business, you have to remember that the first step is lead generation. You’re going to have to do marketing and I’m just going to put that as marketing, and for you to get the money or in this case we’re not just looking for money, we’re looking for a high return, you’re going to be going on this blueprint; this is a treasure map that you have to go through exactly like this. This is you, if you want to do real estate, it doesn’t matter if you want to buy it whole, fix and flip, whole sell, lease options, options, create notes or owner financing, none of that stuffs matter guys, if you want to do any of that stuffs guys, the very first step of the equation is lead generation so you can see we start here first, now I’m not just making this stuff up as you can see the very first step on getting any kind of money or any kind of deal even before getting a high return deal, is marketing. Step number one, lead generation.

What is marketing? I need to explain this so you understand that marketing is like the gold rush, you’re looking for gold, but marketing is the activity of digging the dirt and putting into a system that is going to identify if this is gold or not. So marketing is the ability to just dig and put it into the system, dig and put into the system and dig and put it into the system. Now if you’re not digging, then you’re never going to get any gold, and digging in real estate investing or an entrepreneurship is called marketing, so what are you digging for; because in this case, you’re not digging for gold you’re digging for motivated sellers, so you’re digging to find motivated sellers and you have the system to identify motivated sellers. Once you start digging or marketing to find motivated sellers, you’re basically blanketing in an area; it could be a general area where you live, or you’re farm area or it could be to a highly motivated list like the foreclosures, evictions or the divorces, etc. Marketing is digging for those specific audiences like divorces or foreclosures or any of that and you’re digging them to put into your system that’s called marketing, once you do that, some of this dirt that you put into the system, they’re going to raise their hands and identify themselves as leads.

The next step from marketing is where you start is leads; you got marketing and then you got leads, and leads are the people that raised their hands and say – look I’d like to get a cash offer or I might be interested in whatever service that you’re selling or you’re talking about, it doesn’t matter, they just raise they’re hand. Leads doesn’t mean that they’re going to be your customers, absolutely not; it depends on your ability of conversion and follow-up system determines how much of your leads will become your customers, and this is what this whole class is about, getting a high returns, I’m going to show you how to turn your leads into majority of customers so you could have a high return on it.

After leads, you’re going to filter these people to figure out if they can be potentials, so what I call potentials, P leads; now P leads, potential leads or way better than normal leads, because on this starting point to here, P leads are already moving closer to you getting a high return in whole selling. P leads are way better than leads because you use some kind of filtering system, all my students, everybody at my real estate dojo at Mr. Investor knows how to use my ninja seller phone script because we have variety of questions we ask the seller to gauge their motivation and see if they’re willing to let us do on their financing, if they’re willing to let us do 60 cents on a dollar or aka deep discount purchase. Here we use my ninja seller phone script and then we get the potential leads, now these potential leads are saying, not only raising hands saying I’m interested in your product, but I’m also have signs of motivation, they’re raising their hands up and saying – look, I have signs of motivation; what kind of motivation? Well kind of the ones that you are looking for according to my seller phone script that is why it’s so important to have it because we’re looking for specific things, we’re asking specific questions. Once they become leads, potential leads; many of my students or many new beginner investors, they stop there, they don’t go any further because they’re scared to ask for the money. Now in real investing, asking for the money basically means you’re just giving them an offer, that’s it, you’re just giving them offer. For example – Mr. John I understand your house is worth a hundred but I’m giving you a cash offer of sixty; that’s giving an offer, I’m not saying that’s the way you should do it, I’m just making it very simple guys. Many of my students stopped here, so they did the marketing, they do the lead come in and they do the filtering and they stop, they never ask for the money they never give the offer. Some of the other ones actually are smarter and now they’re giving offers, the other ones, the smarter ones are giving offers, so we basically have a timeline or a map of going from nothing, zero marketing to getting a high returns on whole selling real estate.

To Wholesale Real Estate Investing with High Returns the very first thing you have to do is market, then people are going to raise their hands, then you’re going to use my ninja seller phone script to filter them out, to scrub them out to find a potential leads the ones that are motivated, not only interested but they’re also motivated, they have two hand up, once you do that then you have to give offers. Now here is what the problem that of the majority of the people, like 90% of the people, when they give offers, they’re only giving cash offers, they’re not giving any owner financing offers. So the problem is, there’s no problem but the conversion rate shrinks up because one not everyone owns a house clean and clear and they don’t have that much equity to give it to you a sixty cents and a dollar, and then two not everyone wants to sell it for that price and three which causes you to have a higher conversion rate, so instead of a deal costing a fifteen hundred or thousand bucks or five hundred per transaction, you could decrease it if you’re using some of this stuff I’m telling you right now which is give an owner financing offer plus a cash offer. Let’s rewind it a little bit, I would say that 80% of new people never give an offer; they’re too embarrassed they say – Mr. Seller I can only buy your house at sixty cents on a dollar, they’re too embarrassed they never give the offer, or in their mind they think this seller is never going to accept this offer, and I never give it an offer. So your probability of the seller going with you is zero. Now the ones that are braver souls, and I applaud you they have the guts, the will persistent to say – Mr. Seller this is a business, your house is worth a hundred, I got to make money and I’m going to give it to you at sixty cents on a dollar; but this poor souls don’t have the education and the experience to say look, I can pay you more money at owner financing and here’s the terms and boom, they don’t know how to do that, so they get less deals, can they get deals, yes but less, way less deals where if they give just a little bit more money or do some kind of nice creative idea financing, they can get a deal without coming up with any money without using their own credit, without going to a bank, any of that stuff.

Majority of the new people never give an offer for 80% and then the 20% they do give an offer, I would say 90% of those people just give a cash offer only never owner financing guys. Now guess what happens once they give an offer, the very next thing that happens is a big fat no, so you did marketing, the people raised their hand, you filter them they raised both of their hand, they said they’re interested the other one says I’m motivated, and then you say here, here is the offer to the people that raise both or their hand; and 90% if not 98% of the people are going to tell you no, they’re going to tell you no and they’re going to tell majority of other people no. So now, this is what’s very crucial, this is what’s going to make the high return come in to play guys, so please pay attention, this was the whole video climax is coming to, I had to show you the image so I could get to this point to help you close more deals. Majority of people are going to tell you “no I don’t want this owner financing offer” they’re going to tell you “no I don’t want this deep discount offer, no I don’t want this master lease, no I don’t want this, no I don’t want this” your chances of getting a customer over the phone, the very first time you talk to them, or like 1% even if you talk to a very highly motivated seller, because you’re talking about getting their home, so it’s going to take them some time, you’re probability of somebody accepting your offer right over the phone or right at their house is 1%, so get this, 1% they’re going to get your offer right then and there and your probability of talking to a seller for the very first time, they’re going to say yes when you did a cold calling “here is my house man” is I will say 1%. There’s 99% that it’s going to be failure – no, no I don’t want to sell you the house, no I don’t want this cash discount, no I don’t want this master lease, no I don’t want, and that’s normal, it happens to me too, that’s what I’m trying to tell you I’m not superman. Now, what happens next is going to make me superman and make a lot of you guys quit and go to the next adventure. So please listen up, what happens next is going to make me superman and is going to make you guys, some of you guys quit and go to the next adventure.

When they tell you No, the seller says No, you stop at this stop, this is it. Now, what I do is I do a bunch of different stuff, the very first thing I do is I go ahead and send them my ultimate postcard machine; I start following up with them with my ultimate postcard machine. Now, my ultimate postcard machine is not just the average postcard on letter that says – me, me, me, buy for me, I’ve been in business for 20 years, I close fast, I’m this I’m that, No. it’s not like that all. My ultimate postcard machine is it helps make you the authority in front of the seller because you’re providing education to him that no one else is, you’re providing offers to him. So this is what I do, I market, the leads come in, I use my seller phone script to get the piece, when the piece come in, I give them offers, I give them the cash offer, I give them the owner financing, majority are going to say No, once they say no, I start sending them my ultimate postcard letters just back-to-back like boom, how often do I send them? Every three or four days, I’m trying to reach this guy as soon as possible, the very next thing I do after my ultimate postcard machine is that I send my follow up email series. It’s very crucial guys, because here’s what’s going to differ me and average investor; when the seller says no, they pack up, they go to the next deal or next adventure, when the seller says no, I just know this is part of the ingredients, this is part of the process of this cake to get baked, they’re all going to say no. I’ve now given the seller my offer, I’ve given them a good offer, and I’ve given them a deep discount offer, and I’ve asked him to put it on the shelf, I’ve asked him to put it on nice stair, I‘ve asked him to put it on his back pocket, and just think about it, while that’s taking place, while that’s baking, now I’m sending them the post cards, now I’m sending them the letters. Now let’s take a little time and talk about the postcard, I never mass mail people,

I don’t go and mass mail a thousand people, I don’t go mass mail ten thousand people, I don’t just buy a list, whatever it is; expired, foreclosure and just mass mail them, it cost too much money, I don’t want to invest my money like that, that’s old school marketing today is 2017, I don’t want to spend my money like that. I believe in postcards, I believe they’re just the right punch, I’m not going to just throw my right punch with every sucker, I got my left. So what I do is I do a combo and I T it up to my right, and that is what the letters are and that’s what I teach you in my PLM course, mass letter, mailing system, which I’m not going to get into it, but what I’m trying to tell you is don’t send out letters to everyone and their mama, it cost too much, all the people are talking about it because it’s easy, it’s a proven way to do it guys, but only this much amount of people win, the opening rate is like 2 or 3%. The way I do it, I hit only people that I’ve already did a couple of jabs with, like I did the marketing, they call, I used my seller phone script, I pre-qualified them etc. and then I start with the mail outs, and the mail outs I send is my ultimate postcard machine. When I do the mail outs, I actually hand write them, I don’t use some kind of service, I let my employees do it, because there’s not that many in there; it might be five, it might be a hundred but I don’t have to send a thousands, it might be three or four.

 The people that I send to, their opening rate is extremely high, they’re all getting it because its hand written, I knew who I just talked to, not just randomly sending it out to people guys, it just cost too much money. Once the post card is done, then I’m sending the post cards and I also put them to my email follow-up series. What that is I have almost three years of follow-up series that I send emails to the seller again that I build authority, I educate the seller, I empower the seller, it’s none of like this me, me, me, I close fast, I pay cash, none of that crap right, I’ll let the seller know this is what I do too, but unlike everyone else, I can take the time to educate the seller. So the email series works really, really, really good and its free and its fast, just like bam, bam, bam. And what’s happening is that they talk to me, I give them an offer, they got my postcard, they got my email, I’ve already touched them three time guys, then what I do is I start with my text messaging, and I have all of these stuff right on my website, I’ve given it to you exactly what I used in my own business, and so I start text messaging to follow-up series. So by this time, they got my post card, they got a couple of emails from me that help them educate the seller and now they receive a couple of text messages, by now they call me back because they have my offer on their countertop, they got my offer on their back hip pocket, now they also see me in five, six types of different medias, that’s why I always talk about my thing at the dojo, we have something that we say six, six for success.

You got to reach out for that seller six times, if you notice we talked to them, we texted them, we mailed them, we use six different types of medium like marketing, we text message them, we chat them over the phone, we send them an email, we send them postcard, and what that does is it allows the seller like – damn these guys are everywhere, I just got a text from them, I got a letter from them, I got a phone call from them, I saw him on Facebook retargeting, so the goal is to make the seller think that you’re such a big company ever if you’re not; I’m only sending letters to let’s just say ten people where some other cat is sending out thousands, but I’m using smart, ingenious ideas, creative ideas to get leads for a penny because I’m using virtual assistants from India, Pakistan and I showed you how to do it in my virtual assistant book guys, my V.A. book to hire people for 120 bucks, put them to work for you 40 hours a week, that’s four dollars a day man, or less. So these guys generate leads for me, and once the leads come in, the marketing, they do the marketing, the leads come in I use my seller phone script and I qualify them and they become potential leads. Once they raised both their hands – hey, look I need your services plus I’m motivated, then I give offers, I don’t give offers just to leads that’s waste of my time, I only give offers to potential leads. Once I give them the offer, I’m going to give them the cash offers and the owner financing, majority of people are not getting owner financing because you don’t give no owner financing offers, you can get no deals if you don’t give them the offer. 80% of the people quit because they’re too scared to give the seller the offer, saying – here seller is sixty cents a dollar, they never get a deal. So you got to give the offer, and guess what? When you give the offer, they’re all going to say no, no, no let me think about it, let me talk to my wife; don’t get discouraged, this is just a part of the ritual, this is the part of the process, they’re going to say no, I don’t care how good you are, “no, this is my home”. They need time, so once you say no, not a problem, you’re very positive. When they say no, say “I totally understand, if your situation changes please put my offer on your night gown or your back pocket, how do you like to pitch it and just give me a call back” that’s it, and as soon as they hang up, I put it to my email follow-up series, I’m sending a postcard, I’m sending the letters, couple of days later I’m doing a text messaging, and they’re seeing me on Facebook, and boom they’re like, I’ve seen Mr. Investor everywhere, and now that they’re building the confidence and educating them, I’m building the authority, and that’s how you get whole selling with high return.

Majority of people spend a lot of time and energy, and by the time they get the offer, they never put the offer, that’s 80% of the people because they’re too embarrassed to ask for the money because they think it’s too rude to give them an offer so low, the other 20%, ninety percent of those people never give an owner financing offer, and majority of seller in a situation like that sell their home at a deep discount like that or they want money, this is their home, they work their whole life for this, come on, that makes sense, if you want to sell your stuff really cheap, think about it. What if you have to, you’re motivated, but there was a better option, and that’s what I’m saying, give them a better option besides sixty cents on a dollar, the better option is for you too because you don’t have to go to a bank, you don’t have to get a credit, all this stuff, you don’t have to get into it guys. So give an owner financing offer and then expect the seller to say uh-uh, nope, and then that’s okay, as soon as you hang up then you got to get into the follow-up stuff, you got to do the emails, you got to do the postcards, you got to do the text messaging, you got to do the Facebook marketing, because without that, you’re not going to get high conversion, that is the only difference.

Some people tell you spend thousands of dollars, I tell you spend the least amount of money to get the most amount of money, the least amount of money, the least amount of time, to make the most amount of money, and this is one exact way, it’s called recycling, you got to learn to process.  To Wholesale Real Estate Investing with High Returns, Not every sellers going to say yes, and trust me the processes every sellers going to say – no, no I don’t want to do it, that’s totally normal, but what happens next is going to determine if you’re a champ, chimp or if you’re a champ, and to be a champ, you got to just follow my processes that I just told you to get a high return.

Now guys I have majority of these products that I talked about right on my website, myrealestatedojo.com. You can get at really great prices, these are street proven tested stuff, I didn’t write this stuff up, and I have 20 years of sales experience, I gathered top copywriter and we grind this stuff up and I’ve used this since 2007, 2008 when the market has crashed on my own business, now I’m sharing it with you guys, you can get my seller phone script right on my website, you can get my ultimate postcard machine tight on my website, you could get the emails right on my website, and I highly recommend you implement these instead of just writing these yourself or hiring someone that says “ I can write good” because sales and writing good are two different things. And I’m giving you exactly what works and I have a promotion on all that stuff right now on my website, so I highly recommend go getting it and don’t forget guys. If don’t know how to give an offer for owner financing, get on my website, download my terminator offer letter, this thing is going to get you deals at a deep discount and it’s going to get your owner financing deals and it’s going to blow your competitors away, that’s why it’s called the heart terminator. If you just download the sheet and start just giving offers, even if you don’t know what to do; you find a motivated seller, you use my seller phone script, and they’re potential sellers now, and just give them the offer and when they say no, you just do the follow-ups that I told you to do, you’ll be surprised how many deals you do even if you don’t know nothing because you don’t have to be a good cook, you just have to follow the recipe, and the recipe is what I just explained to you from lead generation conversion all the way down to the marketing, to the leads, to fees to giving offers, if they say no, to the follow ups. This is the way to get the most amount of money and to spend the least amount of time and reach your dreams, your goals whatever they are in America. One last thing guys, everything I just talked about is just only a typical type, this much. I have my mother course, which is a 171 chapters, it’s a hundred hours plus, which is like two weeks of everyday watching of training.

I talked about investing in fix and flips, I talked about investing in buy and hold, I talked about master leases, I talked about options, I talked about rent to own which is basically options with a lease, I talked about cold calling, I talked about prospecting, I talked about negotiation, I talked about website creation, all of these stuff, all for a retail of 1,500 bucks, I’m having it on a flash sale for 325, I talked about all these stuff guys. Highly recommended, in this book I also talked about how to find the motivated sellers, because that’s the most important part, how to find them and how to talk to them and how to structure deals. You get it all in that book right now at 325, I highly recommend getting it, it’s the mother course and the reason I called it the mother course is because it puts everything that I ever learned into one place for you guys, go out there do a deal, so you don’t have to spend so much time and energy going and getting books, going to all these clubs, buying all these different books like whole selling, land lording, like fix and flips and spending all this money. One course has it all for 325, get it before the sale is over, its fifteen hundred bucks and it’s a top seller and I’m very, very confident. All you have to do are two things; follow the instructions there because I’ll show you exactly what to do to get one to three deals in 59 days, called my action plan, and two – you got to take action, if you take action and you download my mother course, you’re going to get your first check in one to three deals in 59 days, no matter if the economy is up, no matter if the economy is down, as long as you’re able to follow the directions and you’re able to take action. Don’t take no for an answer, hustle and bustle. Marcus Lamar says “great info Mike, we appreciate all you do for us investors”. Thank you brother, thank you guys, see you later and don’t take no for an answer, don’t forget to download the books guys. See you.


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