When’s the right time to cash out cryptocurrency?

When’s the right time to cash out cryptocurrency?

Learn When’s the right time for me to cash out cryptocurrency in this video. I love bitcoin and many of the alt coins.

However, I know that the cyrptoto market has winter just like natures.

Therefore, I have crypto exiting plan I have been using since 2006 with my moving company, and real estate investing business that I will share with you here.

When I sell my bitcoin is when everyone is super happy about the marketing. When everyone is loving bitcoin and want to buy bitcoin, lam selling my coins.

However, when everyone is down and think bitcoin is going to zero then I am buying bitcoin and other crypto coin. Its very easy in my mind when to buy and when to sell. I basically do the opposite of everyone else is doing and has servers me great so far in life. Watch the video, to learn about my thinking process.

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