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What You Must Pack to Survive a Natural Disaster, Pandemic, War, or an Economic Collapse

Are you prepared in case you need to evacuate in case of a Natural disaster, war or even economic collapse? In this video I show you all the essentials you should pack to save your life.

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Today I want to teach you, how to survive in a natural disaster or in war time so you can make it. Many of us believe that big brother is going to come bail us out, and if you look between Katrina, all the different hurricanes, all the disasters, you realize that you just can’t call 911. No one’s going to come because they are out there taking care of their own families and you have to be strong. Many of us in America have so much abundance that we don’t really realize that it’s a dog-eat-dog world out here. And the reason I understand this is because I’m a war baby. I was originally born in Iran, and in Iran there was an eight-year war with Iraq. And there was always shortage on food, so if you come to my house today, my mom’s a war mom. She has six months’ worth of food. If you go to my sister’s, my mom’s sister’s house, she stayed in Iran much longer than we have, and she has a year worth of food in her home. At any time, you can go to her house. Any time they have a year worth of food. Canned food, water and you can name it. But, what I realize is that having all your stuff at your home is not going to save you dude because if you look at Houston, if you look at Florida, sometimes we have to just be able to pick our stuff up and get out because there might be a war, nuclear war, there might be a national disaster, who knows dude. So you always have to be prepared in a moment’s notice, like three minutes, five minutes; take your bags and get out. So in my house, I always have two bags filled up, ready to go. This is what I call, let’s say there’s an emergency happening and I’m not going to have time to pack, I’m not going to have time to get my stuff. So my stuff is already packed ready to go. It sounds like really crazy but let me show you what I have in my Backpacking Backpack because I want to save your life.

Because most of us think that since we live in a great country like America, you know if a hurricane comes or tornado comes or there’s a nuclear war, whatever that we could call 911, they’re going to come. And in reality, the police and the emergency people should come, but they’re not going to come. Because they’re going to take care of their own family, right. Even though we pay them as tax payers, we want them to be there at emergencies, they’re not going to come, the police, the firefighters are only going to be there on good times. When it’s nice and pretty, when there is nothing major disaster guys. So what I want to do is teach you guys how to be able to be prepared for your family and loved ones in America, and not wait for big brother to save you. You can save yourself today. So I want to do is start off with one of the most important thing. The very first thing is your need water, most of us don’t know that water is very heavy. And if you haven’t camped out for like a week or two, and you have to carry stuff with you, you know that these bags become very heavy. So many of us want to go out there and buy bottles of gallons of water, which is okay, I’m not dissing on that. But if you have to travel, to carry like five gallons of water, man it’s going to be so heavy.

So what I highly recommend, what I have for myself, this is very crucial you got to have one of this in your bag. It is a water filtration system so basically I can drink any kind of water here. I could go to the stream right there and I could get one of these can, put the contaminated water and the dirty water, whatever it is, just fill it up, ocean water, fill it up. And then I could pour in to this little bottle thing right here, summing, then I put this on here, screw it on here and I’ll squeeze it out. I can squeeze it out of my mouth, I can squeeze it in to another cleaner, and this is going to kill the bacteria, the fungus and it’s going to be a lot safer. There’s stuff out there you can buy as pills, I just like this better because I know it’s going to last a lot longer, it is more efficient and that way I don’t have to carry so much water with me because the water is very heavy. What I can do is just carry stuff like this, so I can filter out my water no matter where it is. So let’s say I’m in Florida or in Houston, the hurricanes came and I don’t have any water, I could pick up some of that ocean water, run it to this, get all the contaminants out and I’m not sure if it’s going to take the salt water out, but if it doesn’t take the salt out, I put it in here and I start boiling the water, and put it to another container, and have the precipitation go to this one and then I could drink out of this one. So if I haven’t tested this with the salt water, so if it takes it out, it may take it out, but if it doesn’t, then like I say I’ll do tactic too which is I’ll boil the clean water and with that salt in it and I’ll let it fuse in to another container. Because when you do boil water, you’re not going to get rid of the contaminations of like the oil, the man made poisonous. You’ll get the bacteria and viruses killed, but you’re not going to get oil that is in the ocean water that’s flooding the area or what have you. Assuming there’s a flood or a hurricane, but if you’re just in the middle of nowhere and there’s a stream or dirty water, then you don’t need to do the precipitation part. You could just use one of these little filters like I just showed you, and you and your family could have a lot of water. I bought this from REI, highly recommended, it may be 25 bucks guys. Do you have 25 bucks to save your family?

All the stuff I’m going to show you right now, I’m not making any money of it, I don’t do any affiliate, I could do that and get paid for but I just don’t, I’m here to save your life, I’m here to change your life and as a war baby, as a guy that grew up as a kid, bombs being thrown unto you, boom. And not having food and have to wait in line, I know the true reality of the world, and we don’t leave in a concrete bubble of safety at any time, sh*t can happen. War, natural disaster, and you got to be prepared, big brother isn’t going to save you man. They will attack the sh*t out of you, but there isn’t going to be there to save your ass, and that’s the truth, you got to save yourself dude, and that’s the true reality. Now some of you people will say, oh Mike you’re so mean. It is reality man, if you just go back to history, you’ll see what I’m talking about. So let’s move forward, so the very first thing you need is water; I highly recommend getting one of this things, not the pill because the pill can get wet, this and that. Get one of these things, cost very little amount of money. Have one for each family member, that way you don’t have to carry tons of tons of water. You’re not going to survive without water. You can survive without food, but without water, you aren’t going to live for a very long time – especially if you’re excited, you have a lot of adrenaline going to you, you’re going to be thirstier than just normal living. The second thing I want to talk about, for the water before we move on is, many of us have a Hydro Flask  Water Bottle like this and this is okay but guys, you don’t want to have this with you because with this, you can heat it, you can drop it, you can see it has been dropped so many times, you can see the inside of it, it is big, you can smash it on something it doesn’t f*ck up so it’s a multi-purpose. This thing, you get a lot of sun, this thing, it’s going to crack.

So if I was going to survive in the wilderness, I wouldn’t want a plastic one. I would want a metal one, just like this, guys. You pay a little bit more for it, the water is better, you’re not going to get the contamination of like what does it call, BPA whatever and all that stuff. So go with this, you can use it for like cooking, gathering water, you could use it for sanitation, you can warm it up, you can use it for a lot of different things, you never know what you can use it for, guys. So go with this instead of plastic one.

Now, lets talk about the food because many of us know that we need to have food if something happens, but what if we have to leave our house? What are we going to do, are we going to carry our cooking materials with us and all that stuffs? Yes, and I’m going to show you how to do it guys. But before I go in to the food, I want to talk about two ways to have your food cooked with you. This is what I call my, it is a little miniature stove, look at it, it is so small. This is it; I can carry it with me anywhere. I can put it in my pocket. It goes to a gas tank like this, alright, just like this. Some of you I recommend having one of these and one of these, maybe two of these canisters. But what happens if you have to be out there for a month or two weeks and your canister runs out, which is very true. This is the luxury living, so get one of these little cans, many of us are going to run out there to Walmart or Target and get those cheap ones or what I call car camping materials, and those are okay, but you have to realize that those are too big, those are car camping materials. You need stuff that you put into your bag, they’re small, light and you can carry with you without being so heavy. The stuff you buy from Target or Walmart, they’re not good quality, they’re not going to last and your life depends on it, do want to use some sh*t over there? I buy all my stuff at REI and these are hard core stuff. This company called Snowflakes, the best stuff out there guys, and it does cost money. But again, I’d rather buy this than pay cable for a hundred and eighty four dollars a month. I rather buy this than go buy drinks on the weekends. I already have this kind of stuff than have all this fancy stuffs in my house. TV’s, this, that. It’s not going to save my life. When the water comes, it’s just liability instead of asset. So very first thing is, you’re out there, you have to leave, some kind of crazy things happened, there’s no electricity, no water, you need to be able to cook for a couple of days, and I recommend one of these things. See how small it is, it can just go straight right in to my pocket. But what if you’re out there for more than two or three days? Maybe you have to be out there for a couple of weeks or couple of months, well this is where this little; guys you go to REI it’s all there. So now, let’s say you’re out there and you have to be out there for a couple of weeks not just a couple of days, well you’re going to run out of gas and there’s no place to go to. Then you have to come with the basic stuff, that’s why I have this. This is another stove that I have, but this stove does not require gas. It requires natural resources, so anywhere I am, I can use this stove because it doesn’t use gas. All it uses is a little leaves, so I can go here and take this little leaves wherever I am, stick it in here and start a fire and start cooking with this, so anything. So if I’m in a jungle, if I’m in the mountain or whatever, I could break little things and put in here and I don’t have to have a gas, so I can be self-sustained with nature in wherever I am for weeks or months, whatever, and I could cook with this, I could boil water with it, it has a little top and you can grill stuff with it or whatever you want to do and you don’t have to be dependent on man-made stuff like this. Because when sh*t hits the ceiling, you’re not going to be able to find stuff like that. Whatever you have on you, that’s it, once it runs out this is going to be useless, this other stuff is going to be useless, and so that’s why I have stuffs that’s naturally made, like natural resources that you can find anywhere and start cooking with it. Very powerful, this is called bio light; this little product cost 200 bucks, it is a little expensive.

But again, you don’t have to have a car stove. I put this right into my back pack I carry with me, I grilled steaks with it, and you know it has a little top. But the point is it is very mobile guys. Now, let’s talk about food. What can you eat in situations like that? And you’re not going to be able to take your refrigerator with you and if you looking like right now in Huston or Florida, your car is useless. The reason is, whatever gas you have in there, and whenever you run out and sh*t hits the ceiling, there’s no more gas dude, and I’ll talk about that in a little bit. So having big stuff in your car is not going to do you anything, eventually you got to get on your feet and if you don’t have something like this to put everything in there, you’re going to be f*cked. So for food, right, I have stuff like this guys, I buy this at REI, these are organic made stuff, this is not some bullshit, this is way better than McDonald’s, subway or any of that kind of stuff right, and  have these food they’re ready to go. This is lentil and rice, this one is pie and they’re organic food and all that required is you boil that water which take two or three minutes. You boil the water, you put it in here and you can just start eating right out of this thing dude, okay? And this is really good. You know it’s not a five-star restaurant but if you’re in the wilderness you don’t have a food, you’ll think this is gourmet food. And they have variety of different types.

Question:  how long they are good for?

MIKE: these things last for a long time. They’re dehydrated they’re in the bag you can keep them for years, whenever they’re ready to go. This is a cheaper company versus this one; this is more expensive but guys, all you got to do is just add water and that is it dude and you’re ready to go. So I carry my food like this in this bag, now the reason I carry my food like this is because you know, if I have to cook let’s say something, I had to chop all the stuff, all these vegetables like my whole bag will be full of food, but I can go out there for two or three months and pack this up just this little thing and have food for two or three months, assuming that I can’t hunt and I can’t fish, I’m ready to go. Now, we talk about the water, we talk about what kind of tools you need to cook this stuff in your bag so you don’t have to have like a camper or a car, you know because again, once gas runs out, everything in your car is a liability now, just like it was in your house everything you work in your whole life for, you buy all the stuff, you made all these companies rich the sh*t hits the ceiling, none of that is going to help you out dude, it’s going to be liabilities that you’re worrying about “oh my gosh my TV, the water is coming, oh my gosh my clothes” and you’re just worrying about stupid sh*t, right? Instead of saving your life, right? And so that’s what I say f*ck this stupid stuff, stuff that’s not going to make you, you’re going to make yourself, and here is a couple of reasons why. So we talked about the water, we talked about the food, now let’s talk about energy. Because wherever you go, you’re going to need energy. Like right now I see Facebook people are getting like those 12V batteries and trying to hook up their phone and charge it up. The very first thing I want to talk about is, guys you got to have one of these dude, you got to have this, this is called gold zero, you got to have some of these already made up in your bag, fully charged when the sh*t hits the ground, so that’s the very first thing, okay. The very second thing that you got to have is multiple solar panels, these things are very awesome, I flip it on my bag, they’re durable, they’re water proof, you could drop it, I mean man I’ve done all kinds of things with them they still work they’ll charge your phone. You just put it on the sun and you can put your, you know, phone cord in here, USB cord it’ll charge up all your batteries, you just click a button, viola!

That’s it dude, again this is the same company called BioLite. Biolite makes pretty good products man, if you’re out there killing it, you want this. I don’t buy cheap stuffs guys. Here is the thing man, cheap are expensive and for your life, you don’t this sh*t cheap man, you don’t want no Walmart crap, you don’t want no Target crap. You want the best dude, this is your life. The thing is some of you say oh man I don’t have the money for this shit, but you’re spending money for the weekend going out. You’re spending money drinking, you spend your money on dumb sh*t right? But you don’t got no money to spend on your life? Come on dude.

This whole thing everything cost only five hundred bucks or a thousand bucks, and hopefully you’ll never ever ever have to use it, hopefully you never ever ever ever ever have to use it, but what if you have to use it? Don’t you want to have it or you want to go to shelters and have big brother take care of you, they don’t even have food for you. What do you want? I mean when sh*t hits the ground, I’m not going to a shelter, when the sh*t hits the ground, I’m not hanging out with other people, I’m going off grid, I’m going where people are not. Because the truth the fact is, life is like riding a motorcycle, you don’t die riding the motorcycle, you die because of other people around you. And this is the same thing. When the sh*t hits the ground, I’m not going to go sit around with bunch of other people in the shelter, that’s when the sh*t hits the grounds. I’m going to get away from people because I’m going to die because of being around people. People’s negligence, people’s fears or panics all that. I’m not trying to listen. I’m going to go off grid, live by myself because I am going to be more safe around me and my family, instead of hundreds of stranger people that didn’t prepare, they’re emotional, they’re under stress. That’s not good for me, and it is not probably good for you dude, okay. So this is good if you only have one thing, but I would highly recommend having another solar panel, okay. This is the big one guys, highly recommend this, this will charge your phone in like nanoseconds compared to this one. You can also buy one of these little batteries that you can capture this. So for example, that little battery pack I showed you, I can put this outside have a two or three of these and I can hook it up to my flashlight, it doesn’t have to be your phone. You can have like flashlights, they suck up power. Let me give you a good example; you’re also going to need light, this light is very powerful, it’s solar charged, I just hook it up take this, hook it up in here and when you’re out there in the wilderness and the sh*t hits, the electricity is off, the grid is off you’re going to be thankful you have this light dude, this light is awesome it has a magnet on and you put it anywhere, you can hang it, I just put it on my bag straps. It has a place for it to sit down, it has a rechargeable battery, it lights up, I mean this is hard core and cheap stuff it’s going to cost you a penny or two. Again, gold zero both of these is gold zero. Great products, highly recommended because when the sh*t hits the ground, you’re going to need lights dude, you’re accustomed to lights, all of our life we have electricity, imagine not having an electricity for two or three days, you’re going to sh*t your pants dude, alright, so you’re going to need some kind of light and I highly recommend this one it’s rechargeable, works great with this, very light, very durable, can’t go wrong with it. Alright let’s talk about the next thing guys, you are going to need a first aid kit man, don’t cheap yourself on a first aid kit. This first aid kit looks okay but its water proof, I can drop it to the water and it’s going to float, alright, no water is going to sip in here, it has everything I need, it has things that I can still hear, it’s a tough bag It’s not some shitty Walmart/Target bullshit right, definitely need this too. Without this you’re f*cked dude, okay? So make sure you get that. Now, the other thing that I want to talk about is that you’re probably going to need a camel back; again water is so heavy you want to be having bunch of containers like this.

You don’t want to have a like a gallon of water just carrying. What you need is one of these things that slides into your bag and that’s it, and that’s really all the water you would need, the rest of the water you’re going to use these things to get water because the water is so heavy and it takes so much room guys, okay. Now, we’ve talked about the food, we talked about how to get power, a lot of you are talking right now like hey there’s no electricity dude, whenever the lights go out I don’t worry, I have my own solar panels, I have my own lights a rechargeable, I’m ready to go dude, I don’t need the light. I have my own light, right? And I’m trying to help you to be the light for your family, okay? Now let’s talk about other things, okay. If you’re just a small person I wouldn’t recommend getting a big backpack like this, you know this like eighty pound, it’s very heavy, unless you have like your family of four and you’re the men then you may want to carry this. But what I would recommend is you know, going light. This is too heavy, I have two bags one for small, one for heavy okay, the small one is the best one, you could just get up and go, it is very light especially if it’s like windy of hurricanes and stuff like that, you want something light you don’t want something really big and you could put all your stuff in there. What other stuff you could put in there? Okay, I put in there my sleeping pad, I have my sleeping bag, okay, on your sleeping bag guys, make sure you get a nice bag okay?

Don’t get what this Walmart/Target bags, make sure you get a sleeping bag that costs at least two or three hundred dollars, that’s water proof that’s very important dude, you got to sleep outdoors and raining on you, you want to get someone that’s warm, you’re clothes are all wet, you’ve got to get naked, so you want this bag to be water proof dude. You don’t want a cheap bag trust me, you’re cold, you don’t want a cheap bag, and you’re wet as hell. You want your sleeping bag to be as expensive as your mattress at your home dude, because it’s going to save your life. We got the pad; I’m not going to pull out my bag here okay. The other thing you can have is just a little comfort stuff is like you know, this little pillow and once you take the air out, you can squeeze it all like it has air in it right now it becomes so small you could fit it anywhere. Some people talk about weapons, oh man you got to have guns, you got to have bullets. If you want to, you can you know, for me? I’m going to go off grid; I’m not going to hang around people for them to try to rob me. So I’m not worried about guns and weapons. But I do highly recommend you know, having some kind of utility knife, I have two. I have the US Marine Corps, I think this is called the K bar, it’s very nice and you know I spend maybe like a hundred or two hundred bucks. What am I going to use it for? Well I’m going to use this to chop wood to put into my fire, alright, I might have to defend myself from something, I might get a coconut I need to break it or I might even do whatever, right? This is where this comes. Now people say guns, too much responsibility, they get wet they got carried, this thing you can put a stick on it and you got a spear you got sharp, and other tools with it you know, definitely useful, you know. If you get caught, you could use it as torque you cut your arm with, very very useful.

I highly recommend having this, not for self-defense in a sense but for your everyday. Because when you’re out there, you’re not going to have your kitchen knives but this thing can be used as a kitchen knife, use it to chop up wood, you can use it to defend yourself, you can use it to whatever guys, okay? The other thing I want to talk about is money. One crazy sh*t happens, your dollar bills are probably going to get wet, blown away, you know. If you want to carry let’s say twenty thousand dollars, I did a video a couple of weeks, couple of months ago; you saw twenty thousand it’s like so big, where are you going to put this? so what I always do is you guys see me as, I’m wearing a lot of gold right, this is my money, this is my emergency money dude, and a lot of them doesn’t realize is that if sh*t goes to hell today, right, and we’re off the grid for a month, I could easily pop off my bracelet like this, right? Let me show you, and I could easily start bargaining with people, not my whole bracelet. I’ll take the chain off and every one of these chains is going to be like a hundred bucks, fifty bucks okay, so I could just, with my knife, take this little piece and start bargaining, hey I need this tool here’s one of this gold, okay?

Where paper money is probably going to be wet, it’s going to be soggy or tear. Where my jewelry, I could put it to my bag I can start using it as a very fine resource to trade with, okay? And now, that’s why I have this stuff always with me, because if sh*ts hits, I’m probably not going to have a time to go to the bank. If the economy crashes, the banks are going to be closed, if they’re going to do a bell in where they’re going to steal my money, then they’re going to give you my money. So I’m always wanted to be prepared for worst case scenario; economic collapse, hurricanes, war. The war happens; you know they’re not going to give me my money having the bank dude, so I got to have my own ready to go. You’ve got to live your life like there’s no banks, there’s no police, there’s no emergency, there’s no big brother, there’s no one to come save you dude, you’ve got to save yourself and your kids and your family. And you got to have an emergency funds, you’ve got to have emergency food, how to get your water, how to get your electricity besides big brother because they’re not going to be there for you. Just look at Florida, you know, they got their own families to take care of man. They’re not going to put their self in to harm’s way to come save you, even you pay taxes, and they’re not going to do that dude. So you got to save you.

And the way to do that is be prepared, take some classes; not everybody took Boy Scout guys, I didn’t take Boy Scout, didn’t teach me to this sh*t in college, they didn’t teach me in high school. I had to learn it, because I realize that we don’t live in a really safe environment anymore, there’s war can happen, major disaster can happen, the dollar can collapse dude; look at Greece look at these all other countries dude, right? and sh*t can go wrong, and when sh*t goes wrong, are you prepared? And I just showed you how to be prepared, and none of my preparedness includes weapons. You know, this is the only weapon I guess you could have, but I guess, this is my tool I’m going to cut my food, I’m going to cut my ropes with, you know, whatever I’m going to need, this is it. Not guns, nothing like that, okay? You could also bring other stuff with you like this stuff for cooking. So whenever you want to go shopping let’s talk about this, for stuff like that you don’t want to go to Target and Walmart, and you don’t want to get car camping, because there’s like different levels of camping equipment. You don’t want to get car camping because car camping is big and bulky and heavy. What you want to get is called the light or the ultra-light weight stuff, I would stay away from the ultra-light because they’re very flimsy, but I would go with the light. Because the light will all fit into your bag, like your food like your stove, like this is my stove dude, this is the stove alright? A car stove would be this big. So go with the light stuff you get it from REI everything will fit into your bag, everything in your bag ready to go. You should have your bag ready to go like sh*t can happen. So if sh*t happens, all you have to do is just run into that house, if there’s a fire, it doesn’t matter you just grab on to your bag and you know you have everything in that bag from monetary goods to food, to water to light, to electricity, everything, your shelter, what else do I keep in my bag?

Okay, I keep my ultra-heavy duty tent so I can go out there and sleep anywhere. it is water proof, winter proof I have padding, I have covers, so I have my tents in there, they’re ultra-light, they all fit in here. They’re not bulky at all and the other thing I want to tell you guys is that; whenever there’s a natural disaster and you want to get into your car and go, if you have bicycles it’s a great time to strap the bicycles on the car. Because most likely you’re going to sit in traffic for a very very very very long time and you‘re going to run out of gas, and the best thing is to jump off on the bicycles and start pedaling because believe it or not when there is a lot of traffic, you’re going to pass everybody and their momma in their car in your bicycle, and guess what? It never runs out of gas. So when a natural disaster happens, everybody wants to run in their car, I’m going to get in my bike, because I power, I control it I don’t have to wait for somebody bring me gas. So the point of the story is; when the sh*t breaks to hell, you have to be strong. If you have anything that depends on someone else, you are not going to make it, dude. If you’re depending for somebody to save you, you’re not going to make it. If you depend on somebody to give you gas, you’re not going to make it, if you depend on somebody to give you food, and you are not going to make it. If you are depending on anybody, you’re f*cked. And if you want to be free, you have to depend on yourself. And that’s why I’m doing this video so everybody in America is packed up. I’m not saying this sh*t is going to happen, I’m not a fear monger, but hey, I’m a war baby. I lived in Iran there was an eight year war and I know what food shortages is. I know what it is to have a coupon and go wait in line for hours and hours and hours to get 1 pound of chicken dude, and you got a family of twelve you got to feed, it isn’t going to work dude, and I learned it from my mom that lived in the country and if you go to my parent’s house at any time and any part of the world they always have six months’ worth of food. If you go to my mom’s sister’s house, they were there even longer in Iran, they have a year worth of food.

A year, can you imagine years’ worth of food. You’re go on their garages there is bunch of food. But the problem is, if something crazy happens like they have to leave they’re house, they’re not going to think, they haven’t plan to carry their food with them and when I realize this, that the most important thing is to have your stuff packed here and have stuff at your house in case you have to evacuate your house dude. And if you have all your food and water in your house but you don’t have nothing packed to go with it, then you’re probably going to starve, dude. But if you have everything ready to go you could be mobile, and the most advantage that human being has is to be mobile. We’re able to move, we’re not like trees that we have to stand there and get broken in the hurricane, we could move, and the more mobile we are, the more power we have. And if we have everything in our backs, we were more mobile like nomads, then our likelihood of survival are much greater than if we stay stationary, where we just worry about our stuff, “my TV, waters coming, oh my gosh, my couches oh” and we are not really caring about our own life, we don’t have no water no food filtering system, alright. Did I leave anything else out?

LADY: You want to talk about that Appalachian Trail?

MIKE: Oh yeah, very good. If you guys buy these stuff, I would highly recommend going on some of this big trails like Appalachian Trail, a PT trail, they’re like you know, from one state to like twelve state and you get to actually walk for weeks and months into nothingness and learn how to use these tools that’s the way I learned it, right. my parents are refugees, never took me camping that we really have no money for Boy Scouts, I didn’t learn this in high school, I didn’t learned this in college, but what I did learn is by going out there and doing this and realizing how to prepare my food, how to put mu food up so the bear doesn’t get it. How to pack my bag, what is the difference between car camping versus ultra-light camping equipment and in the middle and really understanding the difference of being self-efficient. It doesn’t matter if you are an entrepreneur, you should be self-sufficient in your business. That’s why I never money form the stinky bankers, dude. I don’t need them to make me where I am, I don’t need the big brother to bail me out. I got my share right here I take care of myself and my family. So the thing is, the more powerful you are, you. The more powerful America can be. The weaker you are, the weaker America can be. And if you are prepared and strong, and your family’s prepared and strong, your neighbors’ prepared and strong, then we in America can help our families our neighbors. But if you are weak, you’re weak emotionally, you’re weak financially, you are weak because you have no water, guess what? You thing you can help anybody else out?

You can help nobody else out. You can’t help your own self out dude, and my point of story is; help yourself, don’t wait for big brother to help you, don’t wait for the stinky bankers to help you, don’t wait for the cousins the gassers to help you. Help yourself, prepare man, turn the stupid TV off because you’re spending all this money making these mother f*ckers rich and you probably don’t have a back-up plan like I just showed you in case there’s a hurricane, there’s a disaster, there’s an economic collapse, there’s a nuclear war, who knows man, what can happen. But if you think that things is not going to happen, you’re dumb mother f*cker dude, sh*t is happening and you better be prepared because if you think some big brother is going to help you, the bank is going to help you, 911 is going to help you, then you got to be shocked. If you like this video please like, please share, please tell your friends and families about this. Let’s get our American friends, family, neighbors, prepare! Because if you are strong, your neighbor is strong, then we can help each other. And what makes American great is not big brother.

What make American great is the average person like me and you helping your neighbors out. That’s what makes American great guys, America is great because we all come together to help each other out. America is not great because we have the most powerful bombs, or the biggest military, no dude. America is great because you help your brothers and sisters out like me helping you to be strong and you passes message to you friends and families to make everybody strong because we do not live in a perfect bubble dude, sh*t can go down anytime, and I want you to be strong so you can help out your neighbors and if you’re not strong and you’re weak. You can’t help even yourself out. Please share this video, like, comment hustle and bustle.

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