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What TRULY makes Automation Funnels Monetizable in Autopilot for Real Estate Investors & Agents?

 What TRULY makes Automation Funnels Monetizable in Autopilot for Real Estate Investors & Agents/Brokers?

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What truly makes automation funnels monetizable (this is very important) in autopilot, again, let me read this one more time, what truly makes automation funnels monetizable, that’s very important because if you make something and it doesn’t make you money, then you just invest a lot of time and you invest a lot of money and then you didn’t make any money, other third party vendors made money, and then next thing you want is it autopilot because we live in an era where you can order something in Amazon and they’ll ship it right to your door or you click from your phone an Uber driver or a taxi driver and they’ll come right to where you are; we don’t live in an era that is slow. So automation is very important in my life because I want to spend time with my kid, I want to spend time with my woman, with my family and go to fun stuff and I don’t want to do all the chasing of the sellers or chasing of the customers, I want them to come to me and I want to do it in the fashion that’s professional, fashion that I go the extra mile and a fashion that converts the customers whenever they’re ready versus whenever I’m ready.

So today’s lesson is very important because it’s not only going to help you more money but also do it in autopilot which is very important. Now before I explain what truly matters because there’s so many people that are on YouTube, Facebook that are talking about how to create the system and this is what I’m going to talk about is the best way I can describe it to you guys is “what is not going to work for you?” let’s talk about that, if you know what’s not going to work for you, then you can understand what I say early what’s going to work for you.

What’s not going to work for you guys is going to let’s say clickbank or one of this websites that create landing pages or screen pages and a couple of clicks create a couple of things like this, landing pages; so you come in here, and something happens in here, this is the landing page, doing something like that like these third parties, all you’re getting is a stove, if you’re in a restaurant business just because I buy stove it doesn’t mean that I’m going to have success in my restaurant, no absolutely not. So that’s what click banks is, or if you go to hire an IT guy or you go to your Wordpress and you create yourself a landing page one, create yourself a landing page two, that’s not going to create any kind of success, you just went out there and bought the stove, what makes a restaurant successful is not just the stove, it’s not just the table, it’s not just the oven, those are just tools, those are just parts of a successful business. There’s business out there that buy all the tools and they fail and there’s that buy the same exact tools and make millions or company that doesn’t buy all the tools and they still make millions, so the tools don’t determine success, to create a landing page is pretty simple guys, it’s way simple than having a website, it’s just that just two page, when I say two page, it’s the minimal, the alchemy stones follows, or you can have a two page, but the point is, creating a landing page is very simple, it’s not a big deal if you don’t know, it’s not a big deal, there’s Wordpress, there’s this click banks , they can do that or you can go to freelancers and hire yourself an IT guy to create a two page, it will cost a hundred to a hundred and fifty bucks max, so it’s not a big deal. That website or this AOL time guys, this is before they charge thousands today, a landing page and a website is equally the same. Now when it comes to HTML, when it comes to host, when it comes to the domain name, those things are exactly the same, an oven is an oven, you can have different oven brands but it’s still an oven, it’s the same exact thing. So just you creating a landing page doesn’t guarantee you anything, so couple of ways to do it is got to one of these providers and create your own or you can hire someone to do it but that’s just part of the tool.

The other thing that people ask me is “Mike, if I put my video of me in here, is it going to help me make my landing page better, because I think that by just adding a video, it makes my landing page better?” and yes, if you add a video, there’s more relationship, there’s more report building that customers say “hey this is the crowd I like, this is the clan I like or this is my type or this is not my type of dojo group or whatever” so they kind of relate to people. But by just adding a video on a landing page, a one page website increases convergence, without a doubt but it’s not a system, it’s like if I buy an oven and I own a restaurant and somebody makes their dough and they add peppers and some other people adds some other herbs, it’s different the question is who’s bread is going to taste better, that’s the key, who’s going to be able to sell. So the oven is equal but what they put in the oven is still equalizer, what’s really important is how are they going to get the people in and what kind of system they have to service them, to follow up with them, etc. So just by having a landing page is not going to make an automation funnel. Adding a video is not going to make an automation funnel. I also here all the time “what if I have an email follow up series” yes, if you have an email follow up series which I have on my website that I actually made, it’s going to definitely increase your business, no doubt; but by just adding one follow up email series that goes like 3 years, are you going to increase business? Absolutely. If you create a landing page and you don’t have a website, does that going to increase your business? Absolutely. If you have a website and you create a landing page just for capturing leads, is that going to increase your business? Absolutely. It’s kind of the same if I have a job, do I have potential to make more income if I start my own business, if I start my own restaurant will I have more money? Absolutely, life has to happen for that opportunity to maximize, just because you start it, you have the possibility. By getting this stuff, you have the possibility but it’s not the thing; let me give you an example, I’ve been in the moving business for 14 years, I don’t do it anymore, not because my business is not successful, I had it for 14 years I started with a hundred bucks, I had many trucks, many people are working for me, and one thing I learned is that the kind of guy that works for me let’s say for 6 months say that you know what, I want to start my own moving company, and he buys a truck and goes to the department of transportation, now he’s going to pay all these fees, insurances and 6 months later, 2 years later, I’ve seen he goes bankrupt and come right back and say “hey man can you hire me again?” I think to myself, and I realized that the oven or the truck doesn’t make the moving company. What really had me go to success from hundred bucks to seven trucks and being in business for 14 years, never borrowing money and making multi-million dollars from it is not because I have a truck, not because I have an oven, not because I have a landing page, because all the other stuff that I have. Now, in my alchemy stones I’m going to give you all these stuff, not only we’re going to set up the landing page but those are just the tip of the iceberg, what really makes you successful is not these ideas that I mentioned to you, for example click banks are going to give you a landing page, some guy in India can create you a landing page, you and Wordpress can create a landing page, you can pay a copy writer to make you follow up emails, you can do all these stuff, and I recommend you to do it; but more likely you’re not going to get leads, more likely you’re not going to have success because it’s like that guy who bought truck and wants to start his own business, and the reason is that he didn’t have all the systems, not the landing page or the videos or the text, it’s where you go and find customers, what you have to do to have them convert all this time, and that’s what I’m going to give you, I’m going to give you the franchise. There’s millions of people in the restaurants but the ones that succeeds are the ones that actually buys franchise from other people because they have proven systems, how to get the customers to come in, how to make the dough, how to do the bookkeeping, how to do this and how to do that there’s already proven successful. Anyone can sell you an oven, anyone; you can make your own oven like website because it’s so easy two pages, three pages of landing page is not that hard, but it’s what you do in here and what you do to bring the traffic in the funnel; that’s the key, that is the key that no one really talks about. Anyone on freelancer or Upwork or whatever program you want will create you the oven, the stove, they’ll sell you all that but you’re the one that has to come up with the recipe and make it taste good and that’s what I’m giving you, the recipe and how to make the customers get in there, to make it taste good and how to make the customers which are the million dollar idea; not the stinky website or YouTube, I was creating website in AOL days, back in the zero days so I’m not trying to sell a website. People give me every time like “I can create my own funnel” great, anyone can, really; hundred fifty bucks can get you one. But the funnel, the website; how many of you guys have a website right now? Think about it, how many of you guys are getting leads? When my girlfriend does photography, she had a good looking website, so beautiful but never have leads; I came with a marketing plan now she gets leads left and right, people converted to her website. What is the difference? Not the website, it’s the system that I’m going to bring to get the customers in.

So what is the alchemy stones? I highly recommend you guys get in this course, I’ve been doing this for 20 years guys, never had a job, and never worked for the man, always been an entrepreneur. My alchemy stones is multiple system, you need to go to my Facebook, you need to go to my YouTube channel or my website, and listen to the people that took it, I’m not one of these coaches that you go in there and learn about one strategy or two strategies, I’m so complete all around like Bruce Lee guys because I’ve been doing this since I’m a little kid, I never want to have a job, I never want to go to college, I just did what my parents said because I’m Persian. So the system that I’m going to give to you is 99% free to use to get traffic, to get called in, the whole thing is to get the people to come in and when they come in, then I use systems that I gave you, over 20 years to filter them out to get to the cream of the cream then we have a contingency plan, then we have a backup plan that’s going to follow up for the ones that are not the cream of the cream for them to convert, all in autopilot. So I’m not selling you YouTube page or a landing page or some emails, no guys I’m not selling you those kind of craps, I’m selling you complete system that’s going to bring your business and it’s going to shock you and it’s going to take you extra mile because you don’t have to spend any money to get the traffic in. Many people that do funnels, they never talk about the traffic or very little, out of my traffic that comes in that I’m going to give you; out of 13 of them, 12 are free because any fool can tell you how to spend money. My thing at the dojo guys we believe in using imagination and creativity to make money and my job is to save you money, every student that I have I save them $800, 500 bucks, a thousand bucks a month because they have a stuff that they didn’t need, so it’s not about spending money, at the dojo I teach you and I show you with my systems how I use creativity to get traffic and you get people come in which is the important thing; not the ovens and stove, those are just tools, you need that but that’s not the bigger deal.

I’m going to show you 13 different ways to bring the customers in, not just bring them in plus the people that are fishing, things that’s so creative you’ll say “damn why didn’t I think about that” or if they’re doing it, showing you how to save money and how to do it better. Out of the 13, 12 are for free, think about it, you get your money back instantly and then I’ll show you how to spend your money in different systems, through out here where it goes like this, multiple funnel system, multiple ways to convert and I’ll show you where to put your money; for example, most people and most coaches out there, and most IER clubs that I go to, here’s the million dollar bucket, if you’re not listening if you’re already here, it’s made for you, pay attention it’s going to change your business; most people will tell you to spend your money here, so if you have a thousand dollar to spend, you send it all here to get people to your business. If you have big pocket and you have so much money, then yeah that’s a great way to do it but as a refugee, as a guy who doesn’t want to borrow money, as a guy who want to be financially free, to have a free time, I don’t want to be in debt to the banker, so I don’t want to go to traditional way, I don’t want to have a business plan to borrow money and start my business being totally in debt. So for me, that is a dumb way to do it that way;  if I want to do a mail out to a list and there’s a thousand people on it and I will spend a dollar, I’ll spend a thousand bucks. Well imagine if you have to spend that thousand bucks where 90% come in here for free and you only have to spend the money and maybe you can spend a hundred bucks, so instead of spending a thousand bucks in mail outs where not everyone converts, you can just spend no money here, you just use your imagination and creativity and once they go deeper to the rabbit tunnel, the more motivated they become, the higher motivation they become which means more money for you, so when everyone and their momma is talking about spending all your money here, I say no guys, I use creativity and imagination, I’ve been doing it for 20 years, I never borrowed any money, let me just give you this stuff and you will get this for free. They do post cards, yellow letters, they do Facebook, they do this, and this, any fool that is in Facebook or YouTube will say put your money in here because they can’t use their imagination to make money out of nothing, money is nothing it’s just a piece of paper, it’s the thinking that if you don’t have it, you can’t do something and I’m here to tell you guys you have everything planted in your soul, you don’t need anything else, all you need is self believe, imagination and hard work, if you do that, you live in the best country, America, what’s holding you back? If you think it is money, then you’re a slave and that is what the system wants you to do. So if you go to different camp, they’re going to say spend that thousand bucks in this list to get pay per click, to do Facebook ads, to do whatever. Anyone can do that but how many thousand bucks do you have?

So with my system, let’s say we bring it here for free, we spend a small amount of money in the follow up to have them convert and that’s a small amount of money, 100 bucks our closing ratio sky rockets versus if you spend all your money in here. Now I’m a big fan of free advertisement guys, I’m a big fan of not spending money like crazy in advertisement because imagination and creativity overcomes money specially in advertisement, especially in entrepreneurship, especially in the era we live in guys, we live in block chain technology, we live in internet, phones, I’m doing it from home, I started this whole speaking thing from my little office back in the days, I don’t know sh*t, I failed speech class, I stutter, I can’t spell, I can’t read but I have a message to change your life so if I can do it, you can do it too. What I’m trying to tell you is I don’t have the money, I don’t have that, I don’t have this, I just recently got all these stuff after like 700 videos that I’ve made for you guys and put it on the community, not that it cost a lot of money but I think start where you stand, all that stuff are so important, the message to change people’s life, I got five grand by listening to you, I start being entrepreneur, I quit my job, that’s all I really wanted man. Sure I want to make money but I don’t work for money, I recommend you guys not to for money either. So if you go with this plan and put your money upfront to get the traffic, you’re going to be enslaved. Because you need more money, if you want to grow, you need more money, but I’m here to tell you I have many different ideas I got to give you, just like a franchise without you spending a hundred and thousand dollars of buying a franchise without you spending any realty money like 5%, very soon I’m going to charge percentage off the deals because this works, get on my YouTube channel, get on my website and listen to the people that’s taking the class. Let me give a warning guys, when id alchemy stone, and who is that for? If you’re broke, you don’t have a job, you don’t believe in spending money in advertising, you don’t believe in advertisement because even though 13 of them is free, you got to spend a hundred bucks in here somewhere, if you don’t want to spend a hundred bucks or two hundred bucks or whatever your budget is, you want to do everything for free, then the alchemy stone is not for you. If you don’t have computer skills, if you don’t know where A and K is, this is a very advance class, I talk about Facebook retargeting, I talk about all these craze stuff and new technology; you got to know how to use a computer, if you don’t know how to use a computer, you don’t know how to use your laptop, then this is not for you, if you’re broke this class is not for you, right now this class is $9,000 course that I’m having a special for 2,500, it’s actually 2,497 bucks and there’s few more seats available, once it’s sold out the price is going up. And what is alchemy class? We sit down for two days, we talked about the overall stuff, this is one on one, at the same time, I always go the extra miles, I sit here and analyze your business, at a lot of times with my student’s I have to work extra days because I was doing free stuff for them to help them realize what mistake they’re doing in their business. Because real estate or being a realtor is like fishing; if you’re fishing and you have holes in your net, then no matter how much traffic you can put in there when you’re fishing, you’re not going to catch all the fishes. So one of the very first thing I do is go to the basics and analyze you and your business and try to help you. Sometimes it’s not even your business, it’s your personal characteristic, you don’t show up on time; things like that guys, or you don’t want to get your hands dirty. From the core part, we’re going to analyze your business and then we’ll go to the alchemy stones class, and again, it’s one on one two days class and I change lives, I don’t work for money, so 100% money back guaranteed if you’re not happy guys, for one year I’ll refund your money no questions asked and the reason is I know my sh*t works and I’m willing to put all the risk on my back and allow you to have the opportunity for your dreams without any risk, who else wants to do that for a whole year? So what if I teach you worst case scenario is you take all my stuff and you steal all my sh*t and you run, God bless you, no big deal; or best case scenario is you take all the information that I’m giving to you and you make thousands of dollars when you automate your business and you make it autopilot. If that sounds good, go to my website and I have the alchemy stones, just a few more seats 2,497, 2 days course one on one, 8 hours a day; we setup all these stuffs for you so it’s not me getting up there and talking, at first I’ll be analyzing your business and then there will be talking and then we’ll be rolling our sleeves and we’ll be knocking it out, you’re going to do this stuff but I’m going to show you how you can get all the traffic, how to set this all up, we’ll have to setup all these follow up here. Again, it’s a big advance course and it’s not just one idea, it’s not two, ideas, it’s not three ideas, it’s not four ideas, it’s so many different ideas that’s like franchise crash course if you’re like paying a hundred thousand dollars and I came in there and I trained you for two days to go out there and do it, now you got to know the strategies. This is for people that are already doing deals, already making money, maybe they just made two deals a month or they’re only doing two deals a year, they want to constantly do more deals, these people that want to do more deals, if you don’t know how to talk to a seller then this course is not for you, this is advance course and this is gorilla marketing where you spend this much money and your profit opportunity is this much as long as you’re willing to put the hard work in, it’s not easy, it’s information overload but the best thing is the day you leave, everything will be set up for you guys so my thing at the dojo is start where you stand and then come back with the best you can. So what that means is you start where you stand and by the time you leave and everything is done, and you keep coming back and make the best you can. Don’t take no for an answer and remember, the alchemy stone is going to change your life if you’re not happy individual and want to hustle and bustle and I guarantee it, for one year, you’re money back, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain and that’s the way to win in America.


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