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Website Monetization, 3 levels: Mission Stage, Lead Stage, and Automation Stage.

-Hey gang, this is Mike with My Real Estate DOJO and this is Soraya and I’ve helped her transform her website from being a mission statement from which she tell the world what it is, phase 1, to phase 2 where I actually helped her with getting leads and with phase 3, which I actually hope to do what we call mailbox money, when she sleeps, she gets a notification and the customers pay her a deposit of $80 to actually do the services she renders, which is photography. I am going to go ahead and give the microphone to her, per say, and get started.

So tell me, Soraya, tell me in the phase 1, how was your website and what did it do for you? -When I first started, it was more of a posting content and images for them to see my work, but I wasn’t really transferring it into leads and clients. I didn’t really have a good contact or lead form for me to get information from them. It took me a lot of work to try to get to the point where they are ready to convert and become a client. -That makes sense. So in your phase 1 it was just there so you friends and family kind of knew you did business, they could go and read more about what she did. And in the phase 1 when I met you, the first thing I noticed is that you didn’t have a lead form on every page and there wasn’t even a phone number for her clients to contact you. They would have to submit a contact us page, submit a lead and she would eventually get back to them. Sometimes she didn’t even know they submitted a lead, so I told her about the email/text messaging method, which I have a video about, so guys check that out, because response rate is so important. Now the phase 2 is when I met her and said “Look, your website is just sitting there, its not doing much for you.

You have the domain name cause, the hosting cause, it’s beautiful, it’s a great looking website, but it’s not doing anything. Customers come to your website through trafficking, through marketing and number 2 they cant even get a hold of you: there is no phone number, there is no way to submit the information to you. We worked on getting the website lead production. So tell us about some of the things I helped you with through marketing to help you produce some traffic without revealing your secrets to competitors. Just simple stuff. -Simple things, such as targeted marketing to a certain niche was very important, because you can find out a need or a service that you can provide to a particular niche or a certain market that really needs a service, then you just target them specifically, then you have a higher rate of leads. -Good point! You hear me talking about the shotgun and the sniper riffle marketing. What we did with her was really targeted. Everybody is doing photography weddings this and that. With her we really zoomed in, laser beamed it into realtors and she has had a significant amount of success just through zooming in.

Like she is saying through some basic marketing like posting, text messaging, e-mail marketing etc. We are not going to get to deep into it, because that’s not what the video is about. So stage 2 what started happening for you at stage 2, besides making more money? -At stage 2 I just started to see a lot of leads come in just to show that there is a need for a particular service, so I could put all my effort into that and focus on this particular group of clients. That transferred into me fostering this relationship with these clients and making that contact as well. I was only at that point capturing the information through the lead form, where they can let me know that they needed the service and I was still in the manual process of having to contact them and then set up the booking and all that, which is very manual. -Beautiful! And that’s a great point, because that brought us to point 3, what now I’ve called, I’ve helped with all the hard work, so now she has mailbox money. Traffic comes to her website, they submit a lead and after that they go ahead and pay.

The reason we did this is because it makes it automatic. Now she doesn’t have to go through the lead, when it comes through, she doesn’t have to follow the lead and contact Sam, call him up multiple times, play the phone tag, send her emails, explain the services and then basically sell herself to her in order to get the money. And that takes a lot of time and energy, but what creative though, with what the market is, with a coach you are able to automate without wasting so much time. Now she is sleeping and she lets me know “Hey, I woke up and I made $80 a day with doing anything”. We are going to upload some of these pictures on this Youtube videos, so you are going to see is the text message she gets. We went from three phases. Phase 1 which is just the website, which is a liability, she doesn’t pay for the domain, she doesn’t pay for the host, she doesn’t pay for the content, but it doesn’t do shit for her. Once in a while she would get a deal from a family member, because they went and looked at it. Step 2 it is producing leads, she knows how to market it, now she has to reach out to them and close the deal.

Then there is step 3 which is now she now at the pro league, were the website is income producing and is working for her. People are actually submitting a lead and they are booking. Now you’re question is: how it all happened from point 1 to point 3. That’s why you need a coach, so hit me up. Plus I’ve already given you all my information on Youtube and I’ve explained to you some of the stuff that we have done. Now how do you feel about stage 3, Soraya? -It’s amazing. -Tell me why it’s amazing? -Because I don’t I would have been able to put one in one together had it not been for your input and your advice and being able to see 10 steps ahead of me as I was still doing everything so manually. Now it’s more automatic and frees up more time to put effort into marketing as opposed to the labour part of it or the part were you are just trying to get the sell. -Sweat equity, right? -Exactly. -How did you feel when you go your first transaction? When we set up this system and someone can in and boom payed for it. You know what I am saying. Were you at your job or were you home, what did you feel? -I felt really good. I was at my job actually.

I got a notification through PayPal that somebody has made the purchase online without me even talking to them, meeting them or anything like that. They just went to my website and saw my work, wanted to set it up… -…picked the date when they want to take the picture, payed upfront and you were at work making money while your website is working and making money for you. How did you feel? Were you like “What the fuck?” -It felt good, it felt good that I didn’t necessarily physically have to do something. Eventually I will, but it was a really food feeling to know that I was able to do that without doing so much manual labour or sweat equity. -Two great things happened to Soraya and her business. One, we were able to take it from being static and liability to being an income producing asset for her. Number two, she now has been able to outsource her job where she is actually able to let other photographers go do the picture and she sits back and collects on the money and that’s going to be on the next video. So in two weeks Soraya has jumped two huge mountain. Soraya has been able to figure out how to make her website make business for her, more importantly sell and do the closing for her while she sleeps or while she is at work. Number two, how to get that business and not to go up on the sweat equity, create systems and allow other people to do it for her. Thanks to America, thanks to Soraya and me too I was able to coach her.

Do you have anything else to say, anything that I missed out? -I just wanted to thank you, like I told you earlier, just the way you feel about your coaches, I feel the same way about you. You really do need a mentor or a coach that has been through it and has gone through it, who is able to see 10 steps ahead of you and guide your through the right path and I appreciate that. Anyone that is considering joining Mike’s DOJO program I highly recommend it. -And the way we did this was pullover to a Starbucks, this is not cut, this is not edited. We just pulled over, you know she told me about the success that she’s had. I said hey why don’t we pullover and share this information.

There is so many people, who don’t want to be in the rat race, so many people don’t want to work for the man and its so fucking easy to do it in America if you’re fucking hungry there’s so much information out there. That’s why I wanted to take the moment and do that. The next video is part two where she w as able to set up a system and outsource the work to somebody else. Now she has a website working for her through the marketing, producing booked customers and now she is outsourcing to another photographer to the job. She is sitting at the back and now allowing everybody to help her score a goal. Hey gang this is Mike from My Real Estate DOJO. 2016 is the year, don’t take ‘no’ for an answer. See you later.

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