Real Estate Virtual Assistant Course

Virtual Assistants for Investors: where to find, how to hire, how much to pay, the risk & benefits

Real Estate Virtual Assistants: where to find, how to hire, how much to pay, task to do & the risk & benefits 

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What the Hell is a VA?

A VA, or virtual assistant, is a person you hire to complete a variety of tasks, but they work remotely. They can be located anywhere on the globe but can provide the same benefits a traditional employee would. But they’re not considered an employee. Instead, think of them as an asset. There’s a big difference.

There are two types of VAs. 

Front-End VA

A front-end VA is somebody that uses their voice to help your business. Think phone calls, specifically cold calls, or appointment setting. Basically, if there’s talking involved, a front-end virtual assistant can handle it. 

Back-End VA

A back-end VA is somebody that uses a keyboard to help your business. They can take care of both marketing and sales, including your live chat feature on your website, marketing emails, data extraction, and text message marketing.

And because they’re professional VAs, they get everything done quickly and correctly (they’re professional because you used my filtering system – if you didn’t, I am not responsible for the mess of a human being you possibly hired).

So, which one do you need?


Both, fool. You need both. This is the only way to take your business from sloppy to stellar.

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