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VACANT HOUSE: 4 Ways To Find The Owners Of Vacant Houses So You Can Profit As Investor!

VACANT HOUSE: 4 Ways To Find The Owners Of Vacant Houses So You Can Profit As Investor!

Hey, gang, this is Mike with My Real Estate DOJO and today’s lesson is about how you can make money just by driving around in America. It’s called driving for dollars.

One thing that I do everyday when I go home, I always take a different route. I’ll take small streets, I’ll take big streets, I take left-right, I take all the different streets, because I don’t want to drive the same path everyday. Here’s the reason why I want to show you this. See this house right here. I’ve been driving around, you can see that the grass is so long here.



Notice this thing on the door, that orange thing. Basically that is a city citation, given to the home owner that they haven’t cut the crass. There is a reason why this may be. The home owner might have just left the home, just got up and left and got tired of dealing with the property. The home owner might be on vacation.

Or they have just got up and left, so this is a ready to go do a deal. There is four ways to find this home owner. I am going to go through it one by one. I know there are a lot of people that show you how to find vacant home, but they want you to buy their product or go to a seminar or go to their meeting for them to show you how to do it. I am going to show you totally for free, cause I love helping you guys out. There is four ways to find the owner of a vacant home.

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The number one, the best way to do it, is to knock on the owner’s home. If that doesn’t work, then knock on the neighbors house. Maybe the neighbor is there. That is the best way, because it is free. The number two way to do it is to basically go to the tax roll and pull up the address of the property and sometimes on the tax roll there will be information like the phone number of the seller or there will be the email of the seller and you can give them a call.

Okay, but not always. Sometimes. So these first two are free. The next thing you could do is call the skip tracer. Now this costs money, because usually you have to, there is two types of companies out there. One you pay a subscription to and it’s like 2-3 bucks for every address you pull up. The other way is you just pay a flat fee. It might be 5 bucks, it might be 25 bucks, depends who you are using. For every address you’ve got to pay a flat fee for them to pull that owner’s information. Accuracy, it’s not 100% accurate, but it's a great place to start. I don’t like option number three, because it does costs a lot of money. Unless you are a pro, unless you know they have equity, unless they are able to pull this address up in the county clerks office, pull the deed of trust, see how old it is.

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What was the original amount of debt. Do the number. I wouldn’t recommend the skip tracing, because it does cost a lot of money. The fourth way to do it is basically service providers out there, for example this company that I use called Mojo, what you do is you pay them a subscription fee like 10 bucks, 25 bucks a month and then you are able to run addresses in them, like ABC, Rambling St. What they do is they go through the database they have and see if they can pull the sellers phone number. The accuracy of that is about 50%. 50% of the time it is going to be a miss. 50% success. I like the number four, because it is more cost effective. I pay say 10-20 bucks a month and any time I want to do a search/inquiry, it’s totally for free guys.

The four options are: number 1 is knock on the door of the seller or their neighbors. Number 2 is that you go to the tax roll and pull up the address and see if there is an email or a phone number. When you have that, sometimes the owners would say, he I’ve moved to a different location.

So if they have two different addresses, their mailing address compared to their subject property, then you want to send them a letter in the number 2 step. Number 3 step is basically using a tracking system. That’s going to cost some money.

Number 3  is to subscribe to a general database, finder per say, you can call that. The company I use is called Mojo and if you want guys I can put it down there in the browser for you guys. You pay just a flat fee, a small fee.

Their accuracy is not that good-50%. But if you do step number 1, number 2 and you include step number 4 you’re going to have a good 75% chance of finding that owner without spending significant money into skip tracing services, like option number 3. Now, guys, this is Mike with My Real Estate DOJO, don’t take ‘no’ for an answer and go out there and hustle and bustle.

Most of you guys shout out at me, contact me and I don’t have time to meet you guys, because I don’t have the time to sell you anything. I am here grinding and hustling my own dreams. I have three companies, I working fucking hard. There’s a lot of gurus out there that want to shake your hand.

They want you to come to their fucking seminars, they want you to come to their meetings. The reason for that is they’re there to sell you. That’s what these guys do. Their job is to do seminars, to milk people like you. Whereas I have businesses, I have a moving company that brings me money. My job is not to sell you.

That’ s why I don’t want to shake your hand. There’s a lot of people who say: ‘The more hands you shake, the more money you make’.  I agree with that, but I have never been a fucking hand shaker. I like to market. Some people like to shake hands, some people like to market. I’ve always been a marketer guy. I’ve never liked personal networking with people. It’s just not me.

I am not trying to sell you anything. The people that come and join my DOJO club, they already know what the fuck they want. They don’t need somebody to sell them the high, sell them the glamour, sell them the glory. They already know what the fuck they want.

The other guys sell you the glamour, sell you the dreams, sell you the high and they collect money from you. I don’t have time to shake everybody’s hand, nor do I want to. I am extremely busy like Einstein, trying to develop the light bulb. I am working on my own crap 7 days a week in 15 hour days. That’s why I don’t want to shake people’s hand. Not that I don’t love you guys, I am just really fucking busy like Einstein working on the light bulb and I if I had time to shake everybody’s hand- I would. But if I did that, I wouldn’t be able to work on my dreams and I wouldn’t be able to make these videos for you guys.

I am not here to sell you something. If you want my help, you know I can help you, because I am a refugee to America, I have no credit card debt, I’ve never borrowed any money from a bank or lender institution, anything like that. I turned nothing in to something. When I came here I didn’t speak the language, didn’t have the connections, didn’t have the money, the credit, didn’t have anybody to tell me what to do. I am self-made.

I am not trying to sell you anything. If you already sold yourself on the fucking dream, then you need to come join the DOJO the club, because I guarantee you I will change your life, as long as you make the promise to fucking work  hard every fucking day.

There’s a lot of fucking students that I’ve made mistakes by taking in, because they talked the talk, they are good fucking talkers, they are good people, but this much of action. They have this much of talking and this much of action. I don’t really want people like that anymore, guys. Now what I really want is people that don’t talk much, but just want to take fucking action. If you are willing to take action in America, just by driving home you can find home likes these. You see that there is a tag, that orange tag on the fucking door. That says: ‘Hey, come buy this property for me’.

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If you are willing to fucking listen to me and you are willing to take fucking action, I’m going to help you do a deal, because I don’t work for fucking money. I work for free. I do all the videos for fucking free. I am already making money. I don’t own a title company, I don’t own a fucking you know closing transaction, I am not a fucking attorney, when I am having these seminars for you guys, so you come in and I sell you something.

No, I do it because I want to be significant; I want to change people’s lives. I can’t change everybody’s fucking life, because if I did that, I’d be in a business of hurting people. I don’t want that.

I just want to change a handful of people. So if you’re a good person, a guy or a girl, who is willing to change their fucking life, you are willing to work your ass off, you want to join the DOJO. If you want to get sold to, if you want to shake fucking hands, then I am not the guy for you, cause I am not the social type of individual.

I am grinding 7 days a week, trying to make my dreams a reality. I am very confident I can make your dreams a reality if you have the fucking hard work ethics.

This is Mike with my Real Estate DOJO, don’t take ‘no’ for an answer.

Make it happen for yourself, gang! See you later!

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Awesome video as usual Mike. I’ve been doing the door knocking thing and the tips are great for those forgotten properties. I ordered the VA blueprint yesterday and I’m on the edge of my seat waiting for it to hit my email box. I read the 4 hr workweek and I’m certain your blueprint will be a great asset to what I’m doing in real estate plus all the other ideas floating around in the brain space. Thanks and have a great July 4th!

Lisbet Newton

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