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The Truth about Success - Business Motivation!

Hey, gang, this is Mike with My Real Estate DOJO and I’m going to tell you the truth about success. Let’s just take this as a session for me being a public speaker and wanting to go out there and mentor people. Since I started my journey so many people have told me “Hey, Mike you need a better camera”, “Hey, Mike, you need a better microphone”, “Hey, Mike, you need a better bulletin board”, “HeyMike you know you stutter so much, you need to improve this” or “Hey Mike you need that to do this”. And the truth, guys, is that’s fucking bullshit.

That’s the reflection of their own self. Sure I need a better camera, sure I need better speakers, abilities, sure I can have many other abilities before I start towards my goal. Truth of the fact is I don’t need any of that stuff. All I need is my fucking imagination, my burning desire. Wherever the fuck I stand and whatever the tools I have, I want to go out there and get action. I don’t need X and Y to get started. Once I had the dream to be a public speaker or to be a real estate coach, once I decided that, whatever the fuck I had I went out there and did it. I didn’t say: “Hey, I don’t have a cameraman, so I can’t do this”. I didn’t say “Hey I don’t have a good camera, so I am not going to do this”. I didn’t say: “Hey, I can’t speak great, so I can’t do this”. I didn’t think about all the stuff I didn’t have, I thought about all the shit I did have. I know how to speak English, I live in America I came as a refugee here, I know left from right, I know real estate good, I know this business real good. I thought about all the shit I did I have and I didn’t allow the stuff I didn’t have to hold me back.

All those people out there that hit me up and told me: “Hey, Mike, you need this and you need this”. I really appreciate it, but the truth of the fact is, you don’t need anything besides your will and hard drive.If you’re willing to fucking go out there and do, that’s all it takes. I hear so many people that are willing to chase their dreams, but they are this short, they need this much stuff or this much things before they go out there and get it implemented. There is a poem by Rumi that I love that says: “ Wherever you stand, be the soul of that place”. That’s the exact thing that I’ve done with my moving company, my real estate business, as an investor, with the real estateDOJO. I didn’t give a fuck that I couldn’t read or write, I didn’t give a fuck that I couldn’t speak, I didn’t have the right equipment. It didn’t matter to me.Whatever the fuck I had, I’ve got the fuck up and I’ve got the passion and drive to deliver the information. I really wanted to help people, I really wanted to share my experience of turning nothing into something, because so many people I see in America they don’t have money, they’re in the rat race and I think “Hey, I feel like I can help them out”. No, I didn’t know how to speak, nor did I have the equipment. And these videos 99.9% of them I just pick up the camera and I freestyle them.

What I mean by free styling is, I don’t even take a second to script, I just let it pour out of me. Not because I’m so fucking good, it’s just I don’t have the fucking time. I work every fucking day, I work seven days a week, so the only time when I can fit those videos is when I drive, when I can pull over for lunch. I just do it. The point of the story for you gang is that if you want to be areal estate investor, if you want to be an entrepreneur, whatever it is. If you want to be a book writer, you want to start with fitness equipment, fitness goals. If you want to get fit, but you don’t have a gym membership-that’s okay. Just go outside and walk. If you want to lift weight, but you don’t have the equipment, just pickup some fucking books. Pick up two cans and start using them. It doesn’t matter what the fuck you have, because what really matters is your want to do this. If you really want to do this, if you really believe in it, the rest is history. You don’t need that other bullshit. Don’t allow them to tell you need X, Y and Z to do it. The other thing is, once you start doing it, don’t allow the other negative people takeaway from you, because you don't have X and Y and you’re doing it. That’s only a reflection of them.

They want to do what the fuck you’re doing and they’re not doing it because they don’t have X and Y in their mind, so they think they can’t do it, so they try feed that shit to you. Don’t listen to that bullshit, if you want to doit, go fucking do it. Doesn’t matter if you don’t have shoes, you want to go run and you’re fucking barefooted, that’s all you fucking need. All God gave you, go fucking do it. Eventually come with some shoes. When you’re running out there without fucking shoes, don’t allow these mother fuckers to tell you “Hey, you can’t do this, you need better shoes”, because they’re not willing to go out there and sacrifice.

They are not willing to go out there to go run. Of all the negative reasons why they are not willing to go out there and run and they’re feeding that negativity to you. It’s only a reflection of them fucking self. End of the story, gang, you live in America, if you have arms and legs, if you have a brain, if you know left from right, if you speak English, if you have a car there’s no reason to be in the rat race. This is the best country ever, you live in the best time ever: digital, internet, free. You can capitalize on anything. If you want to read a book you can get it free on Youtube. You can read PDF for free. Don’t allow your lacks and your disabilities not take you were you want to go in life, because a). of fear and b).  people.

No matter where you stand, be the soul of it. No matter if you don’t have the right equipment just go fucking do it. You’ll get better as time comes along, guys. This is Mike with My Real Estate DOJO, don’t take ‘no’ for an answer. I believe in you, I know you can do it. Make 2016 your best year. Have a great day, gang!

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