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The Truth About Blockchain & Cryptocurrency

The Truth About Blockchain & Cryptocurrency


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When you watch the news CNN, NBC, you read the magazines, you listen to the radio shows, you listen to the government agencies, you listen to the bankers, they’re all trying to pull the wool over your eyes.

Blockchain technology is the future, just like internet was the future, you’re watching me, you’re getting to learn because of the internet, if the internet wasn’t in there, me and you cannot communicate, and blockchain and cryptocurrency is the same thing as the internet but it’s the next phase of us being connected with people like you’re connected with me and I’m connected with you, someone in Iran were connected, someone in Spain is connected, and so on the radio, on the TV, on the news, the bankers, the government, they’re all talking bad about cryptocurrency specially the banking systems. For example, the president of JP Morgan constantly slams on cryptocurrency, but the truth of the fact is when you sit there and you Google it, they’re in the process of building their own blockchain system, the only difference is their system is centralized, which means they have all the power where true cryptocurrency like Bitcoin is decentralized, no one has the power, we are all equally the same. So in the front end, for example the bankers is bringing down cryptocurrency saying it has no value, it’s not worth anything, but on the back end they’re sitting there building their own blockchain without anyone advertising about it, without anyone knowing about it and the only difference is it’s a wolf and a sheep closing because their blockchain is centralized, they control it where Bitcoin is decentralized and no one controls it guys.

So what am I saying? If you remember 2006 fourth quarter, the feds, CNN, the guys on TV were talking about how the stocks are going good, the economy is doing good, and the bank says everything is going great, the economy is going great, the federal reserve chair is saying the same exact tune; but the truth of the fact, just a couple of days later, a couple of weeks later, we had a worldwide melt down that me, you and the average people bailed out the big companies. So the point I’m trying to say is when these individuals get on the news, get on their microphones and they’re talking about how great the system is, they already know that the system is broken, they’re already on the other side trying to use the exact same system that they’re saying this thing sucks. In front of my eyes and in front of your eyes, they’re going to say this is not a good thing; but at the back end, they’re building their own system. So simply put never believe anyone, always do your due diligence, just like you I never believed in cryptocurrency when I was first introduced to it, I thought they were scam, just like when I was introduced to creative financing that I can buy a house for a dollar or I can put a deal on the contract for a dollar or I can just buy the property without a loan in the bank called subject to, called wrap, called owner financing, I never believed that, I say that’s a scam, how can 99% of the people that buy house go to the bank, get a loan, put their debt to income ratio, put their credit up, put their down payment up, how can I go this way and get the same house without getting a loan; so I didn’t believed that either but the truth of the fact is owner financing, subject to, master leases, wraps, they’re all usable and they’re even on the Hud One which is a government agency if you want to call it that, so I guess what I’m trying to help you realize guys is that you have to do your own research and you have to be open minded enough to question what’s feed to you and also question old way, when the fax machine came in, people say the fax machine is no good, when the emails came in, they say the emails’ no good, when the internet came in, they say the same exact thing; and now when you look around, the internet change the world, like I get on Amazon and I order my food and they deliver it right to my door in like two hours later, I’m able to connect with you guys and share my education and help hundreds and thousands of people that email me, sent me letter saying “hey, thanks to you I quit my job, thanks to you I made 5 grand, thanks to you I made 20 grand, thanks to you I did this” so it’s because of the internet. And the same thing is happening with cryptocurrency, it’s the new internet, cryptocurrency and blockchain is the fax machine, it’s the email and majority of the people don’t know about it and the ones that know about it like the Federal Reserve and the bankers, they’re getting on the stand saying “this thing sucks” but in the back end, they’re developing their own; if you don’t trust me just look at JP Morgan, if you spend enough time reading and Googling it, you’ll know that they’re building their own blockchain technology guys.

So what am I saying? cryptocurrency is here to stay, Venezuela, they made their country go crypto and it’s backed by oil and less than a few hours or days, they grossed over $735 million and now Iran is thinking about going crypto, Russia, China; all these country is going to go crypto but one of the things that I want you to understand the difference is because one of the crypto is a wolf and sheep clothe and the other crypto is the real deal. The ones that are centralized like Ripple, the ones that are centralized like Venezuela, like Iran, the ones that feds’ coins; those things are centralize or the one that the Bank of America is going to pull out and JP Morgan’s going to pull out, they’re centralized which means that they’re going to be the middle man, and the thing that most people don’t understand is cryptocurrency, blockchain technology eliminates the middle man, there’s no reason to have that middle man, there’s no reason to pay like this Wells Fargo, all these money for transaction fees, credit card processing fee, gateway fee, all that. If you own a business and you accept credit cards, you know how much you pay for credit cards, to accept credit cards. They say it’s like 3% but it’s really more than 3% because you have statement fee, dispatching fee, you have charge that you have to pay for, if the card is present then it’s 3%, if it’s not present then you have to pay like 4 or 5% and if you have a hundred thousand dollar business and you’re paying 5%, that’s a lot of money, if you have a million-dollar business and you’re paying 5%, that’s like an employee, that’s like a manager you’re paying for to Visa, Master card that’s ridiculous; with cryptocurrency, that eliminates Visa and Master card, it eliminates the middle man, it eliminates Bank of America, it eliminates Wells Fargo. You and your own phone can be your bank or I can just send you money, you can send me money in just seconds and the fee is almost free or very little it depends on what platform you use and you’re your own bank. You don’t have to worry about hackers that will hack Bank of America stealing your money, you don’t have to worry about people hacking in to that credit company that hold everyone’s information, you don’t have to worry about that. So blockchain eliminates hackers because not all data are found in one place like Equifax, not all power is centralized to the elite called the bankers, so it eliminates all these people. It’s kind of like the Uber, it’s kind of like Amazon, but instead of giving the power to one company like Amazon or Uber, we take the power and we decentralize it which means you’re powerful, Julie’s powerful, Sallie’s powerful, and we all have the power. So this revolution that’s happening is more than about monitory thing, it’s about empowering you and empowering Jack and empowering Sally and Jose and everyone in the world versus big corporations. Let me say it again, this movement is more than what meets the eye, it’s more than money, it’s empowering you, it really is because you are taking away this big corporations; right now, PayPal why do we need PayPal, if you want to buy something at my website, why do you have to go through PayPal, give your driver’s license, ID number, they have it they can get hacked, why do we need PayPal? If you want to send me money, I can just show you my coin wallet and you can just send it to me and I’ll get it instantly, it may cost me a few bucks, a few cents it depends on what platform you’re using, eventually there’s stuff out there that’s free, you send it and it’s free, there’s no middle man, there’s no company that’s going to charge monthly fee, there’s no one that’s going to charge transaction fee like the gateways like credit card processors, there’s no one to commit fraud on you because you keep your information, it’s on the blockchain that if they don’t have the key they can’t get access to it. So this movement is so awesome that I think that this is the next internet, like the next fax machine, the next emails. It’s so hard for us to comprehend because we’re mortal man and we all have these fear and these prejudices and all these propaganda that brain washed us since we’re in elementary, junior high so it’s kind of hard to say that I’m free, it’s kind of like the story where, this is not my story but you heard this story, there was a baby elephant they locked his legs to a chain to a stand, in the beginning it kept pulling and it couldn’t get free and eventually when the elephant became very huge they only tie like a little string to the stand and the elephant never pulls and never tried to get free even though now it can get free because it’s only a little string but in their own mind the elephant is trapped and the same thing here, we think that the banks keep our money safe and if you just look at 2006 fourth quarter, the banks didn’t keep us safe, they spend all their money and your money and my money to take risk for them to take maximum profit and at the end of the day they made a lot of profits and when they got caught and lost their money, we had to bail them out; that’s not fair. If you go invest in the business and you lose, who bails you out? If you want to write a book and you fail, who bails you out? So is it fair for us to bail this big corporations out? Absolutely not, and so the propaganda has trained us to feel like they’re really giving us freedom; you put your money to Wells Fargo and Bank of America and you feel like they’re giving you some rights, they give you nothing, they’re making money out of you, they’re using fractional reserve which means that for every dollar you put in there, for every ten bucks you put in there, they can print out a hundred and lend a hundred’ so they’re using your money to make money, they’re business is to use your sweat equity, their business is to use your life, to use your youth to make money out of you and if they make bad moves, they know that the government and me and you are going to bail their asses out. Does that sound any fair, does that sound fair that you can make money and you put your money at the Bank of America, Wells Fargo, I’m not picking any of them, whatever these guys, they don’t pay you any interest, maybe 1% or less maybe less, less than inflation; but on the other hand, they take your money, they magnify it through fractional reserve and then they lend that on interest to me and you, does that sounds fair to you? It’s not even their money, they don’t have jobs, they don’t create money, it’s our money that they lend out and they made a load of money on top of the savings, the amount they have to keep as 1%, they invest it on stocks, all these risky thing and then we’re the one who bail them out, does that sound fair to you guys? Do you need some kind of middle man to manage your money? What if you can manage your money and you didn’t have to put it underneath the bed? What if you can put it on blockchain, it’s safe and you don’t have to pay anyone, wouldn’t that be awesome? If you have a family in Mexico and you work here and you want to send money out there, if you want to send 10bucks, money gram takes 3 or 4 bucks out of it, does that sound fair? Do you need a middleman to hold your hand to cross the street? You don’t need that, I don’t need that, I can’t speak for you but for me I don’t need that.

When I first learned Bitcoin, I thought it was a scam and I studied it for about a year and a half, I watched the market, I did my due diligence then eventually I got the realization that this thing is not a scam, it’s going to empower me, empower Julie, Sally, Jose, no matter what country we are, now we’re able trade; now if you don’t want to have wars and killing, one of the best way to do that is to have trade, if you’re trading some guy in India, you’re trading in Pakistan, you trade with some guy on Russia, then we’re all trading and communicating with them and we’ll see damn that guy in Russia have two legs and two arms like me and he has a baby just like me and he have the same goals just like me, they’re not the boogie man, they’re just like me. If you traded with a guy in India and you see that he has two arms and two legs just like you and he wants to be a real estate investor just like you and he wants to have a good life just like you, you’ll realize “hey that guy’s just like me” the only difference is the skin color.

Cryptocurrency and blockchain are so bad ass that my little brain cannot comprehend it and I’m very confident that your great brain cannot comprehend it either because it’s just like the beginning of the internet; no one thought when the internet came out that I can order my food and literally bring lunch for me, no one thought that I can remotely scan my track and deposit it to the bank without going to that stupid bank, waiting on the line.; no one thought that and cryptocurrency is even better because it eliminates that middleman, there is no middleman; for example, maybe a year ago I made a video I tried to take a large sum of my money from my bank and the bank teller couldn’t do it, they have to go to the other manager and thank God I was friends with the manager and they didn’t have the money there, they have to order it and it took like a week, and I don’t understand, this is my money, this is my bank and my bankers are my “custodians?” they’re like my mommy and daddy telling I can’t take my money out? I mean this is my money, I gave it to you for safe keeping, who are you to tell me you don’t have my money, it’s going to take you two or three weeks, who are you that you have to ask Bobby and Sally as higher people in your “corporation” if I can have my money? Who the F are you? That’s ridiculous right?

The truth is the bankers are talking sh*t about it but hey are developing their own centralized blockchain, believe it or not because very soon you’re not going to see Bank of America retail stores anymore, everything is going to do in the blockchains to your phone, the only difference is that’s the dark chain, that’s the evil corporation chain; and then the free chain, which is decentralized is peer to peer, no one owns this blockchain, everyone is computer, it’s kind of like back in the days there was this company Napster where you can get music for free. So the future is coming, I’m so excited, I’m glad that I changed my mindset, I thought that it was a scam but that’s how I’m with everything, I’ve been trained certain way coming up from schooled system and when I thought I can be an entrepreneur, I thought I was crazy, everyone told me I was nuts, then when I thought that I can start a business with no money, I thought I was nuts, I was crazy, when I learned about the internet and I learned that I can generate leads online with no money versus advertising with a yellow pages, which at that time I was going to run at thousand dollar, I thought I was crazy, people don’t believe it and then I turned that to a multi-million dollar business which I own for 14 years then I just closed it down and give everything to the homeless people, I didn’t even sell it and make money out of it. To do that with no money, I thought I was crazy, I thought the internet was crazy, I thought being to buy a house with no money down, without getting a loan, d creative financing like wraps, subject to, master leases, I thought all that stuffs are crazy. The main difference is there’s a lot of times in my life that I thought I was crazy, I didn’t believe in it, I thought it was a scam, but I guess what makes me different from other people is that I’m willing to go investigate, I’m willing to be like a cat and stick my head out to see what’s going on and learn, I willing to have my biases and still go out there and investigate and come up with my own mindset after I do a year and a half of investigation. And I’m very thankful because if I didn’t do that 2006 fourth quarter, I’m not going to be able to buy houses for a very little amount of money, thousand bucks, three thousand bucks and then 6, 7 years later sell those homes and make a hundred thousand dollars each, I’ve been able to do that, I didn’t get loan from a bank because at that time, the banks has crashed, those no equity banks are not lending, I had couple of hundred thousand dollars on my bank, I have good credit but you couldn’t get a loan from no one to buy a house and that’s why I got to real estate creative financing because I could have bought a house for cash but I know this is a great time to start buying not 1, not 2, not 3, not 4, but a bunch of houses because I knew that the crash had happened and so in the money I had, I didn’t want to buy just one house cash or two houses, I want to buy a lot and I went to so many different banks, I had may tax statements, I had my bank statements showing I have hundreds of thousands in the bank, I had all these stuff, no bank would give me any money because it’s 2006 fourth quarter, there was no lending, lending was so tight, and thank God, that was a blessing because that was an omen in my life, instead of me being every other Joe, showing my tax returns and giving them down payments and begging the bankers for me to get my first rental, begging them to get my second, third rental? It was an omen for me that there was no lending being done, the banks just melted down and I saw this idea like creative financing where you buy houses with no money down, no credit, and I didn’t believe that, I thought that was a scam, that was my bias, but even though I had my bias way of thinking, I’m still willing to investigate a little bit, once I investigated like a year and a half, we’re doing this man. And when I closed my first deal, I became a believer, if I can do one, I can do two, I can do three, and so on guys.

What am I trying to tell you? It’s okay to have fears, it’s okay to have biases, but I think if you want to be an entrepreneur, you have to hold your biases in place and then be willing to let go of you ego and say “can I be wrong?” or better yet, investigate, do some research and after you made your research then you make your mind again. But many of us have these biases and these opinions and we’re never going to stick our toes in the water and see how it is, we’re never going to do that, we think this is what it is and that’s it; and a lot of times that we thought that, we would think that the world was flat, we wouldn’t have electricity, computer, Amazon delivering our food to our house. So us buying house with no money down, with very little money dealing with motivated sellers, if we thought that, there wouldn’t be little guys coming up and killing big guys like big corporations popping up. It’s okay to have prejudices and biases, I have them too. But if you want to be an entrepreneur, you have to keep your biases and be willing to investigate and do your own thinking, don’t listen to me, don’t listen to the news, don’t listen to Sally, God gave you your own brain, and do your own thinking. I’m here ringing the siren for you guys because I’m letting you know I made a mistake in 2006, the amount of gold that I bought, if I would have bought 10% of that gold instead Bitcoin, I would have multi-million dollars in my banking account, but I didn’t, I was too stupid, I was too naïve, I thought it was too risky, I thought it was fake, I thought it was a scam. Now I don’t have a crystal ball, I don’t know if everything is going to go down to zero but one thing I do know is that blockchain is going to go anywhere, I know that Iran’s going to start using it, Venezuela is using it, the bank is creating their own system, Visa is trying to partner up with all these cryptocurrency like they don’t know what to do so I don’t think it’s going to go anywhere guys, I think that it empowers people, I know that it gives you and me freedom, I think that we’re at the very beginning of the shell. I turned a hundred bucks, living out in my car, out of college with no support, no family, I didn’t have anywhere, it’s cold as F just like here, and I remember living in my car and I know that internet is going to blow up and I was like “what can I do?” and thanks God I realize that I can generate leads through the internet and I started making money generating leads and I stole those leads, my first leads is for personal training companies, gym, boxing, I did personal training then I read that rich dad, poor dad and I realized that I want to go to the S quadrant from the B and the I quadrant and as a personal trainer, I can never get there so I start to come with different ideas and I started generating for my moving company, I started selling the leads couple of hundred bucks a month and then eventually I got enough balls and courage to pick up the lead myself and talk to a seller, talk to a customer, I don’t know how to give a quote, I didn’t know how to give an estimate, I didn’t have moving trucks, I booked my first customer that happened to be a $1,200 move, it was an omen from God and from there, life changed for me.

Cryptocurrency or blockchain technology is going to change my life once again, and I feel like I’m late to the party but at the same time I’m not that late because most people don’t know what it is, so I still think I’m very new to the party and I want to share to you guys what I’m doing, this is not a financial advice, I’m not an attorney, I’m not a CPA I’m just a refugee, and guess what? I can get up and get knocked down and guess what, I’m okay with that. if I get knocked down, I’ll let you guys know, you can laugh at me if you want it doesn’t matter to me, I’m just letting you know how I am being my dream and I encourage you guys to be your dreams. Whatever it is, don’t take no for an answer, go out there and do it, hustle and bustle and trust me, everyone is going to tell you no, even your own mind is going to say no but it’s okay, just try to investigate, that’s all I’m saying, take your biases and prejudices and accept them and try to investigate; when the news says X, don’t just believe in them. Last but not the least man, we’re all the same, it doesn’t matter what color you are, what race you are, what country you live in, we all want the same thing, if you have kids, we all want our kids to have a better life, if it’s you, you want to have a better life so we’re all the same and I’m looking to have world of one, no more wars, people in the middle east don’t want to kill us, they want to be us, people in Iran want to be like Americans that’s why when they go to America they put fake contact lenses to have green eyes, blue eyes, they dye their hair yellow, they want to be like us, people in India, they want to be like us, no one hates America, it’s the government that talks sh*t, that’s what all the governments do, that’s what all the bankers do, the average person in Iran, the average person in China, the average person in Korea, they want the exact thing you want, and how do I know? Because I hired all these people in virtual assistance and I met them, I flew with them virtually, I worked with them, and I know that a guy in the Philippines, the guy in India wants the same exact thing because after you talk to this people, I know they want exact same thing

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