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The Secret of Living a Good Life by Cloning Yourself as an Entrepreneur

 The Secret of Living a Good Life by Cloning Yourself as an Entrepreneur

Discover the Secret to living a good life by cloning yourself as an entrepreneur. Scale your business, get more freedom, earn more profits and live the good life!

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We’ll be going live and I’m gonna be talking about a couple of creative ways to give you what you’re looking for in your business; to get you out of the rat race and live the good life, whatever that is to you, because my definition of good life versus your definition of good life and Bobby’s and Sally’s is going to be totally different and that’s what makes America great because we all can have different definition of what a good life is. But a couple of things that are 100% for sure, if you’re living paycheck to paycheck then you don’t have the good life; if you have a boss that tells you what to do, when you get off work, if you can go to your kid’s soccer game, if you can go on vacation, then that’s probably not a good life either, I’m not sure. TO some of us, that sounds perfect. But if your idea of not having to raise your hand if you want to go to the restroom in your job, or decide what days you want to work for yourself, then you want to learn what I’m going to be talking about in one second.

Alright Gang this is Mike with my RealEstateDojo and in today’s lesson I’m going to be talking about the secret to living a good life by cloning yourself as an entrepreneur. Now, one of the main, key here is cloning yourself as an entrepreneur and living a good life. Let me give you some examples where in my own life I thought I was living the good life but, I wasn’t. At one time in my life I had three businesses; I worked seven days a week, and I was making great money. I had my dream car which is an SL 550; as a kid I wanted that. I bought that.  I had my dream motorcycle which was a BMW K1200 with yellow rims $20,000 bike, when I saw it I knew I wanted it. I had that. I had toys. I had rental properties. I had people working for me in the office. I had people working for me remotely in different countries; however, I was grinding seven days a week, and there was nothing wrong with that. But what I realized, is that my whole life was about working. So I realized I wasn’t living the good life. Now, I had the ability and I did clone myself. Some of my businesses like my moving company I hadn’t gone there for seven years it was on autopilot and it worked by itself. But other businesses, other mountains that I was climbing, I had to go climb by myself. To put the rope and the rocks per say, for other people to be able to climb, to create a system. So, I didn’t have to look in my banking account. I didn’t have to do credit cards. I still don’t have any credit cards. I don’t believe in that. So I was living the good life, but I was working all the time. And then I came to a realization that working all the time is not really living the good life. Being able to hang out with my loved ones, hang out with my daughter when she was born, hanging out with my dog Lucky all the time, learning whatever I want to learn, having the freedom not to drive to work, having the freedom not to sit in traffic, having the freedom to not have somebody tell me what to do or how to do it, when to come in to work; those things are very very important to me instead of working seven days a week and making tons of money. So when I first got out of high school as a refugee to America I was living in my car because I didn’t want to get a job. And I had a hundred bucks, and from a hundred bucks to turn them into three businesses and make money it was an awesome dream. I was living the good life, but my definition of a good life changed as I learned more and more. And that’s what im here to show you that if you want to live a good life in America, you can. You can work seven days a week and have a good life, or you can work four hours a week and have a good life. It all depends on your ability to clone yourself and your definition of what a good life is. So, let’s talk about what one of the main secrets of having a good life is, it’s what I call “Exponential Leverage”. The first thing is Exponential Leverage.  Let me explain what this is in mathematic formula. If you do ten plus ten equals twenty, if you do ten times ten equals one hundred, now if you do ten exponential to the power of ten the you get some ridiculous number (writes 10 million). So, the people that are getting very very wealthy in America, I will talk about it in a second, they’re not using this idea (1o+10=20) or this idea (10*10=100), they’re not using that. They’re using this idea (=10,000,000). And let me give you some perfect examples I could go with, other big companies, and then go back to myself just so you could see a refugee like myself so you could relate. Let’s talk about right now, AirBnB, these guys they’re not playing ten plus ten, they’re not playing ten times ten. They’re playing .

They’re becoming one of the biggest companies out there, without owning any real estate, without having any debt. They don’t have to buy. They don’t have to get into debt to buy a hotel or a resort or a bunch of single home residential or apartments complex. They don’t have to do any of that. They’re using this idea (. And this idea requires creativity, imagination. The plus idea is what they teach you in high school and college. For example they talk about the plus idea, that you can invest in 401 and you can become wealthy in fifty years or sixty years when you’re old.  That’s this idea (10+10), when they talk about compound interest which does work if you have a million dollars to start off with, but as somebody like myself and maybe you don’t have a lot to start off with. A hundred bucks or a thousand bucks it’s going to take a long time for compound interest to work in our favor. And im not knocking those, but those vessels, like stocks; you never heard some kid being a millionaire from stocks, because it takes a long time. But you have heard Bitcoin millionaires that are twenty years old. If you haven’t, then we need to talk about this in a second. So, this is one company right now (AirBnB) that uses the exponential idea; another one is UBER. They don’t own any taxi companies. They don’t have any debt in that sense, buying equipment. They’re leveraging on everybody else’s equipment. They’re using exponential. Now, let’s talk about me. When I graduated college, instead of getting a job and working in a cubicle like everybody else was doing, including my friends and best friends. Everybody told me I was nuts because I wanted to start my own business. I didn’t have no money, no credit. I didn’t know anything, but I knew I didn’t want to work for somebody. It was the beginning of the internet. It was the dial up phase where you went to the mall, and they had Netzero, and they had AOL giving you CD’s and cassettes etc. The reason I was able to turn a hundred bucks living out of my car, out of college with no support from family or friends or anything like that, is because I used the exponential idea. Because at that time there was not a thing called SEO (search engine optimization) or generating leads online. There was not such a thing called Lead generation or online leads.

Everybody stuck with the yellow pages or they stuck with flyers, or they stuck with door hangers or things of that nature, mail outs. So I was one of the very first pioneers to get into SEO when Yahoo was king instead of Google, and there was directories. I was able to generate leads for the moving business which eventually I sold to other moving companies and then I started my own moving company. I had that moving company for 14, 15 years. I made seven figures and never borrowed any money. My business was paid for. So, the way I did that is just kind of like what these guys (AirBnB, UBER) are doing. I used this idea (. Why am I talking about exponential leverage? Because if you’re a business owner, let’s say you’re an investor, you’re a realtor, or a moving company or a credit repair business, it doesn’t matter; you’re a construction worker. If you’re using this idea (10+10), the plus idea, can you get ahead? Absolutely. You’re going to get a lot ahead than someone that has a J O B. But you can see, if you want to get twenty or you want to get twenty or do you want to get this big number (10,000,000). Many of us that are small business owners we’re in the idea that we can only use one of these ideas (10+10, 10*10) because we don’t have a lot of money for marketing, we don’t have a lot of money to hire people, or we can’t pay the top people the best money to recruit the best people like Google or like Apple etc. or some of our competitors cause they’ve been around for a hundred years thirty years and we’re just new.  If we use this idea (10+10) the plus idea, we can never go anywhere, we can never compete with those guys. If we use the multiplication idea, now we have a better chance to compete with these guys; however, if we use the exponential idea we’re able to blow them out of the way or at least get ourselves on to a good life whatever it is your definition or my definition. Now, one of the ways that I’ve use the exponential way for my moving company, to Mr. Investor I buy houses,  to rental properties, to my broker’s firm that I used to own, is that I used the exponential power and pay attention, this is very very important because as a refugee, as a guy that didn’t want to put it on my credit card or a guy that doesn’t want to go borrow money from a bank or a lender to start my business. What I did was, I realized that I had to clone myself.  And how could I clone myself when I couldn’t afford to hire a, let’s say Bob and give him the 5 bucks an hour, the minimum wage at that time. How could I do that? Or 10 bucks. It’s not only 10 bucks, then I have to pay CPA, then I gotta pay the taxes for that employee, then I gotta get him a desk, gotta get him a chair, gotta get him a faster internet, gotta get him an extra phone line; so I have all these expenses that a small guy, I can’t do it. That’s why it’s so hard for small businesses cause of all these regulations, and all that stuff. So one of the ways, which is one of my primary ways that I use; besides using my imagination, is I use an idea called virtual assistance. Now, virtual assistance, imagine an employee or a worker or extra hand or a skipper on deck like you have multiples or an army of people to help you. I know I’ve done a lot of videos about virtual assistance because it’s so powerful. It takes you from the plus, it takes you above the multiplication and it puts you in the exponential. So, if you’re a small business owner and you’re just starting out and you probably don’t have any money. Imagine if you have to do all the cold calling yourself, imagine you doing all the lead generation yourself, imagine you doing your website, imagine you doing SEO, imagine you doing XYZ, , mail outs. Well there’s only a certain amount of time in the day. You can’t do all of that. And more than likely you’re not going to be good at all of these things. Let’s say you have to make a website, then you might not be good at it. Let’s say you have to do cold-calling and you’ve never done cold-calling before, then you’re probably not going to be good at that. And if you happen to set up your Facebook or Facebook marketing you’re probably not going to do that.

Can you do it? Absolutely, you can do it. You’re powerful. The only problem is it’s going to take a lot of time to learn. So, as one of the great books that I’ve read which was called, The One Thing, there’s no reason as a small business owner for you to do everything. For example for me as a speaker, I’m working on becoming a speaker, that’s the most important thing to me it doesn’t make sense that if I make a video that I should go share it on Facebook groups, that I should go talk to everybody, that I should do the email marketing, that I should do the thumbnail, no. I need to focus on what I’m good at or what I’m not good at, but I’m trying to become good at. I’m not going to try to be good at fifty different things. I might spend six months becoming good at one thing and then go to the next thing, that’s a different story. But I’m not going to try, at one time, to be good at fifty different things or ten different things or even five different things. I’m going to focus on becoming a public speaker. Right now I’m not trying to do wholesale. If a deal comes that I want, I’ll get it. But I’m not going to out there and market it because it’s not the time for me right now. What I’m working on is a different thing. So, if I didn’t hire virtual assistants to answer the phone calls or do my cold-calling for me, I wouldn’t have the good life; I wouldn’t be able to clone myself. So, having a virtual assistant allows you to get people to help you in your business for $120 a month. For the cost of your phone, for the cost of your cable bill or the cost that you put in to drink booze on the weekend or take a girl out on a date or whatever you do that you’re not putting that money into your business. Now you can hire employees and pay them 10 bucks, 12 bucks whatever the minimum wage is or you could hire college educated people. Outsource to third world countries like India, like Pakistan, like the Philippines; get people that are super duper duper duper smart. Their hunger level is extremely high, and have them work for you for $120, $150 a month. They’re working 40 hours a week for you. Can you see how that can help you? Now imagine you have one person, a VA, doing all your cold-calling for you. Now if you’ve never done cold-calling, it’s scary. People are going to be rude to you. They tell you to go F* yourself and all of that stuff. And it takes a lot of time. It takes like eight hours a day. If you want it, you have to hit like 300 people a day, minimum, to get good at it, to get results. If you’re just calling 20 people a day, 30 people a day, you’re not gonna get anywhere; maybe this much (hand gesture thumb and index finger about to touch). But if you want to have a system where you’re able to clone yourself, then you need to have somebody calling a hundred and fifty to 300 people a day; with this you will generate leads that cost less than a penny per lead. Where can you get that? You can’t get that from Google, you can’t get that from facebook, you can’t get that with the yellow pages, you can’t get that with direct mail like postcards, you can’t get that with none of that crap. How do I know? I’ve done all of that stuff. You can’t get that with your car app. So if you had one person that did that for you, and they generate the leads for you. And your job was only to, not do the cold-calling, but when the leads come in (there’s going to be a wave of leads coming in) your job is to be talking to these people (leads), not this part (cold calling). Do you think that will save you a lot of money? Absolutely. So, to live a good life you must be able to clone yourself because as a small business owner you can never get anywhere. Let me give you an example; my dad owns a pizza business and he’s very successful at it. He’s had it for a very long time, but the poor guy has to this 1,000 square foot office, retail office, and be there. Seven days a week they’re open from 9 in the morning till ten o clock, every day.

Every day, rain, snow, hot, driver shows up, delivery guy shows up, cook shows up, it does not matter. Now, does he make money? Absolutely. Do I think he’s living the good life? I don’t know, I mean he has nice material stuff, right. But he doesn’t have the time, like I do, to go hike, go do this, go do that, go do Y. He doesn’t have the freedom. Many of us start a business and then after three years or four years we may have success with it, then realize we don’t have freedom to live the good life. And the reason is because we haven’t learned to clone ourselves. Like I’ve told my dad, why don’t you hire virtual assistants to answer your phones, to do some of the booking for you so you can take some of that person’s money that has to answer the phone and pay higher to drivers or pay better for cooks or save some of that money? So, if you’re not willing to use your imagination then your problem of having a good life in America is going to be better than somebody that has a job. But you’re not going to have a good life because you’re going to be in that hamster wheel; you’re going to be that rat running that. So it’s very important to clone yourself, but it’s hard to clone yourself unless you want to get into debt. A lot of people talk about borrowing all of this money, but they’re not talking about how dangerous it is to get in debt multi millions of dollars this and that. Getting in debt is very very dangerous, but why get in debt? Like AirBnB they didn’t get into debt, Bitcoin didn’t get into debt, UBER didn’t get into debt. They use other people’s infrastructure. They use other people’s smartness, their time, their equipment, and their assets to get what they want to do. And all they did is bring the people together. And in one way with virtual assistants you’re doing the same thing.

You’re getting other people from different parts of the country together to help you with your business; if it’s cold-calling, if it’s pulling data, if it’s being your secretary, if it’s being your manager or whatever you want them to do. You’re able to do it for a hundred and twenty dollars a hundred and fifty dollars a month. It’s ridiculous. If you’re not doing that then you’re crazy. If you’re a small person then you should definitely capitalize on that because you don’t have enough time to do all of this stuff for your small business; because you have to wear so many different hats. At least delegate the lead production, the most crucial part of your business, to VA’s. This guy left a review on my VA book, he said he went to all of these seminars that teach you how to do contracts, they teach you how to do negotiation strategies, but none of that matters because, if you don’t generate leads, it doesn’t matter if you’re an attorney, you own a pizza place, you’re a real estate investor, if you don’t generate leads you’re not making money. You’re going to go out of business. So, at the very least you should dedicate to shoveling work. Cold-calling is shoveling work. Getting on Craig’s List and spending hours at finding motivated sellers is shoveling work. Getting on the MLS and finding the good deals is shoveling work. Getting on the county clerk’s office and finding the evictions, finding the divorces is shoveling work. Why not give it to a VA and let them do that? And then let them reach out to the people that are going to say go F$%^ yourself, no I’m not interested, no I don’t want it; let them deal with all the rejection. Let them deal with all of the punches and they just bring you the fruit for 120 bucks. It doesn’t take a genius. Now If you don’t know anything from Adam, like me I don’t know anything from Adam, but I say start where you stand. And the very first thing you have to do to start where you stand is to generate leads. So, if you’re just new to the business and you don’t know anything, the very first thing is to generate leads. And it’s going to be hard for you to generate a bunch of leads, unless you want to sit there eight hours a day doing a bunch of cold-calling, or bunch of text messaging, or bunch of emails or bunch of mail outs and stuffing envelopes, or bunch of door-knocking, or whatever.

I highly recommend using virtual assistants as the very first thing for your lead generation. You should use virtual assistants for all parts of your business that’s compatible. If you own a moving company, you can’t use a virtual assistant to drive for you, but they can take your incoming calls. They can do the hiring for you, they can order products for you from your vendors, they can do your claims, and they can do so many different things for you. Now, I have my VA book, we’ve sold a lot. It’s a hitter. It’s a seven hour plus course. I show you my manuals, I show you my contracts that I have, I show you where to find the VA’s, how to pay them the hundred and twenty, hundred and fifty because a lot of them are going to want more money; where to find them besides Freelancer or Upwork because those places are not any good, I have better places.  Now I’ve been doing this since almost 1999, 2000, 20001.  I’ve been using virtual assistants with PHP, my SQL, creating website you name it.  Just recently technology has changed where you can have college educated, well-spoken fluent English people in third world countries to get on the phone because telecommunication was so expensive back in the day, like if you wanted to call India it would cost so much money.  But today, with voice over ride IP, I show you in my book what companies to use, how to set it up, how to set up the system.  You could get people from India calling your customers in Dallas, your customers in Las Vegas, customers in Colorado for just a flat fee a month of 20 bucks or 30 bucks.  I show you how to do it, I show you how to monitor them, how to set up systems for them.  And more importantly, how to find, what I call my VA filtering, how to find the cream of the cream because if you’ve ever had employees, if you’ve ever had a business the majority of your money is lost on employees if you don’t hire the right people or in your workers for your contractors; so having the right people, finding the cream of the cream is so crucial.  In my VA book, it’s called “The VA”, it’s $1500 and right now I’m having a special; it’s going to run out in four days, for 325.  And I talk about all these different ways _____ by cloning yourself, because one of the most important ways to clone yourself is by having workers, having contractors, having people to do in your job so you don’t have to be there.

Now, let’s go to the next part because the first part was the exponential lever that I talked about.  The next part about getting out of where you are, and cloning yourself and having a good life is understanding that you can’t solve your problem if you’re in the equation.  For example, that’s why we have physicists, mathematicians; if they have a problem let’s say they’re trying to solve something like how fast is the bullet going, the speed or where it’s going to go [video messes up] you’re trying to get to the next level, and you’re doing all of these little tasks yourself it’s hard for you to solve the problem. What you have to do is extract yourself out of the problem, so you can then solve it.  And that’s how we do mathematic formulas.  You don’t just drive in and shoot the gun. You can do that, but it would take so much more time and frustration and all of those things.  But it’s easy to take that idea and put it into a mathematical formula and then go execute it to see if it really works.  It’s a lot cheaper, less kind consumption.  So, whenever you’re able to take yourself out of the equation, called cloning, you’re able to have more success in your business because you can focus on that one thing that you’re good at.  For example if you’re good at closing deals, then it doesn’t make sense to sit and spend hours cold-calling, or it doesn’t make sense to spend hours learning Facebook retargeting, it doesn’t make sense to do XYZ.  You should hire people that know how to do that, like virtual assistants.  And you spend your time solving the most important problems in your business; and the only way to solve the most important problems in your business is when you take yourself out of the equation and you’re looking at the equation from the outside.  You’re not in this thing (equation) being me; that’s you (pointing out of the equation).  You don’t want to be here.  You want to take yourself out of the equation and then be able to solve the problem.  And then if you will realize what is the most important thing in your business.  For example, many people the most important thing for their business, they don’t realize it, is lead generation.  They don’t have success. For example they own a carpet business they have two vans, but they don’t have enough business.  They have a moving company; they have the trucks, but they don’t have enough business.  Or they’re a realtor and they spend all of that money to get licenses, paying the MLS fees, their realtor’s association fees, but they’re not doing deals.  They may be doing one deal of every three months, one deal every six months.  Why is that?  They know how to fill out a contract, they know the difference between agency laws, and they know the difference between all this other stuff.  Debt to income, all this stuff.  But why are they not having success?  It’s because they’re in the equation they haven’t stepped themselves out.  Realizing that by them being in here (the equation) they are not succeeding.  If they step out they realize it’s the ___ that they’re missing.  So, to have that good life you would have to have people turning that wheel for you because the truth is somebody has to turn the wheel.  So it can be you or you can hire employees, but it cost so much money, so much regulations, so much taxes, so much CPAs, so much debt, so much Internet, so much new phones, so much new equipment, and all of that stuff.  Or you can outsource to people like in India or Pakistan that are highly educated, highly qualified.  They have their own desk, they have their own computer, and they have their own internet.  Imagine, you don’t have to buy the infrastructure and you have them help you in your business.  Now, if you don’t know what they can do, you have to get my VA book because we talk about 7 hours.  This can be broken down into like two or three months’ worth of training if you just break it into 30 minutes per day.  So 7 hours of intense training. I give you the exact stuff that I use.  How to find V A’s, how to give them bonuses, how to structure them, how to find the most motivated ones, how to find the crème of the cream because it’s call about working with the best.  

And right now I’m having a sale on the book for 325 vs. 1500 bucks, and it’s only like five more days once it’s over it’s over.  If you take action.  If you read this book, and you take action you’re going to have success.  I can almost guarantee it because it’s one of those things that is 10 to the power of 10 which is going to give you a lot, if you just implement it.  If you hire just one VA, and have them just do lead generation you’re going to send me emails thanking me; saying hey mike that grew my business.  Even if you don’t know what to do in next.  If you just have them generate leads, like they sit on Craig’s List and they send emails to sellers or they sit on Craig’s List and send text messages, or sit on Craig’s list and import the stuff into an XL sheet so you can have a voice broadcaster going at it, or a cold caller going now, or so many different things.  They can go to the county clerk’s office get the convictions, get the divorces.  They can do so many different things for you so you don’t have to run the wheel you can have other people.  And if you want to have the good life, you have to not be there; which is point number three.  You Gotta have freedom, and you can’t have freedom if you’re the one turning the wheel.  So you have to create systems___ to start out. Eventually you can pay these guys 300 a month, 400 a month, 500 a month once they become an income producer asset for your company.  There’s no reason to give them $2000 a month after not generating you any money.  That’s one of the reasons why I don’t like employees because you hire them and a lot of them have attitudes and they’re not going to produce anything; meanwhile I am paying them.  Out of my profits I have to pay taxes on these fools.  I have to hire extra CPA.  I have to get ABP or checkbooks.  It costs me money for them to be there, and if they’re not going to produce me anything then I’m losing money and they’re winning; with virtual assistants it’s not like that.  In my book, I teach you where they have to take tests and show you they have the skills before you even hire them.  In the real world you would have to hire employees, pay them, train them, and then they may quit; where with virtual assistants you say hey buddy, you have to learn my manual then take my test and if you pass then we can work.  And I show you how to do it in my book.  If you have any questions about virtual assistants or how to clone yourself, leave a comment I’ll be happy to answer it.  

Remember, you only have a few more days before the special is over.  It’s definitely going to be worth it for you; any questions?

Sherry Anne on YouTube is asking what’s the best place to get a VA from?

That’s a very very good question, and I go into it very much in depth in my book.  There’s places out there that you probably heard of or you might not heard of like Upwork or Freelancer those are OK areas, but the majority of people that start off there end up not succeeding because of the mindset difference.  People that you’ll find on those websites their mindset has been shifted like Rich Dad Poor Dad talked about on his cash flow quadrant.  You have the E S B I (draws quadrants).  And people you find on those freelance web sites their mindset has shifted to been in the S, and now they want to get as much money as possible.  Their thinking about even going here (B quadrant) where they can have a couple of other freelancers working for them; they’re going to promise you the world and not deliver.  How do I know?  I’ve been doing this since 1999, 2000; I’ve been burnt.  So, what I look for is people that are in the E quadrant and they just want to work from home.  And in my book I go through so many different ways for you to find if these people; where most people are not talking about because most people on the Internet that have freelancers or VA’s, they may have one or three, max.  At my moving company at any time I’d have 22 to 30 just for one company. Then I have my --- company that I had, my Mr Investor; so, I’ve been doing this since the beginning of the Internet; when the Internet was just born; when yahoo was king.

I’ve been outsourcing to India since back then, and I’ve learned so much that it’s beyond black belt.  And if you listen to the book, if you look into my website myrealestatedojo you click on the VA book and you look at the reviews you can see what people are saying about it.  But that’s a very very good question.  You can use these systems like freelancer and up work but it’s not about the platform, it’s about applying my VA filtering system because so many people apply.  Let’s say you go to and you post for a freelancer, first no one’s going to do the work for the prices we just mentioned; and you’ll see, Oh Mike’s lying.  No, Mike’s not lying.  Mike has a system to get those people to work that way and you don’t.  Two, there’s going to be so many people applying like 20 people, 30 people.  If you spend 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 20 minutes talking to each one you can see you spend a whole day.  And all of these people are in the S quadrant are promising you the world saying I can do this, I can do this.  And after you’ve paid them for one week, two weeks, or one month you realize they’re not doing anything for you and you lost money.  How do I know this?  I went in that same exact way, and that’s why I came up with my VA system because I was tired of spending so much time hiring people; I was tired of spending so much money on these people and out of 10 people that I would hire only one would deliver.  Like the other night, I’m willing to try you out, I’ll test you out.  And after four weeks or six weeks I’ve paid them a lot of money and they didn’t produce me anything.  And that’s why I came up with my VA system because I use it for my own business for the past 14, 15 years.  I recently put it out here because I closed my business because I wanted to work on being a public speaker.  That’s the only reason I’m sharing this with you because before I didn’t want anybody to know.  It’s one of those exponential things where 10 to the power of 10 instead of 10 plus 10 or 10 times 10.  It’s an exponential, it’s like the UBER idea, Bitcoin, it’s like block chain technology, it’s like the internet.

The Internet made a lot of millionaires and billionaires.  I was one of those refugees making a million bucks and more; seven figures for 14, 15 years because of the Internet.  Bitcoins is right now, block-chain technology is making people millionaires and billionaires.  You don’t even know because the news doesn’t talk about it.  There’s kids 18, 20 years old made millions.  There’s people that created mine companies they are making a lot of money.  Like the guys that own CoinBase they’re not old, they’re young.  There so many things happening that you and I are not even aware about because the TV doesn’t talk about it, the schools don’t talk about it; but they talk about is the plus, one plus one; or 10 plus 10 that’s all they’re talking about.  The entrepreneurs, the smart people, they’re talking about 10 times 10. But the real ones, the alchemists, like me; that’s why I recommend you to join my im mastermind, because you need to rub elbows with the alchemist.  Someone that comes to America with nothing. I’ve done it multiple times.  No money, no credit and I can make money. Anywhere, any business no matter what.  I can’t write, I can’t spell.  We sold over 12,970 bucks in 19 days of books.  This exact book that I’m letting you have.  I suck at English, but this book is a life changer.  I wouldn’t be spilling my guts on it if I was still in the business of my three businesses.  Just because I’m becoming a public speaker I’m letting you guys know.  And I’m not talking about just having three VA’s, I’m talking about 23 to 30 VA’s for one company and I had two other companies.  I don’t want to get into that toll but, it was a lot of people.  I know how to manage them; what I call my filtering system.  Now, you can go to one of these platforms where I talked about, freelancer or Upwork, and if you apply my filtering system that 20, that 30 people that applied you just shrink them; just apply it and you shrink them down to this much and you get the crème.  And the cream is willing to work for the 120 to 150.  The crème, people like me, I never worked for money and I still make money.  Some of you guys and ladies are working for money, you’re only thinking of the cheese; thinking about how much am I going to get paid?  How much can I get out of this deal?  When I first started in real estate I didn’t know anything, but you know what I did? I worked for free.  I got people to lease for free.  I generated leads; I lost money but, I paid some.  I didn’t think it was a loss.  I went to college and I spent $30,000, $33,000 on my college; so, if I have to spend 2¢ to get a lead and give it to somebody to learn the business, that’s what I did.  So one of the main difference is, if you’re thinking “hey let me get all of the money” or “hey let me do everything myself”, then you’re always going to be in the E or S quadrant.  You have to be able to eat less.  And this is one of the most important things, where the VA gets.  Instead of you taking all of the work yourself, taking all of the profit yourself, you’re learning to give.  I’ve never had a job, I don’t even have a resume but, I can do anything I set my mind to; and not because I’m a bad ass, no, I’m a failure.  I failed so much because I start where I stand.  I start and I’m willing to fail, I’m willing to keep going, I’m willing to keep going, I’m willing to keep going, I’m willing to keep going; I’m willing to learn, I’m willing to learn So I hack it.  That’s why I came up with my VA system because after three years, four years of these virtual assistants robbing me and wasting my time. I said you know what I have to come up with a better system that’s automatic.  

The other thing that I forgot to mention to you is that with my V a system it’s like having a human resources in autopilot, it’s automatic.  So you don’t have to spend that time talking to 25 people or 30 people that applied for the VA job because if you spend 30 minutes on each one you’re spending 4 to 5 hours; but if you don’t hire them – but if you hire them and they quit in two weeks. What I’ve done is automated it; I’m the master of automation that’s why it’s called living the good life cloning.  It doesn’t say living the good life shoveling yourself like my poor dad, he has a great car, great house, having multiple nice cars but, he’s shoveling every day.  My poor dad has to go to work every day even though he’s a manager he doesn’t understand that he can just stay home and monitor the managing from his video camera he has in his house because he has that; but again he lost the mindset.  And what I’m trying to teach you, is to clone yourself.  

Cloning means that you’re willing to not have power, you’re willing to work for free, you’re willing to be a giver, and if you’re willing to do that then you’ll have the good life because you don’t have to work. Money still comes in, you create systems. If you want to work, you want to have a ten million dollar business then hallelujah to ya.  Your definition of a good life might be a little different than mine; I had that life. Now I just want to work 1 hour a week or I want to work 1 hour a month or I want to have systems working for me.  Like People go buy that book and I get paid no matter where I am; I could be camping or I could be hunting, I could be whatever walking my dog and I get the text message that says “Hey! $1500 sale” This book. “Hey! $20 sale, Hey! $300 sale”. See, I created systems.  Same thing with my moving company, same thing with my real estate brokerage.  The key is to create systems. And if you download this book right now you get to see how my mind works on how to create systems because, again, to be an Alchemist is different than 10+10 versus 10*10 versus  and the way to have wealth is to use exponential growth versus plus or times. Myron from Fort Worth is asking. I’m new, my first deal. I have 403,000 multi-family apartments needs 150,000 need rehab any ideas?

Go on to my website and submit the deal, so I can take a look at it because there’s too many variables. What part of town it is? What are the comps? Etc. What’s your exit strategy? Do you have money? If you’re trying to do a buy and hold or you’re trying to wholesale it. A very good question. Go to my website Myrealestatedojo on the top you’re going to see “submit you deal”, I’ll look at it and go from there and help you out.  If you guys have any deals bring them to me I’m always looking to buy.  If you haven’t done a deal, you need a virtual assistant.  If you’ve been doing deals and you want to scale your business up, you need a virtual assistants. If you want to not work and not have all the responsibilities, employees, the liabilities, the taxes, you need virtual assistants. They’re super smart, super hungry, and they’re willing to run your business in a third world country because they have their own family, they have their own dreams, and they want to be successful just like you.  They are people just like you in India.  I have a couple of friends right now that I used to work with them five, six years and we’re still friends now. They’re hungry.  And that’s what I’m trying to tell you, there are people just like you in different parts of the country. And you’re not taking advantage of them; when you pay them 120 bucks you’re actually giving them the same salary they would make in their own country.  But instead in their own country they have to drive to work, and people don’t want to do that they want to work from home.  So you’re giving them the same amount of money, the reason is the currency exchange.  In my book I get into it of why you’re able to hire people for like 120 bucks in third world countries.  If Nike does it, if Apple does it, doesn’t it make sense that you should do it too?  Come on guys, it makes sense right? And I’m showing you how to do it without going out there like Apple and opening up your call center.  I even explored that option, to open a call center there. So, like I said I’ve been doing this for quite a while, I know the ins and outs.  I know how to find the cream of the cream.  This is not going to be one of those books that you get and you’re like oh man now I gotta get something else.  This is going to be a book that, if you take action you’re going to make a lot of money. You’ll hit me up like all the other guys like Damn! This was a bad ass book and I’m going to buy more products. Because I went above and beyond the extra mile to deliver 10 times more than what you paid for.  Because again, I work at the exponential.  I’m a giver exponentially; when you buy stuff from me I exponentially give it to you. When you watch my videos I exponentially give it to you. Just no flow. Just I’m giving it to you, and this is exactly what I’ve used and a lot of people have used it. It’s not the plus, the 10+10, it’s not the 10*10. It’s the  very powerful guys. Any other questions?

Alright guys there’s only like 4 or 5 more days left. Go to my website and you get to see the countdown; 325 vs. 1500 bucks. I guarantee it’s worth the 1500 bucks. Once you download it, you’ll see it’s worth the 1500 bucks. I give you so many extra bonuses, like anything else that you guys have bought from me is so much more than you paid for. Because I want you to have success, I don’t want to be a one hit wonder, I want to help you out, I want to hear your testimonials. I love when people hit me up and say Look Mike, I did this and I made money, I used this and I made money. You helped me get my first deal. You helped me seal my first deal. You helped me this and helped me this. That’s what I do it for guys. I had three businesses and I lived the good life.  I decided to let it all go to help you guys because this is my new good life.  The more people I’ve changed, the better I feel, the more money I make. So, tell me your success stories, take action and let’s tell one of your friends or family. Share this video. Hustle and bustle and don’t take no for an answer.


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