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The SAD Truths About Real Estate Investing That You Don't Hear in REI clubs and Gurus

The SAD Truths About Real Estate Investing That You Don't Hear in REI clubs and Gurus

Hey gang, this Mike with MyRealEstate DOJO and today I’m going to talk to you about the sad truth that’s not talked about in the real estate clubs, with gurus when they talk about real estate investing. Now, let me tell you I’m a real estate investor and what I’m going to tell you, I’m not talking bad about real estate investing or investors, okay? I know that real estate is where seventy plus percent of all the millionaires in America according to IRS revenue become millionaires, plus okay I know that real estate gives you passive income, I know that real estate hedges you from inflation, thanks to our Fiat Federal Reserve printed money. So I know all the benefits of being a real estate investor that everybody tells you, okay?


But, I want to come around from it form this angle and tell you the stuff that no one talks to you about the clubs or the gurus and I want to share this from the bottom of my heart.  Being a real estate investor you really, really, really going to get down sometimes if you have a heart, right? If you’re you know, a mean person you’re trying to fuck everybody then this is not going to apply to you, but if you’re down to earth, you have love and compassion for people, you want to help people, it’s kind of hard to be a real investor guys because of all the truth, sad stories that you will hear, for example a lead just came in, we we’re just talking to a seller and you know, what’s going on is the guy’s an entrepreneur so he did the right things, he took a risk, started a business, you know, has success in is business and probably he had a health problem with his kid and now he’s in a financial situation, where the guy’s entrepreneur as a business it has ups, it has downs. Bought properties, according to him he owns one of the properties fleeing clear but now he’s in a tough situation because his kid has health problems and they got to always be at the hospital, which makes him have emotional problems, sucks his creativity which has causes his business to have problem.


And so a good guy like that, that was on the horse working towards the American Dream just falls off because of the unforeseeable event for his kid to have some kind of sickness that he has to spend all his money, all his dreams and all his love to be shrined up. You know it's kind of sad man, right? And this is one of the reasons that I stopped wanting to speak to the sellers myself direct because it’s very hard to deal with everybody’s situation because a lot of people I bought houses from, there were good Americans, there were Patriots, they were hardworking, they were not deadbeats, okay? The last couple of houses I bought one was a teacher, one was a firefighter and it’s just hard to see good people on the pursuit of happiness, on the pursuit of their dreams and unforeseeable things happen and then BAM! They get on the ground takes them out because of debt, and this is why I say f*ck the stinky bankers because I have personally talked to people in dollars, they were way start smarter me, attorneys, lawyers, I personally been to multi-million dollar houses and planos that attorneys own seven bedroom, plus there are end of the day, losing their home because they had too much debt and this is why I hate debt and because debt, it doesn’t matter how smart you are, how much success you have, you’re dancing with the devil and if you ever get caught it’s going to be pretty hard to get back up because of all the leveraging the debt to income ratio the bankers’ use and the realtors use to enslave you for them to make a sell, for them to make any income. I’m not picking on bankers, well I’m actually picking on bankers, but I’m not picking on realtors but I just want to let you guys know that this is not, you know I’m attacking any industry, I’m saying that if you want to be  a real estate investor, and you care, man you’re going to meet a lot of good people, attorneys, smart doctors that save lives and then you going to sit there and they’re going to have tell you and they’re going to be crying and you’re going to realize that it doesn’t matter how smart you are, you could be making ten billion dollars a year, but if you get into the bed with the stinky bankers, you may be in a situation where you be making so much money and then you’re losing your home, and then you get into a divorce because your wife leaving you because you have so much financial stress.

I can’t tell you how many people, way smarter than me, made so much money than me that in the crash. 2007, fourth quarter, 2008, 2009, 2010. How many smarter people that I’ve met with mega mansions, multi-million dollar businesses they sold for multi-million dollars and then they were filing bankruptcy, guys. And so, what I’m trying to tell you is if you dance with the stinky bankers, you will get caught. Just like Mike Tyson said, we all have a  plan until we get punched, right? And I’m telling you if you just sleep with sleepy banker, when you get punched, you’re not going to have any left stamina because you didn’t pull the f*cking Uhm! You didn’t do the pull-ups yourself; you didn’t create the shit yourself. You went to the bed with the stinky bankers and when you got knocked down you’re probably not going to get up dude, and how do I know? Because I met people that made multi-million dollar businesses and sold then and living in Dallas penthouses that we, my brokerage firm , did a short sell for them, cause they throw behind thousands year. I personal sit in doctor’s houses, attorney’s houses that have, surgeons making a lot of money but losing everything, losing their family because of that. And the point two of the story is that if you’re an investor, you’re around all these smart people, median people, even stupid people, and you will see all these people defaulting for whatever reason like I bought a house from a guy that rode a motorcycle, he fell off and he couldn’t afford the house anymore because he couldn’t go to work anymore, you know and he was behind his payment, I saved his credit, okay?


I bought houses from people going through divorces dude, you know how hard it is to sit there when somebody has a husband and a wife and their kids and the kids don’t want to leave.  You know how hard it is to buy a house, two days later the family knocks and just to show the kids, “Hey! See somebody else lives here son,. We don’t live here; this is not our home anymore”. You know how hard that shit is dude? Yes I want to make f*cking money, I’m not saying that I don’t want to make money, but I’m trying to tell you guys the things they don’t tell you is that being a real estate investor, you can make a lot of f*cking money, no doubt! But it’s a very hard job because you see the side effect of all the debt, the stinky bankers enslaving the poor people, the medium people even the smart people, right? Like I just brought you a f*cking news and all the Realtors talk shit about me because I brought you the information how Fannie Mae is making the debt to income ratio, changing it to get more people into mortgages because these doctors, these you know all these people with masters and you now have fifty hundred thousand dollars in debt, they can’t qualify for mortgage, for a house. So Fannie Mae is changing the rules for these smart people get even to more debt. And I’m telling you man I don’t give a f*ck how smart you are dude, you dance with the f*cking stinky banker when they punch you I don’t care how prepared you are, it’s going to be hard to come up, and how do I know? Because I bought houses from so many smart people, I’ve helped out so many so many smart people in short sells in the last crash that I realized that man, that this shit is f*cked.


Sure you can have a flashy life, sure you got a bling bling but ain’t sure is man, And you love your masters; you think Bank of America is so cool because it just lets you into debt. What you don’t realize is they slave your ass through the amortization where if you borrow a hundred thousand dollars, by the time you f*cking pay them in 30 years you going to end up in paying to almost three hundred thousand and that’s one like five percent, six percent interest so if you do the f*cking math, five percent interest or six percent interest by the time you pay off your f*cking house in thirty years, you didn’t pay no five percent, you didn’t pay no f*cking six percent dude, it’s not funny math that the bankers came up with and they sold you that shit on, now in college, in high school they don’t teach you about amortization, do they? No. they teach you algebra, calculus, physics but guess what? That didn’t teach you how to save, you know when you borrow from a bank you think you’re getting five percent APR on the mortgage. Boy, the problem is most of us are moving our houses every seven years and we never get to own, but if we get to actually live in this f*cking house, pay it off in thirst years and look how much we f*cking pay. We pay three times, four times more than the actual that we borrow. Now, I don’t have a problem banker making money but that’s not six percent.


On a hundred thousand dollar home, if you do the amortization over thirty years you’re going to end up paying two or three times more than what you borrow. Is that sound like six percent or six thousand percent? I don’t know, you do the math dude. So what I’m trying to tell you guys, if you’re a real estate investor you better have some compassionating gut and you may get burned out like I did by dealing with all these peoples’ truly sad stories, not some bullsh*t stats or some guy that reaches out to me like, “Mike, I watched your YouTube video and I spent all this money on gurus and they ripped me off”. No m*therf*ker! You ripped your own self off because you didn’t do your own deal today. You’re a sucker because you got sold  and I told you get on website, I got free shit and then I told you don’t hit me with some sad stories, and then you say I’m a bad guy. No I ain’t a bad guy, I just told you how to solve your problem. I'm just not into listening to your sad stories, but guess what? That seller that is the entrepreneur and his kid is sick, that is a true sad story, that attorney that started a business and the bankers fucked them over, that is a true sad story. You're talking about you guys sold and you’re lazy, you don’t want to take  action, I don’t give a f*ck about that so sad stories because I already met so many people great sad stories dude.

In America, entrepreneurs people they’re on the f*cking doing the right things like firefighters, like  teachers losing their homes. So I’m not going to hear your  sad story about how you’re watching TV and you’re going to watch sports game with your bullsh*t guys. So what am I trying to say? In real estate you can make a lot of money as an investor, again if you look at the IRS revenue, more than seventy percent of all millionaires in America or a real estate or they have real estate, one way or another. So I’m not dissing all real estate, I am trying to let you know that if you want to be an investor, its emotionally tough dude. You’re going to g hear people crying their hearts out. You’re going to go to people’s houses where they lost their husbands. You’re going to go hear  some crazy sad shit that’s going to waking you up and realize that, don’t listen to the media, don’t listen to these stinky bankers and question everybody because I’ve seen so many smart people losing everything they worked for because they got in bed with the bankers. Or they believed the sales guy, dude. Don’t believe a sells guy. Guys, if you go to my website I show you what all my prices is, I don’t sell nobody, you got to  I went to an attorney the other day I said, “how much do you charge?” and this guy is like call me, I’m like no, I don’t want to call you. I don’t want to get a sales pitch, tell me what you charge dude so I could pay real via PayPal. See, that’s what the problem is, we all want to get sold. You know, I’m Mike Dojo I don’t sell anybody, anything dude. I charge twenty five thousand. Yes I'm expensive, I charge arm and a leg but I give you wings dude. I don’t got to sell you, that’s what it is. You want to, you sign up. You don’t want to sign up, I’m not going to call you.

There’s mother*ckers get sold. There’s those that come around with the sad stories dude, and I’m trying to tell you, if you want to be a real estate investor you better have a big heart and you better be dealing with a lot of sad story. There’s going to have this fake sad stories like fake that’s watching TV ain’t doing shit with their fucking life and then you going to have the true sad story stories like doctors, like firefighters, like this entrepreneur. Real people doing the real thing and still getting knocked down in life man. And then you’re going to have scratching your have and say, you don’t know what to say because you don’t know what to believe anymore because you don’t, you realize that buying stuff ain’t going get you nowhere because you just saw a doctor lose his house, you just saw an attorney loses his house, you just saw this entrepreneur who just sold his business  of forty three million dollars going bankrupt and you’re like, “this stuff really quit to freedom?”. This college worth it? Because they didn’t teach you about the amortization. Most don’t even know what the amortization works like, right? We know calculus, we know algebra. But we don’t know simple mathematics that cost us money, cost us our lives, cost us our freedom, costs us where we can’t spend time with our kids or with our pets or with our loved ones, we got to keep working. So the point of the story is if you’re a real estate investor, guys, it’s this business will open your eyes to the stinky bankers, to the fucking lies and all the crazy things that happen to good people in America like doctors, like fire fighters. Just good people, they’re doing the right things. Now watching TV, doing the right things they’re still billing up man to the stinky bankers. Guys, if you like this video please like, please Share, please leave a comment.


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