the power of free

THE POWER OF FREE: Old-Free vs New-Free


Hey gang, this is Mike with My Real Estate DOJO and this lesson is about the power of free, but more importantly free back then and free now in the today’s present. Let’s dive in and get started gang. Welcome back. I want to take the time and explain to you the power of free, the difference between free back then and free now.

Back then, when I was growing up and I was younger, free was like an illusion, something that businesses use to lure the customer for them to purchase something. For example, there was a buy one get one for free, or when I was going through high school, I was doing personal training and I used to say, hey I will give you one lesson free. Basically in this free lesson, I used to sell you on why you should obtain my services as a personal trainer to achieve your personal goals. What I would do in that free lesson is do a body analysis and tell you all the stuff that is wrong with you, imbalances here, the problems you have here, basically the free wasn’t really free. It was free, but it was an opportunity for me to sell myself. If the same goes for the grocery store or at the mall or at your favorite shoe place that says buy one, get one for free or buy one and the get the second one half off.

These things are not really free, they are illusions of free and that’s how back then the marketing was. The craziest things have happened with the internet and the digital world. You are now able to have free information, so the present free is totally different than the past free. The past free was an allusion. But the present now is totally for free, but the problem is a lot of the customers are thinking the present free is the same as the past free and they are hesitant, so they come up with their hands up into the situation. Let me give you some examples: today if you have iTunes you can get into iTune university and watch Harvard, Stanford and top schools totally for free. There is no catch. Sure you are not going to get your degree that says hey you went to this class and got an A in it, but you get the information totally for free. Or lets talk about myself in My Real Estate DOJO I have all these videos totally for free. I show you how to do stuff that would have cost you thousands of dollars if you went in and bought a book, went to a seminar or paid for a professional to show you stuff. What I’ve done is demonetized it and allowed you guys to have access to me totally for free just on my Youtube channel.

The reason is that I could embaze a five minute video and make this information one time and then have hundreds if not thousands people that are hungry and motivated to access this information and totally get it for free. What I am trying to explain to you is that today you live in the greatest era, you live in digital, in internet, fast internet, smart internet, smartphones. Today’s playing ground is not the same as 20 years ago or 100 years ago. If you want to get into the car business, its all possible these days. If you want to be a writer you can easily do that, because you can bypass the traditional publishers, the printing companies by creating your own blogs or digital pdf. If you want to be musician or a rapper or a singer you don’t have to allow these industries or these labels to hold you back.

You can make good quality shit and video tape it, post it on Facebook, post it on Youtube and that’s fucking good. The crowd will notify you, the crowd will king you. Does that make sense? Cause you don’t have to wait for the people in power to allow you, you don’t have to sell your soul and that's the greatest thing about America in the era that we live in. In America you are able to chase your dreams and go from nothing to something, but now you are able to do it with very little money or no money at all, because of the real free idea that we live in now. So if you have that scarcity mind set of when you see something for free, you think somebody’s going to fuck you or get something from you. That might be possible, maybe they are using the old model, but the new model is people pumping free shit and advertising the systems and it’s totally for free. So go out there and capitalize on it. If you want to read about something you don’t know just get on Youtube- there’s free books on there, search online and you can find PDFs for free. If you want to learn about mathematics, get on Harvard, if you want to learn marketing get on Harvard, get on all these forums where there is a community of people just talking about it, go to Youtube channels. There is no reason to live in a rat race and live pay check to pay check in America.

You can keep your job and start a whole business. If it only makes $200 a month- great, it will pay your cell phone bill. If it’s just $500 a month-great, it will pay for your car payment. Month after month after month you don’t have to quit your job to be an entrepreneur. You can keep your job and be an entrepreneur. If you have a job and you don’t want to be an entrepreneur, then go the extra fucking mile and show up early, stay late. Do stuff that the boss doesn’t ask you to. Do more than what the boss is paying you, because I guarantee you the boss wants you to do that, so he can give you more fucking money. Just step up, because everybody is just doing the bare minimum. It’s so easy if you have a job to climb up, so stop bitching and moaning- make it happen. This is America- the greatest country ever. Talk to you later, gang.

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