subject to contract

Subject to Existing Liens, aka Sub 2 - Real Estate Contract - Download Now

subject to contract

Download the REAL ESTATE PURCHASE AGREEMENT ( Subject to Existing Liens)..aka. Sub 2.

What is a Subject 2 Deal?
A "Sub 2" deal is a type of creative financing where the home-seller deed's the property to you while leaving the existing under-line-mortgage in place. There is no FORMAL assumption of the seller's-loan, you start making the payments as if you are the old-owner.

There are many ways to structure a "Subject to" deal. I have bought subject 2 deals for "rental homes" and I have bought subject 2 deals for Fix-and-Flip. Therefore, The “Subject 2” method is my personal favorite way of buying houses in Dallas Texas.

WHY...? Because I am in total control of the deal.

I am not at the mercy of the banks, the title company, the inspector or the appraiser.

Plus It is fast, simple, and relatively easy to negotiate with the motivated-home-sellers.

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