How to Find Motivated Sellers for FREE to profit From 40%-70% below market deals

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Find Motivated Sellers for FREE to profit From 40%-70% below market deals

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Find Motivated Sellers for FREE to profit From 40%-70% below market deals

Hey guys, welcome to Mr. investor MyRealEstateDOJO, okay today we’ll talk about sellers for free okay so you know when you read a lot of books and you attend a lot of seminars, like I have you understand, that education is very important but a lot of times you know the Gurus are talking about how to do stuff that cost money. Unfortunately and for my background as an immigrant and being used living out of my car after graduation with having only 100 bucks, I didn’t have money so basically what I had to do is use my burning desire but most importantly my creative thoughts and the ability to chisel something out of nothing out of the stone like the great artists do okay. 




And that’s what I want to show you how to do because If you have a burning desire, you have discipline, you could do anything in America and so let’s go ahead and jump into how to find motivated sellers so you can monetize your time and get deals done as fast as possible, okay, alright we talked about what is a motivated seller earlier, now were going to talk about how to find motivated sellers. 


Okay alright now marketing is one of the most crucial things in any business not now in real-estate is. It’s the same story, it’s nothing different, let me explain to you what marketing is, not by the definition, by just like common words. Okay, I’m going to give you two scenarios; one, marketing is like the field in your car okay, you could have a car, you have the wheels, you have the engine, all the parts, but if you don’t have one gallon of fuel that magnificent machine will not do anything for you besides being a big liability. Okay now let me take it to the cellular level or your body level, people that don’t understand anything by cars okay on a cellular level ATP which is the simplest form of sugar if I could put it that way is needed for you to function. If your cells don’t have a tea that will not function, doesn’t matter what cell it is, if it’s your brain, if it’s your heart, your skin, what you have.  So your body needs ATP to function so coming back to being a real estate investor, your business needs marketing. 


Without marketing you have nothing, let me repeat that again, without marketing you have nothing, okay and marketing does cost money. Okay guys, let me explain one other thing, okay, marketing is like a function. Alright, what do I mean is a function? Alright marketing is a function okay; I’ll draw one thing here so marketing equals $1 put in. That’s what you want to happen and you want to get five, six dollars out, okay. So its function you want to put something in but you want to get more out than what you put in. Okay, and the hard part of marketing is trying to have enough money to be able to test pilot different types of marketing medias out there and figure out which one really gives you the most output there's times you put money in, you put one in, and you get zero out, and that not a good marketing that cost time and money and energy to figure that out. 


Where other times you may put money in and get three out or four out sometimes you put money in and you get ten out so of course you want to test try many different Medias and see what works for you. Okay alright so when you have one of these functions going, for example, mass mailing then you could have another marketing function, let’s say this one is door knocking, all right then you have another marketing function, all right, unless, this one is cold calling. Alright when you have multiple marketing functions this is called a marketing plan. 


Alright and you know simply put so when you have multiple levels of functions going out there and bringing you customers or sellers in this case then this is called a marketing plan and you know I’m going to show you ways, to market, to get motivated sellers because this business is all about motivated sellers okay now notice that this machine or this function takes dollar bills guys tidiest take anything else only takes down two bills and now this is very important, “Mike you said we could do free stuff but you’re telling me that the marketing machine only takes down two bills” You’re 100% right it only takes dollar bills okay, so I’m going to show you how to put Donald bills into the machine if you have no money okay. A lot of people have been telling me through my life that you need money to make money and then one thing I’ve learned. Let me tell you this, in America you don’t need money, all you need is a burning desire you need your creativity you need to focus you need drive and your commitment and if you’re willing to work hard you could have anything in America okay.


So a lot of people told me you need money to make money and that bunch of BS excuse my language let me say that that is false myth. I had no money no credit no support nothing guys nothing and lived in my car.  Ok now I’m going to show you a mathematical formula to turn your time into money. Ok so money equals time. Alright guys and please notice that this is a capital, it’s not the time that you recognize,  it’s not your clock time here, not define what time is in a minute but what I want to explain to you guys is that if you have a lot of money majority, you have a good probability that you don’t have a lot of time, because you’re a very busy person okay, and vice-versa if you have a lot of time on your hands because you're unemployed or, you know, you don’t know what you’re doing, or you know your student or things of that nature then you're going to have very little money, see. 


Alright okay now some people have a whole lot of money has learned how to create systems and have their money work for him in the eye quadrant like which that says to have free up their time so it’s not always like these guys. But from what I’ve learned and seen, is if you have a lot of money, you have little time, and if you have a lot of time, you have low money, okay. So we got that part and that happens to be true for a lot of people, mentors too. So now the question was, okay, pay attention, “how do you put money in here when you have no money?” to get some money out into this marketing machine, very simple guys, money equals time and that’s big time. 


Now you guys don’t have big time right now and I’m going to define what Big Big T is big T equals little T now little T is that clock time okay plus experience so guys cherishers what it is if you have a lot of time the little T and you add the ingredients of experience because you're going out there and getting knocked downpour going out there and getting knocked down you’re getting out there and getting knocked out you’re going out there and learning if you’re going out there and beating the odds and having faith in yourself that you can do this and you’re working every day to combat your fears and go do things that are new and not allow yourself or your fears to hold you back then you’re going to get experience with your time and when you add these two up equals big t and guys once you have that big team you can trade that off because money equals big T, to do this, okay ,to put into some of these methods of marketing that’s uncast money or there’s low money because you could turn the big t into cash. 


Alright so you don’t need money to make money, all you need is time, and they need you take your small T put experience into it to get the big T and then since big T equals money, put it into this marketing machine. Alright now this is very important, one of the most important things that I’m going to show you in the beginning is the foundation, okay, “what is the foundation?” “How to determine what is motivated seller?” to “how to have phone skills?” ladies and gentlemen this is so important, “how to have sales and negotiation skills?” okay and the way to do that I’ve came up with a plan. 


“How to find motivated sellers?” okay now, I don’t recommend any guys right now spending any money in marketing and the reason I don’t is because hey you probably don't know what a motivated seller is even if you know it by definition if you see a motivated seller you're not going to recognize it too if you're out here paying money for marketing and you don’t have phone skills you don’t have negotiation skills you don’t have cell skills you don’t have rapport building skills okay you're not going to get as many deals hatched as possible okay and mentor your money’s going to be gone in marketing okay so I don’t want anybody do this so what I’m going to show you guys is the basic like the gym were going to go out there were going to do pull-ups were going to do squats were going to do bench presses were going to do the basic stuff to build your foundation so when you go out there and spend your hard-earned money your able to monetize that money you put a dollar in you get six out in that marketing function okay then I’ll show you on how to do more marketing with money down the line. 


Okay but right now were going to focus on free or very low money. Remember, nothing is free in life so if you’re going to put time in and still cost you money because time equals money and money equals time okay but that’s the great thing guys, okay that’s only in America. Okay, other part of the world is not like that, where I’m from it’s not like that guys. Alright so let’s dive in now, what I’m going to show you is how to find motivated sellers for low-cost, okay, a couple of things you guys could do alright you guys get on Craigslist on back pages. What I’ve done in Craigslist and Back page--is went on the rental section search for the keywords for rent I’m sorry for sale in the rental I go to the rental section and I search for the keywords for sale and I called these sellers, “Why are they motivated guys?” these sellers are telling you “hey I want to sell my house” “hey I’m ready to rent my house” so they really don’t know what they want to do because they’re motivated. Willing to do whatever, they’re ready to sell it, ready to rent it. 


So they're motivated and there’s a pawn right there that you guys could be fishing at and there’s not a lot of people fishing because I don’t like cold calling, they don’t have report building skills, they don’t know how to negotiate, but that’s what you’re going to do because it’s hard and then you’re going to be profitable at it because remember there’s no line at the Stairmaster guys okay and so that’s what you need to be fishing alright. So you’re going to get on Craigslist’s back pages, get on the rental section, search for the word, call both motivated sellers, now “what do you ask these people?” good question, guys you’re going to ask them the mister investor seller questionnaire form that I’ve already emailed to you guys, okay and I’m going to go over that little bit later. I’ve already gone through it go check out that video okay alright. 


Next thing you could do, number two, see craigslist and fan pages calm number two newspapers you can pick up the green sheet $1 more than used the dollars observe or any local call the people in this in the rental section okay now I keep saying the rental section because I really like the odds in the rental section and risk-taker I like to invest in things that have a higher return okay so let me explain to you when you call renters what could happen only three things can happen okay guys, when you call a renter, only three things are going to happen. Okay, one, the guy’s a professional landlord like me. I’m not interested okay tough luck guys no big deal, did you say thank you very much, you move on with life, so this is a professional landlord. 


Now, this is where it gets real, number two you’re going to call one of these people in the rental section and this is what I call it accidental landlord. Alright excellent landlord, they're trying to sell their house but because of the economy, there’s not that much equity in the property, willing to just rent the property and they don’t have a clue how to be a landlord. They never read a book, they never gone to a seminar, so they're going to get pretty beat up in the ring, if you know what I mean, okay. So these guys, if you called them, they’re going to be very motivated so being now the third thing that can happen, I’m going to put five stars on here on number two.


The third thing that could happen is you call a professional landlord but he’s old, he’s ready to retire, or maybe he’s passed away in his white pasty estates, and all the rental properties or the son, the grandson has it. There’s a lot of motivation out there, you call one of these rental properties and the guy might have ten, twenty, thirty, and forty, fifty three who knows. Two properties and they're ready to get out of the game, to retire, or some horrible thing has happened to them, this amazing the motive and now they want to sell, so this is a great opportunity, guys. So professional landlord wants to retire or get out of the game, so I’m going to give this three star, so in a nutshell you have two out of three chances of  scoring guys two out of three. Man I don’t know how to explain this; this is such a good odds, two out of three, to get a deal. And these number three if you get a deal, that’s like the homerun because they might have multiple properties; you’re able to lock up at one time. 


Okay guys, so this is why I like calling the rental section so I would do the same thing for Craigslist, I would do the same thing for the newspaper guys, I would get on Fibber sites for sale by owners, there’s tons of them out there, there’s tons of motherland, I would get on there and go through the dirt. You got to go through mountains of dirt to find the gold nuggets guys. It’s not an easy job, I explain to you when we first met, this is hard work especially if you don’t have rapport, building sales, money credit, money okay so can it be done yes this is America. It can 100% be done, you have greatness in you and you can do it, but you got to put some work in it guys, it’s not easy, okay. Especially if you want to do it for feathers, nothing easy about free okay nothing. 


Free is a lot of hard work and sacrifice man okay so this is what you got to do, hundreds and thousands of calls to get the deal with no money, okay. All these numbers, one two and three does not cost you any money all it cost is your time, you sit behind your cell phone or you sit at your home, and you get on the phone, get on the horn, make as many calls as possible, don’t tell me the sad stories I heard, trust me I've already done it. That’s why I’m here, I know how hard it Is, I don’t like rejection, nobody likes rejection, but hey in sales negotiation, rejection is a part of life. Live with it, stop complaining, and keep hustling, okay. 


Alright, number four, you can do it, what is called dry four dollars so you pick one two three zip codes and what you're looking for is abandoned houses. Houses that have grass growing up high houses that have the yellow pages are stacked up or there’s bunch of fliers on the doors it seems like they never picked it up or houses that have paint coming off of them or houses that have tar on the roof or the roof is not in great shape or you know you know what abandoned houses a house it doesn’t get any love you know any care, okay. Those are motivated sellers so you want to write their information down, okay, look, look, at the other video that I have, “how to find these sellers and start marketing to them?” okay.

One thing you do, instantly just knock on the door, maybe they're home, knocked our neighbours door, maybe ask about them, see if they know where the seller is, a lot of times you have a godparent. Chance of getting that information for free guys like a clue that I just read yesterday says “hey you miss 100% of the shots, if you don’t get out, knock on that door.” You miss that opportunity 100% of the times. 


Alright guys another freebie, low cost marketing, talks to your friends and family, tell everybody what you do. “Hey i buy houses” tell them what you do, get on Facebook, get on Twitter, get on YouTube, do all these free things, guys. When i was first starting out and you know guys I made my first company thanks to the internet okay. I was living in my car and then moving to a roommate you know and working out a little closet and thanks to the internet I was able to get my jump start and compete with the gliders of the business arena, okay and their only reason was the Internet and creative thought and hard work and vision. So use the technology. It wasn’t there for me back in the day guys. 


When I was starting out Yahoo was the king, Google wasn’t even there, okay so now, you have Facebook You don’t have to learn how to make websites, you just you don’t have to know any coding, no PUP, no MySQL, you don’t have web hosting, you don’t have to know anything guys. Everything is online for you, just got to create a simple account. YouTube it, if you don’t know read it and get to work guys no excuses, okay. So tell your friends and family, get online. Tell your friends and families you haven’t seen the bigger circle and let them know what you do, okay. 


Alright guys the last one now, this one, I feel like, you get the most return of your money, okay all these, you get to turn, any of your money, but this one, is a pawn, that nobody wants to go fish because it’s a big hike you got to go up a big mountain of courage, to go fish there, okay and that’s why I highly recommend and that’s why I ideally put it number six because mostly were not going to want to do it. Okay but if you’re that chance, if you’re the cream of the crop; you’ll be on it okay.


 Now what is number six, what is the last thing? What is the big secret of the free door-knocking? Now see, I told you, anyone to do it, alright, door knock you guys. This is the cream of the crop of the free okay. Why are you going to it all day long? I’ll explain to you why okay, but let me just tell you one thing, because nobody wants to, if your door knocking on motivated sellers, it cost very little you know very little and the odds are exponential. You put a dollar in and you get 20 out or 19 now, okay. There’s a good function, okay. Now, if you want to do that, let me know I’ll get you the list and you go door knocking or I’ll tell you where to get the list, you know, sometimes it costs money, sometimes at the list.


So let me know, if like me, you are a hard worker. I want to do anything possible to help you get where you’re trying to go, okay. As long as you got that burning desire, okay. Now guys this is the kind of long video we talk about, let me recap it, we talk about motivated sellers, we talked about marketing, we talked about the importance of marketing, and how marketing is function, and we talked about how you can take your time, put experience into it, to get the big team, to change the big t4 check, to put into the marketing systems, okay and then we talked about how to find some free marketing medias of tactics, what I call guerrilla marketing, to get customers sellers for free, or very close to free, okay all right guys.


I’m out of here for right now, nice chatting with you. Looking forward to the next video

This is Michael, Mr. Investor.


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