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Soraya uses the Dojo's Ideas for her photography business and profits Big.

Hey, Mike, it’s Soraya. I just wanted to send you a quick video to share with you and to thank you for all the information you post on YouTube and through your Facebook page. I’ve been following your posts and videos on YouTube for some time now and I’ve applied some of the ideas and information that you provide.

I know a lot of it is geared towards realtors and investors, because of your DOJO program, but you also have a lot of content that applies to just any entrepreneur or anybody who’s starting out a business and for somebody starting out a business that doesn’t know a lot. I’ve applied a lot of the principles with my photography business and so that’s helped me considerably.

This year alone and with growth and just putting learning systems in place, we’ve cut the learning curve quite a bit and so  thank you so much for that information. Some of the things that I have used from your videos, some of the ideas have been the google voice, implementing that as well,  e-mail marketing, text messaging, lead generation and so all those have been quite profitable ideas and just ways to simplify your business practice.

Thank you so much for that. Thanks to you I will be starting a digital product, which is something that is new for me as well, so I will be sharing my progress with that as well with you, because its an idea that I got off some of your posts as well.

So thank you for the videos and I hope this helps somebody else!

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