Discover how to make $3,000.00 in 6 days in real estate, not knowing anythig

Discover how to make $3,000.00 in 6 days in real estate, not knowing anything

Soraya made $3,000 in 6 days wholesaling sub 2 deal, not knowing anything about investing.

DOJO's Student Success Story! MUST WATCH!

1.) Soraya Ivette​ made $3,000 in 6 days, wholesaling a sub 2 deal, and not know anything about real estate investing!

2.) Plus she quite her job from a cubicle, and started her own business in past few month!

3.) Plus, she has lose 50/lb of weight, and started becoming healthier person!

If she can do it, so can you!

#FuckABoss and #FuckAJob and #FuckAnyOneThatTellsYouCanNotDoSomething!

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I’m not a Realator so can I put a house on my contract if I’m getting house from homeowner? Instead of getting house from wholesaler or Realator ? If so what do I have homeowners sign? An assignment contract ? Do you buy contacts in Louisiana or Misssippi? I live in Neworleans area!Thank you perry! I love your posts ! Thank you for helping everyone out your the greatest!

Perry Haushalter

What’s a easy laymens terms way to analyze a deal to see if it’s worth putting it on my contract? You said 60% so how do I calculate that? 60% x estimated value = price I get it for? Hum!

Perry Haushalter

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