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Hey gang, this is Mike with MyRealEstateDOJO and today’s lesson is about SMS Marketing, text messaging marketing to cell phones. Now guys this is a revolutionary way to make money, what low low low cost what flood and floods of leads guys, more leads than you can handle. Okay.



Now, I’m going to break you down from the A to the Z’s.

So let’s start with number 1, what is Text Messaging Marketing or SMS Marketing for some of us that don’t know? Okay.

Basically text message marketing is ability for a small company or a large company or a medium size company, doesn’t matter. Somebody with large budget or no budget doesn’t matter. For you to target your customers and communicate with them, send them, promotional discounts, or let them know about specials you have, or get reviews, or make sales, or follow ups, or whatever you want, but what I’m going to focus on about in this episode is about not the reviews or getting customer feedbacks. What I wanted to talk about is the sales aspect of text marketing. 

So, I’m going to call it SMS Marketing, because I can’t pronounce Text Messaging very greatly guys.

So what is SMS Marketing? SMS Marketing is using people’s cell phones to advertise your services or your products to them. Okay. And now, there’s three ways to gather the list, okay. 

Number 1 is for your customers to opt in, you have a form on your website, and they opt in guys or something like that.

The number 2 way is where you buy the list from let’s say a data dealer or a data broker okay. You’ll say I need, you know, expired MLS list and I want to buy this, or I want to get the expired foreclosure, or I want the foreclosure, or I want to do the tax roll, or tax options, or whatever you’re going to do. Okay, so you’re going to buy the list.

The third way is where you just build your own list, okay, and it’s kind of like you know, number one where people opt in but it’s different because it’s basically the list that you built through your businesses like you’ve been in business for say seven years or ten years you have all these customers, you have all these invoices, you go and get excel sheet, if you don’t have like a CMS or some way to track your customers and you build your list from previous customers, and you start text messaging them. 

And now I’ve talked about what is SMS Marketing.

The next point is, who can it help? Okay, so SMS Marketing, who can it help?

The great thing about this is that it can help any size businesses, any size businesses but it really really can help out mom-and-pop businesses plus you’re really going to help out people that are small or small businesses. It definitely can help out mass companies like fortune 500 and you’ve seen them already implement it, but it really really can help the small businesses and as I go further into that seminar you’ll get to see why SMS Marketing is so revolutionary and so high return on your ROI with lower amount of risk of your money invested in marketing.

So, who can it help? It can help the small guys, mom-and-pop guys, the medium guys and all the way to the big guys, okay.

Now, let’s talk about point number 3, and point number 3 is three ways to do SMS Marketing, okay.  

The number 1 way is basically for free or what I call sweat equity, you know pull up your cell phone or you get into let’s say like google voice and you can send text messages to your customers, okay. One by one doesn’t cost anything, okay, one by one, okay.  Let’s say you’re an investor, you get on, let’s say Craigslist, and look for fist balls and you text message them right from your cell phone, okay so that’s one idea. 

The other way to do it is where you hire, where you hire virtual assistants, okay, what I call VAs, you monitor them and you give them lists and, you know, they’re the ones that sits there, you know eight hours a day and just sends text messages out, you know to your list, or the list you bought, or whatever, okay, and that’s what they do. This way, this level is a little bit less labor intense, so you don’t have to put some sweat equity into it but you have to put some money into it because you got to, you know, hire the VAs, the VAs are somewhere India or Pakistan, then you might have to get a phone dialer and you know I have videos explain about that if you don’t get know, get to my youtube channel, so I don’t want to go into it too much. But the VAs are very very powerful because, now you could get somebody like for a hundred bucks, 200 bucks, 300 bucks a month, working 40 hours a week for you, you know, every week, and for 300 bucks, 400 bucks, whatever you just got decide to work it out, you know, I’ve hired people from 100 bucks, all the way to pay them significant amount of money, because what they do for me, my organizations, but it’s very very powerful, that’s where you start leveraging, and you get a lot of bang for your money, okay.

The third way to send your SMS Marketing is to use, you know, these technology companies, what I call robot text messaging, where you upload your lists, you put clicks in, in a matter of nanoseconds, the text sends to all the people on your lists in a matter of seconds. I mean you’re listening to be anywhere from 10 people to 10,000 people, it doesn’t matter. Where if you’re, for example, text messaging them yourself through number one method, the sweat equity for you text messaging 10,000 people might take you months. Where you’re using the VA, you know they’re doing it but I still think they can but you’re doing something else, okay. Where the third way, the technology way is just massive, you know, the good news is, it’s massive instantly, you can hit up as many people as you want, you know. The bad news is, it does costs more money that level 1 which is sweat equity and then costs more money than level 2 which is paying for the VA, okay, level 3 is the most expensive one which is called, you know, robot text messaging services, okay, what I call it.

But that said, now please pay attention, this is very very important. Number 1, Number 2, and Number 3 way of sending text messages is so much fucking cheaper than any other advertising methods out there traditionally, for example, if you were going to do mail outs. God, it costs so much money just doing the mail outs, okay. You got to stuff envelopes, you got to get the standard, get the letters, the flyers, you know, when you do that, it costs so much, so it doesn’t matter if you use level 1, level 2 text messaging, which channel, you use it, it is still so far better deal, better return of investment than any other platform or form of marketing that I know from Facebook to Google side ads, to bandit signs, to anything like TV radio, anything, it’s so amazing, so powerful, and I’m going to explain to you guys a little bit down later, how powerful it is and why I love text messaging marketing and why I’ve actually taken the time to help you guys implement it into your business, no matter what size of business you guys had.

Alright guys now we have come to the meat and the potatoes of this story dude, All that was just the intro to get you guys to what SMS marketing is but the reason I made this seminar is to explain to you guys why 14 reasons, why SMS Marketing is better than any marketing out there today, okay. Let me just dive in and I’m not going to any specific order, I’m just free styling it and all this 14 reasons why I love SMS Marketing, this is why I let my students know about it and I help them make the funnels, make the sales funnels, make the landing pages, the email funnels, you know, what text messaging to put in them, how to take the incoming calls because it’s so important, we take a lot of time to work in that strategy so let me pull the crimps back for you guys and dive in. 

So, here’s the 14 reasons why I love SMS Marketing, I think it’s the best marketing for your return of investment in 2017, okay, 2016, 2015, in yonder, okay. 

So, Number 1, massive amount of deals guys, massive amounts of leads, text messaging produces massive amounts of leads. I can’t stress that anymore, and the reason it produces mass amount of leads will be the other 13 points that I’m going to go through but whenever you do text messaging marketing, you better be ready to answer phones and reply to texts and, you know, talk to people because it does produce leads. 

Now if you just send you know 10 texts a day you’re probably not going to get as much leads, when you send a thousand texts a day, versus when you send 10,000 texts a day, does that make sense guys? But if you send 10,000 texts a day, man you’re going to get busy if you send 10 thousand texts a day, you’re going to get busy okay, something to think about. You produce a significant amount of leads, so I remember the very first time I did text messaging after the biggest list and I wasn’t prepared for the amount of calls that I got, it was just so overwhelming, I was just like for 2 days just picking up the phone and people are just like ring ring ring, it was just like, woah you know, I didn’t think it was gonna get like that where I just opened the gate and the floods just started coming in like God, I was very very shocked.  The first time I did text messaging, I was sold on it.

Alright guys, point number 2, is that text messaging, you know, I’ve read reports, has 95% opening rates, let me say that again, has 95% opening rates guys, okay. I can’t express that anymore, cause you know I’ve been in business for a long periods of time, I had moving companies, real estate brokers, investing personal trainings, you name it, supplements, and I’m telling you guys, I usually do door knocking, cold calling, I used to do mail outs, I did bandit signs up on Google ads, I’ve done t-shirt, I’ve done so many fucking creative financing human billboards and I could tell you guys not one marketing strategy that I have had 95% opening rate, you know, I remember, you know, getting 10 men crew, 5 men crew and my guys would head up every apartment door to door with flyers now I wouldn’t get that kind of return, I will spend thousands of dollars okay, and labour, and flyer, and take the sticker, and put these little flags on their doors or what I have you, okay, I would get good results it was good things but the amount of money that I get from text message marketing compared to that is just crazy and then the cost is like crazy. When I did that flyer marketing I say door-to-door, it would cost me a lot of money dude. Let’s say you know I pay these guys a hundred bucks, I have five guys, that’ll five hundred dollars for the day then each one probably would be able only do five hundred to a thousand Flyers, if they’re fast a day so see, okay, so let’s say each one, best rate, five hundred a day and I had five people, okay, five hundred times and they were only putting out 2,500 Flyers, okay, and for them to put that 25, let’s just make it a thousand, just to make it easier, Okay. I have five guys and they put a thousand each in which very small amount of people that, okay, I would have five thousand Flyers out. 

For five thousand Flyers, are you willing to pay five hundred bucks? not including tape, not including the printing cost, the shipping cost,  not including my managing costs for them to drive these flyer distribution guys out, monitor to make sure they’re putting everything out, so when you include those, it was so much fucking money, okay. Also, if you take that number which is you know five thousand, how many responses would you get? You know, It was way little because sometimes the wind would blow and take the Flyers away, okay, sometimes the maintenance men would come out and take the fires down, or you know, sometimes people will just open it, you know, the door and they would just toss the flyer, Wherein Text Marketing we have a 95% opening rate, okay, and I would say you have 100% but I don’t want to say a hundred percent, I would say 99% delivery rate, guys, I mean it’s gonna get fucking delivered.

 It doesn’t take a genius or a very smart person to know that, hey those are some good odds to do marketing, you know. I know a lot of people that spend thousands of dollars in investing or some that don’t get a return at all but if you can invest that same thing in SMS marketing, it would bring a significant amount of fucking return on your money, without a doubt, without a doubt in my mind.

Alright guys I’m going to get to the next subject. Okay so the next reason why I love text message marketing is the fact that it has a long shelf life, okay, for some of you that don’t know what a long shelf life is, when I do Facebook marketing once the ad is not running the shelf life is zero, nobody’s going to say oh yeah I saw that a year ago, okay. but I have numerous people that have called me from buying houses to moving company through real estate brokerage it says, you know, or my students so, oh yeah, I got a text, a month or six months ago and I just saved it and I just called you, okay, that’s what I mean about a shelf life. Another idea that has good shelf life are flyers, but again flyers are very expensive, but some marketing medias for example when you run a Google ad or when you run a Facebook ad, there’s other stuff out there, for example when you run a fucking TV ad or whatever it doesn’t have a shelf life but things like text message marketing, T-shirts have a significant amount of shelf life, dude. You may text somebody today, you don’t get response but six months later you’ll later see  message like “I got your text message, I saved it on my phone” because you know in fact it is saved on their phone so it has great shelf life, and it decays like exponentially. First it’s very fast but then it becomes slower and slower, and slower which means that you’ll get people that’ll call you in six-months, year to year later, to say “I saw your marketing”. 

Alright guys the next one is a very important one, I love it the most. There are no gatekeepers, okay, when you take some text message marketing there is no fucking gatekeepers, now for you, for the guys and girls that have done cold calling and say you’re calling, you know, a business owner or somebody important they’ll have an assistant or to have a secretary or you know you can’t get two people or if you’re doing email marketing they’ll have spam filters, you know, or if you’re calling your own phone they’ll have voice messaging system or they might have a human filter. Whatever it is, you know, there are filters. With text messaging, you are messaging that person’s personal cell phone number guys or that person’s personal cell phone number. I mean I have a phone and I carry with me all the time, as soon as I wake up, I go to the dump and take a dump. The first thing I do is start looking at my shop, if I should take my emails, so you know I don’t want to waste any time so I listen to motivational videos, so I listen to it and the first thing I do when I wake up and if people have texted me, I do look at it even if its spam. I still look at it, I still read it, scan through it okay. Whereas emails I may look at it or check it only once a month, once every week, okay.

So there are no gatekeepers which is very very amazing. It is one of the most fabulous things about text messaging I mean all these 14 things are amazing about that’s why I love it but this is very powerful there’s no filters, no spam filters, there’s no gatekeepers, there’s nobody from getting in your way to deliver your message or your content,  or in this case, your cells commotion because that’s what I’m talking about, to your customers, and if you’re a real estate investor, to your seller or to your buyers, okay.

Guys the next one I like a lot is whenever you do text message marketing, you have immediate response or you have immediate read like when you send it in nanoseconds, in a minute, or two minutes, it gets delivered and majority of people will read it instantly. You know what I’m saying and sometimes though, you know, take action instantly when they tell you “hey fuckoff” or they tell you “hey take me off the list” or they’ll ask you more questions or they may go and submit a lead online, depends what your goal is and how your structure your marketing campaign, guys. 

Alright guys the next point is that, you know, many marketing costs money and everybody knows that marketing costs money, okay, and this is why I love SMS marketing. This is why I love text message marketing because it levels the playing field sure, it’s going to require sweat equity but if you have no money you pull out your fucking cell phone or get on Google and send text messages to your clients or to your prospect where you know if you want to do marketing once a day a newspaper you can actually have physical money, if you say, well do you want to change sweat equity for Google Ad or Facebook, it doesn’t say hey if you’re willing to wash our car, or willing to give you a Facebook ad, they’re not willing to do that. But with text message marketing you just put your sweat equity in there and you’re able to get on let’s say if you’re an investor, get on the fucking Craigslist look for fist balls and start text messaging guys. Okay so the point being is, it’s very great marketing that you are able to do even if people have zero money or if they have a lot of money or anywhere in between guys, okay, and that’s what’s powerful about it, so in other words, text message marketing is good for any size businesses and budgets.

Alright guys, the next point, You’re able to start it whenever you want and stop it whatever you want, for example, if I want to add let’s say in and magazine or if I do let’s say Valpak one of those you know things that they send to you in the mail once you sign up with them you know and they start doing a couple of deliveries and you say hell shit I haven’t got any bills okay and that has happened to me before. I’ve used Valpak I wasn’t happy and there was no way stopping around. I’ve ran ads and you know I couldn’t bend in magazine and you know I did a six month subscription or your contract and after the two months, there was no way for me to stop it. I was stuck with this shit right, where in text message marketing you can send the text message out and flood the leads, come in and let’s say if you’re just doing yourself, you could just stop. Answer the phone calls, and the wave slowed down. If you hired a VA, you tell your VA to stop or you can have them answer the phone call for you, okay. Or if you’re doing voice broadcasting, I mean text messaging, with the machines you could instantly go into your admin panel and put a freeze on it. So the ability to start it and stop it is very very powerful because it’s not like a marriage like many other marketing platforms.

Alright guys, the next reason why I love text message marketing is that it’s eco-friendly. What I mean is, well you know I used to do flyers you know I should do mail outs and I thought about it especially when I start traveling more and I saw all these beautiful trees being cut down by big corporations for flyers and you know I realized that men take marketing email marketing as a way better because were not tearing down the trees, the environment. So it’s really good because we don’t leave it side effect and we can make shit little money and cost very little and you know open rate is great delivery is great you can start to stop it whenever you want so it has a lot of benefits to it guys.

Alright guys, the next thing is very very important. Text Message Marketing makes it very very very easy to track your progress. You can setup different landing pages, use different numbers and you could test it out and see what’s working what’s not okay because when I first started text messaging I wasn’t getting a lot of results even though it was very great for me because I wasn’t making great text message ads. I was very accustomed to making ads and let’s say flyers or emails or Craigslist or things of that nature, and I wasn’t able to make it great compared to in text messaging. It took me a lot of money, a lot of errors to tweak it and twist it to make the ass perfect with them for me to get a great return on my investment. I mean it took a long time dude, I mean I’ve seen that dollars number, thousands of thousands of thousands of thousands of thousands of text messages. You could get a bulletproof ad that’s going to get a return, it was for them to go submit a lead online or if it takes me back whatever so that’s really the hardest part about text messaging marketing okay. 

And before the seminar was over if you guys want to download my ad I’ll give you access to them to download.

Alright guys the next point is very very very important okay and that is something that most mom-and-pop businesses don’t understand okay which is you know when you have a small business and let’s say you know your local sales guy comes in to say “hey I just want to add here in my magazine” or lets “want to add here” or “let’s put your ad in a newspaper or the green sheet or the Yellow Pages” whatever. Whatever their story is, they’re trying to sell you okay they don’t tell a small business owner you don’t really understand that there’s basically two types of marketing one marketing is what I call lead focused marketing, so let me repeat that again is called lead focus marketing which is basically you do marketing you get leads, you make money and you do it again okay and the other one is called branding marketing okay and a lot of marketing vehicles or media our branding focus because they deal with the big corporations the fortune500 and he like Pepsi coke with that nature these guys just want to be in front of your face okay they know eventually that down the line you’re going to buy from them. When you meet them you’re going to think about that but unfortunately for you know a small guy like myself or like you’re a mom-and-pop when I first started is that you know I can’t afford to stand and do years of branding for one customer to campaign. Yeah I’ll go bankrupt I’ll go broke especially if I’m starting a business bootstrapping or not barring any money which was a great blessing because I really learned the difference between lead focus marketing versus brand focus marketing.

And one of the great things about SMS marketing is that it is very very very lead focused marketing like you do it and you get leads and you get sales okay its very very simple. I read a Valpak fucking ran it for a year or six months, like one customer you know it didn’t even cover the cost of the fucking marketing and unfortunately I’m not trying to bow the alpaca I’m just giving you my experiences there’s a lot of other medias I marketed and didn’t get shit dude you know not a damn thing and the worst thing is to spend money on marketing and not only you don’t even get the money for the marketing back you actually have to put your sweat equity in there or provide labor, provide product, and there so you lose money on marketing then you don’t even make enough money to cover your product, the services you rendered and now you’ve got the fucked two ways dude. Now one was the marketing company and the other person that one was the fucking customer but end of the day you got fucked both ways because you overspend on the marketing than bringing up revenue to pay off the marketing cost and then the overhead for your product or services and that’s the main many that that is, excuse me, that is one of the main main reasons many people don’t advertise because they do they get burned I don’t get a return they’re like this is waste of money and is the hardest part is yet you’re right it is well a waste of money it cost a lot of fucking money to tweak it and fine-tune it to make it you know perfect harmony but what do you spec I mean life is like that if you look at the orchestra you know it’s not going to be perfect you know the guy has to fine tune the instrument players how to practice for years you can make it perfect okay. 

One of the great things like I said earlier is that when you start text messaging you’ll get results but if your ads are not the greatest you’re not going to get great results so you’re just going to get mediocre results and over the years of thousands of text messages that I sent, I have fine-tuned my marketing content for SMS, this is what I call the samurai ad because it is the shit, it gets results. 

Alright guys here’s another important idea and I want you to remember that with SMS marketing is another reason why I love it is what I call the hundred percent direct delivery sure there’s a care you’re involved but you know their carrier, the carriers job is to make sure it gets delivered but a lot of other advertisement is not a hundred percent of like direct delivered for example when I used to do door-to-door flyers it wasn’t always 100 percent direct because I would put it on the door sometimes the wind would take the flyer. Sometimes a management would take it, sometimes the kids will fuck with it so you know, sometimes wouldn’t go through, or when I did Valpak sometimes I didn’t think they mailed it to every of house okay or sometimes when I did you know this Indian magazine that the guy ripped me off I didn’t think he delivered to every station that he said he was going to go because I checked some and they weren’t being delivered there so you know a lot of marketing there’s that second level person that you know that you hope and trust that they’re going to do their job so you get results unlike text messaging, text messaging you know when you send it, if the cell phone fucking is working, it’s not a dead number, there’s a 100% chance of delivery rate and again there’s a 95% chance of opening so that’s why I call a hundred percent Direct Marketing because there is no middle man that’s going to distribute your content or distribute your flyers or there’s going to street your mail outs and you’re hoping that they do their fucking job and they don’t drop a couple of your flyers or they don’t drop a couple of your milk mailings or they don’t do what they said okay. So, you don’t have to worry about that risk factor of you know because you’re directly dealing with the customers yourself which is very very powerful.

Alright guys in the very last point I don’t know I said it multiple time is that the reason I love text messaging marketing is that it’s very very cost-efficient. I can’t express this to you guys anymore, very very cost efficient you could do it for free with sweat equity and even if you pay for it like through a VA or through these robo companies, technology companies, it’s very very cheap compared to any other thing for example if you were doing flyers like I did the numbers last time you would save so much more money and your direct marketing you know they’re getting delivered 95% openings you can get more massive leads and for example if you’re doing mail outs like blasts timing that they always keep changing the post cost but last time I checked you know in Dallas Texas it was like 43cents or 32 cents for postcards and you know 50 something cents for the letter you know so if you do let’s say you know a thousand of those you know like 50cents you see what the numbers is and then you’re at the envelope then you have the stuffing time and then you’re at the flyer cost and then you have driving out there and you know then yet how long is going to wait and you have to add you know the probability someone were going to get lost because the mailman may not deliver it or whatever and you compare that to text messaging you know even if you use the most expensive level which I said level 3 is where you use a company to send a text message out you’re still like a couple of cents text messaging cost just a couple of cents anywhere for like one to all way maybe like 10, 15 centavos, what company you go to, but usually its very very cheap like one to five cents you know get it done okay. Where if you’re going to send out postcards like I said it’s like 54 cents not including the letters and including stuffing that include the, you know, your time and so many stuff so be compared to like letters if you compare it to you know Google side as or if you can compare it to anything else, TV you name it. 

Majority cant stack what they do because the cost efficiency of it is just unbelievable and the amount of money you make from it is unbelievable for example with my real estate company with text messaging we’ve got multi-million dollar listings you know we got a listing that was a penthouse it was like two point, three point I don’t remember right now in front of you million dollars you know we’ve gotten five hundred thousand dollar listings we know we bought properties we’ve wholesale deals you know I’ve got a shitload of lease or moving you know a hundred dollar news all the way to five thousand dollars I mean whatever you get imagining you know I’ve hired Realtors through agent marketing and so whatever you name it you think about it. It can happen with SMS marketing guys and its very very powerful.

Alright guys now we’ve come to the point that if you think SMS Marketing is for you, which I think it should be for every small businesses or medium-sized business until big size businesses. Now, I have street tested proven SMS marketing ads to find motivated sellers. Guys, I have ten of that okay that’s for sale right off my website, okay. I’ve also included in that buyer ads where you’re able to find, you know, buyers for your property so if you buy a property let’s say and at a discount and you want to do let’s say under financing or if you want to sell out to find a buyer, I even have SMS for buyers guys so it’s not going to get any easier, I have Street tested proven ads that I paid thousands of dollars for to copyright it, to make them, test them, and now I want to share it to you guys, okay. 

I’ve been doing SMS marketing for quite a while I spent significant amount of money in it. I paid copywriters, I mean, significant amount of mistakes and this is the cream of it okay and I’m willing to share with you for a small fee right off my website and this package to begin its going to include ads to find motivated sellers and it’s going to also include ads to find buyers guys whenever you find these deals and these are very copy and paste type of things, all you got to do is when you get the ad, only you have to do is just put your contact information and then nothing else because if you put anything else in there then it’s going to break and the messes are going to get chopped up dude.

Okay now some of you may buy these ads you say “oh look it looks like there might be a spelling error or there’s no comma here” and the reason is because in text message marketing you only give so many characters so these ads were meant to you know not meant to be spelled correctly or what the dots, even though they have correct spelling, but they’re meant to generate leads and to do it in a way that gets the persons attention with the amount of spaces provided okay guys so you know this is not your essay that you get to your English teacher okay this is something that’s going to be a hook for them to call you for them to text message you or then go to on your website and submit elite guys okay.

Now guys if you need training on you know how to set up SMS funnels please reach out to me you know happy to help you out I can help you out with setup you know SMS funnels for you, email auto responder series for your landing pages, marketing plan for you, I can tell you exactly where to go to find the data or so you don’t have to build the list exactly okay. If you guys are investors or Realtors or any other business related to the industry you know I do have the expired list I do have that for a closer list so that protects us so they’re ready to go guys and so I’ll have to list I have the ad all you got to do is just jump on that bicycle and pedal as hard as you can and do as many as you can guys.

Anyways, I appreciate you guys listening to the seminar if you like these videos guys please like, please share, please comment, and tell your friends about me, and make sure you download these ads.

Invest in yourself, I’m very confident that they’re going to get you 1000 times the return of your investment that you’ve invested guys, go out there and hustle and bustle don’t take no for an answer. Talk to you soon.


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