comparing marketing strategies,

Side-by-side Comparison of Marketing Strategies with the Maximum Payout

Side-by-side Comparison of Marketing Strategies with the Maximum Payout

We go in depth and take a look at different marketing strategies, how much money and time is spent on these activities and which has the maximum payout and results based on Time and Money spent

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MyrealestateDojo and today I have a very important training that I want to show you guys, to do a step by step comparison about marketing. Now if you’ve been following me for the three and a half years of my journey on my YouTube channel you know I’m a big believer of marketing. I’ve taken a very complex idea like real estate investing and narrowed it down to three propellers. Today what I’m going to be talking about is one of the propellers. So, let’s go quickly over what the three propellers are of real estate investing. The first one is Lead Gen, the second one is conversion, and the third one is exit strategy. So, basically the real estate business, doesn’t matter if you want to wholesale, if you want to be a landlord, if you want to fix and flip, it doesn’t matter. This is what it comes down to. If you’re new and you’re getting started in the business, the REI clubs, coaches, the gurus, you tube channels, Facebook they make it very confusing and they talk about this idea (exit strategy), and this idea (conversion) before they talk about this idea (Lead Gen). And if you follow those equations they teach, your odds of success are very slim because it all boils down to the first step. It’s kind of like going to school, you can’t go to second grade till you pass first grade.

The first step is Lead Generation. So if you want to have success, you need to have lead generation. It doesn’t matter if you’re a realtor, you’re an investor, in any business. But I’m talking about today is the realtor side of marketing. So it comes down to three propellers: Lead Gen, Conversion, and Exit. Today we’re going to talk about step number one. Now you know that I’m a high believer of Lead Generation before you do setting up your logos, setting up your website, getting your t-shirts printed and getting XY and Z and getting into debt; because if you can’t generate leads, there’s no reason to spend money and time going to step number two and step number three.

Now that we’ve got that scored away, let’s go ahead and pull the curtains back and get into the good stuff because I want to make sure you understand this. This is crucial. If you don’t understand these three steps, you’re going to spend a lot of time and energy and not doing deals.

Marketing comes down to two parts, that’s it. There’s only two types of marketing. You got free and you have paid. Some of you ladies and gentlemen may not have the money, which is O.K. This is a great thing about America, that’s why I love being here. That’s why you should be glad being here and not listen to the news telling you that you can’t do X and Y because you can do free marketing. Now, with free marketing you’re going to have to put time in. If you don’t have the money, you have to put some time in. So, if you don’t have no money and you don’t have the time then go ahead and exit out of this because this is not for you.  I just want to be honest with you. And some of the other people that don’t have the time or they have money then they can put the money in and then they have to put less time in because they could use systems to generate lead generation for you because the very first step of successful business is Lead-Gen. I don’t care if you’re an attorney, you own a pizza shop. I don’t care if you own a restaurant, Kung Fu, credit repair, you’re an investor it doesn’t matter. Lead Gen is the key.

Now let’s do a comparison between, side by side, different types of marketing, free and paid. I’m a high believer of free. I’m a refugee to America. I came here with nothing. After college, instead of getting a job I decided to live in my car with a hundred bucks and turned three businesses because I was able to use imagination and creativity. So, I’m a high believer in free marketing. I’m gonna go ahead and talk about some of these and do cost by cost analysis and see which one works. The very first thing we’re going to talk about is free. Let’s say you’re going to do free marketing like Cold calling. And let’s say you’re going to do the free marketing, so you’re going to have to put the time in there and you’re the one that’s going to have to do the cold calling. And you’re not gonna have success cold calling like what most of my students say, “ Oh I cold called 20 people, 25 people, 30 people”. It’s not going to work like that. If you want to do cold calling, you have to be able to hit 150 calls a day at the very minimum. You have to make one hundred and fifty calls a day and you have to consider that even though it’s free, you have to consider the cost of your own time.  Like, what are you going to pay yourself once your business starts growing? So, there’s a cost of your time. Your time is not for free. You may not have money, but that doesn’t mean your time is free. You haven’t been able to monetarize your time. So, let’s assume that you’re going to pay yourself what the minimum wage is at least; I don’t know what the minimum wage is, but just to make the numbers easier let’s say ten bucks an hour. To call a hundred and fifty people a day it’s going to take you a good six to eight hours a day. And when you’re first starting out and you’re scared, you don’t want to make the calls you’re not going to make that, but you have to force yourself. How do I know? I had an army of VA’s making phone calls for me and at the very minimum they were making a hundred and fifty calls a day or they wouldn’t have a job. So, if you’re calling people, a hundred and fifty a day it’s probably going to take you eight hours if not more, but I’m just going to go on the lower side.  At ten bucks an hour, minimum wage for that day it will cost you eighty bucks. Eighty dollars a day. And you’re probably going to generate 1-3 leads a day. Now, if you’re just starting out you’re going to be on the left side (only one lead), if you’re a pro then you’re going to be on plus three. For this scenario let’s just keep everything constant. Let me shoot straight with you. I am downgrading it. I’m not glamorizing it or making it the glamorous. I’m looking at it in the most negative, negative way. And looking at it that way and analyzing it, the worse probability so there’s better equations. You can get a lot more leads. You may not want to pay yourself ten bucks an hour, maybe just three bucks an hour. But one to three leads you can get for a hundred and fifty bucks. How do I know? I’ve been doing this. I had my moving company and we’ve been in the cold calling business for a very long time. If you can’t get that after one month of doing this then it’s time to go somewhere else because you haven’t spent the time to learn or if you’re learning you’re not improving your skills because you’ve got to be able to get that. Virtual assistants from India get that. GOING BACK TO THE STORY, cold calling will generate you one to three leads a day. If you pay yourself minimum wage, it’d be eighty bucks. You will have to call a hundred and fifty people a day. It’ll take you about at least eight hours. That’s one.

Let’s say if you were doing door-knocking, that’s free as well. You’re not going to get quite as high at those numbers as cold calling, but you would at least spend eight hours if not more. So eight hours is for sure, you have to put those eight hours in. If you’re going to have a job working for the man, you’re going to work eight hours. So, if you’re going to have your own business and you’re a full timer, you have to at least work eight hours if not more just to start it. Especially if you don’t want to spend any money. That’s why we’re talking about free. Paid is a different story, but if you don’t have any money and you only want to work eight hours then there’s something wrong. But, I’m just going to work with the best possibility. Door knocking, eight hours, you’re going to generate 1-3 leads a day. I’m assuming that you’re targeting specific lists. You’re targeting the evictions, or you’re targeting the foreclosures, or you’re targeting divorces, those behind on payments. You’re not just randomly picking the block and just hitting that area and say “Hey do you want to sell your house to 60 cents on a dollar, hey do you want to…” That’s not going to work because these people haven’t shown you any kind of motivation. I’m assuming you’re door-knocking on a very narrow, highly targeted, motivated, targeted seller for you to get 1-3 leads and work eight hours to generate 1-3 leads. You’re going to work eight hours and you’re going to pay yourself at least eighty bucks plus some gas. Let’s say for eight hours of driving it’s going to cost you thirty bucks. It’s going to cost you more, but I’m just going to put twenty just to make it easy, so that’s going to be a hundred bucks. A hundred bucks divided into one or divided into three it’s not that bad it’s like thirty three bucks per lead when you can turn around and make three thousand dollars, twenty thousand dollars, depends on what strategy you’re applying. That’s not bad at all for the cost of a lead, because it’s still free. I want to make sure you realize that free still costs you time because you’re not spending it on luxury you’re working. So, you have to put some kind of value to it even at minimum wage. You might not have to pay that out of your pocket, but once you make the deal and you make the money you have to go back and analyze it and put these numbers into it. So, I’m doing that right now for you. And I’m looking at the very very negative. It’s going to cost you more than twenty bucks to drive around depends on what kind of car you have. If you have like a Leaf or something, TESLA, then maybe. If you have a big truck and you’re hitting thirty to forty people and they live in all parts of your metroplex, and you’re sitting in traffic, it’s eight hours then you’re probably going to burn more. Again, I am looking at the most negative aspect of it to give you the best idea.

So we talked about a couple of free stuff. Now let’s talk about some paid stuff. One of the stuff I like to do is direct mail. I’m going to talk about that. Direct mail, some of the costs associated with it is that you have to pay for the stamps. The stamps are almost like 49 cents per stamp. Then you have to get the envelope. You have to put the time in to stuff them. And you’re going to need the material; the marketing assets like the flyer. Usually when I’m going to spend all of this money, then I’m going to make my marketing asset to look as professional as possible. I use full color back and front, UV. I do different stuff too, but I’m not just going to throw some junk in there because I’m spending so much money.  I want to have myself look totally different than anybody else. You have the flyer cost. All of my flyers I’m going to be paying for a UV this and that, 25 cents front and back. I’m going to capitalize on both. Maybe on the back I’d do a co-op where I’d deal with a broker or an insurance adjuster so they can decrease my costs. Join my “I am Mastermind” to get great ideas like this to do co-op marketing so you don’t have to pay for any marketing or you decrease the costs of marketing. So, let’s talk about this stuff first, I’m not even going to mention that (the envelopes). So once you do this, I’m not even going to put this stuff in there (stamps, envelopes, time to stuff envelopes). You could easily say it’s going to cost you a dollar and twenty five cents per envelope. Some of you guys might say I can get the meter stuff for the mail that’s going to be less. Yes. But the open ratio of that is a lot less too. So, I’m looking at it where I can get a better opening ratio. I’m looking at it where I want someone to handwrite this for me instead of me slabbing a mailing label like everybody. I didn’t even include that. If you include that stuff it’s going to go up. But on the rough end, a hundred and twenty five. Here we’re hitting a hundred people, calling. To get any kind of results we have to at least do a thousand mail outs. And the results that we’re going to get is, according to everybody’s statistics opening rate, is going to be anywhere between 2 to 3 percent. I’m going to put in here 1-3. But if you do this one thousand envelopes times a dollar twenty five, which this number should be a lot more, but I’m just bringing it down. You’re looking at one thousand two hundred and fifty bucks for that day, to send those out. So, see for the free stuff it’s a lot cheaper. For that day it’s eighty bucks if you did cold calling; you just paid yourself. You didn’t include the phone because you had a phone. Door-knocking, you didn’t have to rent a car or anything because you probably had a car, but you have to pay for the gas. So, eighty bucks for your time, twenty bucks for the gas that’s a hundred bucks. So you can see the free stuff is way cheaper because for eighty bucks you’re getting one to three; where when you’re having to pay direct mail for one thousand (and one thousand isn’t that much ladies and gentlemen) again, you’re getting one to three. Now, I’m a high believer in direct mail, but if you just send out one thousand mail to some blank people let’s say to a targeted list like foreclosures or expired. It costs a lot of money and you’re not going to get a good return. I have a hack on that. Get on my website MyRealEstateDojo.  Look in the it’s called PLM mass mailing I forgot the name of it, but check it out it’s called PLM. I show you how to not to send out to this whole list. How to filter it all the way down and just only send to the crème de la crème and I show you how to do it in my other book.

Let’s continue with this story side by side comparison. Now, let’s go ahead and talk about Facebook. For Facebook marketing it’s basically technology, so you don’t need marketing asset that are hard like flyers you have to print out, envelopes. But you will need a copywriting or copywriter or you could do it yourself. And you may need a thumbnail with some design. You could do it yourself or outsource it. And you may need a video of whatever you’re selling. You’re going to need some marketing assets, but they’re not hard asset. They can cost some money or you can do it yourself. But I’m assuming you’re going to do them all for free. You’re going to be the handyman. Just like you were doing the free here (pointing to Cold-calling, door-knocking). But Facebook even if you do it for free, like the copywriting or the thumbnails you’re going to still have to pay for their marketing. And let’s say you’re spending twenty bucks a day. When I spend twenty bucks a day and I’m getting a relevance score on Facebook, which is like them judging from 1 to 10. If you have a one then you pay the most amount for your advertisement. If your relevance score is a ten or a nine you pay the least. For example if my relevance score is a nine I’m paying roughly like one cent to three cents for my ads because I have high relevance score cause I just provide good content. It costs me about one cents to three cents for my ads, for people to watch my ads where other people are paying 2 bucks, 3 bucks, 5 bucks etc. so it depends on your relevance. With a high relevance score, for twenty bucks it serves to my targeted audience that I have set up. It costs me about twenty bucks to reach a hundred and three people roughly, but with a hundred and three I’m not going to get any leads. So I have to get to that level of at least one thousand just like the mass mail out to get some kind of response. So, twenty bucks gets me a hundred, I need five times that and that comes out to two hundred and eighty bucks. So for that day two hundred and eighty bucks; I have to spend a day to generate 1 to three leads of “Hey we buy houses”. Now if you’re selling like some other kind of like you know mugs, or t-shirts or something like 10, 20 bucks then it’s a different story. But if you want to steal somebody’s home in a sense or you know buy it for sixty cents on a dollar, get owner financing, well it’s a little bit harder to sell. If you want to get 1-3 leads a day from Facebook it costs you two hundred and eighty bucks. It’s way cheaper than mail out, and mail out is one thousand two hundred and eighty dollars to get one to three leads a day. Facebook is so cheap and that’s why people are on Facebook, You Tube, saying hey you can make a lot of money on Amazon, you can make a lot of money on Shopify. If you’re interested in any of that holler at me guys. I sold my book on Amazon and it became one of the top twenty list for a couple of days. We sold a lot of stuff on Shopify. So, if you’re interested in that stuff holler at me, I can help you out. The point I’m trying to make is, you can see the free is still a lot cheaper. You don’t have to pay that right now but, whenever you get your money you have to end up paying that because you have to include that in the equation; eventually you’re going to have to hire people or you have to pay for your time and your time is not for free. So, this is going to be hitting a thousand people per day (Facebook), and here (mail out) you’re sending out one thousand per day. And on the cold calling you don’t have to hit up a thousand people because you’re actually picking up the phone and talking to people and you have a better chance at conversion. For my company, when the VA’s work, they minimum have to hit up a hundred and fifty. They had to hit three hundred to hundred and fifty. The more you dial the better it is, so understand that.

Now, let’s talk about flyers. Like door hangers and flyers at people’s apartments. With flyers, let’s assume that you’re going to do it. I had crews of flyers with vans four and five people and the management two and three teams going to different parts of the Dallas Fort Worth area for many many years so, I’m very familiar with flyers. Having crews and stuff and they just worked for my three companies. So, I’m very expert in that. Now, flyers, let’s assume you’re going to do it. You’re not going to have a crew and all that stuff which makes it the easiest and the cheapest. If you’re going to work eight hours and you’re going to pay yourself minimum wage say ten bucks or something then that’s eighty bucks for the day. But then you got to have gas, you have to go drive around. Let’s say you’re going to spend that hundred bucks.  And with the flyers, I’d say probably a hundred and fifty because a good worker that’s been doing flyers forever they can do anywhere from 700, 750 to 1,000 flyers in 8 hours. I’m talking about they’re working hard. You’re probably not going to be in shape and all of that stuff and you’ve never done it. You’re probably not going to get those numbers but, it’s hard to find people that can hit the 750 to 1,000 every day in Texas heat or wherever you’re at; so let’s consider that. I’m assuming that you’re going to do at least 750 to 1,000 to make the numbers equal. You might have to work instead of 8, nine, ten, or eleven hours so that’s why I raised this up but, to keep it all even you’re able to put out a thousand. I used to have a lot of workers because if they couldn’t do the 750 to a thousand flyers a day they couldn’t have a job, so this number is very very possible. I had many crews doing it all over parts of town; from my moving company, my Real Estate Brokers We buy Houses etc. Flyers are very very effective. Not that many people optimize on it. They are expensive, let’s say if you want to have a crew going and you have a van and you’re going to get a manager. Then you’re going to have three other guys in there. So assume you pay each guy (flyer guys) a hundred bucks each, three guys three hundred and you pay your manager a little bit more let’s say one fifty, that’s four fifty. Then you have the gas, you have the flyers so, it starts adding up. But again you have four guys now out there, passing out flyers each one is hitting a thousand for that day. You’re hitting four thousand flyers or close to it for four hundred and fifty bucks. That’s pretty good. You’re going to get some returns on your money. Depends what business you’re in. If you’re in a pizza business, you’re in the moving, you’re going to get more return than If you say,  hey I want to buy your house sixty cents on a dollar but, understand that. So, flyers are good if you know an area that you want to buy or you’d love to buy or if you know it’s been hit, there’s been a lot of inventory then you could target those areas. Simply put, if you did it yourself with the flyers, it’s going to cost you right around a hundred and fifty bucks, that includes the gas, the flyers, to get hit a thousand. You’re probably going to generate one to three leads, probably on this side (1) unless they’re targeted lists. And if you’re going to hit a targeted list then it would cost you a lot more because it would take you a lot of time to drive around. But assuming you just hit a subdivision you’re probably going to be on the lower end because they’re probably not going to be motivated so, out of the thousand you may get one or two leads. And the lead may be just somebody calling you to ask a question, doesn’t mean that they’re going to go with you and sell you their home. They’re just potential people that just raised their home.

I’m going to show you right now, pay attention, this secret recipe of way low advertisement. We talked about free you’re looking at eighty to a hundred if you’re doing co-calling or door-knocking. If you’re doing direct mail you’re looking at a dollar twenty five per unit and if you’re sending out a thousand you’re looking at one thousand two hundred, almost thirteen hundred bucks. If you’re doing Facebook it’s way cheaper than the mail outs and you’re looking at two hundred and eighty. And if you do flyers, which is very cheaper than mail outs etc. There’s a bunch of other stuff you can do that’s probably going to go a lot higher. But I had a secret, and I am going to share with you right now. How to get one to three leads if not more, for just $4 a day. I hope you’re ready. If you look at all these numbers (paid and free advertising) these are all per day. How much you would have to get. You would have to send out a thousand mail outs, have to put out a thousand impressions on Facebook, or you would have to do a thousand door hangers. I have a way where you can get one to three leads a day or more for just $4 a day. If I’d showed you that, would you just jump on there like hey, let me get that because you’d have to be insane not to say that. I mean, if you’re an entrepreneur, if you want to escape the rat race, if you want to take your business to the next level, scale it up; you got to see that the free, the one that you have to do yourself is costing you more money than this one (the $4). Now, what is the secret? The secret is what I’ve been preaching to you guys for a while now. It’s called My VA Exponential. Virtual assistants. Hiring college educated people around the globe and I show you where to hire them, where to fire them. How to set up systems, how to set up my VA filtering system to get the crème de la crème. How to set up bonuses, what kind of paperwork you need and all that stuff for you to get $4 a day. These $4 a day will be on the three plus side (3 leads) very easily because you can get people to work for you across the sea because of the money exchange because of our dollar has so much value compared to let’s say India money or Pakistani money or the Philippine money because of the currency wars per say. We can get people over there to work for us that are super smart for so much less money which is four dollars a day. And if somebody is sitting in front of the phone for eight hours a day and making a hundred and fifty to three hundred calls for you they will get these leads for you just like you were doing it. But now you don’t have to be there you can go do something else. Maybe you can focus on the direct mail, maybe you can focus on learning how to do Facebook, maybe you can focus on the flyers. You have to be a moron not to realize that four dollars a day having a smart person that speaks English, has sales experience. And I’ll show you how to get all these people; making cold calls for you or getting it on Craig’s list or back pages or your master lease sheet and sending text messages; or going up there and collecting data for you like a county clerk’s office like the evictions, or the divorces, or the foreclosures or going to Craig’s list and gathering information from back pages or Craig’s list people trying to sell their homes like fish bowls so you could reach out to them through the direct marketing or through cold calling. Because you can hire a VA and a VA can do all kinds of marketing for you for four dollars a day.

It’s a no brainer guys, and right now I have my book and it’s $1500 it’s seven hours of advanced training. I’ve been doing VA since 1999, 2000, 2001 when dial up was AOL was in place, where we had Netzero. So I know a lot about this stuff and I haven’t shared it with anybody because I had been using it for my own businesses, but now I don’t have my businesses anymore. I’m pursuing to change your life so, I want to share it with you. If you just buy one thing from me, if you just buy this one book and you take action it’s going to change your life because it’s what I call an Exponential lever. Why do you think UBER is making so much money? Why do think AirBnB is making so much money? Because they’re using exponential levers. They’re not using one plus one, they’re not using one times one. They’re not using those. They’re using x to the power of ten, x to the power of two, x to the power of whatever. They’re using exponential levers. And just the other day I did a video for you guys of what an exponential lever looked like. If you use what’s taught in schools or colleges or what other people are talking about then you’re probably going to do like ten plus ten equals twenty. If you did a creative way, you know the people that go become entrepreneurs and they go create a business plan and they borrow money and get in debt. The best that they can get is ten times ten and that’s one hundred which is way better than a job you know. A job you have to put your time in it. This time you magnify. But what I’m talking about is ten to the power of ten and the number in this sucker is just so humongous I mean does that make sense? And that’s what the VA’s do. If you look on here (comparing $4 with other advertising means) this is $4; who can’t afford a $4 worker, smart worker that can be your assistant, they can be your secretary, they can be your time setter, they can be your booking confirmation, they can be your cold caller, they can be your data extractor, they can be your text marketer guy, they can be anything you want and your brain allows you to envision. Some of you guys don’t realize this and that’s why I’m trying to help you realize this. What do you think Apple is doing? What do you think IBM is doing? What do you think At&T I mean all these guys are outsourcing. They’re making all of this money. It’s very powerful, why do you think they’re becoming the biggest power? Why can’t you and me do the same thing? I just showed you how to do it without hiring the big data centers. Now, some of you guys say hey well I can hire a call center to do this, or a data center to do that in India, yeah but you’re not going to get the $4 a day. If you go on let’s say Freelancer or Upwork you’re not gonna get the $4 a day worker. And your’re going to get workers that have their mindset have shifted from the E quadrant to the S quadrant and now they’re thinking about all they want to do is make as much money as possible, to get as many clients as possible. And they’re going to tell you promise you the world and not fulfill. How do I know it guys? Because for such a long time that’s what happened to me. That’s why I came up with this book because for my moving company at any time we had 22 to 30 VA’s just for my moving company. What would they do? They would take all the incoming calls; they would book the customers, they would give quotes, they would do follow-ups , they would do claims, they would help set up appointments with movers, they would order products like shrink wraps, like dollies, they would take care of everything. Whatever you want them to do. And I show you in my book all the different things you can have them do in your business. It doesn’t matter if you’re a realtor, you’re an investor, if you own a moving company, if you own a credit repair business, if you’re an attorney. I challenge you, if you’re an attorney buy this thing and use it. You will save thousands of dollars from people calling your phone. If you’re a business owner and you don’t pick up your phone then you’re missing a lot of business. If you’re a business owner and you don’t have a live chat on your website to answer people’s questions then you’re missing business unless you purposely do that because you’re trying to filter out the deadbeats. But most businesses can’t afford to do that, only very selective businesses. What am I saying? Go on to my website I am having a sale right now, there’s only 42 hours left. This book is $1500 you can download it right now for $325 bucks. Just look at all the reviews, it’s  a knock out, it’s a life changer , it’s what I call the exponential lever. It’s like a UBER, it’s like an AirBnB. Don’t miss out, guys don’t miss out. The big corporations are already doing it. I’m the only guy that has been doing it since 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002 all the way. I started with programming. I outsourced when IT guys were making seventy five to hundred thousand dollars a year with just a basic science degree, technology degree. Now it’s not that good anymore, but I was outsourcing getting people to work for a couple of bucks a day. I’m showing you how to do it in my book it’s 325, it’s only 48 hours left. Once it sells out I’m not going to bring it down. Now, why did I bring the price down? There was one gentleman that found a hack and he was able to download it for 325 and I don’t want to say his name. That was my mistake, not his. Now I just feel that other people that asked me for it and I told them no because I run a fair business. Since he found a hack to be able to get it for 325 I felt like I should give it to other people that were interested as well because it’s just not fair for me to hook that dude up but, I didn’t hook him up he just found a way to do it cause that was my mistake. But my mistake allowed him to get it so, I’m allowing other people to get it but once this goes off I’m not going to sell it for that price anymore. It’s 1500 bucks it’s advanced training. You don’t have to buy this book and buy other stuff. I give you exactly what I’ve used. Like my contracts, like my manuals, like where do I hire people, my automation system, my filtering system so you can find the crème de la crème, and it’s for 325. It’s not going to last, and I’m not gonna let you down. I’m not a one-hit wonder. I want to change your life and I’m giving you a gift. It took me 14,15,16,17, years to come up with it. Giving it to you for 325. It’s gonna change it. If you’re an attorney, if you’re a doctor get it. I promise it’s going to change your business. Your overhead is going to shrink up. If you own a business, you own a million dollar business and you want to make more profits if you learn how to use virtual assistants it’s going to blow you away. If you’re in a car business, you’re anything like that and you have sales people you can get an army of sales people that are hungry in third world countries. They want to feed their family. They speak English. They’re willing to stay up really late at night to work for your company unlike the pool we have in the U.S. guys. If you want that, get that book 325. If you have any questions let me know and I’ll be happy to answer them for you.

Absolutely, that’s a very very good question ok. It depends where you are in your business you could determine how much automation you want. Like if you’re just starting out you want them to take all the hard punches.  What is the hard punches? Calling all these people and them saying no. Then let them take the hard punches.  And then when somebody is nice or motivated then I would have my VA ask my seller questionnaire form which would be downloaded from my website and is going to talk to the seller and gage their motivation. Because I have all this information that lets me know if they’re willing to sell their house at 60 cents on a dollar or if they’re willing to do owner financing without ever asking them like that. Once the VA fills out my seller phone script then they can send it to you. And now you’re only talking to the ones that are motivated. So, you’re not there taking all the punches. Sitting there for eight hours and doing that. Now, the way I did is once the seller came in instead of me talking to them I would have another VA talk to these motivated sellers. And even filter it down. So, it all depends on the situation. I would recommend having the second VA, but at that time I owned three businesses so I wasn’t like try to let me do this. So, I wanted to have the most cream of the cream sellers so when I talk to them I could give them an offer over the phone and they would accept it. I wouldn’t even have to drive the property and I got it signed. Now, this is not the best way to do it because you’re cutting, filtering out, filtering out, filtering out. But again, I owned three businesses. I wasn’t a wholesaler. I was just buying homes guys. I was happy just buying a couple properties a year or every six months.  And I was working with the cream de la cream. For me I had two filtering systems. I had this guy getting all these people saying no telling them to go Fu@# themselves only once he found a motivated one he would fill out the seller phone script a 100%. By looking at this seller phone script we would know if the seller is motivated and in what ways we could structure the deal because of the questionnaire that we have in there. Then I would have the other VA give them a call and verify that information. Kind of give them a soft offer. If you don’t know what a soft offer is get on my website I have my No Fluff negotiation. We give them the soft offer and if the guy’s ok with the soft offer then I would go back and now I would give them a call and give them the hard offers, the actual numbers; which I would already know the guy wanted because I have two levels of filtering now. For you, if you want to make an automation you don’t have to go all the way to this automation you can even add another filter existing somewhere where they could get the offer and get the deal for you. But I didn’t want that because I wanted to look at the deal and I wanted to make sure it was the right deal for me. But I would recommend if you want an automation then you just do the level one. And they’re doing all the cold calling like for example they get on all the fizz ball websites and they cold-call. They get on Craig’s list, on the rental section and they call. After they find one motivated seller, they fill out the seller’s phone script or what I call the seller fact sheet it’s the same exact thing. Then they would give it to you, and you’ll look at it. And before you give them a call you have it all, all the information, all the information you ever would need. So you don’t have to ask the seller anymore that kind of information, or that VA could set up the appointment for you once you look at it, you tell them set up the appointment. Then you can go to the house or you could just tell them start a talk over the phone and give them the offer. That’s one great way to automate it with you still being involved if you’re small. But if you got five businesses or three businesses or you know you just don’t care then you can just filter it, filter it. There’s still people that are going to come through no matter how many filtering systems you have, but those are just going to be the cream de la cream. Sure the numbers will get less and less , but that’s why you’re setting up filtering for. Anything else?

Awesome guys, if you have any questions about virtual assistants leave a comment on You Tube, leave a comment on Facebook I’ll get back with you. Don’t forget to join my IM Mastermind. Right now I’m going to be taking off very soon the promotion. We’re gonna be meeting on a weekly basis. Go check out my website and don’t forget to get my VA Exponential book, guys VAXto the 2. It’s gonna change your life. It’s an exponential lever and I guarantee if you take action it’s gonna change your life. You saw the numbers, $4 a day. Even if you fail for one month, how much are you out? 120 bucks. Well if you do postcards or letters you were out 1250 bucks so think about that. Even if you don’t know what to do with the VA if you spent three months with the VA so that’s almost three hundred bucks right, versus 1,200 bucks in mail outs. How long is your learning curve, three months? You think you can learn in a month, I mean four weeks? I mean that’s pretty good. So even if you screw up the first month and the second month you have spent so much less than the postcards or any other marketing medias out there.

Hustle and bustle don’t take no for an answer.

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