SHOCKING NEWS: banks will not allow you to withdraw your cash from your account!

SHOCKING NEWS: banks will not allow you to withdraw your cash from your account!

SHOCKING NEWS: banks will not allow you to withdraw your cash from your account!

Hey gang, this is Mike with my RealEstateDOJO and I have shocking news for you, the banks will not allow you to draw your money out of your banking account. You heard me right, I just went to the bank and I try to draw 80 percent of my money and the banks would not allow it. And the reason I did that, is for a couple of gold. I’ve been reading and studying a lot about gold, as you can tell I bought a bunch of stuff, and from my study from gold has helped me learned a whole lot of different smart people that I wasn’t really studying and one of these smart individuals, his name is James Richardson. 

I read a couple of his books that really helped me realize what’s going on in our economy and our banking system and the last book I read from James Richardson was called the road to ruins and in his book he stated that if you go to your bank and he try to withdraw some money they’re not going to allow you to take your own money. That’s like, man, this guy’s crazy dude. 

So today, I went to the bank and I wanted to withdraw 80% of my money out of the bank, only 80%, not all of it, just 80%. It was a large sum of money and the teller, when I went up there and I asked for that money, the teller said, “No, I’m sorry, I can’t let you take that much money out” and I said “I’m sorry what do you mean, you can’t let me take my own money out?” she said “no its our company policy, I can’t give you that much money, because, A, we don’t have that much money and then, B, we can’t allow you take so much money out” I said well “how much money can you give me?” she said, “only 2,000” bucks I said “$2,000!? are you kidding me? Dude, I need more than 2,000bucks” and so I said “let me speak to a manager and so he got she got the manager”, some Asian guy, and he came over and told me the same exact thing that “hey we’ll be happy to give you a cashier’s check but we’re not going to be able to give you all the cash” and I said “hey my friend, why can’t you give me all cash? this is my fucking money, you’re not my custodian, you’re not my mama, you’re not my daddy, you’re not my guardian, I didn’t appoint you to do any of this stuff for me, your only job is to hold my fucking money and when I knock on the door say I want my money, is to give it to me” he said “No this is our company policy, the most we can give you is two thousand bucks.” you know what I said “you know what let me speak to the top manager at your office” and I was pretty lucky guy because I’ve met this guy a couple of times and I’ve given them some advice on how to buy silver, because the crash was coming, and he remembered me. 

He said, “Hey Mike how are you?” I said “I’m doing pretty good man, I’m running into a little trouble here you know, I want to get my money out, and these two people are not allowing me” he said “Mike I’m sorry to tell you, but this is what it is, it’s our company policy, if you want to take that much money out, I have to put an order in, and it’s going to take seven days for them to bring your money.” I said, man, “what? are you kidding me? seven days, dude I’m moving out of this state, dude” he said “and here’s the bad news I might put the order in and they might decline it to you, you might end up getting cashier’s check only”

I said “man, I don’t want your cashier’s your check, I want cash dude, I don’t want your cashier’s check” and here’s a couple of reasons why I don’t want cashier’s check, one is when you take a cashier’s check, you can only go to a different Bank, when I drop it up to a different bank, it’s going to take anywhere from 7 to 14 days, especially since a big chunk of money, offer them to cash it so I didn’t want to wait around for that long because In going to move to a different state, but more importantly, the reason I didn’t want to tell them is that, I I want to take my money out I want to take the majority of my money out and put it into other systems. 

I don’t want to put it into a banking system, I don’t want to take for one banking system, to a different banking system. I don’t want to take my riches from one banking system to different banking system, which is basically, what a cashier check is, what if I want to take my money and I want to put it into a private and safe. What if I want to take my money and put it into some company that’s privately owned, that’s not bank regulated. What if I want to take my money, and do so many different things with it. Why do I have to take my money and only dance with your fucking dances which are to take it from one bank and put it to another bank? And so end of the day, I asked. I talked to this guy, and I knew him, so he kind of did me a favour and he gave me 10% of with what I had in my banking account instead of just 2,000 bucks in cash. 

So I have the money here as you guys can see, It’s pretty fat. But the point I’m trying to make is, and this is just 10%, and it’s all hundreds, but the point I’m saying is, I wasn’t able to take all my money out guys. And a couple of reasons is because, I think that, the bank wants to use my money for fractional reserve lending. And if I take my money out, they’re not going to be able to go out there and lend more money off to people. Number two, I think is, that the banking system, the central banker, they know a collapse is coming and they’re not going to allow you to take your fucking money out because when the crash comes, just like that guy said in his book, this time they’re going to do a bail in, which means that they’re going to freeze your accounts freeze my account and they’re going to bail all these fucking stupid bankers because they’re making shitload of money taking crazy-ass risk and all kinds of other stupid shit that me and you don’t even understand and the next time the banking system fails is going to be a global crash and they’re going to bail in and take your money and my money and that’s why they want to only give me a cashier check, so I could take my money from one bank, put it to a different thing. 

I don’t want to use your servers, I don’t want to have that, I want hard-ass money, dude. I want the money so I can control. Because I know the crash is coming, we have the real estate bubble we have the stock bubble we have the interest rate all-time low and you know, after I start studying gold, man this it’s an inevitable. They may be coming tomorrow, it may come in five, six years, but it’s coming and as you can see today, you can go to your bank, and if you want to cash out, if you want to close your banking account, and take your money, they’re not going to give you your fucking money, they’re not going to give it to you, dude. And you could bitch and crawl if you want, they’re not going to give it to you dude. 

So imagine this, imagine if there’s a crisis and you go out to the bank and hundreds other people are going to the bank. First of all, the banks don’t have any money in their banking account to give it to you and then imagine that today is not a crisis not giving me my money. Imagine what happens, when there’s a line out there. People trying to withdraw their money, you think they’re going to give your fucking money dude? Right now, the maximum they can give you is 2,000 bucks. What the fuck can you with 2000 bucks, what the fucking to do with $2,000 and we’re supposedly in the fucking growth bro, man we’re making money. Right, the economy is making money and they’re only gonna give you 2,000 bucks so imagine when there’s a crash and imagine when there’s a depression, how much money do you think they’re going to allow you to take out of your fucking ATM dude? you don’t know study Cyprus study Greece dude, it just happened 2015 dude 50 bucks 60 bucks that’s it dude maybe hundred bucks that’s all the money they’ll give you dude so what I’m saying is they have your fucking money these bankers these gangsters have your money they have my money and now there are custodians there are mommy and daddy telling us how much we could spend how much we could take our money and where can we keep our fucking money dude through a point of these fucking central bankers to be your custodians dude. 

I know you don’t believe me I didn’t believe the guy that wrote the book hats why I wouldn’t try that today an dim here to tell you this guy’s fucking telling the truth. Today is not a recession, today it’s not a depression and these fucking bankers wouldn’t give my money, they said, they could only give me two grand and after many debate, they said they can give me 10% of my money and if I want my money I have to put an order and it’s going to take seven fucking days and more likely it’s not going to pass, they’re going to give me a cashier’s check. 

So guys this is some serious matter I’ve been telling people that the stocks are going to be crashing, the Real Estate’s going to be crashing. I mean we got bubbles everywhere, we got motherfuckers the teachers never done fucking deals coming here doing ten deals a month okay you got motherfuckers that never done shall suddenly doing deals you got people that ran away with Realtors because they’re not they weren’t making any more money they became reception as it became lawyers not they coming back in the real-estate so guys everybody in Alabama able to do deals in real estate right now okay everybody in Alabama.

Same thing is happening in Canada, they said that they had like in one area I forgot a name I think Toronto or something like that that like20 percent growth in one year dude or something ridiculous. 19 percent growth, so they’re part of property in the next year one of 19 percent so many parts of the world is using the same Fiat money that were using they’re using the same systems and the next crash is going to be a global crash and these fucking banksters they’re all in bed with each other call the central bank and they’re not going to give your fucking money. And they’re going to use your money and my money to bail their fucking asses out guys. 

If you like these videos please share and tell your friends and family. If you don’t believe me you have large amount of money in the bank, please go do it, ask for your fucking money and then tell me the story what happened to you ‘cause I’m really really really interested because my bank would not allow me to take my money guys, this is Mike with my real-estate dojo go out there hustle and bustle, 

Interviewer: “You have some comments, you want to get hear? well Mitchell, says gold is and always will be a good investment.” 

Mike: “you’re right about that man, since the beginning of time dude if you go back study Roman, this whole fight five days, I studied the Roman and how they collapse or if you go study the Persians Empire man all those guys had gold and silver dude and you can still find the same gold that they made, God knows how long ago, three thousand, five thousand years ago still alive today, some of that gold might be in here, dude. I have no idea. Good job. 

Interviewer: “Chris tomorrow says that gold bracelet is gangster and hell old-school biblical Persian” 

Mike: “The Alchemist man and guys the reason I wear this gold is because you know I came to America as a refugee didn’t have any fucking money guys right and with hundred bucks I mean that’s why I keep this with just just one of these hundred dollar bills guys it’s just one of these okay living out of my car out of college, I didn’t borrow any money, I didn’t get into any dead, I didn’t you know that why the biggest difference between mean all the other coaches and all the other groups they’re telling you to get in debt they’re telling you to play this fiat money game, get in debt man, get in debt, get hard money. But guess what, we’re all crashing the economies that use the same philosophy as getting in debt to grow, they’re all crashing dude. My thing is guys, you used fucking system we have in America you make your money and you plug out of that fucking metrics do. You don’t have to play in the same metrics, you don’t have to go and get in debt, you use other people’s money like a subject to use, or you use creative financing, or you use your imagination to turn nothing into something and the reason I have this is to remind myself that I am The Alchemist, I come to America, don’t speak any English, I can’t write I can’t spell, I flunk English dude, my parents both my parents are illiterate. With a hundred bucks, hard work, imagination, I could have a gangster thing like home homeboy says, man I appreciate it yeah I really love it.” 

Interviewer: “Marlaina Estrellas says what bank was that?

Mike: “I don’t want, I don’t want to name a bank bank with but I highly recommend if you guys have money take what I just said or take what the guy James Richardson with the book wrote through and said he said if you go to the bank and you want to withdraw a large sum of money they’re not gonna give it to you dude and I didn’t believe it dude but I sure believe it today man.” 

Interviewer: “Mario Moreno says they want reason why you want to take anything more than 5k out for sure and its none of their business”

Mike: “That’s a very very good question, I don’t want to be in the metrics anymore, you know, I believe the decry the crash is coming and the next bailout as a lot smarter people than me that I’ve been studying that made predictions in the last crash that was true and that’s the great thing with having a YouTube signature you could go back to these peoples that make you know claims and see does it really work and this guy James Richardson he and many other people saying the next bailout is going to be a bail in. The last 2008 bailout what happened is we had EQ quantity easing basically we just printed out a bunch of money okay but the next time, the bank are going to take your money and my money dude and that’s the reason, they don’t want to let you take out your fucking money is because they want you to be in the metrics so when they do freezing of all the accounts, they protect your money. Now if you don’t believe that, if you go back into the US history and just look this ties when the stock market crashed and they closed it down, there’s times where the banks were closed down for holidays. So the reason I want to get my money out is, I don’t want to be into the metrics because I believe the crash is coming and I don’t want Uncle Sam and the Federal Reserve and the fucking banking system to take my money because of their lack of responsibilities. They’re taking all these crazy risks all these crazy shit, they’re giving money to people that don’t deserve it, and I don’t want to pay for that fucking mistake that’s why I want that money out of the metrics so when the crash comes, they can’t take my money, good question.”

Interviewer: “alright, my jet branch agrees with you he says truth someone else was just talking about this yesterday”

Mike: “awesome man thanks for sharing”

Interviewer: “Chris morrow how do you get around for purchasing or investing with gold? I must have missed the books you endorse about the subject” 

Mike: “what was the question?”

Interviewer: “How do you get around for purchasing or investing in with gold?”

Mike: “like, like where do I buy gold? Is that the question

Interviewer: “Yes”

Mike: Okay if you go to my YouTube channel, I’ve done two companies that I personally use Amex is the beside used company gold and silver I recommended them but after I ordered multiple from them I don’t recommend them, Gold and Silver do not buy from them, the past two orders I’ve ordered from them was fucking damaged products, I reached out to them they never even got back with me dude and I’ve been really really busy moving try to have a chance to even fuck with them so I don’t recommend them but Amax plus plus men that are on top of their game” 

Interviewer: “Alberto Moreno says I’m going one step further you should also invest in guns and ammo, what do you think man? 

Mike: “ Personally, I believe in love and peace for everybody so I’m not into guns and Hamills and stuff man but you know if you watch what is that country of Venezuela I mean I’m in watching dad man if you guys don’t know how to watch that where there’s lines of people anthers people killing fool so you know if it gets that crazy then you might need that but I think that my exit strategy is to get away from everybody so I’m not going to need that but if you’re into violence and that might be the thing I think out I might give somebody some gold to let me live or something let me escape but that’s cool that’s good for you, though I don’t like guns or animals man, not another piece.”

Interviewer: “Beyond the Travis, well if you don’t want to know, well if you don’t keep your money in the banks. where should you put it?” 

Mike: “okay that’s a really really good question, I don’t want to tell people you know what I do because it basically decreases my risk or increases my risk but if you just do your own research there’s a lot of people out there to tell you what to door, use your own imagination or your own creativity then you’ll be okay but there’s so many other places out there, they’re like private companies for example they’ll keep your gold, you know, they’re not regulated by the bank or the federal government or they don’t have to answer the same rules and so the next bailout you know the Fez has the central bankers and they tell them to shut off your banking account, they’re going to. Where a private owned company, it might not be the same thing because they don’t have any leverage over those people, so but again, it’s the risk you got to do, your own due diligence but former, this risk is way better than giving my money to the banker and beg “please give me my money man, can I please speak to a manager? I work really hard for this money, can I get my money please?” adheres the crazy thing man if I didn’t have a relationship with the top manager at the store if I didn’t hook them up to education he would even give me the 10% dude, he would only give me the two percent just because the relationship I had with him, he was able to do me a favour guys but I dare anybody please go out to your bank and try to get a large sum of money and see if they give it to you guys, really really interested, because when I read the book, I think I thought that guy was bullshitting me and till I went and did it and I’m here to tell you guys that they’re not going to give your money and this is a big corporation.”

Interviewer: “Martin Carter wants to know have you bought Bit coin or any cryptos” 

Mike: “Very very good question - about four or five months ago I was totally ignorant about bit coins, okay I’m still ignorant about it but I have studied it not as much as gold and it seems like a good idea,  but right now the stocks are the prices so high so I’m going to wait for it to crash. I think there was like a law they were trying to pass word that could change bit coins on the stock market but that didn’t go through so he went down a little bit but I’m just going to wait a little bit more for it to go down when the crash comes maybe I’ll jump into it but right now I don’t have any money into it but I am thinking about studying it more when it dips. When it dips, I’m going to study it, but as this time I’ve been heavily studying gold and the economy and how our economy is really based on all the other world’s economy through the petro dollar which is a very very powerful idea. If you don’t know that, you have to study that. 

Interviewer: “Chris tomorrow wants to know If I go from paper to gold how do I do business with businesses and people that are still with paper or are you saying go with gold only for reserves”

Mike: “I’m in America you’re not going to be able to go to a store and right now and say hey I got some gold do you want to exchange it because most people in America are ignorant to go in what Islay that is like if you look at let’s say you know um Indian thief or Pakistani people coming to America and working let’s say Microsoft coz you know used to have office in Las Colinas and was right next to Microsoft and I see all these immigrants people come in and be in practicing in and they all had all these gold on them right if you look at the average American majority of America don’t even have gold if you have gold they think you’re gangster they think that you’re criminal or if you have cash to me the society has made you think like you’re a bad guy could you have cash because you don’t leave your money and the thing is the media is hurting everybody into these what do you call it like some box so they can slaughter you dude and so you’re not going to be able to use gold to go buy something unless the other persons sophisticated to know about gold but I think the reason for me for me to put my money into gold is a to get out of the metrics to inflation guys I mean guys I just did video. A year ago I went the discount tire I bought the same exact tires and the same exact cost card it cost me 200this year cost me 215 plus two hundred and fifteen dollars that means almost like a 15 percent 8 percent inflation and price went up so every year, your hundred dollars loses value. I was reading somewhere that $100 today is really worth like 20 cents a buying power, it’s not the same thing as 100 dollars long time ago. Does that make sense all right that’s because of inflation so goals for me is somewhere I could put my money in there it’s not going to lose this value so if I put let’s say $20,000 in gold 10 years from now it’s probably going to cost more because of inflation so but if I have $20,000 you know in paper, a year from now that’s $20,000 are going to have less purchasing power, in 5 years I have even less purchasing power, guys. I’m giving example of gas when I when I was in high school gas was like 89 cents today it’s like 3 or 4 bucks I used to have a rental house I used to rent it for 650 now I rent it for 950 and as you can see um food garnet mean rentals man in Las Colinas is the area, I used to live, you could get any kind of one-bedroom apartment for like 500 bucks in a nice area. Now the same exact apartment, they’re renting for the one-bedroom 950 1100 1200 so what happened? that place didn’t go up man, didn’t remodel, it’s the same exact room, same exact square footage, what happened is the Federal Reserve keeps printing money and increases our cost of living dude and at the same time, it robs you of your youth, because if you had to work this many hours to make a hundred bucks and your hundred bucks will buy four items, after they print more money, you have to work this many hours to get the same hundred bucks, but now your 100bucks only buys 3 items. So see, you lose purchasing power and that’s like the hidden tax that I really didn’t understand because of the inflation of our government keeping on printing money because our whole economies based on that system and now we basically have the whole world believing in our hype and the whole world doing the same shit that we’re trying to do now man which is burning to our natural resources, everybody’s getting into debt, I mean just just look around dude, do you I mean, not you personally, but just ask yourself do you have student debt? You have credit card debt? You own your card, you own your house, and many people don’t, but we have all these things but we don’t own shit, right. Somebody owns this, one day, he is going to catch up to us dude and many smart people, way smarter than me says they’re coming dude, its coming and I believe them because I’m not that smart but I could look around and see that everybody has all this shit that they don’t own, people that our teachers are doing 10 deals a month, they don’t own no shit dude, but they think they’re really smart, no dude. It’s just that this is the hype, its everybody saying all the Real Estates could you talk to a realtor and say real estate is really hot. What does that mean for the buyer when they says the real status will have that means you didn’t get suckered you going to pay the top amount of dollar for property with the same property, you bought it seven years ago you were to save 30,000 40,000 today you’re going to thirty forty thousand more that when the realtor says hey this shit is hot they mean they’re going to make shit a lot of money, it doesn’t mean the buyer’s going to get a good deal dude” 

Interviewer: “Victor Rosa says, Hi boss what’s the best way to invest in subject to property” 

Mike: “it’s a really good question if you tell me exactly what you’re looking for I’ll be happy to answer that but subject to deals are an awesome way to buy properties what are getting into debt without putting your social security up online is a great way to be like the Federal Reserve it’s a great way to be like the central banking system where they are printing money out of thin air and that’s what the ability hats why I was able to make significant amount of money is because I would buy a property subject-to I would instantly become like a bank I would print out money I could wrap it around of the owner financing and raise the interest rates and make monthly cash flow by just wrapping the note and selling to a retail buyer very powerful strategy okay just reprise he says where where can I learn okay men I give you all my stuff for free guys good on my YouTube channel which is MyRealEstate DOJO there’s tons of tons of stuff whatever the other guys towards the other camp Academy is whatever they charge I give it to you for fucking freehand the reason I do that is because dude don’t believe in capitalism like you know I got to take and you got to go downer I wouldn’t you lose I don’t believe in that, I believe in the world abundance believe in giving and my shed is totally for free now you got to do a lot of work just to watch these videos and research what you want but it’s all up there totally free how to do the deals how to find buyers how to fill out the contract how to negotiate you know what kind of negotiations you have the cost of selling the property everything can imagine so my YouTube channel for you for free man, good question.”

Interviewer: “Chris tomorrow wants to know, do you think affairs with Russia are going to fuck things up?”

Mike: “Well man what you see on CNN on TV is part of the truth guys, the reason I feel like from reading these books, is we’re having conflict with Russia, we’re having conflict with China is really not about the stuff they talk about on TV it’s all about that China, Russia they’re buying tons of gold okay, they don’t want to use the American petro dollar anymore, the bricks ,which is like brazil and bunch of other countries are doing the same exact thing and what’s really crazy for us is, that our money is fiat dude. It’s not backed by anything despite by confidence and if Russia gets down if China gets out Iran has already said they’re not going to take cash anymore for gold they’re going to take euros. There has more people disbelief in the US dollar for me and you to actual US citizens what that means is big problems for us man big problems, so the central banking system, they control us, they control the Senators, they buy them to lobbyist, you know, they controlled all the fucking laws, and then they don’t want Russia to go on their own way, they don’t want the Russia to create your own house they don’t want China to do that so guess what they’re going to go to war for that the same thing happened with Saddam Hussein same thing happened with Libya you know these Syria these good presidents or the dictators those countries want to get away from the US dollars and the reason is because the Federal Reserve prints out this paper out of thin air and they send this paper after all these countries Cuba Russia China we get all this tangible resources from these other countries we get all their tender losses shipped over there their cars or TVs their headphones their gas to oil and then the Federal Reserve’s ends all these countries this paper dollar that has no fucking value and were getting rich that’s why the America everybody has all these things that you have a cars you have high college education you haven’t paid for you have this house you haven’t paid for you have all this debt you have all these furniture you haven’t paid for and well other countries are not they’re starving to death and so they are going to get on the system as well but the more they trade with America and the more we put out money the less buying power to have and they lose money and smothered getting smart about it like haywire losing confidence and so now you see on CNN that you know all this other stuff but that is part of these truth but I think the major foundation is that Russia it is trying to get away from the petro dollar China getting away from the petrodollar and that’s really bad for the US economy and we have the strongest military and were going to make people take the petro dollar no matter what dude and I love America dude I’m a patriot you know I’ll fight for this country but dude just to conquer all these worlds and go to war and pay all these taxes for you know to kill people in the Middle East and kill people in Japan and all this crazy shit man you got to stop that dude you because were printing this fucking money out of thin air adjust being an empire if you study Rome you get to understand why were an empire and so I’m a patriot I love America I don’t want worse I don’t believe in guns I believe in world peace I know people in Russia want the same exact thing as you and I want they want the best for their kids they want their kids to go to best school they want to live in peace people in India want the same exact thing as me and you want people in China want the same exact things meaning you want and how do I know this guy’s I was very very lucky I was able to work with virtual assistants all over the world and one thing I really realized is those guys that I talk to you over the Internet thousands of miles away they have the same fears I have they have the same love as I have they have the same genes they have they love the America dude they want to be like us dude and they’re just like us and I’m going to kill anybody just want to have world peace yeah and want people in other countries help collaborate for us to have a better world to have more resources, less diseases and not so much poverty man because I don’t the central banking system is controlling the world man through the new soldier, Fiat money.” 

Interviewer: “Tony ones want to know what you think about Trump”

Mike: I’m not a politician you know I think Trump’s doing a great job and that’s it dude 

Alright guys I really appreciate the questions. 

Go out there and hustle and bustle and don’t take for no for answer if you have problems with your bank, please do a video. Please let me, know because they’re not going to give your money man.

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