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Sales or Marketing? Which Should An Entrepreneur Learn First?

Sales or Marketing?  Which Should An Entrepreneur Learn First?  Today we’re going to be talking about sales and marketing, and as an entrepreneur, should you learn sales or marketing first?  Before I pull the curtains back, I want to put out there that I believe in sales and marketing.  And I know that if you learn anything, these are the first two things who should know because they are the foundation, the building blocks, of any organization or business in the world.  If you learn sales and marketing, and you have a pizza business, but it fails; then you start a realtor business, those skills that you learned are going to help you in this new venture. 

If you fail of the Real estate business and you decide to go start a moving company, then you’re going to have better odds at succeeding because you have now applied the sales and marketing two times and now this is your third time. Whereas if for example you went and got specific knowledge like you got a license, and you became a realtor, or a mortgage generator, or a license to become an insurance; it’s hard to take that information to a different field like if you start a pizza business, that information cannot relay over, but marketing and sales definitely does.  Some of you guys may be wondering where am I at.  I’m trying to get to California.  We’ve been in Laughlin, Las Vegas, living the life style of entrepreneurship.  I don’t believe and stuff anymore.  I’m just having a good time and enjoying life.

Getting back to our story, as an entrepreneur should you learn sales or marketing first?  As I’ve said, I love both camps, and they’re both very important but, bought there are a lot of people that say you should learn sales first.  I disagree with that significantly, and the reason why is that, if you become the best salesperson in the world, but you don’t have leads because you don’t know how to market that doesn’t do any good.  How do I know this?  I used to be the best personal trainer.  I hadn’t a college degree, I knew all of the supplements, and I was just loving it.  I researched and I read all the time, I worked out all the time.  And I was good in sales, but I wasn’t really that great at marketing.  I’d scratch my head when a guy that was a obese, and he was doing personal training and outselling me every month. I couldn’t understand that.  The reason was he was better of marketing which allowed him to become better in sales because he came to the bat more often.  I thought I was good in sales, but I never went to the bat because I didn’t learn marketing.  The Point I’m trying to make is that if you become an expert sales guy, it’s a great skill to have, and I’m not dissing on sales at all, your ability to succeed will be very low. However, if you become an expert in marketing, and you have zero sales skills, you will still succeed because the law of probability says that if you don’t know anything and you take a test and there are 10 questions you’re going to get one right.  The same thing happens to business.  If you generate enough leads, let’s say you generate 10 potential customers, one of those people will just go with you even if you don’t know your stuff; even if you’re not a salesperson and you don’t know what to say or how to say it, they will just go with you because they like your personality or something about you, who knows. 

The best bet is to spend all your Time & Energy to become the best marketer and then spend your Time &Energy to become a better sales person.  Because if you’re a great marketer, and you learn how to generate leads for free, there are people that are going to convert no matter what.  Now, maybe you’re not converting at the 90% ,50%, or 40% but you are just converting 10%; will that 10% is better than the guy that is an expert in sales, but he’s not generating any leads or only one lead.  Does that make sense to you?  Because lead generation and sales are two different animals.  My advice to new entrepreneurs is that you need both of the skills, don’t kid yourself, you need them both.  But if you had to choose want to start off with, I would personally work on becoming a better marketer.  Learning how to generate leads for free or almost free, or to be a master at lead generation even if it costs of money.  That way whatever business you go to –moving, Real estate, selling books- you’re able to have more sales even if you don’t know what to do.  For example like me, with my first book we got on the Amazon top 20 list and I don’t know how to write.  My mom is illiterate, she can even read the menu at a restaurant.  I never wrote, I never got a publisher, that was our first thing and I made a lot of mistakes; sorry for everybody that bought the book and didn’t get it delivered correctly, I’m not perfect, and my business is not perfect but learned how to generate leads.  I didn’t call or sell anybody, but I learned how to generate eyeballs and we sold a lot then we got on the Amazon 20 list.  I didn’t do that because I was a great sales guy.  I did that because I was a great lead generator.  I’m good at sales and I could call myself a great, but I like to call myself ignorant and I’m willing to learn every day and improve myself.  I’m in no way a guru, I like to constantly learn. 

I like to know that I don’t know anything and I like to learn more.  But from where I am, if I am going to lend you a rope, I would tell you to get on the rope of marketing because if you become a perfect master marketer, it doesn’t matter if you’re in real estate or a real investor; if you go to a different industry, you’re going to be able to always survive because lead generation as the number one bloodline for your business and sales is the nutrition.  The purpose of the blood is to carry the nutrition.  The sales after you create a vessel, the bloodstream, the heart pumping it, then you need the sales. And some of them will happen automatically as long as you generate enough leads and you don’t even have to know the industry.  When I started my moving company, I didn’t know how to give a call to customers. When I became a Real Estate investor, I didn’t know how to talk to a seller in the sense of how to give estimates; what should I tell a seller? What kind of questions should I ask?  I didn’t have any of this information, none, zero, zilch.  And the difference between me and you maybe is 1) I started where I stand and I took action instantly even if I didn’t have the information and 2) I knew how to generate leads, and how to have a lot of motivated Sellers knocking on my door and saying, “hey I want to sell the house”, and also I had sales experience. 

Even though I didn’t know how to give an estimate, a roof cost, flooring cost, or talk to a seller or any of that, by taking action I had confidence and by learning how to put a lot of sellers in front of me it allowed me not to be a desperate investor to be able to tell sellers to go screw themselves and not negotiate with the idea that I don’t care and I could walk away because I have 50 other people that called me the same day. Then the sales part is because I’ve been selling since high school; so these three ingredients allowed me to get into the business without knowing the business at all. The same thing happened with my Real estate brokerage firm, moving company, and my selling books. I’m giving you examples of my life to help you relate, that Mike this crap smells like your crap, and I don’t know anything better than you, but I start where I stand; that’s the very first thing. I know how to market and I know how to sell even though I hate sales these days.

Some businesses you need to sell, like car business, but some businesses you don’t want to sell like the coaching business that I’m doing. I don’t want to deal with bitchy customers or idiots that are unappreciative and want to screw people over, unethical, the ones with the entitlement mindset, those for who you bend over backward for them and they still think you own something. Those kinds of people you just say Fu@# off and I don’t need your stinking money, keep that to yourself. You don’t need that in life. And it’s a great thing to have that. That’s what I’m trying to tell you, that in America the grass is so green, if you hustle and bustle then you’re able to pick the customers you want to work with, and the bitchy ones, the ones that are shady, the --- charge—and take your information; you know what I am talking about. You’re the one watching my shit. I watch it, take it, and I want to get some free stuff. That entitlement mindset, the losers in life, the scums, the ones that never get anywhere. You don’t want to be like that. You want to generate so much leads that you could tell people like that to go Fu$% themselves, and the cool people you tell them, come along let me help you and change your life.

The others you can block them from your business and don’t give a fuck. And that’s what it’s about, if you control your cancer consumptions, then you don’t need to be making millions and having growth; because growth is what happens with GMC, Ford, RadioShack, Circuit City, and all of these great companies that go bankrupt. I don’t know if you want that. Some of these other channels talk about using your credit card to invest, which is kind of like saying, “Put a chain on me to have freedom”. That’s not what the Dojo is about. I teach you how to have alchemy, how to do things for free, but part of that is being a man of your word. If you say you’re going to do something then you have to do it. If you have that entitlement mindset, and you feel like others have to step up for you to eat because you’re not man enough to work for yourself and pay for your own stuff, then you’re a stupid bitch. You need to get off my channel, because you’re never going to get anywhere in the best country called America. You are in America and you’re trying to squeeze others to get ahead instead of being a giving individual and believing in yourself.

I buy books and I pay for that, I know it’s worth it, it cost me money. But others are watching T.V., they’re paying for T.V. and then complaining about money or that America is shitty. It doesn’t matter who the president is or what the economy is, you control your own destiny and a free enterprise like America. SO, get up, no one owes you anything. If you’re stuck, that’s because of you. Get unstuck. But you can’t get unstuck if you’re a negative person, you just can’t do it. You have to be a man of your word, an ethical person, you have to put the time in to learn how to sell and market. And you can’t do any of that time if you’re trying to Jew people or steal them. Get off your lazy ass and take action. America’s great. Stop consuming because that’s not going to get you anywhere and make it come true. This is America. Get off your ass and make it happen for yourself.

Back to the topic. Should you do marketing first or sales?  I definitely believe you should learn both, but if you’re only going to have one trick, it’s better to be a marketing expert vs a sales expert because marketing always will produce leads and some of those leads convert even if you don’t know what to do. 

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Go out there and hustle and bustle and don’t take no for an answer. Peace.

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