Real Estate Investing for Dummies: FREE Coaching to get your first deal

Real Estate Investing for Dummies: FREE Coaching to get your first deal

Do you need someone to hold your hand and walk you through your first deal in 59 days or less?

I am willing to waive $25,000.00 coaching fee, to get you your first check, if your willing to taking picture next to your check and giving me credit for coaching you.

If you are ok with a picture of you with your new-1st-deal-check and you have no problem giving me credit for help on.
I will be happy to help you to hold your hand and get your first deal, and you can keep 100% of the assignment fee yourself! (don't pay me no coaching money)

Again, I be happy to help you with WAVE my $25,000.00 coaching to get your first deal, if you are willing to take picture of your first check and give me credit for helping you of course.  
Here is what you need to commit to
1.) The Mother Course = $325
2.) Seller Phone Script = $49.
.........Total investment less than = $374.......

3.) You filling out the seller phone script 100% and sms it to my office line on my website, and I will help you structure the deal.
4.) And picture of you, when you get your first check from the deal I help you with.

However, the coaching is based on you having live FISH on the hook, with Seller Phone script fill out 100% so I can coach you to get your first deal.



When I get my money right I would be glad to take the picture with first check!

NICK Garifi

Very interested
I’ve been sitting on this idea for some time and I need these type of deals to fund my other project. I need coarse will br ordering


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