Produce High-Quality Motivated Sellers for $0.01 per Lead

Produce High-Quality Motivated Sellers for $0.01 per Lead

Produce High-Quality Motivated Sellers for $0.01 per Lead

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Produce High-Quality Motivated Sellers for $0.01 per Lead

What’s up gang, this is Mike with MyRealEstate DOJO and in this section we’re going to be talking about producing high-quality motivated seller leads for just one penny per lead. Let me say this one more time, I’m going to show you how to produce high-quality motivated sellers, not trash but high quality motivated seller leads for a penny, one cent guys. Most of you that have been following me knows that there’s three stepping stones in real estate investing and most gurus make it all very complicated and it is a complicated business, but what I’m going to do is I’m going to narrow this down to three ideas.

The first stepping stone is lead generation and that’s what we’re going to be talking about today, the second stepping stone is conversion, and the third stepping stone is your exit strategy. Today I’m going to pull the curtains back and reveal to you, here’s what I got. I’m going to show you how to produce high-quality leads for just one penny. Here’s what it’s going to do for you if you follow my secret recipe, it’s going to give you constant deals over and over, I know for some of the pros out there, they know how to do deals but they’re not getting deals constantly and I’m going to solve that problem for you; and some of the newbies I just said the stepping stone number one is lead generation so to generate significant amount of leads is the bloodline for your body, without the blood, without the oxygen being delivered, you’re a dead meat, same thing with real estate investing.

Here’s why you should listen to me, I just called to talk to my cellphone company, and the first level of support was a virtual assistant, if you call many other fortune 500 companies, you’ll notice that the first people you talk to are highly educated, well-spoken virtual assistants. Now, why are these big companies hire VA’s from Philippines, India, and Pakistan? It doesn’t matter if it’s sales, follow-up or IT support. Why do you think these guys are using it? Because they’re making maximum profit.

So let’s dive in and see how it works for your business.

The very first thing you have to do is understand that the US dollar has a lot of power because we’re the petro dollar around the world, we’re the world currency. So the very first thing you have to do is check your currency and exchange it in a third world country because it magnifies your buying power. For example, if you take one dollar of America and go to India, you’ll get like 48-55 rupees, so as you can see, you’re magnifying your money. So the very first thing you have to do is take your US currency and exchange it in other currency in third world country like Philippines, India, China, and Pakistan, what that’s going to do for you is it’s going to buy you a highly educated college student that has a lot of experience and they are willing to work for you a hundred and twenty dollars a month, full time work, 8 hours a day, 5 days a week for a hundred and twenty dollars a month. Why is that important? Because if you take your currency and exchange it to third world country, it gives you a lot of buying power and you can hire the cream of the cream from other countries to do all the heavy lifting for you, to do all the prospecting for you which allows you to free up your time that’s costing to do deals.

Now, to get that one cent lead, you’re not going to be able to do that with mailing, Facebook retargeting, pay per click, you’re not going to be able to do that with the traditional even though they are cutting edge ideas because as you know, human beings, if they’re trained correctly are a lot smarter than pay per click and if you hire a correct VA and you trained him correctly, it’s like having an extra right hand or extra left hand.

What can you use these VA’s to help you grow your business, the very first thing I recommend to my students because it’s your first stepping stone is to use these VA’s for prospecting. So let me go through 5 or 6 ideas that you can use for prospecting.

Number one, you can hire some lady in India or some guy in the Philippines and you can have them prospect what I call new cold call or if you use old cold call strategies, anyone can tell you cold calling generates business, but the problem is most of us don’t want to get the rejections, we don’t want to get punched in the face, so many of us don’t do it. The problem is cold calling is very profitable but it takes a lot of work, you have to sit 8 hours a day and get rejection after rejection and most of our ego’s we don’t want to do that, even though we know there’s a benefit; just like going to the gym, we know people who goes to the gym 5days a week are going to be healthy, they’re going to have low cholesterol, less body fat, but most of us don’t want to do that, we want to have magic pill, so with the VA’s you can have the magic pill, you can have them do all the digging and you can just sit and relax or you can just spend time with your family or you could spend time at what you do best; if you’re a closer then you could do the closing, if you’re good at rehabbing, then you do rehabbing, whatever you do best.

The very first thing what you have your VA do is do the cold calling for you, the second thing that I highly recommend is to have your VA’s do mobile marketing, all of us today it doesn’t matter if you’re in India, Pakistan or America, we all have a smart phone now, apple or android, it doesn’t matter. And the next time you to the restaurant, if you go to Starbucks or you go to family gathering, everyone’s on their phone, it doesn’t matter if it’s a family dinner, thanks giving, most are on their phone. So what is that mean? Everyone has a phone and you could market to them for almost for free; many of you guys will say mobile marketing doesn’t work, I got a listing that was multi-million dollar mansion uptown Dallas just for mobile marketing and I made over $20,000 which I did a video about in my VA book. So mobile marketing works, 95% of people that you do mobile marketing actually look at your app, compare that to email marketing, you’re looking at about 1.5-3% people looking at it; so think about it, direct mail cost thousands and thousands of dollars, takes lot of work, they’re polluting the environment and you are opening rate is 1-3% and that’s if  you have the best copywriter and you know what you’re doing, if you’re just an average Joe, kiss that money away, mobile marketing, 95% of people are opening the app, and what did it cost you? $120 a month for a VA to do it, you can do it yourself but if you hire VA to do cold calling, you have another VA to do mobile marketing, you’re going to be flooded with leads, and these leads are going to cost you right around on penny because if you’re doing it and you paid yourself 19 bucks an hour, you work 8 hours a day and you can do X amount of leads, you can do the math and see what it cost. Now you can have somebody work for you for 75 cents an hour, if you divide it from 120 and then to four and they are working 5 days for you, eight hours, it cost around 75 cents an hour.

Something that most people forget is that you can use virtual assistants to do email marketing. Email marketing is almost for free, some of guys will say “I don’t have a list” and that’s what brings me to my next point. You can use these VA’s what I called data mining, there’s many different types of data mining, Facebook tracking system all the way down to where you hire a virtual assistant and you have him go to specific sites like craigslist and you have them extract data and these data are people that are actually motivated that are trying to sell their home or trying to rent a home. Now if you for example do door hangers and you blanketed the area, let’s say Denver, or let’s say Las Vegas it doesn’t matter, it’s going to cost you thousands and thousands of dollars and you’re hitting up people that probably are not in the market of selling their home at a deep discount or not even in the market selling their home; you can see, one is the shotgun, you’re just shot gunning and the other one is a sniper rifle, you’re zooming in like a laser and pin pointing people that are actually in the market of selling their home.

So coming back to the story on how to produce high quality motivated leads is by one and only, using virtual assistant by changing your dollar into third world counties to magnify your money then you have these VA’s to do prospecting for you, all the stuff that hurts your ego, all the stuff you don’t want to do, you let them do it for 75 cents an hour guys, you can’t beat that.   

Here’s what I want you to do next, I want you to click on the link below and here’s why I want you to do it, I’m giving you my virtual assistant book at extremely deep discount, almost 70% off guys, retail is for 1,500 bucks, I’m going to let you download for only seven days for 497. In this book, there’s two books, books on how to hire VA’s, it’s very important, I know many of you guys have tried hiring VA’s and you paid them couple of months and they didn’t do the work for you because you haven’t followed my system, I’ve been using VA’s since 1999, 2001-2002 when I was doing programming with my SQL and my PHP making custom soft wares, so I know what it takes to go to the VA’s and hire the cream of the cream. The second part of the book talks about how to filter out the VA so you can get the cream of the cream because here’s the thing, if you just hired an average Joe in America that’s not motivated, you’re going to lose your money. Why does Apple succeed, why does Google succeed? Because they find the best of the best, not only they look for people in America but they also bring people from India, they bring people from Pakistan here because they want the best of the best, same thing with Tesla, and so the second part of my VA book talks about how to filter out these VA’s so you could get the cream of the cream, the people that are willing to work for free for you, the people that are going to put their actions behind their works because if you hire a higher VA or higher employee, you know “I’m the greatest, I’m the best” and what happens is you hired them, you spend a lot of time training them, you pay them and then three weeks later they quit, two months later you fired them, that’s all waste of time and energy.

So take my 20 years of experience hiring VA’s, I made in two books, this over 8 hours of advance training and you’re not going to see anyone do it and the reason is most people that have VA or train VA’s, they have one, two, or three. At any specific time with my moving company, I would have 24-27 VA’s working for me, on top of that I have my local workers at the office. So not only that I know how to hire VA but I know how to have an army of VA that’s working for me and I’ll give it to you all in my book for 497 right now.

Now, here’s why it’s safe and smart for you to get my VA expediential book; number one, it has top reviews, you can go on the website, the link I’ve given you and read all the reviews. Number two, it is a hundred percent money back guarantee, you heard me right but it’s not just a money back guarantee like 30 days or 45 days, I guarantee my work for 1 year, so for 365 days, if you download this book and you’re not happy with it, just reach out to me and I’ll give your money back, no questions asked, I believe in my stuff so much that I’m willing to take all the risk on my back guys so you have nothing to lose, worst case scenario, you get my advance 20hour training for free, basic scenario, you take my information and you double or triple or quadruple your business because this stuff works, I’m the alchemist I can do any business with no money and this is a great example where you can spend a hundred and twenty bucks, it depends on what deal it is, the deal on my website $20,000 just to hire a VA for a hundred and twenty five then do mobile marketing and I am going to details on how you can do that to your business guys, for the first 19 chance that download the VA book, I’m going to give you my seller media phone script which is so crucial because what happens is once these VA’s started producing these massive leads, what you want to do is filter them down to only top or the cream of the cream because in the business of dealing with motivated sellers, the business of real estate investing or even if you’re a realtor, you better know now that you don’t want to spend time dealing with average Joe and Bob, you only want to deal with motivated sellers, just like what I showed you in my book on how to hire motivated VA’s, once you hire these motivated VA’s, what you have to do is use them to use my seller phone script because there’s so much leads coming in, you want them to filter, filter and you’re only talking to the 5% who are highly motivated and willing to sell you their home at 60 cents on a dollar or willing to sell you their home at owner financing or they’re willing to sell their home without putting your credit, without having you put a big down payment or going to the stinky banker. You’re not going to get that with an average person so that’s why I’m going to give you first 19 champs, my ninja seller phone script because it’s so much more than a phone script guys, it has specific question that you ask word by word, especially on the last page, the last three questions, they’ll tell you if the seller wants to do owner financing, if they say yes or maybe to those questions, it’s a done deal, it’s a subject to, owner financing, it’s a creative financing where you don’t have to get a loan or you don’t have to go to the bank, you don’t have to use your credit, to buy these houses, I know it’s so unbelievable when I first came up to this idea, I didn’t believe it myself so I took action and got couple of deals in the last crash 2007, I got a lot of deals and I helped a lot of students to do the same thing guys. Let me put it out here, the sale is only for 7 days, once it’s over, it’s going back to 1,500 bucks, I sold a lot for 1,500 bucks, the book has great review, it’s 7 or 8 hours advance training, I give you the contracts, how to use the VA’s, I go in so deep guys, so deep. And the other thing is I’m only going to give out the seller phone script to the first 19 champs that are able to pull on the trigger and chase their dreams.

Let’s do a recap, in this VA expediential book, I teach you and I hold your hand, watch over your shoulder and tell you exactly what to do from A to Z to find motivated sellers, not just any motivated sellers, highly qualified motivated sellers to sell your home at a deep discount or owner financing and the leads is going to cost you about 1 cent, you’re not going to find it anywhere else guys, you’re not going to find that with direct mail, door hangers, bandit signs, car wrap, you’re not going to be able to do that with all these other things, but this VA is a hundred percent proven. Just read the reviews, on top of that, this flash sale is only for 7 days, retail I sell this book for 1,500 bucks, and in this 7 days if you want to take your business to the next level, I will highly recommend downloading the book for 497 and the first 19 people that are going to get the book, I’m going to throw in my ninja seller phone script which cost 325 bucks and I had hundreds if not thousands of people download that and gave me tons of review. My seller phone script is something that I use, my VA’s use, my students use, anyone that does my coaching program uses, all they do is they fill out the seller phone script and they send it to me and I help them do deals, if you buy the mother course, you get the free coaching and I’m going to give you the seller phone script, so when you go out there hire VA and they start generating leads for less than a penny, you use my seller phone script to filter them out an just text it to my office, that 702 number and me and my team will coach you, hold your hand, totally for free if you bought the mother course and help you have the deal. If you haven’t bought the mother course, don’t worry, you have my VA book, you have all my blogs, I showed you how to do deals, and on top of that, you’re going to have my seller phone script. I also have a great video that talks about how to talk to a seller, how to gauge the seller, what you should do when you go over to the seller’s home, all on the seller phone script guys.

To wrap it all up, the first stepping stone to your success is lead generation, it doesn’t matter if you have a great website, it doesn’t matter if you have great logo, if you have a corporation setup, you can setup all these things and if you can’t generate leads, or you generate leads and paying a hundred dollars a lead or you’re paying so much money for a lead and not converting, you’re going to go bankrupt, if you want to lift in this business, the very first thing is lead generation.

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