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Pre-Recorded Messages - Why I Love Them In my Real Estate Business.

Hey gang, this is Mike with My Real Estate Dojo and today’s lesson is about the power of pre-recorded messages, so let’s dive in and get started. Okay, gang so this lesson is about the power and importance of pre-recorded messages for your business.

Let me go ahead and explain to you how I use pre-recorded messages for my business as a real estate investor. A pre-recorded messages is when I have owner financing properties or I have rental properties and what I do is I’ll leave a message, let’s say it’s an owner financing property, let’s say I’ll leave a description about the property I have for sale, but more importantly I’ll leave how much I am looking for a down.

I am looking for 20 000 or 30 000, because what happens is it helps me with the screening process, depends on how you word the messages. For example, in my pre-recorded message I usually leave some information, but I also leave the actions I want them to do, for example: “Leave a message” and more importantly “Leave a message answering these following questions”.

If I have a significant high deal and have so many buyers calling on it and some of them can’t follow instructions then I am not going to call first or call at all. It just all depends on how you structure your prerecorded message and this is why I love the pre-recorded message.

How I use it, it is for my rental property and for my owner-financing properties. I use for anything from the description of the property to how much I am looking down and action plan that I want the buyer or the seller to do.

On the rental property I do the same: disclose what I want for the rental, what the security deposit is, you can have FAQ. The first questions that people ask when they call about a rental property is: how much is it? what is the security deposit? do you guys have set eviction or credit? Whatever these things are I might be able to address all those on a pre-recorded message. I use it on the buyer’s side and the rental side of the business significantly. If you have ever called my 800 number I also use it on the seller’s side of the business significantly.

The first thing people hear when they call me is not that I pick. Sometimes I pick up or my VAs pick up, but usually we don't like to pick up, we filter the customers or the sellers in this case by their motivation level. Once a seller calls my office line it is a pre-recorded message that tells the what I do-that I am an investor, I don’t pay retail price, but all the positive stuff etc and then we ask them to not only leave a message, but to get a pen, write down my cell-phone number and give me a call  directly.

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When they call my cell-phone number they have to listen to another pre-recorded message and then leave a property address. So again, I use it for ‘hoop jumping’, I make the seller jump through multiple hoops before he can even get a hold of me, What that does is filters out the crème of the crop from everything else. I find the most motivated sellers, who not only call my office line, but then go get a pen to call again and write down me cell-phone number and then call my cell-phone number and listen to a voice message and leave their property address. As you may have noticed, I have made this seller jump through multiple hoops before they even got in contact with me.

The reason I do that is to separate the crème from the regular milk. The crème is going to be very little, but its going to be the top of the top. Let me stop to say that the remainder of the people calling my office-line and never leave a message or the people who call my office phone line and leave a message, but don’t follow the directions.

These type of sellers, I am not saying its not worth for you guys to give them a call, you should call everybody who calls you. But if you are very busy and have a lot of deals, or you are like me have multiple businesses, then you may have a filtering system like I do, especially if you need to only do a couple of deals a year, if you are not looking at fixing and flipping homes or making selling property your everyday lifestyle. If you are just a home owner or business owner and you are doing this on the side and want to buy a couple properties a year, then you don’t want to sit there talking to 20 sellers a day.

You may want to, but if you are at the level when you don’t need to, then you need to strategize and make the customers ‘jump through hoops’, which I recommend to more advanced investors. But if you are a newbie, I highly recommend calling every lead. Don’t get me wrong, depends on you level and the number of deals you want to do on a monthly basis. I use the pre-recorded message phone scripts, not only my buyers, my renters are also using on my sellers.

Let’s go into some reason why a pre-recorded message is great for your business, no matter what business you are in. The number 1 reason is that it save you the labour, you don’t have to repeat the same question over and over to your sellers or your buyers or your audience. The number 2 reason is that more audiences, sellers or buyers or whoever your audience is are going to call you more, because they don’t have the hesitation of “Damn, I am going to call this number, somebody’s going to pick up the phone and try to sell me or pitch something hard”.

They don’t have to deal with that fear.  So more customers or sellers or buyers are going to reach out to you to listen to your pre-recorded message, which allows you to build your list without having to call more people than you normally would. The 3rd reason why I love the pre-recorded messages is that you can use a phone system, like for example ‘Google voice’ or ‘ring central’ (if you don’t know what ‘ring central’ is check out my other videos). I use a phone system that allows me to build a database very quickly without actually calling people.

For example, I have a ‘Google voice’ for buyers and I have a ‘Google voice’ for buyers, for sellers and when you run your add, your callers are going to call this pre-recorded message, but you are able to collect their phone number for further use down the line when you have their property or for follow-ups or whatever the story maybe. That’s another reason why I love pre-recorded messages. Make sure you put these pre-recorded messages everywhere, like on your flyers, on your website, on your postcards, you mail-outs. They are good, but do think about strategizing pre-recorded messages. Don’t say “Hey, this is Mike with Mr. Investor. Please, leave a message”.

Make sure you are informative and when I talk to my buyers, I tell them about the property, I answer every question that they are going to ask me or they ask me over that pre-recorded message, so  I don’t need to take the time to re-explain that idea. I talk to them by the turns. If this is an owner financing deal, how much the monthly payments are, what they need from me, I already provided that to them.

Once they listen to the message, they feel comfortable and their fear barrier is going to be dropped down or their shield is going to be dropped down. They will only reach out to me, instead of me following up with them. I don’t like people to come to me, I don’t like to sell, I want to add value. That’s what I recommend for you guys as well. What you say in your pre-recorded text? I always have a text that says something like “Hey, free pre-recording”. And I like to use the word free, because some people call a number and they have to pay. I make sure to say “Free pre-recording message regarding payments and house”.

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If this was owner financing then I would just say “Free pre-recorded message regarding payments and the house”. If this was for rentals, I would change the text accordingly.

Remember, if you like these videos, please like, please leave a comment so it boosts me to make more videos for you guys. Alright, gang, this is Mike with My Real Estate Dojo, thanks for watching.

Go out there and hustle and bustle and don’t take no for an answer. 

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