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On Your Marks... Get Set... Door Knocking! OHH! - Who to door knock

Hey, gang, this is Mike with My Real Estate DOJO and today’s lesson is about what type of leads you can get through a door knock. Let’s give in and get started gang. Alright, the first type of leads that I want all my students to door knock are the expired MLSs.

This is the top of my crème and I love this the most because somebody out there like a realtor, has gone out there and done all the hard work and identified motivated sellers or people, who want to sell their home. Once they’ve identified, who those sellers were, those realtors did not do the job correctly, for whatever reason to sell their home. Now their listing has expired and that’s what I call expired listings. Why I like expired listings: 1). which I already explained, these people are already identified. All you have to do is buy the listing and they are identified, you know who these people are, they want to sell their home, but they couldn’t.

The second reason I like these people is because now they are more motivated. They were really happy to list their house, they were waiting weeks and months so excited to sell their home and then instead of being so happy and moving to their home, the next chapter of their life, they are going to get smacked in the face with nothing, but disappointment that their home doesn't sell.

Not only do you have them identified, but now they have signs of motivation, some of them, because they are down and under and couldn’t sell their home. They were really looking forward to moving to the next chapter of their life. You as a hungry real estate investor should go and knock on these doors, because they are going to get you a great return on your investments. Where do you get the expired MLSs? Well, if you’re in the Dallas cohort area, hit me up. I have the list, I’ll give it to you guys for just a couple of bucks, okay?

The other option is you go to a list broker and for a lot more money you can buy the list. It’s worth it guys, because you are going to need that information to knock on people’s doors. Let’s go to lead type 2 for door knocking. The next one is what i call ???. Now ??? you can go to a physical website, like ??? .com there are still many up there you can probably get a list of them, go knock on those people’s doors and go find what is motivated and what is not. This is not that great unlike number, because although you have identified them as wanting to sell, you don’t know if they are motivated or not.

They might be very well motivated, but they might not be. You have a better chance with lead type number 1, which is the expirers. Not only you have identified those, but they are motivated because they have been faced with defeat already. Lead type number 2 is ???. Let’s move to lead type number 3. Now everybody’s doing this is what I call the foreclosure list. Now when I say everybody is doing it, not everybody is going out there and knocking on doors on these foreclosure lists.

What they are doing is they’re spamming the shit out of these lists, because everybody is sending them letters, sending them postcards. So this pond is filled with fishermen and there’s not that many fishes, which  I don’t personally work the foreclosure list, because there is so much competition, all these gurus, all these Academies, they’re teaching everybody how to do that, because its easier than some of the other ones.

You can definitely make money out of working the foreclosure list, it's a good list of work, especially if you want to door knock. Let me tell you this and pay attention. If you are willing to door knock on the foreclosure list, you’re going to get way more deals than if you are going to send them postcards or letters, because not that many people have balls to go out there and knock on doors.

Even if you have a pond and there are a lot of fishermen out there, they are all sitting on the shoreline. If you are the fisherman that has a boat and you are willing to go to the middle of the pond, you are probably going to catch a lot more fishes. In a nutshell, working the foreclosure list is a great way to make money, even if there is a lot of fisherman out there. If you are willing to go door knocking. Now we talked about expired, we talked about the ???  and we also have talked about the foreclosure.

Now there’s two other ways to do it and they’re kind of like similar is what I call ‘fit for dollars’ and ‘drive for dollars’.

‘Fit for dollars’ means that in the morning or in the afternoon or whenever you have time, you and your family or your girlfriend and your dog go out there and get some physical activity while you are doing that, looking around homes that are abandoned, homes that don’t get a lot of love, homes that have a lot of flyers in front of them, tall grass, because they all show signs of motivated seller for whatever reasons. The next option is what I call ‘fit for dollars’, you go up, your exercise and you look at deals and then you go knock on these people’s door. If they don’t answer then you knock on the neighbors door, try to get information from them.

The last way to find motivated sellers and to go knocking on their door is what I call ‘drive for dollars’. What that simply means is you get into you car, pick a sector and you comb every street of that sector and look for houses that don’t have any love or the grass is tall or there are wires on the door. You knock on the door, you try to find the seller and actually talk to them. If you can’t, then you go to the next door neighbors house or whatever needs to be done to find the motivated seller. I do have a video on how to find a motivated seller, if you go to their home and they are not there.

Go to my YouTube channel to learn the steps to find a motivated seller. Again, I just showed you multiple ways to door knock and find motivated sellers. Let me leave you with this: “Door knocking is the fastest way to success, especially if you have now money, but you have a lot of time”. Again, “If you don’t have money, but you have a lot of time”. Reason 1, face your fears, it allows you to be quick on your feet. What do I mean by quick on your feet? Guys, I do all these podcastings just like a rapper does, like Jay-Z does. I don’t sit down and write this shit down.

I just get up, turn my mic on and this information just pours out of me. I am sure it would be great if I sat down and wrote it for a couple of days, but that’s not who I am. It just pours out. I am quick on my feet, because I have done this so much. I was a sales person in 9th grade, in 10th-12th grade. All my life its so natural for me. It’s so natural for me. I’ve always knocked on doors, therefore I am quick on my feet. If you got out there you knock on doors that is what going to help you challenge your fears.

Not only is it going to help you become quick on your feet, but its going to help you evaluate the human behavior, the human body, the way people talk to you and the things they don’t even say to you, because from all the rejections that you get over and over you get to feel people as should you go for the kill or should go back and build more rapport etc.

Here’s a couple of reasons why I like door knocking. If you don’t have any money and your willing to do what it takes, I’ll bet on door knocking than any other marketing media. Go out there, get in the ring, go do a left and right, get punched in the face, go back to your coach, try to figure it out, learn a new combo and go out there with the new combo, get punched in the face and go back and retry that over and over until you are able to become a master in whatever you do. Sitting there and just watching causes more and more fear in your mind. Go out there and take action.

Action is going to create feedback, which will help you get ahead in life. If you’ve got whatever it takes, cold calling is the shit for you. If you do it, I guarantee you guys are going to have success. If you need the data, where to cold call, I made videos about that already, so go out there and watch and make it happen for yourself. Lastly, if you like these videos, please like, please share, please comment. If you think I am adding value to your life, I’ve been helping you out, I’ve provided you with information, please support me, because it motivates me to do more videos.

Please, buy some of my products, there are products: sellers script, seller ads. These ads are the exact same that I use on Craigslist and it generates a significant amount of leads.

I am asking $19- pennies on the dollar guys. It’s going to ad significant value to you, it’s going to allow you to do deals and give me feedback “Hey, I’m doing deals, make me feel good, create more videos, making a win-win for everybody”. Go out there and hustle and bustle, don’t take ‘no’ for an answer.

Have a great day, guys!


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