nothing is free, working for free

Nothing is free in Life, but if you want to go places in life you better work for FREE!

Hey, gang! This is Mike with My Real Estate DOJO and today’s lesson is that nothing is free in life, but if you want to go places in life you better work for free. Let me say that one more time, gang, that is so important. There is nothing free in life, but you want to go places in life, you better work for free. And what do I mean by that. When I say that there is nothing free in life, it means that whatever your goals are whether it is to write a book or to start a fitness program, loose weight or build some muscle or to start your own business, it doesn't matter.  

Whatever your goals are and whatever you are trying to do in life there is nothing for free. That means you cannot sit here and watch TV and continue to play your video games without sacrifice to get to the next level. Without sacrifice, you are not going to get to the next level. If you don’t sacrifice, you are not going to get to the next level. If you don’t give up something to gain something, it’s never going to work. A lot of us believe the 10 minute abs or the magic pill, but we don’t realize that if you want eggs and wine we have to a) do something and b)let go of something. For example, I want to watch this TV show, but I can’t do that because I want to do eggs. Or if I want to loose weight then I got to stop doing something that I am doing now and go pursue something else that I want. But you can’t want and want and want without letting go of some stuff, which is basic sense, ladies and gentlemen, there’s not enough fucking time in the world.

The point number two is that there’s nothing for free, but you wan’t to go places, you got to work for free and what I mean by that is if you want to be an entrepreneur, if you want to go to the next level, you want to chase your dreams, you have to give more than you are receiving, like Napoleon said, which is 100% true. You got to give more than you are getting paid for in other words. You got to give. Let me give you a couple of examples, when I started my moving company and when I was living in my car right after college, I would give my customers free moving boxes, bubble wrap and tape, my moving company is Dr. Move. Although I charge very little, at a discounted rate, because my approach was just to have a low price. Even though I didn’t have my own equipment, so I had to rent my equipment, which meant that my profit margin was a lot less, I still went around and delivered boxes, bubble wrap and tape to all my customers anyway.

No other company at that time did that, even big companies that have been in business for a hundred years. I did that and shrinked my profit margin, but I knew that if I did I could have inertia work for me. Inertia in physics is when masses are stationary and hard to move, but when it has moved it becomes easier and easier to push. You’ve seen these guys that are moving big cars and at the beginning they are pulling this big car, but once it starts moving, it moves easier and easier and that’s because of inertia. I knew that in my moving company the same will happen with giving for free. If I just delivered my customers a). supplies b). free c) at low price, then I could actually be able to turn a hundred dollars into a business and that’s exactly what I did. My point to you guys is that if you want to go places in life, you have to give for free. But also know that if you want to go to that place, there’s nothing for free, you have to give more, you have to sacrifice or some of the things you are doing now plus holding onto your profit. Because you have to plant just like that seed in the tree, the seed took a long time for it to break out into the shell and let the stem to grow. They had to let go of that shell, of that protection to come up. That happens many times with that plant growing from shell to coming up on top of the ground. The same thing needs to happen with you. You have to let go of some stuff if you want to gain some stuff.

This is Mike with My Real Estate DOJO, don’t take no for an answer and remember there is nothing for free in life. You have to give for free if you want success. Go out there and hustle and bustle. Make 2016 your best year.

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