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My Guerrilla Marketing, Floods leads to your phone INSTANTLY in minutes


Hey, gang, this is Mike with My Real Estate DOJO and a quick video. Today I’ve been driving around and just helping a mentored student and I came up with a lot of cool ideas that I see her or a lot of other students make that I want to go ahead and address.

Old school marking, for example, old school media, print, you will spend money and do a contract and it will take weeks before you get a phone call and they actually ring. Through my creative imagination, my hunger, my desire, my being a refugee to America and really having to get that turning a dollar into 100 with my guerrilla marking tactics, once I implement and open the water fountain, water is going to start flooding in. What do I mean by that? With this mentored student we started with roughly around 10 o’clock, she spent about $175 deposited into text marketing, email marketing and a phone blast.

Roughly about 1500 people. As soon as we executed, in a matter of minutes, 3,5,10 minutes later a flood of phone calls cam in –leads. Some people are telling her to fuck herself and somebody she followed up to actually get the deal. The point of the story is: with my guerrilla marketing tactic that I share with you guys on Youtube totally for free is now like traditional business marketing, where you have to spend for prant or for X and Y and wait days and weeks for one phone call to ring.

The things that I tell you are magical in a sense, because they instantly give you ratification, they instantly pump a bunch of leads to you. All you got to do is be willing to pick up the phone and talk to these sellers. Of course, you are not going to know what to tell these people, of course you don’t have the scripts you may not have a follow-up paper, but it doesn’t matter, because the first call you are going to answer is going be shitty and the next one is going to be shittier, but before you know it, you are going to cut yourself a deal, get your confidence built up.

Before you know it, you’re analysing yourself, you’re benchmarking yourself to figure out how can I better my sales script, what can I say to get the customer persuaded or create a win-win situation. Simply put guys, my guerrilla marking tactics worked instantly if you just follow the script, follow what I am trying to tell you and do exactly what I say guys. I guarantee that my marking tactics are going to get you customers instantly, as soon as you execute.

This is Mike with My Real Estate DOJO, don’t take ‘no’ for an answer, go hustle and bustle and again, don’t take ‘no’ for an answer. Have a great day, gang! 

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