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MOVING BUSINESS: How to create free moving leads for your moving company | Best Moving Leads

Learn how to grow your moving business: How To Create Free Moving Leads for your moving company in this video.

Passing out flyers for your moving company is one of the fast and almost free ways to grow your moving company. When I started my moving company in early 2000 I had no money and I was living out of my car.

I only had 100 bucks and I turned that into a success moving by using creativity and imagination to create free leads for my moving business.

The best way to create free leads for you moving business if your new to the transportation business is by passing out flyers to apartment complex in your backyards.

We pass out flyers for my moving company two ways:
1. Door to Door flyers distribution at apartment complex
2. Mail Center of apartments.

As a moving company if you don't have leads you are not doing moves and if you are not doing moves you are not making money but normal we still have the overheads like insurance, office space, workers...etc.

If you're new to the moving business, then you have to pay your own bills and your new business bills as you will be start up, so its very important to have amazing marketing plan for your moving business if you want to succeed Work with me, book a one-on-one consultation

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