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Motivated Realtor Seller VS Motivated Investor Seller

Hey gang, this is Mike with My Real Estate Dojo and today I am going to tell you about is that an investor motivated seller VS a realtor motivated seller are different things.

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For example, if you look on Craig’s list, on Facebook or on the MLS they usually say- motivated seller. There is a big difference from that motivated seller from a realtor and the investor motivated seller. What is the big difference – a big chunk of money.

An investor motivated seller, which is what I talk about is that they were able to buy their house at a deep discount, were able to set up creative financing, things like creating notes, letting the owner carry the loan for you, paying him zero percent interest – all kinds of creative things that you could do. That’s what I call a motivated seller from the investor side.

A realtor motivated seller may be that she just wants to move or they like to move. They are really not that motivated that you can buy their home at a deep discount or you are able to create owner financing or things of that nature. 99% of the deals on the MLS or Craig’s list and things of that nature, when the realtor says “I have a motivated seller” is not the same thing when I talk to you guys and tell you to go out there and find a motivated seller, otherwise everybody would be getting that.

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A motivated retail seller that’s using a realtor they may be will to pay a closing cost or give some allowances for carpet cleaning, upgrading one grand or two, but they are not going to sell their home 60% off below market, they are not going to give you a property and let you not pay for it until you sell their home after you fix it up and you are able to profit. You are not able to do all of these creative things.

Make sure that you don’t get fooled by these realtor ads saying my seller is motivated or if you’re an investor or a wholesaler, because you can not make money with that type of motivated seller. Now these motivated sellers ma become investor motivated sellers, if these realtor can not sell their home or the deal doesn't go through because it doesn’t pass inspection or things of that nature. Then if the seller doesn’t want to do repairs on the house, then these sellers can become an investor motivated seller.

One thing you could do is put these people in an Excel sheet, just follow up with them and wait for their listing to expire and become motivated if they don’t sell their home. In a sense, you don’t deal with this type of motivated seller thinking that they are the same type of motivated seller as this one.

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