marketing, what it means for your success

Marketing hard, and people are complaining, what does that mean for your success?

Hey, gang, this is Mike with My Real Estate DOJO and today’s subject is about how do you know your marketing plan is working for you. Let’s dive in and get started. So a lot of the time I tell my students to go ahead and do text message marketing, for example, so let’s just talk about that and do a showcase on that. Don’t just do a call blast or a text blast. Say you  of people and I talk to them and they respond back intimately tome saying “Hey, you know what, I feel it is time to stop: don’t text me, don’t do this or fuck off” whatever the story maybe, but something with a negative connotation to it.

And the truth of the fact is, when I do that for my business and people respond negatively like “Hey don’t message me, don't market tome etc.” I don’t take it as a negative aspect, I don’t take it with the negative content. I look at it positively, if I have a list of lets say one thousand people that I just blasted with my moving company and one hundred call me back, ort en text me back telling me not to respond to them. I look at it in a positive way because that shows me my marketing is working.

1.They are receiving my marketing messages and 2. It branded them, it made them upset, they reached out to me to say they don’t, so I get upset if I send out a thousand calls and nobody calls me back upset, because I know my message didn’t even get delivered or there was a problem with my message. What I trying to say is that there are always going to be haters or people that are against your dreams or whatever you want to call it. Whatever you are doing, if you are an investor, if you are in real estate or you are doing bandit science there are always the type of people we call bandit nazis, who are going to call you they are going to follow you, call the police on you, the code enforcement.

Let me give you a quick example. It was 2007/2008 I got into the real estate investment world when the market had melted and read about and fantasized and I was at McKinney Texas, a nice part of town and me and my brother, he is driving and I am putting the brand signs out there and I remember clearly in this white neighborhood in a very nice car, we are putting these signs out by houses and this lady just follows us, got on the phone, called the police and she just went left-right following us all along and for one second I thought to myself: “Man, what am I a thief, am I trying to break the law, am I hurting people?” Then I realized, no I was not hurting people, but yes I was breaking the law in the sense of code violations, but in reality there are so many people who are losing their home in the McKinney area that I wanted to buy their homes and help them out. So the point I am saying is, no matter what marketing you do, if you are doing flyers on doors, if you are doing text messaging, if you are doing call blast, it doesn’t matter.There are always people who are going to come to you and say “Hey don’t do this”.

To me this is the dream killer. Don’t listen to them, look at it positively.Their response to you with negative content means that your advertisement is actually working and you’re right on track. The more of these you get, means you are going to get one that is a motivated seller that says “Hey, I want to use your services”. So keep tracking, keep hustling, don’t take no for an answer and definitely don’t listen to these ‘nay sayers’ that tell you to stop doing something, because you are out there trying to make an honest living by advertisement. Go out there and hustle and bustle, don’t take ‘no’ for an answer and this is Mike with My Real Estate DOJO.

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