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Discover FREE LEAD Generation in Autopilot IFTTT for real estate Investor

IFTTT to generate FREE Leads for Investors real estate


IFTTT to generate FREE Leads for Investors real estate

Welcome to MyRealEstateDOJO with Mr Investor, gang  today’s topic is about some must have apps for all real estate investors and today’s app that I’m talking about its called, again, it’s called What is this app?  What does it do for you? How does it save you time?  Well in a nutshell, this app allows you to generate a lot of leads and it does a lot of different stuff and it makes it all automatic for you, okay so let me repeat it one more time in a one simple word, this ad makes your life easier through automation without you doing the sweat equity, okay.

Now we’re going to dive in I’m going to get on my computer and show you how to use this app to find leads and prospects on craigslist. Alright gang, let’s get into how we use so the first thing is you’re going to go to and create an account I’ve already done that once that happens you’re going to go to create a recipe the is going to go search on craigslist find ads that have the keywords that I’ve mentioned here and then email that information to me, okay. Now before we create our first recipe, I want to make sure that I explain this to you personally, I like to create different recipes for different keywords that’s why, you notice that I have recipes for motivated sellers, fire-damaged, job relocation and each one of these recipes, there’s multiple keywords in it and I’m going to show you how to do this right now, so let’s go ahead and create our first recipe. 

Now the first thing I’m going to do is once we create, we going to click on this and as you can notice that works with many different types of apps but what I want to focus on today is teach you how to generate leads through craigslist, so you click on craigslist, once that happens you’re going to click on new posts for a search and then you’re going to click on the craigslist search for something on craigslist. I’ve already done that and so here it is on the screen now i live in a Dallas fort worth area and so the craigslist is there for me the section that i want to go ahead and search for is basically real estate for sale and real estate for rent okay but however let’s go ahead and do real estate for sale so I’m going to click on real estate for sale and then the search box, I’m going to type in keywords that trigger or searches on craigslist for specific keywords that imply motivation so, in this case, let’s do divorces so I’m going to put a quotation and I’m going to type in divorce okay then I’m going to use this little sign which is that a little line and in that what that means in craigslist means or so it divorces or separated alright. 

So basically what I’m telling craigslist is that search for keywords in the ads that have keywords in there that says divorce or separated when i do a search you can see all these ads okay now what I’m going to do is go on the top part of my browser on the URL path and copy this URL path let me explain this path to you for a little bit, this part says Dallas which means that I’m on the Dallas section of craigslist and I’m on the search functionality of craigslist and then on the inquiry I’m searching on craigslist for keywords that have divorced and separated so I’m going to copy this URL path, once I copy it I’m going to go back to the copy and paste that URL path okay.

Basically I’m telling to go search on craigslist for keywords that says divorced or separated next I’m going to click on create trigger once that happens then I need to go click on debt now I’m going to tell the website what do you want to do, I want to do, once it finds those motivated seller ads so I’m going to tell it to go ahead and email me so I’m going to click this icon then I’m going to click on send it. Send me an email when this happens on this page I’m just going to say okay create the action and now I’ve created a recipe on that says hey go on craigslist search for the keywords that says divorced or separated and then email me that information and so for the description, what I’m going to do is use the keywords that I do that I’m going to be using for this ad which is basically divorce and I want to say create and I’m going to put XX because I already have this search in curry but I want to show you the difference. 

Voila, now you’ll see it so basically every 15 to 25 minutes is going to go on craigslist, search for keywords that are divorced or separated and then email it to me. Now one thing, I want to go ahead and point out to you guys is that I like to create multiple recipes for multiple different keywords that symbolize motivation that’s why I have one for divorce, I have one for motivated sellers, one for fire damage, one for job relocation, must sell, etc. okay and in each of these recipes I’ve used multiple keywords so just because it’s divorce doesn’t mean I could only put divorce i can put separated I could put wife left me husband left me things that are related to divorce, okay. Keywords are related to divorce and put in in this recipe and have it email to me. 

Now one question that you might be asking is what do I do with the information once emails me those prospect leads every 15 to 25 minutes, so what I do, is once these leads come to me, I allow my virtual assistants to go ahead and contact these sellers and he does it by three different ways, he sends them an email he sends him a text and he calls them. 

And there’s another cool app that I’ve already talked about called sly dial, watch my previous video, which allows you to call these sellers, leave them a voice message that says “hey we’re investors,  we buy houses at a discount, if you’re interested, give us a call back” which allows the seller to jump through hoops to show you their motivation, and if they call you, that shows you that they’re motivated. So in a nutshell, once this app, since my virtual assistant deletes, he’s going to go, and email them, call them and text them and let them know what we do, which is we’re investors and we buy houses 

Alright gang I’ve shown you how to use this Craigslist to create yourself a lot of different leads where you’re able to get money out of nothing all you guys do just put some sweat equity in there so go out there and hustle and bustle, make it your dream come true. If you believe that you can be a real estate investor. If you had a dream that you’re a real estate investor then this is the universe gift to you you wouldn’t have this desire it wasn’t given to you okay. So go out there and make it happen for yourself yeah it’s a little hard you know but everything in life that’s worthy is going to be hard, this is way easier, didn’t have any job, this is way easier to work in the cubicle, this is way easier, didn’t live in pay check to pay check. Go out there and hustle and make your dreams come true. This is America, this is the land of the opportunities many people have immigrated to America just because of the of the grass being so green here so don’t feel sorry for yourself don’t look at your limitation you don’t have or how you don’t have no money no credit no education or whatever the story. Maybe ask yourself how I can do it and when you ask yourself that, your brain is going to start thinking and it’s going to solve your problem because your brain is your biggest asset in the world. Okay go out there and hustle this is Michael Mr. Investor with MyRealEstateDOJO, now talk to you later gang.

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