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I Invested $1,000 into Litecoin Cryptocurrency Today

 I Invested $1,000 into Litecoin Cryptocurrency Today

I invested $1,000.00+ into Litecoin crypto currencies today

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I personally just invested over a thousand dollars into Litecoin for couple of reasons, number one which is the least amount that interest me is that I head Litecoin is partnering up with Facebook or Amazon or both which gathered my interest; but the reason why I invested in Litecoin is the speed is a lot faster, the price is a lot less, if you want to send money, if I want to take my money out of let’s say my coin base and put it to some other exchange, I’m going to lose 15% or $10, $15 just to move my money, it depends on how much money you move and Litecoin is a lot less.

The other reason is why I like Litecoin is that it has taken many ideas that are successful cyber coin and kind of like emulated it but improved on those ideas, and therefore I think Litecoin is a good investment for me, specially the way I look at it is that I just bought an electrical car and I’m saving roughly about $90 a week, so in three weeks of ownership, I just did a video, I saved $270. So the way I look at it is if I take my 2 or 3 months of gas savings because I have an electrical car now, instead of spending the money to the gas company or instead of leaving it to my savings account or we had inflation like crazy, my purchasing power keeps losing and losing, why don’t I just take this money and risk it all in cyber currency. So my thinking is I was spending 90bucks in minimum, more than that a week on gas so I don’t have to spend that money anymore, why don’t I instead of saving all this money, why don’t I spend three months or six months of this money and invest it on things that I normally wouldn’t invest in, a really high risk like Litecoin. To me, if I have 12 months of giving free gas, if I take 6 months of that money and invest it to something that has a potential to take me to the moon or has a potential to lose all my money, I’m still in a good positioning because I will have to spend that money anyway in my Mercedes SL550 that goes with gas, 90 bucks to fill her up easily at supreme, it depends on what state I am, if I’m in Las Vegas it’s more versus if I’m in Dallas.

Simply put to me it’s all win-win because now I’m saving this gas money every week instead of leaving it to my banking account and lose purchasing power because of the inflation, because the federal reserve is printing money, why don’t I just put my money to major risk coins like Litecoin, Dash, and the way I’m thinking, instead of having 12 months of savings, I’ll take 6 months of that and put in some kind of risk that has potential to hit the skies or hit the moon or the ceiling or has a potential to lose it all or break even or make a little money; the way I look at it is I’m going to lose it all or I’m going to the ceiling with it, I’m not in here just for the little part, I’m not a day trader to take my money out, I don’t do that stuff. I’m a real estate investor and I’m an entrepreneur, I know how to turn lead into gold through my imagination and creativity, so I know how to make money, instead of having that in the banking account where I lose money because of inflation because the Federal Reserve keeps printing money, I decided I’m going to take half of that money that I’m going to save because I bought and EV car, why don’t I take massive risk with it. Now, I can go buy a thousand dollar real estate, I can get a subject to, owner financing but I would need more money to make the rears or make the payments or put the money in the rehab, so I couldn’t really buy a real estate with a thousand bucks, I could if I hustle and bustle but this is a lot easier, I just put the money into Bitcoin, I put this money into Dash, I put this money into Litecoin and I’m just going to sit back, I still have my daily hustle, I’m still going to help you guys with real estate, I’m still going to buy real estate, I’m still going to be an entrepreneur because that’s how I make my money, but I’m having my money work for me in this high-risk asset; now, it’s very risky but that’s why I’m going to make a lot of money, if it wasn’t that risky then I wouldn’t make a lot of money, like I never invested in stocks, I don’t believe in stock because I can’t control it, it’s kind of like Bitcoin but the return on it is so little versus what I can lose, I can lose my money and the return is very little where with cyber currency it’s the same exact story as stock, the only difference is I can make a lot of money or I can lose my money. The lost is exactly the same as stocks in my personal opinion but the gain is a lot more; like for example, if I put a thousand bucks on stocks, I can lose it all, if I put it on Bitcoin or dash or Litecoin, I can lose it all, okay; they’re exactly the same but what I can gain from this is a lot more if I put it on stocks maybe it may go up a little, maybe 200 bucks so I can have 1,200 bucks but if I put it to Bitcoin or Litecoin or dash or steam, I have a higher chance of doubling, tripling it, going to the ceiling, going to the roof or going to the moon. So simply put, my lost with both investment assets is equally the same but my potential gain is a lot more with a riskier assets which in this case is Litecoin.

Simply put I’m not taking a risk at all because I will spend this money still on gas, fuel consumption on my Mercedes or in my Lexus, since I’m not driving those anymore, I’m just driving my Nissan Leaf I’m saving more than $90 a week, so I figured instead of leaving this money on my bank account and lose purchasing power, why don’t I invest it in a higher risk asset.

Now if you guys are interested in Bitcoin, Dash, Steam or Litecoin, please do your own due diligence, I’m not telling you where you should invest in, I’m just giving you what I’m doing. But if you still want to invest and you done your due diligence, I’ll leave a link below, if you go to and you buy any of these investment assets, if you spend a hundred bucks, they’ll give you 10 bucks, again, if you spend a hundred bucks in Coinbase, if you use my link below, you’re going to get 10 bucks, so that’s like a 10% interest; where can you put a hundred bucks in and get 10 bucks? I can’t do that with the Bank of America, I can’t do that with Wells Fargo. Now, sure the banks have “FDIC insurance” but when the melt down comes, there’s no enough money to ensure everyone, I don’t believe in that, I’m not telling you what you should do but if you decide to get into it, you should definitely use the link below to buy Bitcoin, Litecoin or Dash or whatever you decided to do because it gives you 10 bucks back; so if you send a hundred you get $10, that’s 10% return in your investment instantly guys and I will make 10 bucks also so it’s a win-win, you win, I win. I’m bringing you great information, if you decided to capitalize it you get 10% instantly as soon as you spend your hundred bucks. Thanks for watching, don’t take no for an answer and be your dreams.

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