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How to talk to motivated sellers over the Phone in Real Estate, Ninja Phone Script

How to talk to motivated sellers over the Phone in Real Estate, Ninja Phone Script

Guys welcome to Mr. Investor MyRealEstateDojo, okay today what we’re going to talk about is what to do whenever you’re on the phone with the seller, and what should you ask? a lot of my mentor students ask me “hey do you have a script, I don’t know what to say, when I’m on the phone with the seller” so I went and basically made a script through all the trial and errors that I’ve gone through and basically handed that to you guys. Now, I passed the ball to you now it’s time for you guys to go and make a touchdown. 

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How To Talk To Motivated Seller, Seller Phone Script, Sales Phone Script


Okay lets go ahead and just dive into it, alright what the script is about, now, I don’t want to say it’s a script. I just want to say some questionnaire form, because you know, I don’t want the conversation to be question 1, question 2, and question 3, question 4, okay. It’s very crucial that it’s not like that because there's no rapport building and the whole goal here is for you to build rapport with the seller and to do that you need to really connect with them and position yourself as someone that does care and you should really care guys because in this business we’re solving people’s problems and you really have to care to solve a problem. I mean, a problem is not easy to solve, a problem is a problem, that’s why it’s called a problem and when I say problem, people think it’s easy. No, it’s not easy guys; it’s extremely hard that's why there are not that many problem solvers in life, ok. Sounds easy alright, but it is extremely hard. 


Okay, now I’m going to show you how to do it you guys going to be able to do it but don’t go into it thinking it’s easy ok because it’s not but you can do it. You know I have faith in you that you will do it. Ok I’m going to show you how to do it; I’m going to hold your hand. We’re going to make it happen, okay. So in my other videos I explained to you guys how to build rapport but I’m going to quickly go through it okay. Rapport building is about asking open-ended questions and what you're going to do with those open-ended questions is that the sellers going to give you responses like A, B, C, D things and then you’re going to take an out of that story and if you have something similar with with the seller and then you're going to reach out there and connect with the seller and say he mister seller somehow I’m just like you.


Okay so refer back to the previous modules that are going to be coming, that’s going to explain how to build rapport, okay so just know that for a nut shell, there's open-ended questions and there closing the questions and to build rapport you need to ask open-ended questions and in my seller form I've included many open-ended questions where your able to build rapport for example tell me “what do you really like about your property?” or “seller tell me why do you want to sell your property?” see these are open-ended questions okay. Alright so the whole goal of this questionnaire form is two things one is to build rapport and two to gather information to solve the seller problem, all right this is your two goals in here, that’s it you're not going to negotiate with the seller, you’re not going to talk to them, and be negative about them. You’re not going to tell them anything they don’t want to hear at this time in reality, you're going to tell them things that they do want to hear like “hey I want to buy your house I am very very confident that I’m, were going to be able to create a win-win situation to buy your house” things of that nature so you don’t want to be arguing or being on the other side per se of the seller at any time in the negotiation or in the first introduction with the seller.


Okay, so now let’s go ahead and talk about some of the questions that are in here, now guys it’s very very very very important that you fill in this question; you’re at a 100%. Every question in here is there for a specific reason because it’s going to determine how were going to slice and dice the deal or structure to deal every single question okay guys if it wasn’t important I wouldn’t put it on their okays a lot of times I see some of the information is not filled and then I’m not gonna be able to analyse it or show you how to analyze 100% because the information is missing so it’s kind of like doing a jigsaw puzzle without having to actual box to know what the image is. 


Okay so it’s very very important guys, that you fill it out a 100% okay, you know, there’s a couple of questions in there that are not crucial crucial but all the other ones are 100% crucial I would say all of it is crucial okay so fill it out. Now the first thing is when a seller calls you want to go ahead and put the date on there and you want to definitely ask them how they heard about you okay because advertisement is not free. It costs tremendous amounts of money, get the phone to ring, okay, or if you're not putting money in right now, it’s going to cost sweat equity, alright you want to know the date, and how they heard about you and the date is very important too because you know you want to be able to benchmark and follow-up with these people and see one day hatched and if you put the day-to-day and they had 12 months later, see then, you start realizing that follow-up does work. 


Because like Bob called you today and 12 months later that’s when he was totally motivated and he banked and you know you were able to harvest, okay. You know some of the basic questions that she need from from the seller is, of course, their name, you know, their email address. When I say, “hey mister seller, what is a good email address? I can send you written offer” because I always like to give my offers in writing and that way, able to have their email so I give them the offer in writing okay. I definitely want their cell phone number, okay, very important. Not really their home you know, but mostly their cell phone number, okay and I’ll explain to you why we want their cell phone number; we could get a hold of. 


We can send them text, text is very very important guys, you know people respond to texts even faster than they do, you definitely want the address okay why do you need the address because you also want to do that for your follow-ups when you when you start sending out to them letters, okay. Things of that nature, all right then, the question number one and this questionnaire form is basically it’s the way I would ask the seller the information. Okay, this in the exact same order, okay so I would ask him, “Hey Mr. seller, well you know, what is your name?” I might look mister investor “what is your name?” He tells me his name I say hey what does he get? Email us have to send you my cash offer - okay I already have a cell phone say hey is this your cell phone, what is the address I could run the cost while I’m talking to you boom boom boom, okay. Then I go and say, hey mister seller, tell me later about your property okay? Now he’s going to tell me hey it’s a 2-bedroom blah blah blah why he’s telling me that stuff is 1200 square foot. I need that information down if he doesn’t tell me something that I need to know that information that’s when I ask them after he finishes talking. 


I don’t interrupt them guys this whole aspect is Rapport building and majority of rebuilding comes from listening, guys listening, not talking, listening, okay. Now on question number one tell me a little about your property is very very very important, that we know what year it was built, it’s very very important, that we know what year they purchased it, okay because that’s going to let us know how much equity they have when you review reverse engineering with the math okay.


I can show you how to do that down the line and its very important for us to know if this house is vacant or if there are sellers living in there or if it’s being rented out okay. Don’t skip anything. Alright, then the next thing you want to do is very important, it in the same question, I ask the seller, how much do you want for the property? we need to know this upfront okay this doesn’t matter what they want for it but we need to get that number off their chest so once they disclose that information out you’re going to write that information there majority of times you ask them this assume you…… 


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