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How to Pick The Winners In Cryptocurrency

 How to Pick The Winners In Cryptocurrency


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How to Pick the Winners in Crypto currency

Hey gang, this is Mike with my RealEstate DOJO and I want to share you guys how I pick the winners in crypto currencies before I deal this one I want to school you out there that I don’t have a crystal ball nor I’m giving you legal CPA or financial advice and this is what I do at the dojo, many of the people have asked me how do you invest in crypto currencies, and I thought about it and I basically have three major categories that I look at on an ICO or on Bitcoins or in all the coins that I actually buy, I look at it, I analyze it; three or four ways, I’m going to put the fourth one and I’m going to keep it as a secret.

The first thing that I look is the token or the coin, there are two different things, is it open source or is it not, because to me it’s very important. And why is that important? Since 1999, there’s been a war going on, there’s been a war between Microsoft and open source softwares; for example, PHP, SQL, Apache servers, these are all open source which means they are free, anyone can dive into it and edit it and no one owns it and control it in a sense, it’s free it’s for everyone and then you have another boot camp which is not open source, it’s a corporation owned like Microsoft, so if you look at the internet today, what we know is internet, most of us don’t understand the technology behind it is majority, free open source software out there if it’s from the server that does the DNS all the way down to the apache all the way down to your client’s emails using HMT or pop up 3, all the way down to your PHP, your data bases. So these are all open sources, the community can work and improve on. The other one is where one corporation owns and no one gets to see and earns like 2 and 1 cents. So one of the first thing that I look at if I’m going to invest into coin or token is, is this an open source or not, maybe the first layer maybe open source but what about the next layers? For example, there is a company that I invested in, it’s called Nibble and what’s they’re thing is after the block chain, the next layers that’s going to come up, they’re going to have the ability for a PHP worker that can start developing software and is going to start with the block chain which is pretty cool and the other companies out there which are doing the same exact idea to make it compatible with other layers or program like C, C++, java, etc. but some of these companies are developing compatibilities like for example .net windows which is a close system versus an open system. So if I’m going to invest in two companies, and one of them is going to do like Nibble, the one that I invested in, because they’re creating platforms to be compatible with html, a lot of people know html, a lot of people know PHP because it’s free, it’s out there like third world countries, even in America, a lot of host, a lot of servers or data base are running on Linux versus on windows operating system because it’s more stable, it doesn’t have bugs and it’s more secure because it’s out there people are trying to get into it, so it’s gone to the bruises. So the first thing that I look at is if it is an open source because I want to invest in things that empower you, empower me, empower my neighbor; I don’t want to invest in things that empower big corporations like Ripple and I don’t want that, I don’t want to empower Microsoft or Facebook, for example Facebook, they’re using your data and my data and they making millions and millions of dollars, I don’t want to do that, for example steam, it allows us to make our own data and then monetize our own data, which one do you want? Do you want a social media that uses your private information, makes millions of dollars to this advertisers and leaves you to all kinds of prey or do you want to a system that if you’re going to put your information out there, you’re going to get monetize, whatever it is, if your sharing your baby’s kids, if you’re sharing what kind of car do you drive, if you’re sharing what kind of restaurant you go to, so you get the money instead of Facebook or Google, I mean it’s your data, it’s your life. So coming back to the story, the very first thing that I look at is if it’s an open source or not.

The open source deals with the programming part, the data base part I think comes in the second part which is, is it centralized or decentralized. If it’s centralized, it’s kind of like bank of America, Wells Fargo, all these big money gram, all these people, they keep all the data; like Facebook they keep all the data, they cover over it and they are the only beneficiary of our data. Great example, I want to wire some money from here to let’s say India for a programmer, when I transfer it to Western Union or Money Gram, if I send this much, they are probably going to get less because the third party took it. So in one sense, when you have a centralized system, you create a pool of people getting empowered, enriched by us by living our daily life; for example Facebook, by not being decentralized, it centralized by us living our daily life, they get to monetize, they get money, the CEO’s become billionaire and all these coward, they can shift the economy, they can shift your V coins, etc. Now decentralize means kind of like the open source situation with software, it’s kind of like that data, anyone can see it, it’s out there in the world, in the cloud. Kind of like think about it, decentralize and centralize is kind of like when you have hard drive on your computer versus the cloud, it’s more convenient in the cloud, but it’s more prone in getting hacked but because it’s prone to getting hacked, because it’s open source more people work on it to make it better, it’s kind of like a great example analogy, centralize kind of like you have computer, decentralize means your data is in the cloud, everyone can see it but it may be wrapped around some kind of secured blanket, but everyone can see it, all the programmers, everyone can see the safe but no one can see what’s inside of it. So one of the things that I look when I invest in crypto currencies and tokes is, is this thing empower hungry machine like Microsoft, Ripple, banks or is a decent line where it empowers you and you and me and Bob and my neighbor; does it empower the elite, the 1%, 2% or 10 percenters or does it empower the mass public and I’m pretty cool with everyone, I don’t care what country you’re on, what skin you have, whatever your religious beliefs, I believe you all are God’s gift, he created us so we’re all equal, like the moon and the stars. So I like technology that’s decentralize, now if you look in the history of the internet, who’s been winning? Like I said, PHP, open source has been winning, so I think if we look forward, in my opinion only that I think that decentralization is going to overcome and will, centralization. But it’s going to take some time like Wikipedia versus Microsoft when they came out with Expedia and they hire all these professional people, who won? The one that’s free where everyone contribute to or the big corporation and the story is everyone knows Wekedia is and whatever it’s called but no one remembers the Microsoft, they spend all these money trying to come up with Expedia but they fail, they have the best people, all that stuff. So it’s not about the money anymore, it’s about open. Two things I look at, is it open source for the second and third layers or is the main code, is the main data up in the cloud, in the public view where everyone can look at it or is it somewhere in the dark place, closet or data center or stored on people that have guns, so those are things I want to look at when I do investing.

The next thing I want to look at is how secure is it, now there’s tons of coins, tons of tokens out there but Bitcoing has been there since day 1, it’s been on the cloud, it has all the opportunity for people to attack it, hack it and this and this and it grew up in the trenches, so it already figured out how to fight back in a sense where some of these new things especially the decentralized, they are more prone to get hacked because there is not millions of people contributing to that open source; a good example is that credit card company, they took all the people’s information and they got hacked. Now can you get hacked in the open environment? Absolutely, it’s kind of like you have your gold sitting in front of everybody but the system you have is every time somebody tries to break in, everybody looking at, there’s one people breaking in and they’re watching out, versus one that’s hidden somewhere and only you and your beneficiaries or your master corporate benefits, not the whole public. Those are some things that I think about and the security is a very important thing, is the company new is it open? I lean to open more, I lean to decentralize way more because I know in the long run, and they’re going to be the safest because they’re getting bitten up since day one and there’s people to help them out like a family.

And the last thing that I really look at is that when I think about crypto currency is how fair it is, is it a system where like we have the Rockefellers system, only a couple of people make billions of dollars and everyone else’s become enslave to them or is it a fair system that if I contribute I get rewarded, if you contribute you get rewarded, so I look at that because I only want to invest in things that are fair, like you have the same right as me, and I have the same right as you. I don’t want to invest in things where the 1% or people that have a massive amount of money empowers.

The fourth thing that I want to look in to in investing crypto currency is it fair, is the eco system fair? That’s the last thing I look at. The third thing I look at is how secure it is. Because what’s the point in putting a lot of money in there and it gets hacked. The second thing I look at is, is it centralize or decentralized, I don’t want to invest in anything that’s centralized, that’s why I don’t like Ripple, the whole point of Bitcoin is to eliminate banks, to eliminate the third party, and Ripple is like helping the banks or the third party to do what Bitcoin does in a sense. Sure it’s going to save us a lot of amount of money, but why wouldn’t they do that before the interruption, why didn’t they do that before they’re about to get extinct in the business, it’s kind of like all the manufacturers of cars, why wouldn’t they bringing Tesla’s car, electric car, why would they let one men disrupt they’re whole business before they decided to change their ways, think about that. Do you want big corporations like that, that have better ways that are not going to bring it to the market, not help you save money, not help you work 40 hours a day because they earn more money; or do you want things that empower you so you could spend more time with your family and kids, and now I think that today I’m able to invest my money into things out of the big bankers, out of debt. And I’m very happy to live in this area, I’m very happy to live in an area where I’m seeing you let the internet happen, I was in the first people to get into internet back in the days when Yahoo was king instead of Google,

To summarize it up, I believe that crypto currency or block chain is the future, I don’t have a crystal ball or I don’t know what’s going on, but when I invest in crypto currencies, this are the four factors that I go through before I invest all of my money, before I even do research, the very first thing that I answer is these four things, if they don’t passed it, I go to the next one guys.

I’m not an attorney or CPA or financial adviser but from what I’ve learned, someone that never had a job that never had a resume, I’ve been here since high school as an entrepreneur is that the more money in between my ears, the more I can see, I’m like 40 years old, and I suddenly let go of my stuff, decided to go homeless for a year and a half and what have you, so I’m not seeing with my eyes, I’m seeing with the teaching that I have, that’s why I was able to come back and write a book and put it on Amazon or make $12,000 writing a book or whatever I do I have successes because the education that I get in the past, since I was introduced to Bitcoins in 2016, I thought it was a scam, I was buying gold, and now I regret, I wish I bought 10 Bitcoins because at that time, Bitcoin was less than the price of the gold and I was buying gold for less than 11 something, 1,100 and something. So my ability to have a type of mind set and come back. Here’s another example; when I got to real estate 2006 fourth quarter, the market has crashed, and I don’t know a thing about it, and when I watched the seminar talking about how can they buy houses with no money down, how can do creative financing, wraps, lease options I thought this was a scam, same thing when I saw Bitcoin in 2016 “you know what, this is a scam” no one’s giving their home, I can’t put their house under contract for just a dollar, I can’t buy house with no money, so I thought it was a scam. The only difference between me and many other people that say the same exact thing is “you know what, I don’t know anything, this is my thinking today with the amount of information that I have right now” so since I’m holding this information right in my heart, why don’t I move forward a little bit and do some research on this topic. So I started reading about real estate, I started going to IER clubs, I start getting online and then I started marketing and I started getting people calling me, and I pick up the phone and I came up with mu seller phone script that’s a best seller so many people loved it, so I did all these stuff and when I got my first deal in Gran Pierre and I met a great family, they were going through divorce and they have kids and I helped them save their home that’s about to go to foreclosure, I bought a house, I didn’t go to the bank, I didn’t know anything, that was my first deal, I started to become a believer, I don’t know a damn thing, after that I’ve done more deals and I can do it and I started doing deals, but at one point I thought creative financing is a scam, I thought who would let me take over their mortgage, nobody is going to do that. Why did I thought about that? Because my mom told me, my dad told me, my realtor told me, the school system told me, no one’s going to do that. But I still have the courage, I have the desire to become better and say “you know what? I might get into this ring and get knocked out, you my parents are refugee, it is okay to get knocked out” it’s better than wishing that I did something. So I started going into it and I did my first real estate deal and I think it was a home run, I only get to give the guy a couple of thousand bucks, nothing actually, the house was behind the payments, I just make the rears so I gave him nothing, for just 3 grand, but it cost me to rent the house, it cost me to move it to an apartment my first and my security deposit, I was able to buy a property that’s the cash flow is 400-500 plus a month for me, over time even more. And I made $100,000 off that deal. Same with Bitcoins, 2016 came I thought this thing is a scam, I don’t think this thing is worth like gold, gold is worth 1,125 bucks at that time and Bitcoin was right around that so I said no way, I’ll buy a bunch of gold, I made a mistake because if I just spend a five thousand dollars from that gold bucket and even a thousand bucks or even a hundred bucks. If I would put it to gold, I would be a multi-millionaire just from that one investment but I did not and I made a mistake. Am I mad about it? No, I’m the new guy and I just failed. I’m sharing it with you because that’s how you learn, that’s how I learned, I learned by f*cking up. I didn’t jump out because of fear, fear of lost. No, I studied in 2016 and I watched it go up and read about it, learn about it and when it crashes a couple of weeks ago when I started making this video, I just jumped into it and that’s why I’m letting you guys know what I’m doing. I dived into because it was like 20 grand, now it’s at least 20% off, even though I bought it 50%, it goes down to 60, 70. Now it’s coming back up, not that I knew because but I knew that one time it was worth this much and there’s a good chance that it’s going to be worth like this or more. I missed the boat the first time and I’m surely was going to get in the ring this time. So I get into the ring and I invested some money into it, I can get knocked out, I’ll let you guys know, if I win I’ll let you guys know and that’s what community, we are building a community for us to learn how to do stuff, so to answer your question simply is if you spend that time and put it to your mind, your mind will tell you what you should do; don’t watch CNN, don’t watch me, don’t watch Joe. Read and educate yourself because the more you educate yourself, the more you empower yourself and the more you empower yourself, the you can trust you heart, and when you can trust your heart, then you can do what God want you to do to this planet, which is whatever that is, whatever he enriched you with.


I’m trying to grow my company and investment in real estate so I can buy home with my sons.

That’s a great idea, I love that, that’s exactly what I’m going to do when the crash comes. Now, couple of things that I will tell my sister if she had same exact question is that to try learning about creative financing, it’s so powerful; many would think about only getting a real estate just by going to the banker, going to a realtor and there’s nothing wrong with that, just know that you’re going with everyone else, and if you want to make moves, you can’t just go with everyone else, I just explained that when Bitcoin was going up like this, men it’s going to crash, I didn’t buy into it even though I missed the price at 1,100, but it was going up, but when it hits 50% off I was like this is the best time for me. So do the same kind of thing, where everyone is going right, you got to go left. And now I believe that the real estate is going to crash very soon, so anyone that just bought any properties, they’re probably going upside down. And so if you want to get to real estate, it’s very important that you probably don’t want to borrow money because you probably will get stuck with that debt. So imagination is the new gold guys, debt is just enslaving, debt is just stress and you don’t want stress, you want to spend time with your kids guys.

It’s hard to go against the herd, there’s so much fear like man this is the toughest thing to do because everyone going to tell you don’t do it, and your heart’s going to tell you not to do it and you’re scared, that’s the scariest thing to do; when you see a building of fire, you’re just going to go in there when everyone is running out, their momma’s running out, the dogs are running out and you’re just going to go in there, it’s tough to do and people ask me like they think I’m super smart; no, I’m just willing to get into the ring, I’m willing to get in the ring for my dreams, I’m not getting in the ring for some bull stuff, if it was just about money I wouldn’t get to crypto currencies, but it’s more that money, it’s about a new revolution, an evolution that’s happening. I believe that block chain is like the new internet coming and it’s going to revolutionize the way we do stuff and it’s so big that most of us cannot comprehend what it’s going to do, even the ones that are studying it, does that make sense? It’s kind of like saying like no one thought that fax machine came that you will sign contracts of real estate without driving to the tunnel company or someone in California can sell a house just through fax, no one thought about that, but it’s a quicker way to transfer but they didn’t think about different ways to do fax work like fox marketing guys, I made a lot of money from fax marketing. So there’s so many things that we don’t understand when we first comes out but later on we’re going to realize like wow. For example when internet came out, no one thought I can order my groceries and have them delivered to my home, no one thought that, they thought the internet is going to do this and going to do this but know thought that they’re going the food to your door, no one thought that, when it first came out.

When I say I’m willing to get in the ring and get knocked out, I mean you can get knocked out. You see UFC and the guys’ just falls, and if you’re not willing to get knocked out, you got to get a job. And here is the thing that blows me away is that in America, one of the greatest country ever, a country full of opportunities; immigrants, refugees come here and they do stuffs for their selves, but the general public, they have so much fear, they taught not to take risk, from school they taught, you don’t want to raise your hand and have the wrong answer, you don’t want to fill the bubble incorrectly because you’re going to get an F, so we have so much fear, we are so scared. So many people spend time in making money, they’re all smart doctors, CPA’s, lawyers, they make all these money but they just hand it over to some guy at fidelity or some guy banker or some guy that have a college degree, has a suit and youngster, he’s just making a salary, he never start a business, he’s never invested any money at the very best he only stocks in equity like stocks, he doesn’t know sh*t man. I don’t understand why so many people are making their money and just gave it to somebody else and say “just grow my net state, grow it” why not take the time to educate yourself, why not turn off the TV, turn off your favorite show and learn about how to grow your own net state. Here’s the thing, it’s risky, when you try to do something, and you can get knocked out, you can lose your money, but these guys, 2006 fourth quarter, I’m not making it up; they lost your money, you had to bail them out. It really was your money, the money you had into these system, and they lost it, and we had to bail them out. So you can give it to a third party and beg and pray that they’re going to manage and they’re going to be responsible with your money or you can grow them up like you grow up you want to make your money and grow up to manage your own money instead of some stupid third party that it’s not their money, they didn’t worked hard, they didn’t sacrifice not hanging out with their kids, they didn’t sacrifice missing the soccer game, they didn’t have to go through all that pain, and guess what, when you sacrifice, you missed your kid’s soccer game because you have to make this damn money, then when you decided how to grow it, then you’ll remember all the hard times you gone to grow that money. So you got to do better moves and if you learn and you fail, you’re going to quickly adjust; where with this guys, you don’t even get a feedback to adjust, they hopefully adjust, they don’t care, I don’t think they care, that’s I never invested in stocks and, I never give anybody my money, I just manage my own money. Now, have I lost money? Absolutely, that’s the thing with Bitcoin, that’s the thing with crypto currency, you got to be responsible. It’s not like you put your money into Bitcoin and then you lose your password and then you call the Bitcoin bank, it doesn’t work like that. If you lose your money, you put it in there and you forget your password, your money is gone, it’s the same thing as if I have a money in my pocket and I dropped my wallet and I forget, my money is gone, we don’t need bunch of regulations to get your money back because those things allows third party that again, they profit, they control us and the freedom is to the people, that’s what I’m preaching. So with freedom, comes responsibility. If you want to be free, you got to pay electricity, you got to pay water, you got to come out with food or the other option is to go to prison, they bring you your food, they’ll tell you when the lights going to be on. So with freedom comes responsibility, and one of the problem in America is we want freedom but when it comes to our finances, we just want to give it to someone else, it’s too much responsibility to carry my wallet, and it has thousands of dollar in it and I may lose it; well the guy are going t lose that money, because that’s what these guys are going to do, the third party, 2006 fourth quarter, they lost your money, they lost everyone else’s money in the pursuit of them making the most amount of money. I don’t think that’s fair, for me I’m an adult making my money, once I make a money, I’m an adult to manage my own money I don’t need some guy from the deli to tell me where I need to invest my money in. If I can’t do my own diligence in where to invest my money in, I’m surely not going to allow this other guy to tell me where to invest my money in.

Thank you guys, if you want to get into crypto currency I have a link you fill in, I get 10 bucks, you get 10 bucks, it’s a win-win situation and if you have crypto currency, don’t forget to donate to the community so I can help you guys out with more educational video.

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