virtual assistant, make money while you sleep

How to Make Money While You Sleep with Virtual Assistants

How to Make Money While You Sleep with Virtual Assistants

You're customers are up at night, just because you fall asleep does not mean your business has to be closed and lose out on making sale. I show you how to leverage VA's to make money while you're asleep.

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I know it is late and the video is meant to be late to prove a point. Many of us are up right now and many of us own businesses like real estate investing, realtors, we own salons, we own law firms, we own car business; so many different things. But we’re up, and guess what? Our customers are up. So, what happens if your customer right now goes on your website or calls your office phone number? Probably a voice message right, nothing much. Some of us are smarter. We hire people that answer our phone calls and say “what is your name? What is your phone number? Great, I’ll have somebody call you in the morning.” And we may pay them 10, 20 bucks per call that they receive.

So, what am I trying to say? That you’re up and your customer is up. How do I know? I’ve been in businesses since 1999, 2000 and what I’ve noticed is that there’s a pattern. In my moving company there were tons of people that would go and start booking their move or want to get a quote, one in the morning, two in the morning, three in the morning, four in the morning, five in the morning, when we’re all sleeping. Why? I don’t know. Maybe the possibility that some of these people are like doctors or they work graveyard shifts and maybe they’re in E.R. and then they get off and they want to get a quote because they have to move. Or maybe they’re police officers, which moves a lot, that work late nights and the daytime. Or maybe they have five kids and they’re married and all day they have to cook and clean. And really late at night they’re looking for your services. So if they want to book your services, or they want to set up an appointment or if they want to get a cash offer, how do they do that? Sure they can go to a website and they can submit and the next day you will get back to them. But that person, again if they were up at that time they would have done it at that time. They’re up at this time, so more than likely whenever you call them the next day or your sales people calls them you’re just going to be playing phone tag. And the problem is that you have or your company needs to be able to be able to do transactions whenever it’s convenient for our customers and a lot of our customers are late night shoppers. I have tons of people that I go to bed and I wake up and I got $1500 order or a $700 product sell or a phone script that I sold or an amazon book that I sold and it happens usually when I’m sleeping. But I’m lucky enough that I have a website that when people buy something it instantly delivers. I was lucky again in my moving company where I created a software that would give people instant price. I was lucky enough to realize that I could get virtual assistants in third world countries and pay them a hundred to a hundred and fifty dollars a month for them to work forty hours a week for me. And guess what? I was lucky to figure out that there’s a 12, 13 hour difference that right now is their daytime. So, I could hire someone way smarter than me, with more college degree to answer my incoming calls, to take my customers, and train them as an onsite employee, in a sense, but even though they’re contractors, freelancers, to actually book the customers.

So what do I mean? I was lucky enough to realize that if somebody came to my website of my moving company back in the days and they got a quote and it was five in the morning; if my VA would call them, they would pick up the phone. Or if they would text them or email them instantly, they would communicate instant because they would be up and they want to get the deal. No one else is up. So, what we must realize is that by having some guy, even though he didn’t have the best accent, we would convert 9 out of ten deals because we’re the only players up at five in the morning that can do the conversion. We’re not just saying, “Just give me your name and number and I’ll have somebody call you, or worse yet, just submit a lead and somebody will call you in the morning.”  We had a live person that was trained, that could say, where are you moving from? Where are you moving to? Put it through a software, Boom, your move is this much or if you’re a real estate investor, they call give us your move, they ask the seller questionnaire form, all the information, and then if it’s a good deal I would have the VA trained to say, this is a motivated seller, let’s set up a time for my onsite investors to come out there and give you a cash offer. Would Monday work or Thursday work? So that VA would be in a situation to gage the seller’s motivation because they asked my seller’s questionnaire form. By the way if you don’t have that and you’re a realtor or you’re a real estate investor, you’re missing a lot of deals because now you’re able to do cash offers with this phone script, you’re able to do owner financing offers because I gather so much information from the seller. We basically sell this seller and ask the seller if they’re willing to do owner financing without them even knowing.  It’s like this psychological tactic that I use without saying, “Do you want to do owner financing? Can I give you a little down payment?” I don’t even say stuff like that, so that seller phone script has all that stuff in there. Where am I going with this video? If you’re a business owner, trust me you’re losing tons of businesses when you’re sleeping. There’s tons of people out there, there’s tons of people that they can’t sleep, they have late jobs, and they have kids ???. For me when I ran my three businesses I made all my purchases big ticket items, like motorcycle gear. The guys that like motorcycle, this is a set of an $800 motorcycle helmet, this is a Shoei 11; I ordered it right online, I ordered all of my gear at right online. The gear for my suit are like two and three thousand dollars per suit, and I’ve ordered like four or five all online really late at night. And I do that all the time. When I buy books, when I buy stuff usually it’s very late at night because I’m very busy, so I do it in my free time. And a lot of your customers are ready to use your services in their free time, but the problem is you haven’t been lucky enough to realize this point. And you don’t want to be answering the phone three in the morning, four in the morning, and I have the solution. The solution is you hire virtual assistants in third world countries and pay them a hundred to hundred and fifty dollars a month and they can do a variety of different jobs, tasks for you. Anything from posting on Craig’s list to lead generation, like cold calling, taking incoming calls, setting up appointments,  all the way down to book keeping to marketing, to software development, website development , search engine optimization; so many different things they can do for you. The only thing they can’t do is whatever you’re lacking in your imagination, and don’t worry if you need that I’m here to help you.

I have a VA book right now that teaches you how to hire virtual assistants. Where to find them, How to screen them, how to do all this stuff in automation. Plus my book manuals, how I do it in my own business right now, for a special going on right now. The book retails for fifteen hundred dollars. It’s a seven hour advance training course with manuals, there’s so many different stuff I got on there. I’ve already sold fifty in the first nine days. Right now you can buy it at the early bird special for three twenty five, the link is down there. I’m only doing twenty five at this price. I’ve only got nine left. Once these nine sell out it’s going to be fifteen hundred dollars, but I promise it’s going to be worth it if you take action. If you own a business, real estate, any kind of business, construction business, you own a roofing business,  you own a flooring company, you own a light company, you own a PC repair business, you own a tattoo business, you own a photography business, you own a hair salon, pizza place then virtual assistants can help you. Instead of you figuring out what should they do, do the very first thing; Have them do lead generation for you, have them do three lead generation for you, Like post it on Craig’s List. I have tons of videos that talks about that. If you do that then you’re going to be a believer because you’re going to start generating leads for your business for point zero one, less than a penny, because you’re paying these guys a hundred to a hundred and fifty. Depends if you have a front VA or a back VA. The difference in the two is the front VA they use their voice. They speak English, and all of them have college degrees and masters and you’re not hiring any of this. The back VA they speak English, but they’re not the best. They have heavy accents. They’re using no-voice. They’re sitting behind a keyboard. They’re collecting data, doing text message marketing. They’re doing email marketing, Craig’s list, what I call pro-active reaching out to people. They can do those kind of things for you and these guys you pay a hundred to a hundred and twenty. The ones that are front end a hundred and fifty.

I show you in my book where to find these VA’s besides freelancer, Upwork. Sure there’s people out there, but the majority are junk in the sense that their mindset has shifted. Instead of E quadrant to the S quadrant from Rich Dad Poor Dad, which means that they’re going to promise you the world and they’re not going to deliver and you’re going to lose money. More importantly you’re not going to be able to hire these people for this price that I’m telling you of a hundred to a hundred and fifty on those sites. I have a whole list of guerilla marketing that I do, some free, some cost a little money, some cost money. But they’re way less than advertising in let’s say local or something like that because I believe in using no money or very little money or some money depends on your situation. But usually it’s spending no money to make money. Using house money, cause any fool can come up with an idea on how to spend money. The other thing about this book is it does automation. What that means it, let’s say you post the ad on Upwork and twenty five people apply you have to talk to every twenty five of these people somehow, interview them, look at their resume. My auto filtering system allows you to talk to all of these people in automation without ever talking to them. So, you don’t waste any time. The crème de la crème raises up to the very top because you use my automation. Instead of you spending time talking to Sally, Joe and seeing what their background is, how is their English, do they have this. You run it through my filtering system which is all automatic because I’ve given it to you. All you do is just a copy and paste type of job.

So, if you’re up remember your customers are up and if nobody’s answering your business line right now or your text messages or your emails or is able to actually service a customer you’re losing money. How much money? I would say 25 to 50 percent depends on what type of industry you’re in. If you don’t believe me, just try to put like a live chat on your website and have it ring. Then download an app on your cellphone so that when any visitor comes to your website you get a ring. You’ll be amazed at how people come to your website at two in the morning, three in the morning, five in the morning. And if there’s no way for you to service them, like launch a live chat that says, Hey we’re here if you have a question, or we’re ready to give a quote or ready to come out there and give you a cash offer even though it’s three in the morning or twelve in the morning. Then you’re losing business.

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