How to Make Bandit Signs Legal in Your City

How to Make Bandit Signs Legal in Your City

Learn how to make bandit signs legal in your city.


How to make bandit signs legal in your city.

Hi gang, this is Mike with MyRealEstateDOJO and today’s lessons about bandit signs and I make tons of video about Bandit signs I know you know about bandit signs but what I’m going to show you right now is totally different twist to the normal banner sign. 

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Now for you guys that don’t know what a bandit sign is, let me show you here’s your good bandit sign, you know I used this bandit sign on my moving company okay. Dr. Move, since youre moving, what we do and a phone number, okay. Another good bandit sign example is what I use for my plugin realty, will we do flat fee around 138 bucks where your able to use the power of the Realtors the contract the MLS without paying the full realtor commission. 

So a lot of people think about bandit signs as being something like this okay where you say you not stop foreclosures i buy houses okay, this is good but the point of this subclass is you don’t have to just put Bandit signs and turn to abandon okay. You can go to and they really want to buy houses in go knock on the residents’ homeland, ask them hey i would like to pay for your water bill for the next couple of months and it’s probably going to be about 50 bucks a month or less and then return I want to put my company’s sign, whatever it is, if its dr. move, if its plugin realty, it was, i buy houses Mr investor  whatever it is, say, go to the neighbour who do you want to, hopefully an area that gets a lot of traffic, and knock on the homeowners door and say hey I like to pay for your water bill for the next couple of months and in return all i want to do is take one of these signs in your front yard like right here so when people turn around this way, so when people are driving by the street, they’re able to see that the sign is here. 

Now this may only cost you about 50 bucks, but it’s a really ingenious way to get some free advertisement in a sense because when you put a half assignment in somebody’s yard it’s costing you a very very small amount of money and the whole neighbourhood is driving by now the crucial thing is to go negotiate with the homeowner that has a lot of traffic by their home so simply put you don’t have to be a bandit sign guy wherefore putting signs out and you’re getting fines or the city code inspectors coming in taking it down or the bandit signs are taking it down you could actually knock on peoples doors and negotiate to pay their water bill for a couple of months and put the actual sign in front of their home that way your science not going to be taken off because it’s on a private property the owners of the property give you permission your compensating them giving them the water bill which is 5out of 50 bucks a month. 

Now I guarantee you that you’re going to get good results by knocking on people’s door, ask them to pay the water bill months after month, if your able to just put one of these signs in their front yard. And the great thing is, you don’t worry about the sign or the city enforcement getting tickets and sure you have to pay 50 bucks but if you position this in a really good drive by area, man this thingies going to give you a thousand fold what you invested. 

So here’s another reason why you have to use your imagination and whatever other people are doing you just add on top of it with your own twist like I just suppose you, instead of making bandit sign, I make it a friendly sign that i put a homeowners front yard. I’m willing to pay fifty bucks for their water bill every month and in return they’re going to put my fucking sign out there, so everybody has driven around this area they know that if they want to move they need to call dr. move or if they want to sell a house that need to call Mr. investor or if they want to do flat fee for my last listing, they need to call plug-in realty. 

So don’t spend all your money doing bandit signs that only stay there for one day, two days, three days one week to max try to go ahead and negotiate with the homeowners why you pay their water bill for two or three months you put sign out there and you’ll have to worry about your sign being taken off you talked about worry about losing your sign you don’t worry about keep printing signs, you don’t have to worry about every Friday night going out there and putting signs because you have created a win-win situation for you and the homeowner where they’re willing to put your sign out there in a return you’re going to get tremendous amount of advertisement for about 50 bucks a month. Now guys if you have any creative ideas please leave a comment below and I love to hear what you’ve done so you can help out the community who all else could make money. If you like these videos please like please comment please share don’t take no for answer go out there make 2016 your bet. See you later gang

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