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How to make $100,000.00 per Real Estate Deal, only sending 100 postcards or letters or less!

How to make $100,000.00 per Real Estate Deal, only sending 100 postcards or letters or less! 

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Download my system now

How to make $100,000.00 per Real Estate Deal, Only sending 100 postcards or letters or less

Hey gang, this is Mike with MyRealEstateDOJO, in the next few minutes, I’m here to show you the right way to do letters and postcards so you don’t have to get on your knees and say please give me a lead, please let me get a conversion, you heard me right. I hear so many times people telling me that they spend money on mail outs and postcards and there on their legs and knees like please give me leads, please give me a conversion, and trust me the reason I believe them, because I made the same exact mistake as well when I first started in the crash of 2007 fourth quarter I went, just like what you guys did, besides Facebook in YouTube, I went to RAI clubs and you know I paid good training and what happened was that everybody talks about you know sending up yellow letters where they talk about setting out postcards okay. 


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Some people said you can blanket the area or blanket the zip code or something to buying a list okay. I definitely agree that buying a list is way better than, but the problem is, and here’s listen to me and listen to me really good okay, the problem is that postcards and letter marketing, it does work, but the opening rate we conversion rate wave got two to five present. Some people can do better some people can do less but assuming that you’re an average pro marketer your opening rate is two to the five percent and if you’re a rookie like me or like yourself when it comes to being a copywriter, I don’t have a degree in copywriting, never worked for a magazine, didn’t mind your ability going to come a lot of less now I know a lot more to improve that I’m just giving you example. 


So the problem was you opening rate being so less, what does that mean for you and for me? is that if your for example get a full-time job and your trying to do real estate investing as a side income or second business were you’re going to need a shitload of money to do mail out marketing or if you’re like high school kid or college kid and your trying to do this, you need with a lot of money. If you’re just a regular investor and you ready to use your money to buy property instead of spending so much money on mail outs than going to cost you a lot of money. 


And the problem is, with postcard marketing is, not that he just sent it out one time then you get a shit load of people calling you, No, you have to sell it send it out multiple times and so for example if you’re going to do let’s say the Dallas area you got to spent thousands and thousands of thousands of dollars on round one and you get thousands of thousands of thousands of dollars round 2 and assuming that your good copywriter assuming that you know you know the fuck your doing is designing right the colours look like you made it simple so on. Okay you’re only going to get two or three percent can you make money absolutely okay, but the problem is that for the average investor that’s not very suitable because you’re going to spend a lot of money and you’re going to get on your knees and pray to get a deal and you’re not going to break even or you’re not going to even get any profits out of it because the marketing, the postman, the flyer, and envelopes your time stuffing in them, your time long to the post offers, all that’s going to get sucked up in your profits and you’re not going to leave anything because more likely obsessional copywriting professional Direct Mail marketer and so you’re going to fuck yourself. 


And I hear that all the time and it happened to me, a my solution was that I just closed my eyes and I thought about it, I thought about it, I use my imagination and I’m going to pull back the curtain and reveal the secret to you guys, okay. 


And the secret is, what I call my postcards and letter hack, is my postcard and letter hack. 


The way that that works, is that if you want to do mail out marketing instead of just shot gunning an area, unless you really want to buy an area, that’s your zone, that it’s okay, but for ninety percent of people that’s not the case, there’s shotgun in the area is way better to buy your list like a narrow audience for example like the foreclosure list or the expired list or the absentee owners or tax or code inspection or whatever okay and but the problem is that if you buy a list instead of doing it lets take Denver area which thousands of thousands of people live there cut how’s the money you have this narrower list but the problem is in this narrower list we still have thousands of people on here. It’s going to cost you down to thousands of dollars. 


So what I’ve done through my imaginations was to create a hack that works and so good that I want to share with you and though, so the first thing is to get list now I sell less like expired, like the closed order so you need to listen. The second thing you need to do is when you get the list okay you need to run it to it I get filtering system okay and then in the filtering system that goes like this and then in this filtering  system, you’re going to be multiple steps, to filter out the sellers and have the sellers call you okay. 


So again you do a filtering system, you get the list, you get to do a filtering system and this filtering system none of it is postcards or letters because they cost so much ladies and gentlemen, it cost so much okay, trust me, okay. So the filtering system that I use cost like pennies or for free if you wound up with sweat equity in and its filtering system what it does is goes out targets down list and has the seller call me okay. Offer fractions of fractions of fractions of fractions of pennies of what it costs to do mail out or any other advertisement. 


And I’ll share with, I’ll share with you guys a couple of the filtering systems that I do guys okay. First thing I do is I get the phone numbers of my list lets says like the expired list, I think the phone numbers and I put it into Facebook targeting and I reach out to them once though Facebook. The second thing I do is I do have voice broadcast where I actually leave, I make it voice message, I take my phone and do a voice message and what can do is two things, number one, I take that voice message and I use the auto robot dollar and it calls them and when they pick up, it acts like I’m on the other line and I start talking to them okay. I want to buy your house give me a call up this something like that okay. 


if you ever want to buy that stuff I have my files, I’ll be happy to let you guys download it for a few bucks to invest in yourself, but anyways on the filtering system to two ways to do a voice broadcast is, one, you make it and we call them and then when they pick up the machine goes like if you’re talking and there there they say hello, say hey how you doing let me go into your fit to something okay. 


The second way which I really like this one is where I take a message and I customize it and then I just reach out to them put it into their inbox without even the phone ringing and the people that are listened to their motivated you’re going to reach out to me. So again I put it into this filtering system they reach out to me okay. Now there’s a bunch of other stuff that I do on here in this filtering system so if you want to join my coaching I’m very confident I will get your result as long as you show the gym and you follow my instructions and use the hard work because it is hard work okay. 


So going through the story um if you want to know more about my filtering system holler at me but going to the story of the filtering system do the follow ups not follow up so this is couple of touches that basically identify the motivated sellers on this list that I bought. And then once I target this listed what filtering system the seller starts calling me okay, once they start calling me, I answer the phone or I have my VA to answer the phone, depends how you want to have your structure setup for your business, how big or small you are but you answer the phone and then you ask them my seller questionnaire form. 


Okay guys if you don’t have my questionnaire form, you need to have this because three reasons.  Number one it helps you negotiate a cash offer, number two it helps you negotiate an owner financing or you don’t have to borrow the money or you don’t have to use your own credit it helps you do all that. And number three; it’s a place where It gathers data for you to be able to give offer to the sellers okay.


So so once I put into the filtering system, the seller starts calling me, once they start calling me I start asking the seller using the questionnaire form, how you know all these questions you know from the property information to more vital questions that’s going to help me get the deals and help me structure a win-win situation for the seller for me because of their situation and I need this information so I can learn this stuff from the seller okay. 


Once I do that I determine the sellers motivation and so let me pause right here let’s say you bought the expired lists for me and there was a thousand people on it okay with a thousand sellers not at all were going to want to sell you the home guys I don’t doubt in people when you market but maybe only a hundred reach out to you so there’s a thousand here you put in the filtering system a hundred reach out to you okay I’ll go send it and not all motivated and so that is going to do another filtering okay I don’t have 100 you may figure out only ten. You may get only twenty-five you may only figure out nine three two whatever the number is, because of your buying requirements in your area that this many other people that you want to work with or qualify to become motivated seller or will be motivated sellers down the line, not today, down the line okay. 


And the reason I say down the line, ladies and gentlemen, is because out of the thousand people when you run into this my ingenious filtering system for them to have you call your bag tenpercent of them ten percent okay or what I call there already baked there ready to convert there already to sell your house now but the problem is 90% of them 90% of them okay were not going to be ready to be baked today they can be baked in a couple of months six months a year, year and a half, three years who knows right depends on the situation. So you want to have a system in place to follow up the people that called you, that jump to that filtering system through your seller home script and then these people you going to put them into another system where I call my Auto follow-up series system that not only does follow up it does yourself it does your closing and the way it does that, is because it makes you the authority and you create what I call my superhero, your providing them so much value, ways for them to sell their home, and because of that they want to use you.


And I always say to people just because you show people, you educate on all their options it doesn’t mean they’re going to capitalize on if that was the case everybody in America will be a millionaire because the land is so green here the grass is so green, the opportunity is here, but not everybody takes advantage of it and the same thingies going to happen with these motivated sellers that you got from your list. So you have you’ve got a thousand of them you did the filtering system a hundred and calls you out of the hundred you use my seller phone script you squeeze them out and as one hundred you got 25 okay and these are the boom out of this 25, maybe one of them was hoping that were going to be the 10% is the other 90% of them may be the other twenty you have to do what I call the other model system which is the follow up system okay. 


And there’s multiple ways to do follow-up besides the auto emailer, if you don’t have my auto emailer, go to my site and get it because I’m very confident that its gonna get you money and I’m giving it to you to put my best foot forward, to show you that you’re going to make money so you can make money then come back and get the coaches so I could change your life ladies and gentlemen. 


Now coming back to the story you take the list, filter it, they call you, use my seller phone script, you squeeze them through get the 25 motivated sellers ,what I call the cream 10% I’m going to be ready to give you the deal right now the other 90% is where the hack comes in now Id explained all this procedure to you so I can explain to you how the postcard and letter hack works because unlike the other guys, my system is totally different and its through my imagination, it really works and it saves you so much money, instead of mailing after this whole list and spending thousands of thousands round one of mail out, round 2, round 3, I squeeze it, I get the cream of the cream, all right and get you 25 people.


And now the hack that the secret recipe is that you only have 25 people you only have 20 people you might have 30 people to mail out compared to the thousands of people in that list now with this 25 people, you don’t have to outsource it or spends much time, you may only take you five minutes, 10 minutes. What you’re going to do with these people is you’re going to hand write the cover letter okay, the envelope okay, the postcard okay, and there’s a lot of different stuff in there, but just to make the give you the one most important thing is if you just make it stand out from the herd. 


Because the herd looks like what they teach you in all these RAI clubs and pitching salesmen. But if you make yours stick out okay, you’re going to get response and you’re only sending up to people that should already know you, you filter it to them which means you touch them multiple times with senior advertisements, they called you, you talked to them by using my seller questionnaire form you know there fucking motivator there going to be motivated very soon and then now you start your mailing and postcard campaign guys to write, what call the follow-up system. 


And in the follow system you have to have multiple loops dude, it’s kind of like a tank tire and I do not explain it besides this waits kind of like a tank tire you have this big old circle okay a big old tire but in this one big tethers bunch of other smaller circles or tires they have to move to make this big tire move. okay that’s the only way to explain it and so the follow ups exactly the same way so the hack that I just showed you it’s for follow up post cards and letters okay you have that wheel home then when that seller had called you from the filtering system and you asked them seller questionnaire form you got their email address now you’re using my auto email responder which now creates the second wheel in your tank follow-up system for closure, okay. 


okay and now as more circles you have, I’d like you reach out to them in different ways that I show you when you join my team. that’s when you get to conversion so the hack is instead of sending up to thousands of people that you dont know you never talk to you dont know theyre fucking motivating itc ost so much money it makes the vendors rich post the mail man rich youre begging please let me get a lead please lend me the conversion. This way you use my systems that cost pennies or costs or fucking free if you wont even put sweat equity in there. And you let the system go, sellers call you, you use my cellphone script to qualify them, filter and more whatever is left over now you put it into this tank tire with multiple channels of follow up for smaller wheels and now starting to move that big wheel which is not going to cause a closing. 


So what I basically done is saved you thousands of thousands of thousands of thousands of dollars by not doing mail out and why? because these filtering systems up until you were using technology may cost you zero dollars or just a couple of pennies or you know and the return is extra. Automatically the return is exponentially more powerful and why? not that many people are doing it not that many were teaching it because its so easy to say oh send them a yellow letter, sometimes what do you say to that and everybody in their mother mother is talking about that, well how many gets all of this? I mean I could sell anything come on dude. 


Some guy asked me on Facebook, the other day, he said Mike I never see you on your 42 way marketing. He bought the video and he said I dont see you saying the yellow letters, I said well dude why would I want to put something that other people do? that doesn’t make any sense, we know if the heard is going this way, I need to go this way, if theyre all doing yellow letters, they’re not going to change it up if theyre all doing like massive letters to fucking a list, I got to change it up you know and because Im competing with everybody else Im going to the herd how can i you know make it. So I have to go against the herd, it’s all about thinking and I was thinking that’s right, come up with the hack which is the Coast Guard of letter hack which is basically you create, you get the list, you run it through a filtering system that reaches out to the seller that costs for free or almost for free you have to sell a reach out to you then you run into my seller phone script filtering system one more time and then the cream of the crop raises those 25 percent or ten percent or one or twenty five people or 100 people depends how big the list was, okay, those people now are your 20% customers are going to give you 80 percent of your profit ladies and gentlemen and you put your post card and mailing money into these lottery winner tickets and theyre going to watch you may only spend 10 bucks you may only spend 25 bucks but youre going to get a conversion like 90% percent 35 percent 50 percent 30 present 25 percent depends on so many different variables can you write, what kind of flyers were used, and what kind of messages you know so what I want to say something that doesnt work for you but I guarantee this that this hack will give you better results in two to five percent without a fucking doubted my fucking mind. 


Now what is that percentage? depends on your ability to write, how you structure, how you design it how great you’re able to think of your fucking audience and you know what does the message but I guarantee you its going to give me way more than two to eighty-five percent conversion rate and its going to do that with pennies on the dollar compared to doing this traditional way like all the other people are doing it and thats the difference was being dealing with me because Im a refugee to America, I dont just put up my money for something. I close my fucking eyes I imagine something and I try to solve a fucking problem not do what everybody else is doing guys and thats what I teach you at my camp this is one of the main reasons I give you all my stuff free because I have very big confidence that I dont have to sell you okay that youre going to sell yourself because I give you value I dont give you no fluff, no bluff.


I tell you exactly, if I tell you to use my phone script because I use it I know it works, it works for sales, it works for Harry or for Jose, its going to work for you. The only reasons not going to work if you dont something like get in the gym, if you dont set up to take action, no its not going to work dude. If you buy an equipment a home fitness equipment you put it in your fucking garage you put it in your room you don’t get down that shit no its not going to fucking work, same thing with my email campaign, same thing with my sales script, same thing with my coaching, if you don’t fucking work it doesnt work dude. It doesnt work ladies and gentlemen, and that’s not because I dont work, you dont work. So check the information I just give you, fucking run with it, get a touchdown okay and make some fucking money. Hit me up, let me know the success because I love to feel good because I helped you guys out. Make your money hit me up and invest in yourself so I just take it a next level because Im so confident in my shit that Im going to give you this stuff for free guys. 


Okay so to summarize it all up for you okay, its got to spend money just blanket an area like it go to a city its fucking madness and unless you like your daddy’s rich as hell, if youre rich as hell, and if youre rich as hell and sure okay and if you have a big organization and you got money off the assets sure but if youre a guy or a girl thats you have a job and you try to do this part-time or you know youre out of college how to do this or you’re at a young age and it is you have low income, you dont have much money and thats the dumbest to do. What Ive shown you is this hack that allows you to use different types of creative ideas that cause for free if you willing to sweat equity and if you have some money that you can put some money into it that its called way less than forty-five cents maybe one cent 2 cents three cents okay and get people to call you and then we filter it out and then you put your money your mailing money into the most cream of the crop that you  talk to you they were very motivated andyoure going to notice that your expenditure shrinks like this but your conversion rate goes like this and youre never ever again on the ground saying we’ve got new lead I just spend you know a thousand bucks I spent three hundred I spent five grand I havent gotanything you know because thats the worst way to do it. 


And by the way guys if youre out there marketing and you dont have a fucking website and dude you’re fucking crazy dude. No you dont need to be spending money on advertisement you just create a website because in today’s age, you’re going to be sending that and people will ask where you gotta call? where are you going to go to get more information? how do they know you’re not a scam? and you know so you need something you know right so I do have my 20 years of fucking lead generation website conversion I do have websites for you guys Im having a big old pre-launch sale for a couple of bucks to you get in one page neatly focus conversion over 20 years of experience that going to produce you so all your job is to get people to go to the website. 


The website will convert the lead and then what you do is use the information Im just giving you and then you start which knocks them in converting to them do and make your dreams come true. You’re in the best country, America, guys so dont take no for answer, fuck a naysayer, and dont fall too hard. Guys, if you have any questions please leave a comment before, go check out my website, Im having 50% off its going to expire soon go check it out even when it expires is a good deal because there’s no fluff is no bullshit it’s the exact things that Ive used, same exact things that people maybe twenty five thousand for coaching that shows they make money you can do too and like these videos. Please tell your friends about me, family about me and please share. See you later gang.

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