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How to become the world's Best- SALES HUMAN

Hey, gang, this is Mike with My Real Estate DOJO and today’s lesson is about how to be the best sale’s person in the world. It’s really simple. When I was younger and going through high school, I should do sales, I should do personal training through college, I’ve been doing sales pretty much all my life. I have evolved, I have changed horrendously.

I went from being a pit bull, then I’ve been really passive and then I found myself. Before I explain to you what I mean by I found myself to be in that zone or in that flow of sales, I want to talk about the number 1 sales person that I know. The number 1 sales person that I know in the world is who never asked me for any money, he never asked me to buy anything, the truth is-he doesn’t even talk.  He just looks at me, he only cares for me, he only shows me care and compassion.

So who is this number 1 seller that I am talking to. It’s my dog Lucky. Lucky doesn’t talk at all, he never asks me to take him out, he never asks me to do anything for him. All he does is show me love, all he does is care for me and show me compassion. All he does is looks at me very deeply and very deeply. That’s it. I do everything for this dude, Lucky. If he wants me to go play with him, I do it. I buy him the best food, I give him so much love and compassion. I am the type of guy that learns from nature. I think nature is the world’s best teacher.

My dog Lucky never gives me pressure, never talks, never says to buy anything for him. All he says is to look at me, show me love and compassion and I’d do the world for him. The same thing happens in the real estate world or in the sales world with clients. If you are doing a whole lot of fucking talking, remember Lucky-he doesn’t talk and he gets all the deals. If you are trying to convince people to do something that you want them to do, but it’s not something that they want to do-remember my dog Lucky. He never convinces me, all he does is look at me, gives me compassion and gives me kisses.

The point of the story is: if you want to be a top sales person you’ve got to stop talking so much, stop selling fucking people, stop selling people. You’ve got to stop looking for your own interest. If you are only looking for: “I need to get paid, I need to get paid…” then it just comes across all fucked up.  Comes across to your seller or to whomever you are trying to sell, they are going to see right through you, right through your motivation.

Be like Lucky, don’t try to sell them anything, help them out, show them, show them compassion. Most of these sellers that we deal with are called motivated sellers. The reason they are called motivated sellers is because they are going through tremendous difficulties, they might be going through a divorce, just like me, they might have lost a Dad or a Mon, they might  have lost their fucking job, they might be behind on payments.

They might be emotionally burned out. The point of the story is these motivates sellers are hurt. So if you are going out there and you are trying to be this badass pit bull that just wants to take over, you are not going to get it form these people, because everybody else in the world is doing the same thing and that’s why they are motivated, because they are down and under. It could be financially or it could be emotionally. Either way, they are down and under. And that’s why they are called motivated sellers. So if you come and want to take them like pit bull more likely is that you will get a jab and they will say ‘no, I am not interested’.

But if you are like  my dog Lucky and you see them and you come at peace with them, you don’t try to sell them, you try to help them out, you try to educate them, you try to do stuff even if you don’t make any money, you still do stuff for them. Trust me, at the end of the day like my dog Lucky, you will get the whole world, the best food, you’ll get a tremendous amount of attention, you’ll get a tremendous amount of love. You won’t have to work- the deals will come to you, just like my dog does. So simply put, ladies and gentlemen, you don’t have to be a pit bull to get the deals, you don’t have to be a great sales person to get deals, all you have to do is care.

If you care, you will get that person with the deals. Now let me rewind. There are some people, who have a great mouthpiece, they have a great sales experience, they really know how to smooth a seller, smooth talk a seller etc. I am happy for you guys, but you don’t have to have all those skills. All you need to do is be a loving, caring person and you are going to get deals.

Maybe you are not going to get as many deals as the guy with the great mouthpiece, maybe you are not going to get the deals of the guy with the pit bull pressure sales tactic. But it doesn’t matter, because in this business there is a lot of grey spirit 30 days before the deal closes and if you are a pit bull and you are just attacking somebody as you put the deal on the contract, there is a great chance that the buyer or the seller will have seller’s remorse.

They are going to back out of the property. But if you are like my dog Lucky and you show him love and compassion, even if 5 other investors come to the seller and one of them steals the deal from you, that seller is going to say “Fuck you, man, I like that guy Mike, I like that guy Lucky. He shows me love and compassion. He’s been there for me. That’s what this whole thing is about-creating win-win situations. I say it all the time. We need to create win-win situations. What win-win means: here is the seller and here is you- your guys come in the middle.

You don’t just come to seller and the seller doesn’t just come to you, because that is not a win-win. Win-win is the middle, where you guys ought to think of a win situation, which helps the seller and it helps you. If you could do that, if you could use your imagination, if you could use your mind to create a win-win situation, it doesn’t matter if you know how to negotiate, it doesn’t matter if you know how to sell, it doesn’t even matter if you know how to do a fucking deal. It doesn't guys. It’s great to have these three skills, but it doesn’t.

If you show love and compassion, like my dog does, to a motivated seller and you really try to help them out and you forget the cheesy, you forget about the money. End of the day you’ve got to make money, you may not make money on the first one, you may not make money on the second one, but end of the day you will make money and you are planting a bunch of seeds. These seeds will grow into trees and these trees are going to harvest for you. They are going to send their friends and family to you.

This will take a little while, this is not as fast as being a pit bull salesperson, but over one year, two years that little seed is going to grow and when it’s time to harvest, they are going to think about you, not that pit bull. End of the story guys, to summarize it all up, if you want to be a great sales person it’s not about your personality nor about what sales skills you have or your smooth talk, or how great a negotiator you are. When you deal with motivated sellers, all it requires is love and compassion, because these people are actually hurt, they are luck a hurt animal.

If you actually see a dog that has been hurt, he is quite aggressive. If you see any animal that has been hurt they are very aggressive, but if you take them in,  you give them love and you give them compassion, you give them food, you give them water, you give them medicine and they are going to be a loyal mother fucker man. That's what I learned from nature. If you take care of a hurt animal, they are going to be there for you. Coming into real estate, the same thing happens to sellers. If you take care of them, they are going to take care of you, guys.

You needn’t know what to say, you needn’t know what script to have, you don’t need to know how to do a fucking deal. Just be a caring person  and you will be amazed at what kind of vibes and attractions the universe is going to send to you guys. Alright, gang, this is Mike with My Real Estate DOJO. If you like these videos, please share, please like, please leave a comment and if you really enjoy what I am giving you, my trade secrets, join me, join the DOJO club. It’s $500 for the whole year, you get three hours of one on one mentoring with me.

I have many students that I have helped in those 3 hours to get deals. I can help you get deals, I am very confident that I can help you do deals. Now, if you want a magic pill, you want a shortcut to success, then this DOJO camp is not for you. I sell hard work, I sell grind, I sell win-win. I sell love and compassion. I am not going to sell you, you’ve got to sell yourself  for your dreams. If you’ve already sold yourself-join myself, if you want somebody else to sell your dream- go join one of the Academies, go join one of those guys on the stages, who just sells you.

Be one of those guys that come to my camp afterwards, while you spend $500 on a seminar or you spend $20 000 on this Academy and at the end of the day, you don’t even have a fucking deal.

You come to my camp-I’ll get you the deal, if you are that type of mother fuckers, who are willing to hustle and grind. If you are that type of person who wants to bitch and moan, if you are that type of person that wants somebody to sell you shit, then the DOJO is not for you guys.

Don’t take ‘no’ for an answer, go hustle and bustle. This is Mike with My Real Estate DOJO, have a great day gang!

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