how to become bitcoin millionaire

How to become a Bitcoin-Millionaire without risking your own money, and for free!

How to become a Bitcoin-Millionaire without risking your own money, and for free!
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Hey gang, this is Mike with MyRealEstateDOJO, and I had it just revelation come in, how to make maybe a million dollars of not more or less but for free okay using Bitcoins. I’m going to show you exactly the plan that I’m going to implement myself and this is what I’m going to do.

Before I do that, i want to kind of explain like basically people who don’t know Bit coins, like I didn’t know anything about Bit coins, I started it heavily 3 weeks ago, and let me write down the basic 4 ways you could get Bit coins.

Number one way you get Bit coins is that you take your cash and you exchange it for Bit coins, okay. Number two way to get Bit coins is basically to be what’s called mining for it. Just like people go big for gold, mining for cold, you could also mine for Bit coins. It’s kind of cool thing about Bit coins is that you have to associate some kind of tangible hard asset to acquire which makes it costly. The third way, is to barter with somebody that has Bit coins, for example, you’re a photographer, somebody has Bit coins, you exchange for personal training exchange. 

And the fourth way, which is the most profound way which I’m going to show you right now to get free bit coins is being a retail or service provider. For example, you own a carwash, or personal training, are you self-supplement, or whatever but for example if you want a pizza place and you trade for bit coins, that’s a smart idea, but you’re the pizza guy, you had tangible item, you had the overhead, the roof, the electricity, the dough, the mixer, the employee, the taxes, you have to exchange something hard for something difficult. But my idea is that it’s free, well let me explain this, the bad thing is that Bit coins is fiat, which means it’s not backed up by anything, it’s kind of like the US Dollar, so if you’re changing hard assets, for example you have advanced electricity, water, employees, taxes, those things you’ve got to be reliable pay to exchange them for this currency Bit coins. 

But one way to overcome that and the alchemy I’ve come up with is how to combat the fiat section of Bit coin is, and this is the million dollar idea that I’m implementing and just had it I wanted to rush out to you and give it to you and I didn’t plan it I’m just freestyling, is that I exactly explain that there’s four ways to obtain Bit coins but if you used number 4 way as a service provider or product seller instead of tangible products, you can have ideal products, what I call digital products, for example, very soon I’m going to start selling my product, I’m not selling anything right now cause I’m working on speaking but when I do I’m going to accept Bit coins, and for example if I sell my seller’s phone script, a lot of people like it, instead of accepting cash or PayPal for 50 bucks, I’ll take bit coins. 

And the million dollar idea is that I’m now combating a digital idea that only costs me nothing but produced it out of my mind, and it’s not backed up by tangible things and exchange it with another fiat idea called Bit coins, and now I think, if I can hold onto this Bit coins, Let’s say I’m a business owner and I changed my digital sellers, motivated seller phone script that helped to negotiate to sellers not only how to buy houses at a deep discount but how to get it from owner financing where you don’t have to use your own cash, but instead of saying I can only accept pay cold cash or check, I’m going to say, I’m going to accept Bit coins and what I’m going to do is, when I start selling again because I’m not selling anything anymore at this time but when I do I’m going to accept Bit coins and I’m going to sell product where I can get 10 Bit coins, okay.

So what’s going to happen is just a million dollar optimum idea that I wanted to share with you is once I get 10 bit coins, I’m going to sit on it, six years, seven years, 15 years, who knows and at that time it’s going to be a long cold plan, if Bit coins goes to zero dollars, great! I didn’t lose anything because those additional products that I sold, I didn’t have to put any tangible resources in it, I created them out of my imagination, I digitalize it, and I let people download it for a small cost, therefore, if lose 1 or 2 or 10 or 50, it’s not like it’s a big deal because it’s not like I had to make pizza where I had to actually by the dough from somewhere and have employees do the pizza for me or buy the ingredients, make the pizza out of scratch, this, this, this this. So if you cash out for example as one way of buying Bit coins and then you’re trading then you’re putting your sweat equity in and the Bit coin goes to zero, the you lose, because you actually lost fiat for hard act or hard tangible items. 

But the plan I created for myself is ingenious is that I’m able to combat fiat ideal of Bit coins, because that was one thing I didn’t want to deal with, I didn’t want to invest in Bit coins because it’s fiat, but now I’ve created fiat ideas like digital products, downloaded products, exchange for Bit coins, and if the sucker goes down to zero, I didn’t lose anything because I didn’t use any tangible idea in here, more people bought the products that made me more money or even whatever, and the few I allocated for Bit coins, from 1 to 0, I didn’t lose anything. 

But now, here’s the fucking great thing, if the thing goes up from right now as we speak, I just pulled it up with 1200 dollars, if it goes up to let’s say 3000, 10,000 or a million or who knows because if it goes up, then I have unlimited amount of rewards, with no fucking risks, very very very very no risk for me because I’m trading my digital fiat idea for another fiat idea. Where everybody else when they go mine, if they are a miner, then that’s investment in servers, electricity, experience, figure out how to connect it to the tools etc. where if you’re a retail that accepts Bit coins, you got to spend money on the products you sell, whatever it is, photography, restaurant, whatever. And if you’re in service, the same thing, you go to pay for your gas to get there, your crew’s time, whatever. Which means you’re actually investing in hard assets for fiat ideas, and if this fiat ideas, bit coin falls then you may say “My God uncovered” and pool the wool over your eyes, because I was going to invest money into this point, I saw that it went from a dollar, to a hundred, and shot up, shot down, and I’m looking at gold and gold at the current time is 1285, almost like 1293 just like yesterday, so it came down about 8 – 9 points but at this current time, Gold is 1285, bit coins 1200 okay. 

So I’m thinking, I was going to invest cast into buying Bit coins, I was going to buy big chunks of Bit coins, take my cash, buy Bit coins, but then I was thinking, man dude, I don’t know if I want to do that, you know, what if it crashes and it loses value, because right now, it’s a rush, everybody’s going behind from it and I don’t to provide you a rush, I know that, so I was thinking what should I get into, what should I do? What should I do? What should I do? And I don’t want to start a business where I accept Bit coins then I trade like hamburgers for bit coins because the hamburgers will cost me money to open and then Boom the idea of exchanging ideas without using tangible products, to trade ideas for ideas. If this idea, Bit coin, goes up thousands and millions of dollars in years, then I can become a millionaire with one idea that didn’t cost me anything and it’s fully for free. But if it falls, I didn’t lose anything either, why? Because I came up with a free idea, okay? 

So that’s my secret, I just had to share while I was waiting, I had a service provider waiting for my car and I just thought I had to share with you and I’m going to implement as soon as I decide to sell this product like my sales phone script or a whatever idea I have. Alright guys, go out there and hustle and bustle, don’t take no for an answer and remember dude, everything is an idea dude, pay sweat equity for or through bartering or you pay cash for or just close your mind and think about it for a little while  and the answer comes to you how you could turn nothing like the alchemist and turn it into gold, whatever that gold is for you.

Hey guys if you like this video please tell your friends and family, like, share, and comment, and you know what to do. See ya.

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