How Inflation is Robbing You Blind

How Inflation is Robbing You Blind | Jerome Powells & John Kennedy | #Short

Learn Why & How How Inflation is Robbing You Blind |Jerome Powells & John Kennedy Watching the senator in the central Bankhead going back-and-forth looks like theater were a big brother policies and the feds printing of money has caused a lot of pain to the US citizen because of the cost of goods going up over 25% in my book.

I did a video last week where I showed that inflation in America is 25% and I showed proof there where the dollar store is now charging $1.25 I rest my case. However if you use the big brothers formula for CPI inflation or if you use the central bankers formulas they're going to tell you inflation is only 6%.

They're not gonna tell you that their policies caused all the suffering. You're not gonna tell you the dollar is losing 98% of his purchasing power in the last hundred years. Watch my Inflation Video to learn more

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